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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Higher Education in the Internet Age: Libraries Creating a Strategic Edge (ACE/Praeger Series on Higher Education)

5540.00 руб.*

Patricia Senn Breivik, E. Gordon Gee

Higher Education in the Internet Age: Libraries Creating a Strategic Edge (ACE/Praeger Series on Higher Education)

Far too often, presidents, academic vice presidents, and other campus leaders fail to take advantage of the contributions their campus libraries can make toward achieving institutional visions and priorities. In this age of information, libraries can and should be one of the primary strategic tools. By highlighting the extensive and successful use some campus leaders have made of library resources and personnel, the authors hope to inspire others to see their libraries strategically. Based on their 1989 award-winning book in the ACE series, Information Literacy: Revolution in the Library, this new work from Breivik and Gee addresses the unique challenges of today's information-overloaded culture while responding to the significant changes that have occurred on campuses during the past fifteen years. Chief among these changes are the pervasive use of the Internet, growing community engagement, distance education, the emphasis on more active learning, and the assessment of student...
The Essentials of Computer Organization And Architecture

13054.00 руб.*

Linda Null, Julia Lobur

The Essentials of Computer Organization And Architecture

Provides a textbook that incorporates all of the necessary organization and architecture topics, yet concise enough to allow the material to be covered in one semester. Allows students to tie the hardware knowledge covered in this book to the concepts arned in their introductory programming classes.
Rationale Management in Software Engineering

14688.00 руб.*

Rationale Management in Software Engineering

The emphasis on new and changing technologies and process models in today’s software development obscures the fact that software engineering is still primarily a human-based activity and that the success of a software project largely depends on the decisions made by humans during engineering. Rationale management is concerned with making these design and development decisions explicit to all stakeholders involved. Dutoit, McCall, Mistrik and Paech begin their book with a historical survey of different rationale approaches. It is followed by four parts describing: the fundamental problems and possible solution approaches in rationale management, rationale management during requirements engineering, rationale management during software architecting, and rationale management for organizing reusable bodies of knowledge. The result is a detailed summary of research on design rationale. It provides researchers with an excellent state-of-the-art overview, and professional software...
High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Vision (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics)

24641.00 руб.*

High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Vision (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics)

Introductory Electronic Devices and Circuits: Conventional Flow Version (7th Edition)

12958.00 руб.*

Robert T. Paynter

Introductory Electronic Devices and Circuits: Conventional Flow Version (7th Edition)

This book makes comprehension of material a top priority and encourages readers to be active participants in the learning process. The conventional-flow version of this book provides a readable and thorough approach to electronic devices and circuits, and support discussions with an abundance of learning aids to motivate and assist readers at every turn. The seventh edition of this well-established book features new internet link identifiers which bring the user to supplemental on-line resources. Covered topics include fundamental solid-state principles, common diode applications, amplifiers, oscillators and transistors. For professionals in the field of Electronics Technology.
Cyberethics: Morality And Law in Cyberspace

6146.00 руб.*

Richard A. Spinello

Cyberethics: Morality And Law in Cyberspace

Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering: Computational Error and Complexity (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)

13456.00 руб.*

Vangipuram Lakshmikantham, Syamal Kumar Sen, V. Lakshmikantham

Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering: Computational Error and Complexity (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)

The book Computational Error and Complexity in Science and Engineering pervades all the science and engineering disciplines where computation occurs. Scientific and engineering computation happens to be the interface between the mathematical model/problem and the real world application. One needs to obtain good quality numerical values for any real-world implementation. Just mathematical quantities symbols are of no use to engineers/technologists. Computational complexity of the numerical method to solve the mathematical model, also computed along with the solution, on the other hand, will tell us how much computation/computational effort has been spent to achieve that quality of result. Anyone who wants the specified physical problem to be solved has every right to know the quality of the solution as well as the resources spent for the solution. The computed error as well as the complexity provide the scientific convincing answer to these questions. Specifically some of the...
Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics

11365.00 руб.*

Stephen B. Maurer, Anthony Ralston

Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics

Thoroughly revised for a one-semester course, this well-known and highly regarded book is an outstanding text for undergraduate discrete mathematics. It has been updated with new or extended discussions of order notation, generating functions, chaos, aspects of statistics, and computational biology. Written in a lively, clear style that talks to the reader, the book is unique for its emphasis on algorithmics and the inductive and recursive paradigms as central mathematical themes. It includes a broad variety of applications, not just to mathematics and computer science, but to natural and social science as well. A complete solution manual will be available to instructors.
Lean Machines: Learning From the Leaders of the Next Industrial Revolution

10869.00 руб.*

Richard A. McCormack

Lean Machines: Learning From the Leaders of the Next Industrial Revolution

Lean Machines: Learning From The Leaders Of The Next Industrial Revolution provides readers with a unique compilation of interviews with some of the country's most respected executives who have deep intellectual and emotional experience in implementing lean. CEOs, vice presidents, consultants, Wall Street analysts and accountants provide readers with their perspectives on how to implement a lean business system. They are the architects of such successful implementations as Pratt & Whitney's AchievingCompetitive Excellence program, the Danaher Business System, the Alcoa Production System and Freudenberg NOK's hugely successful six-step lean process. Each of the 15 offers advice on how to overcome the barriers from the shop floor, to mid-level management, to the board room. They provide their personal experiences, insights and recommendations on the most important aspects of embedding lean systems within a corporate culture. All have successfully implemented a fundamentally...
New Developments in Parsing Technology

9521.00 руб.*

H. Bunt

New Developments in Parsing Technology

Book Description Parsing can be defined as the decomposition of complex structures into their constituent parts, and parsing technology as the methods, the tools, and the software to parse automatically. Parsing is a central area of research in the automatic processing of human language. Parsers are being used in many application areas, for example question answering, extraction of information from text, speech recognition and understanding, and machine translation. New developments in parsing technology are thus widely applicable. This book contains contributions from many of today's leading researchers in the area of natural language parsing technology. The contributors describe their most recent work and a diverse range of techniques and results. This collection provides an excellent picture of the current state of affairs in this area. This volume is the third in a series of such collections, and its breadth of coverage should make it suitable both as an overview of the...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Искуственный интеллект



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