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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Разработка веб приложений и сайтов

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PHP5 and MySQL Bible

5157.00 руб.*

Tim Converse, Joyce Park, Clark Morgan

PHP5 and MySQL Bible

* This comprehensive tutorial and reference covers all the basics of PHP 5, a popular open source Web scripting language, and MySQL 4.012, the most popular open source database engine * Explores why users need PHP and MySQL, how to get started, howto add PHP to HTML, and how to connect HTML Web pages to MySQL * Offers an extensive tutorial for developing applications with PHP and MySQL * Includes coverage of how to install, administer, and design MySQL databases independently of PHP; exception and error handling; debugging techniques; PostgreSQL database system; and PEAR database functions * The authors provide unique case studies of how and where to use PHP drawn from their own extensive Web experience
AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2000

3162.00 руб.*

Stephen J. Ethier, Christine A. Ethier

AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2000

Ideal for novice and practiced CAD users alike, AutoCAD Release 15 blends theory and practical applications in a hands-on, lab- and exercise-intensive look at all the important concepts needed to draw in true 3D. Based on AutoCAD 2000, itexplores the theory behind 3D modeling, how to prepare for 3D construction, the various kinds of 3D construction, and how to effectively enhance and present 3D models. It features more than 600 illustrations of 3D drawings; graduated lab exercises; a full section (6 chapters) of special step-by-step Application Projects (architectural, mechanical, structural, and civil); 3D Viewpoint boxes with tips and hints; and an overview of application programs used with AutoCAD--e.g., Mechanical Desktop and 3D Studio MAX and R4. Theory Behind 3D Modelling. Display of 3D Models for Construction. Working in 3D Space. 2-1/2D Extrusion. Wireframe. Creation of a Shell. Elaborate Surfaces. Concepts Behind Solid Modeling. Composite Solids: Creation and...
Creating Your Own Web Pages

4554.00 руб.*

Andrew Bryce Shafran, Andy Shafran

Creating Your Own Web Pages

It's not enough to surf the Web anymore; everyone is creating their own Web pages! With this complete step-by-step tutorial, Internet expert Andy Shafran guides you through Web page basics, then shows you easy ways to customize your pages. You'll also learn how to add lists, tables, and graphics to your web pages. Create your own Web pages from a straightforward, no-nonsense approach Add links, tables, and bulleted lists to your pages Include graphics, background images, and video to your page Use Netscape and Internet Explorer-specific HTML commands
AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002

3269.00 руб.*

Stephen J. Ethier, Christine A. Ethier

AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2002

LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 Tips & Tricks ( + CD-ROM)

4699.00 руб.*

Beckwith, Warner and Wood

LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 Tips & Tricks ( + CD-ROM)

"[W]hy do I need this book? For the same reason that you need this book: To benefit from the exploration and experience of others. . . .With books like this one and programs like LightWave, it is easy to create stuff to impress your clients, your friends, and yourself." Brad Carvey "[This book's] format is unique and exciting. The number and unprecedented range of topics is guaranteed to give you new ideas and inspiration.... Enjoy this wonderful compendium, and use it as your treasure map to keep learning about our favorite tool, LightWave 3D!" Steven Worley Worley Labs "This book is the sharing of LightWave discoveries and useful tips learned from the experience of leading artists in the industry. Whether you are a recent purchaser of LightWave or if you are like me and have been using LightWave since picking up one of the first 100...
Photoshop Elements 3 For Digital Photographers

1930.00 руб.*

Scott Kelby

Photoshop Elements 3 For Digital Photographers

Book Description You may be new to the world of digital photography, but you're no stranger to the aesthetics driving it! What you need is a "grip it and rip it" guide to getting the most of the new digital medium with the most affordable imaging editing tool on the market-Photoshop Elements 3. This action-pack DVD delivers! In this DVD, veteran author Scott Kelby offering graphically rich tutorial--and project-based examples of every key step in the digital photography process. From experimenting with camera settings to capturing, editing, and outputting your images, Photoshop master Scott Kelby drills on the tips and best practices that will make the transition from traditional to digital photography a painless one. No theory, no challenging you to come up with your own settings-just precise instruction for great results! Includes complete coverage of all that's new in Elements 3 and more!
Mastering AutoCAD 2002 (With CD-ROM)

3321.00 руб.*

George Omura

Mastering AutoCAD 2002 (With CD-ROM)

Written by best-selling author George Omura, this fully revised edition leads users through common tasks, paves the way for intermediate skills, and delves into more advanced topics. --The book's step-by-step tutorials allow users to get started using the current release of AutoCAD, the most popular computer-aided drawing software. --The CD includes general-purpose utilities, symbols libraries, demos, all the drawing exercises in the book, and full-color slides of related projects.
Teach Yourself FrontPage 2002 in 24 Hours

12149.00 руб.*

Rogers Cadenhead

Teach Yourself FrontPage 2002 in 24 Hours

Microsoft FrontPage is one of the most popular tools for creating Web pages and sites. It is particularly appealing to beginning and intermediate-level users who don't necessarily want to have to be experts in HTML or JavaScript in order to createa professional-looking Web site. Most users want to quickly learn only the most common, most important tasks involved in creating simple, well-designed Web sites. Written by the popular author, Rogers Cadenhead, Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft FrontPage in24 Hours is designed precisely for this beginning-level user - somebody who doesn't want to become a FrontPage expert but just wants to get a Web site up as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The book covers the FrontPage features and techniques that are likely to be used on a beginner's Web page, and it is organized in a logical step-by-step order that reflects the natural progression a new Web page author will follow in developing a Web site with FrontPage.
Basics of Contemporary Cryptography for IT Practitioners (Series on Coding Theory and Cryptology, 1)

9733.00 руб.*

Boris Ryabko, Andrey Fionov

Basics of Contemporary Cryptography for IT Practitioners (Series on Coding Theory and Cryptology, 1)

The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to cryptography without using complex mathematical constructions. The themes are conveyed in a form that only requires a basic knowledge of mathematics, but the methods are described in sufficient detail to enable their computer implementation. The book describes the main techniques and facilities of contemporary cryptography, proving key results along the way. The contents of the first five chapters can be used for one-semester course.
Exploring Photoshop CS2 (Design Exploration)

6710.00 руб.*

Annesa Hartman

Exploring Photoshop CS2 (Design Exploration)

Book Description Now fully updated to the new release of Adobe?s Creative Suite, Exploring Photoshop CS2 shows how to turn a great software tool into great designs. Written by an experienced designer and computer graphics instructor, Exploring PhotoshopCS2 is a designer-driven resource that examines the tools and features of Adobe® Photoshop® while showing how to maximize the potential of desktop digital imaging for graphics, illustration, composition, and special effects.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Разработка веб приложений и сайтов



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