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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Поиск работы

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Employment Strategies for Career Success

623.00 руб.*

Robert W. Rasberry

Employment Strategies for Career Success

Robert Rasberry's Employment Strategies for Career Success provides a thorough look at how to manage a successful career search. The book covers all aspects of career searches including negotiations, the case interview, and confronting nervousness in interviewing. Employment Strategies is a useful tool for any reader or executive as they strategically search for career fulfillment.
Buying a Home in France 2005, 5th Edition : A Survival Handbook

1721.00 руб.*

David Hamsphire

Buying a Home in France 2005, 5th Edition : A Survival Handbook

Book DescriptionFully updated and revised 4th edition and the only book about buying property in France that is updated annually. The most comprehensive and best-selling French property book since it was first published in 1996, packed with vital information to help you avoid disasters that can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Essential reading for anyone planning to buy a home in France, designed to guide you through the property maze and save you time, trouble and money!
Winning the Job Game: The New Rules for Finding and Keeping the Job You Want

1444.00 руб.*

Carol Kleiman

Winning the Job Game: The New Rules for Finding and Keeping the Job You Want

The Ultimate Game Plan For A Championship Career. Succeeding in your professional life is like winning the big game; your talent will be wasted if you don't have the strategy to go with it and the fearlessness to score when you get the chance. And, of course, it doesn't hurt to have a great coach. Syndicated business columnist Carol Kleiman-known nationwide as "The Career Coach"-here provides the rules for getting ahead whether the economy is up or down. Winning the Job Game gives you the expert advice and the vital knowledge to land your ideal job and climb the promotion ladder. If you're worried about keeping your job in tough times, she'll show you how to avoid the ax during layoffs. If you just lost your job, she'll help you get back in the game. With this expert professional resource, you'll be able to: Deal with the changing job market; Find out where the best jobs are, what they pay, and what skills you need; Market yourself and...
Living and Working in Australia: 8th Edition

3119.00 руб.*

Laura Veltman

Living and Working in Australia: 8th Edition

How to Pay for Your Degree in Business & Related Fields: 2002-2004 (How to Pay for Your Career in Business and Related Fields)

2592.00 руб.*

Gail Ann Schlachter, R., David Weber

How to Pay for Your Degree in Business & Related Fields: 2002-2004 (How to Pay for Your Career in Business and Related Fields)

202 Great Resumes

1451.00 руб.*

Jay A. Block, Michael Betrus

202 Great Resumes

A comprehensive collection of sample resumes for any job in any field 202 Great Resumes! gives job hunters more of everything they need to get a great job. These resumes cover more professions, more resume styles and formats, and more cutting- edge job search strategies than ever before. Fresh sample resumes for today's most sought-after professions are included, as well as special samples for recent grads and those who've been out of work for extended periods. Features include: Resumes for every experience level, from college grads to corporate executives Endorsed by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches Proven advice on cover letters, networking, negotiating, and references More keywords that hiring managers look for in a resume
Summer Jobs in Britain 2005 (Summer Jobs Britain)

2312.00 руб.*

Summer Jobs in Britain 2005 (Summer Jobs Britain)

Book Description Summer Jobs in Britain lists over 30,000 exciting vacancies in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland for the summer of 2005 including not only paid jobs and voluntary work but also vacation traineeships which give on-the-jobwork experience relevant to a possible future career. To help readers decide whether a job is right for them the book explains when and to whom to apply; gives information on wages (up to $400 per week); when the work is available; covers what previous experience, if any, is required; if there are age limits; and whether accommodations are provided and at what cost. It also includes tips on work permits; including the Work in Britain scheme for American students; information on taxation, and the British national minimum wage. In addition, for people who want to work in a particular part of the country, the book's regional chapters are preceded by introductions that explain the possibilities for finding work in that area. ...
Getting Into America

2374.00 руб.*

Henry G. Liebman

Getting Into America

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

1561.00 руб.*

Jaimie Hall

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road is a complete reference for making money on the road. Based on the author's ten years working and traveling in her motorhome, as well as the experiences of many other working RVers, this how-to manual is broken down into easy to use sections: * Know Yourself: how much money do you need, evaluate your skills. * Nitty Gritty of Getting Work: Getting mail and messages, where to look for work, resumes for the road,interviewing, negotiating, as well as unique legal issues that face RVers. * More than 300 moneymaking opportunities: nine chapters detail more than 300 jobs, job categories and moneymaking opportunities for the RVer. * Lifestyle considerations: health insurance and other issues RVers face on the road. * Appendices and resources: 72 pages of references, including URLs. Whether you are already traveling and working on the road or gathering information, you will want this how-to...
Successful Interviews (Business Buddies Series)

1631.00 руб.*

Ken Lawson

Successful Interviews (Business Buddies Series)

Book Description Barron's new Business Buddies series for career-minded men and women present at-a-glance tips and advice, checklists, and important little secrets for getting ahead in the world of business. Specific topics cover the full spectrum of do's and don'ts, and are presented in user-friendly capsule form with an emphasis on practicality. No lengthy theoretical essays here, these books offer simple presentations of quick-reference facts to help readers set career goals and accomplish business tasks that will validate them as successful professionals. Both beginners and experienced men and women in management, marketing, communications, and virtually all other fields of business will value these books for their easy style and their succinct, results-producing advice. This book advises on how to make advance preparations for a successful job interview, determine what an interviewer is really looking for, anticipate questions, be ready with clear, concise answers, sell your...

Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Поиск работы



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