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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Course ILT: E-Biz+

2867.00 руб.*

Instructor Led Training

Course ILT: E-Biz+

Designed for up to five days of instructor-led training, this Course ILT manual will prepare individuals to pass CompTIA's e-Biz+ certification exam.
Calculating a Natural World: Scientists, Engineers, and Computers During the Rise of U.S. Cold War Research (Inside Technology)

2835.00 руб.*

Atsushi Akera

Calculating a Natural World: Scientists, Engineers, and Computers During the Rise of U.S. Cold War Research (Inside Technology)

During the Cold War, the field of computing advanced rapidly within a complex institutional context. In Calculating a Natural World, Atsushi Akera describes the complicated interplay of academic, commercial, and government and military interests that produced a burst of scientific discovery and technological innovation in 1940s and 1950s America. This was the era of big machinesa??the computers that made the reputations of IBM and of many academic laboratoriesa??and Akera uses the computer as a historical window on the emerging infrastructure of American scientific and engineering research. The military-industrial complex is often spoken of as a coherent and unified power, but Akera argues that it was the tensions as much as the convergences among military, business, and academic forces that fueled scientific and technological advances. Akera's study is unique in its integration of a history of postwar computinga??usually told in terms of either business or hardwarea??and a...
SolidWorks for AutoCAD(r) Users, 2E

5470.00 руб.*

Greg Jankowski, David Murray

SolidWorks for AutoCAD(r) Users, 2E

By zeroing in on the fundamental differences between AutoCAD(r) and SolidWorks, this book is intended to assist design engineers in making a rapid transition from 2D (AutoCAD Release 14) to a 3D (SolidWorks 99) design environment. Now fully updated basedon SolidWorks 99 - one of the hottest Windows-native, 3D, parametric modeling applications available - this handy reference includes sample design sessions, command and function cross-references, discussions on data interchangeability, and more. New material is also included on important SolidWorks 99 additions and enhancements, including: 3D dynamic sketching, layering, design table and BOM improvements, "smart mates," creation of linear and circular patterns in Sketch mode, plus "unrolling" conical sheetmetal models for viewing.
Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# and Java (Programming Series)

5680.00 руб.*

Brian Hochgurtel

Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# and Java (Programming Series)

Everything you need to deploy Web services across multiple operating systems! As the need for application-to-application communication and platform interoperability continues to grow, Web service developers need to be skilled in the technologies and languages that make this communication possible. Web services provide a language and platform independent standard for creating and connecting code that allows software applications (remote objects) to communicate with each other and users, via a network or the Web. Rather than focus on one specific technology or language, Cross-Platform Web Services Using C# and Java teaches how to integrate the various technologies of Web services using the two languages expected to dominate this growing area. KEY FEATURES * Focuses on the cross-platform interoperability of Web services * Teaches all of the technologies and underlying standards of Web services, including XML, WSDL, and UDDI * Covers development of .net and Java Web...
The Handbook of Information Systems Research

3094.00 руб.*

Michael E. Whitman, Amy B. Woszczynski

The Handbook of Information Systems Research

David Taylor's Inside Track: Provocative Insights into the World of IT in Business (Computer Weekly Professional Series,)

6023.00 руб.*

David Taylor's Inside Track: Provocative Insights into the World of IT in Business (Computer Weekly Professional Series,)

Never before has IT played such a significant role in transforming organisations, of all sizes. And yet it continues to be dominated by technical jargon, acronyms and irrelevant detail. This book cuts through all of the confusion, and presents a clear, direct, solution based focus on the key IT/business issues facing every company and business leader today. This book contains the complete, first fifteen months of David Taylor's highly acclaimed Computer Weekly column - Inside Track. With a reputation for cutting through the hype, David focuses on the IT/business and personal leadership agenda, covering such issues as: * The key IT issues for the boardroom - in business language * Actions to win in the new world of e-commerce - and get started today * The successful new IT leader - the skills you and your company need to employ * Quick solutions to long-term IT problems - they can be resolved * How to motivate your people, and slash staff...
Word Processing: Tables, Charts and Graphs (DK Essential Computers)

6134.00 руб.*

Dorling Kinderlsey

Word Processing: Tables, Charts and Graphs (DK Essential Computers)

The Essential Computers series provides simple, visual references to all the computer skills you need, from word processing to the internet. Addressing the issues that thousands of new users face every day, the Essential Computers series helps them join the "Information Age." Each book in the series is geared toward solving a specific task by using the most up-to-date software available. Whether the issue is creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or parental control of the internet, each lesson is taught in the simple, step-by-step style that DK made famous. The text is clearly illustrated with pictures pulled directly from computer screens, showing the reader what to expect at each stage.
Zope 3 Developer's Handbook, First Edition

4885.00 руб.*

Stephan Richter

Zope 3 Developer's Handbook, First Edition

Book Description Be the first in line when the green flag for Zope 3 goes down with the help of the Zope Developer's Handbook. This collection of cookbook recipes provides easy-to-follow solutions to common problems you may face as a Zope or Python developer when beginning to implement the Zope 3 open-source application server. Utilize the book's solutions-oriented, task-based structure, as well as the supporting website for code used in each recipe, to help build your Zope components. Stay at the front of the line with the Zope Developer's Handbook.
Intelligent Hubs

5719.00 руб.*

Nathan J. Muller

Intelligent Hubs

DS for Windows (2nd Edition)

4984.00 руб.*

Howard J. Weiss

DS for Windows (2nd Edition)

DS for Windows is the most user-friendly Windows software available for production and operations management, quantitative methods, management science, and operations research. A software/user's manual package, it features 30 separate modules for POM and QM. MODULES: Aggregate Planning. Assembly Line Balancing. Assignment. Breakeven/Cost-Volume Analysis. Capital Investment. Decision Analysis. Forecasting. Game Theory. Goal Programming. Integer Programming. Inventory. Job Shop Scheduling. Learning Curves. Linear Programming. Location. Lot Sizing. Markov Analysis. Material Requirements Planning. Mixed Integer Programming. Networks. Operations Layout. Productivity. Project Management. Quality Control. Reliability. Simulation. Statistics. Transportation. Waiting Lines. Work Measurement. For anyone involved in Production and Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, Management Science, or Operations Research.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ



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