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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Волонтерская работа

Книги этого раздела

The Doer of Good Becomes Good: A Primer on Volunteerism

3100.00 руб.*

Ronald W. Poplau

The Doer of Good Becomes Good: A Primer on Volunteerism

The Hammer Rings Hope: Photos and Stories from Fifty Years of Mennonite Disaster Service

3360.00 руб.*

Lowell Detweiler

The Hammer Rings Hope: Photos and Stories from Fifty Years of Mennonite Disaster Service

The Healing Power of Doing Good: The Health and Spiritual Benefits of Helping Others

920.00 руб.*

Allan Luks, Peggy Payne

The Healing Power of Doing Good: The Health and Spiritual Benefits of Helping Others

Conventional wisdom has always held that when we help others, some of the good we do flows back to us. That satisfaction has always been thought to be largely emotional, feeling good when you do good. Now important, widely discussed research shows that helping others regularly produces significant health benefits as well. In fact, it has effects similar to those many of us experience when we exercise. It is almost impossible to read this book without wanting to do good. Both for those who are already volunteering and for those who are considering it, this valuable personal guide tells you how to choose an activity that's right for you, how to maximize the health benefits, and how to overcome the main obstacle to getting started: lack of time. The Healing Power of Doing Good reaffirms and explains that when we care for others we care for ourselves. It is an important book for those suffering from chronic health problems as well as the health conscious, anyone interested...
The Insider's Guide to Grantmaking

2205.00 руб.*

Joel J. Orosz

The Insider's Guide to Grantmaking

"Joel Orosz has given us a rare gift at a critical moment. His book is a wise guide not only for the new program officer but also for the experienced grantmaker." --Frances Hesselbein, chairman of the board of governors, The Drucker Foundation "A book on grantmaking with the name of Joel Orosz attached to it has instant credibility in the foundation world.... Every grantmaker can learn from his example." --Dorothy S. Ridings, president and CEO, Council on Foundations "Foundation program officers inhabit a mysterious world that grantseekers strain constantly to understand. Joel Orosz has finally given us a glimpse into a world that may not be as strange and distant as we thought." --Robert K. Goodwin, president and CEO, Points of Light Foundation Unlike many formal professions, foundation grantmaking is a calling with no training programs and little definitive literature on the latest and best practices. Written for program officers and of considerable...
The Kindness of Strangers: Adult Mentors, Urban Youth, and the New Voluntarism

4568.00 руб.*

Marc Freedman

The Kindness of Strangers: Adult Mentors, Urban Youth, and the New Voluntarism

The Kindness of Strangers tells the story of a group of concerned adults who mentor inner-city youth. It describes what volunteers can do to ameliorate the conditions of young people living in poverty. It chronicles the rise of the mentoring movement andexamines its wider implications for education and social policy. Based on interviews with over 300 mentors, young people, scholars, and youth workers, The Kindness of Strangers takes a hard look at mentoring and asks some critical questions: How much can mentoring really accomplish? What does it take to be a successful mentor? What makes the difference between an effective program and one fraught with difficulties? Marc Freedman brings experience, research, and realism to these questions in an effort to present the truth about the mentoring movement sweeping America today. This revised edition contains a new introduction that highlights research that has been conducted since the original publication of the book in 1993. Marc...
The Newer Deal

1520.00 руб.*

Ram A. Cnaan, Robert J. Wineburg, Stephanie C. Boddie

The Newer Deal

As the federal system of entitlements and social services long provided by New Deal­era programs is dismantled and shifted to the states, the religious community finds itself relied upon more than ever to assist with social services for the needy. The Newer Deal calls upon religious-based organizations and the social work­social service community to put aside their differences and forge a "limited partnership" to provide the social and welfare services that millions depend on. The proposed partnership focuses on joint care for those in need -with attention to services for people of color, gays and lesbians, women, and programs for community empowerment and economic development -while maintaining the values and other interests each partner traditionally holds. The authors discuss different types of religious-based social services and draw on case examples and research findings to show how the religious community?s role in providing social services is...
The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose

3156.00 руб.*

Amy A. Kass

The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose

This collection aims at cultivating and enlightening our philanthropic imagination. Addressing us all as philanthropists, present and future--as human beings who give and serve, seeking to promote the well being of others--its readings lead us to the basic issues we must ponder if we are to wield our philanthropic powers well: Why should I give? How should I give? To whom or for what should I give? What should I give? Can giving be taught?
The Selected Papers of Jane Adams: Preparing to Lead, 1860-81 (SELECTED PAPERS OF JANE ADAMS)

3510.00 руб.*

Mary Lynn McCree Bryan, Barbara Bair, Maree de Angury, Jane Addams

The Selected Papers of Jane Adams: Preparing to Lead, 1860-81 (SELECTED PAPERS OF JANE ADAMS)

The Tinker

1417.00 руб.*

Michael Riley

The Tinker

The Tinker is a proposal to establish and an invitation to join an order of itinerant house guests, charmed "tinkers" who apprentice American domiciles in order to conserve residential space and energy and explore human dependency requirements (people, machines, substances), so as to understand, motivate and improve nuclear family child rearing and geriatric care.
The Values of Volunteering Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)

4265.00 руб.*

Paul Dekker, Loek Halman

The Values of Volunteering Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)

The Values of Volunteering examines volunteering in detail from a civil society perspective, using empirical data garnered from various sources for countries all over the globe. The contributions in this title deal with abroad spectrum of questions, ranging from the diversity, social and cultural determinants and organizational settings of volunteering, to its possible individual, social, and political effects. The Values of Volunteering explains notonly the differences and similarities in volunteering between countries and the conditions that may be conducive to or hinder volunteering, it also discusses: -Why people volunteer; -How volunteers relate to each other and to the people they wantto help; -The ideals volunteers wish to promote; -The diversity of and developments in volunteering; -Future trends; -The relationships between volunteers and between volunteers and clients and organizations; -And more. This...
The Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector in Japan

4767.00 руб.*

Stephen P. Osborne

The Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector in Japan

The voluntary and non-profit sector is an important and emerging feature of Japanese society. It is a response both to the changing nature of this society and to political and social trends that have encouraged the Japanese government to see this sector as a potential provider of public services. It is also part of the emergence of 'civil society' in Japan. This book explores the roots of the societal challenges that voluntary and non-profit organisations face in Japan and evaluates their future impact on Japanese society. It is an essential text for any student of Japanese studies or the international non-profit sector.
The Volunteer Management Handbook

1664.00 руб.*

Tracy Daniel Connors

The Volunteer Management Handbook

"Until now, we and other nonprofits had to find out the hard way?by trial and error?that garnering the energies of todays volunteers means answering their special needs. Thats where The Volunteer Management Handbook comes in, with helpful, practical, and proven solutions to the often overlooked problems of effectively managing volunteer efforts." ? From the Foreword by Kathleen Behrens Executive Director, New York Cares The VolunteerManagement Handbook Drawing on the experience and expertise of recognized authorities on nonprofit organizations, The Volunteer Management Handbook offers the nonprofit manager a complete guide to establishing and maintaining an active and effective volunteer program. In one handy reference volume, the Handbook offers practical guidance on such essential issues as: Motivating people to volunteer their time and services Developing a detailed Volunteer Management Policy Manual Recruitment, orientation, and...
To Lead Is To Serve: How to Attract Volunteers & Keep Them

1288.00 руб.*

Shar McBee

To Lead Is To Serve: How to Attract Volunteers & Keep Them

To Lead Is to Serve is about a quick and easy way to transform a group of volunteers into a thriving organization.
Visions of Charity: Volunteer Workers and Moral Community

3910.00 руб.*

Rebecca Anne Allahyari

Visions of Charity: Volunteer Workers and Moral Community

In the United States, public talk about charity for the poor is highly moralistic, even in our era of welfare reform. But how do we understand the actual experience of caring for the poor? This study looks at the front lines of volunteer involvement withthe poor and homeless to assess what volunteer work means for those who do it. Rebecca Allahyari profiles volunteers at two charities-Loaves & Fishes and The Salvation Army-to show how they think about themselves and their work, providing new ways for discussing charity and morality. Allahyari explores these agencies' differing ideological orientations and the raced, classed, and gendered contexts they provide volunteers for doing charitable work. Drawing on participant observation, intensive interviewing, and content analysis of organizational publications, she looks in particular at the process of self-improvement for these volunteers. The competing visions of charity Allahyari finds at these two organizations reveal the...
Voluntary Organizations in the Chinese Diaspora

4401.00 руб.*

Khun Eng Kuah-pearce, Evelyn Hu-Dehart

Voluntary Organizations in the Chinese Diaspora

The contributors to this book argue that Chinese voluntary organizations continue to play a significant role in both established and new Chinese communities in the Diaspora because of their ability to transform their organizational structure and functions, at the same time reinventing their own images to suit their co-ethnic community and the wider polity. The essays cover traditional Chinese voluntary organizations from Asia to Australia, North America and Europe, examining not only their activities in established Chinese communities such as Singapore and Malaysia, but also in the new emerging Chinese communities in Canada and Eastern Europe.

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Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Волонтерская работа



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