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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Magicians On Ice: The Story of the Single Greatest Hockey Dynasty of All Time Volume #1

1962.00 руб.*

Timothy Thompson

Magicians On Ice: The Story of the Single Greatest Hockey Dynasty of All Time Volume #1

On Friday evening, February 22 1980, the USA Olympic hockey team defeated the vaunted soviet union 4 to 3 in the semi final match at lake placid, New York. It was the single greatest upset in the history of sports. In the book, magician's on ice, author timothy j. Thompson describes in detail the origins of the great soviet hockey dynasty. He traces the roots of hockey in Russia, examines the soviet philosophy with regard to the sport, discusses their unique training methods, and provides the reader with background information on the two patriarchs of soviet hockey. The second half of the book takes the reader though each game the soviets played in the 1954 world championships. You will read about unprecedented offensive firepower, spectacular goal tending, and tremendous victories. There are 10 wonderful photographs included for the readers' enjoyment, along with a full and comprehensive index that makes it quite easy to find out interesting tidbits of info at the drop of a hat. The...
Magnum Soccer

1711.00 руб.*

Simon Kuper

Magnum Soccer

Book DescriptionThere are few things that unify people across the world better than the game of soccer. More than just kicking a ball about, soccer stirs passions beyond rational thought, affecting the mood of a nation or even the fortunes of a government. Since the 1930s various members of Magnum have photographed the world of soccer, documenting the teams, the supporters and the game, from barefeet on African mud or a Brazilian beach to kicking cans in the backstreets of Newcastle. This collection shows how deep the roots of soccer run and how wide they are spread, how soccer culture crosses every boundary of nationality, race and religion, how it throws up important social issues such as the empowerment of women through soccer in Iran and the bitter religious rivalry between Glasgow?s two teams Rangers and Celtic. This portfolio of images combines the beauty of the game itself with the aesthetic quality associated with the photographers of Magnum and provides a celebration of...
The Dog That Stole Football Plays

958.00 руб.*

Matt Christopher, Daniel Vasconcellos, Bill Ogden

The Dog That Stole Football Plays

The Dog That Stole Football Plays
England's Eastenders: From Bobby Moore to David Beckham

2811.00 руб.*

Richard Lewis

England's Eastenders: From Bobby Moore to David Beckham

London's East End is an area synonymous with football success worldwide largely because of the legendary Sunday football mecca of Hackney Marshes, a training ground which, over the last 35 years, has developed star after star for English football. The East End of London has unleashed some of the country's greatest players and personalities, including Jimmy Greaves, Terry Venables, and more recently Paul Ince, Ashley Cole, and the finest modern-day footballing hero of them all, David Beckham—who started off playing on The Marshes. This title celebrates a tradition that began in the swinging Sixties, and moves through the decades to show how the precedent set by Bobby Moore when he held the World Cup at Wembley in 1966 was just a stop-off point in the history of this breeding ground of brilliance.
The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook

1079.00 руб.*

The Vancouver Canucks Quizbook

Catch Canucks fever and celebrate 40 years of Vancouver Canucks hockey! This must-have collection--jam-packed with 80 pages of puzzles, crosswords, games, trivia, facts and fun for towel-waving fans of all ages--will have you Luu-ing and riding your stick like Tiger Williams in no time. From Harold and the Steamer to Gino and the Russian Rocket, from Thomas Gradin to the record-setting Sedins, from Trevor Linden and the '94 Cup run to the high-scoring Westcoast Express, it's all here in this exciting trivia book that will bring hours of fun and memories to every loyal Canucks fan.
Laura Stamm's Power Skating

2641.00 руб.*

Laura Stamm

Laura Stamm's Power Skating

Develop explosive acceleration, speed, and agility and dominate the ice! Laura Stamm's Power Skating presents the skating system used by thousands of the sport's top players and teams to move with maximum efficiency on the ice. From starts and stops to turns and transitions, Laura Stamm's Power Skating covers all of the critical components of explosive skating. Through top-level instruction, practice drills, and coaching tips, you'll learn to these skills: Increase on-ice acceleration. Improve balance while changing directions on the ice. Increase speed and agility to disrupt aggressive defensemen. Explode from a stationary position and stop more rapidly. Increase puck protection without sacrificing speed. Use speed and agility to create more scoring chances for yourself and teammates. The great hockey players skate powerfully and are able to get in position to make the key plays. Laura Stamm's Power...
MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports (Sports By the Numbers)

2002.00 руб.*

Daniel J. Brush, David Horne, Marc CB Maxwell

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports (Sports By the Numbers)

The first title devoted to America's national pastime in the new, exciting, and completely original Sports by the NumbersTM series!THE SPORT: Baseball is our national pastime-and the popularity of the game has never been greater than it is right now. The Sports by the NumbersTM franchise delves into the history of baseball and explores some of its greatest moments, legends, players, and teams in a unique and provocative numerical framework.THE FORMAT: The presentation created by the authors distinguishes Sports by the NumbersTM from everything else available today. Major League Baseball is composed of ten chapters, each offering one hundred numbered "mini-stories"-facts, anomalies, records, coincidences, and enthralling lore and trivia. Each chapter begins with a stirring Introduction highlighting the many exciting stories detailed in that chapter.INTERACTIVE: Numerical entries tagged with SBTN-All Star and SBTN-Hall of Fame logos are scattered throughout this book. These logos...
The National Hockey League, 1917-1967: A Year-by-Year Statistical History

3912.00 руб.*

Marshall D. Wright

The National Hockey League, 1917-1967: A Year-by-Year Statistical History

Bigger Faster Stronger

2704.00 руб.*

Greg Shepard

Bigger Faster Stronger

Bigger Faster Stronger is now bigger and better than ever! This second edition presents the most popular strength training system for today's high school and college athletes. Establish the solid foundation you need to compete successfully and advance your athletic career. With the second edition of Bigger Faster Stronger, a program that has led teams to over 320 high school state championships, you will learn the fundamental exercise techniques and drills necessary for developing strength, power, agility, and speed for any sport; implement a training program that will meet your sport performance needs and modify it to fit your personal goals; perform, spot, and coach complex performance-optimizing lifts, including the squat, deadlift, power clean, and bench press; improve speed, agility, and flexibility to complement your power; and optimize your performance, in the gym or on the field, with nutrition and meal plans for your body's needs. During the in-season or...
Arkansas Valley Mountain Biking: Leadville To Salida (Including South Park)

1730.00 руб.*

Mark Wolff

Arkansas Valley Mountain Biking: Leadville To Salida (Including South Park)

From Leadville to Salida to Fairplay, Arkansas Valley Mountain Biking presents 58 of the best mountain bike routes in Colorado?s Arkansas Valley and South Park. With rides ranging from effortless rambles along quiet scenic roads to hair-raising single-track, this new book presents routes for cyclists of all abilities. Compiled in a concise, easy-to-follow format, this guide makes it easy for you to roll into miles of fat tire bliss. Each route is fully documented with mileage logs, elevation graphs, GPS coordinates, trailside amenities, alternate route options, and simple directions to the trailhead. In addition, you'll find comprehensive coverage for Leadville, Twin Lakes, Granite, Buena Vista, Nathrop, St. Elmo, Poncha Springs, Salida, Fairplay, Como, and the Monarch Crest. Included for each area are interesting historical facts and other useful tips for visiting mountain bikers, such as information on climate, safety, and a list of local resources. Packed with highly...

Books in English / Спорт и отдых



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