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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Бухгалтерский учёт

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Research Methods in Accounting

2158.00 руб.*

Malcolm Smith

Research Methods in Accounting

Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices (Wiley Healthcare Accounting and Finance)

1206.00 руб.*

Rhonda W. Sides, Michael A. Roberts

Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices (Wiley Healthcare Accounting and Finance)

Physicians and their medical practices today face innumerable problems and challenges in analyzing current market changes in the medical field. Do they understand and have the skills and knowledge to make advantageous decisions related to the increasingly complex situations in which they find themselves? Do they merge, oversee their office managers more closely, sign their own checks, and scrutinize accounts, or do they need a professional to come in and evaluate their practice and prepare a comprehensive financial assessment? This Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices gives physicians a valuable, usable, and readable journey through the proper processes of financial accounting and related issues. Sample charts, accounting formulas, and informative case studies enhance each chapter. Why Accounting and Financial Decisions Challenge Medical Practices and How to Address Them This book tells you what inefficiencies currently cost most physicians and their...
Financial Accounting Fundamentals November 2003 Exam Q&As

1252.00 руб.*

Graham Eaton

Financial Accounting Fundamentals November 2003 Exam Q&As

Financial Accounting Fundamentals November 2003 Exam Q&As
International Accounting (5th Edition)

13057.00 руб.*

Frederick D. S. Choi, Gary K. Meek

International Accounting (5th Edition)

Clear writing and a focus on the essentials of international accounting make this award-winning book the quintessential source for international accounting. This 5th edition doesn't overwhelm users with too much detail, yet provides enough to give essential coverage of accounting, financial reporting, and financial control. Capital markets and financial/managerial analysis underpin the “theme” of the book. The authors realize that international aspects of accounting are becoming more important as they become more common. Topics include comparative accounting, foreign currency translation, accounting for changing prices, international accounting harmonization, international financial statement analysis, managerial planning and control, financial risk management, and international taxation and transfer pricing. For practicing accounting, financial executives, investment managers, university educators, and professional administrators around...
Management Accounting: Feed Forward and Asian Perspectives

8785.00 руб.*

Akira Nishimura

Management Accounting: Feed Forward and Asian Perspectives

The book examines present management accounting issues in light of Japanese experiences and describes the importance and meaning of feed forward management accounting. Recognizing that Japanese management not only learned from the West, but also grew out of it, the book explores the underlying philosophy of Japanese management accounting, and compares it with other Asian and Western approaches.
Financial Accounting: The Impact on Decison-Making

5035.00 руб.*

Gary A. Porter, Curtis L. Norton

Financial Accounting: The Impact on Decison-Making

The Fourth Edition of Financial Accounting teaches accounting from both the preparer and user perspective. To lead students to a full understanding of the impact of financial statements on business decision-making, the authors use the financial statements from Winnebago Industries throughout the chapter and end of chapter material. Porter/Norton is unique in that it also uses a competiting company to Winnebago, Monaco Coach, to do comparative financial analysis; this is reflected throughout the text and in end of chapter problems.
The Ms. Spent Money Guide: Get More of What You Want with What You Earn

8544.00 руб.*

Deborah Knuckey

The Ms. Spent Money Guide: Get More of What You Want with What You Earn

Praise For The Ms. Spent Money Guide "An inspiring, sensible money guide that helps people learn how to spend without feeling guilty, deprived, or unhappy, and feel good about saving for their future. A wonderful book for anyone wanting to take charge and make the most of their financial life." ? John Gray, author of How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have and Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus "Deborah Knuckey shows us that spending and investing aren?t just about money. They?re about realizing our dreams, and being true to ourselves." ? Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, Vice President, Consumer Education Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. "The Ms Spent Money Guide is innovative and offers exercisesthat can really help readers learn about themselves and money. The ?Conscious Spending? model is an especially innovative planning approach that reflects how people feel about money." ? Dr. Gwen Reichbach,...
Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management, Volume 2 (Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management)

8811.00 руб.*

Martin Freedman

Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management, Volume 2 (Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management)

Book DescriptionHardbound.
The Tax Tracker for Correctional Officers: Tax Year 2003

3037.00 руб.*

Gerald R Karp

The Tax Tracker for Correctional Officers: Tax Year 2003

Let Your Money Work as Hard for You as You Work for It! How many times have you received your W-2s for the year and said, "I made how much? Where did it all go?" We have the answer and it's called The Tax Tracker.This product is an extremely simplified way to organize your expenses for tax purposes, giving you the ability to Organize your taxes for a simplified and more productive tax return Show you where your money is going for planning and budget purposes Keep you from making the same mistakes twice, and Keep your money in YOUR pockets The Tax Tracker is an inexpensive filing system with no computer required. It is a year-round system that enables you to keep all of your receipts in place, categorized and organized so thatyou are not scrambling the night before you get your taxes done. In short, the Tax Tracker simplifies your life and your finances while: Keeping you from missing important deductions Ensuring a smooth and effective tax...
Stand Up to the IRS (Stand Up to the Irs)

2707.00 руб.*

Frederick W. Daily

Stand Up to the IRS (Stand Up to the Irs)

Amazon.comFor most honest citizens, there's probably nothing more intimidating than being called in for an audit with the IRS. In Stand Up to the IRS , tax attorney Fred Daily shows you what you need to know to prepare for and survive an audit. Daily explains how the IRS works and offers advice on everything from who should attend the audit with you to strategies on protecting your assets from the IRS.Book DescriptionThe Internal Revenue Service is the taxpayer's nightmare, and for good reason -- atax bill or other notice can come out of nowhere and wreak havoc on your life. But now you can confront America's most intimidating government agency with confidence. Stand Up to the IRS reveals the tactics of the IRS and how to deal with them. Thisbook even contains confidential forms used by IRS agents during collection interviews and audits. Use Stand Up to the IRS to: *file a late return *work out a long-term payment plan *get a Taxpayer Assistance Order *settle your...

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Бухгалтерский учёт



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