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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн интерьера

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Offices for Small Spaces

4888.00 руб.*

Alejandro Bahamon

Offices for Small Spaces

Book Description Even in challenging economic climates, business must carry on, must do more with less, make greater use of fewer resources.One such commonly affected resource is a fundamental one -- physical office space. As businesses try to make smaller, less expensive office spaces viable, the challenge is of course to maintain a professional atmosphere which, though small, still allows all workplace needs to take place. Offices for Small Spaces showcases over two dozen innovative small offices from all over the world and from all sorts of businesses -- and none larger than 865 square feet! -- that make the most of their area and nonetheless manage to create a habitable workplace environment conducive to success of business. Offices for Small Spaces is sure to provide plenty of ideas for your own workspace.
A History of Interior Design

8991.00 руб.*

John Pile

A History of Interior Design

Book DescriptionMuch like the history of art, the history of interior design encompasses numerous styles, movements and the international political and social developments that have informed or challenged its evolution. This lavishly illustrated bookwill be of interest to anyone who appreciates interior design as well as antiques, furniture design, textiles, decorative objects and the general evolution of the space where we work and live. The new edition contains 150 new photos, 35 new line drawings, 32 more pages, making it more lavish than the first. A companion web site filled with even more images is also new to this edition and offers great value.
Light Your Home : A Comprehensive Guide to Practical and Decorative Lighting

3943.00 руб.*

Elizabeth Wilhide

Light Your Home : A Comprehensive Guide to Practical and Decorative Lighting

Book Description Domestic lighting has traditionally been functional but conspicuously lacking in inspirational qualities. Now, a new generation of lighting designers has brought a more creative approach into play, adding a magical element to interiorlighting schemes. From the practical to the theatrical, this book -- which includes hundreds of full-color photographs -- provides all the information home owners need to light their dwelling in style. A visually compelling and informative celebration of options, Light Your Home begins with ?Practical Lighting,? covering everything from assessing your needs in different rooms in the home to the basic principles of designing a lighting scheme. ?Designing with Light? demonstrates how to combine light sources to enhance the quality and practicality of a home's interior. Decorating with Light highlights the most up-to-date lighting techniques and products. The Compendium presents an exciting array...
The Renovated Home : Redesigning, Reorganizing, Redecorating

4521.00 руб.*

Andrew Weaving

The Renovated Home : Redesigning, Reorganizing, Redecorating

Book Description Today, what we require in our living spaces has led us to rethink the way we use and design the interiors of our homes. We?re more likely to need large areas to create a home office, play area, storage space, or display for the latest home entertainment equipment. While many of us have good ideas, we can?t always see the ways to carry them out. This magnificently illustrated text leads you through the process and supplies clear and understandable examples demonstrating just how easy it can be to transform your home into a space that fits the way you want to live today.
Cool Kids' Rooms

1329.00 руб.*

Editors of Filipacchi Publishing

Cool Kids' Rooms

Book DescriptionWhether refined, full of color, eccentric and unconventional, romantic or bohemian - these kids' rooms share one common denominator: creativity! Each one of them expresses the life, as well as style and personality, of the people who havedesigned them: parents, artists and designers, who have given the best of themselves to come up with a unique world for their child. Combining 200 photos with innovative graphics, this inspiring book offers a wealth of ideas for organizing and decoratinga child's bedroom with the flair of an artist.
Penthouse Living (Interior Angles)

7650.00 руб.*

Jonathan Bell

Penthouse Living (Interior Angles)

Book DescriptionThe penthouse is perhaps the most iconic of all living spaces. The word implies wealth, with an emphasis on space, views, and an enviable urban lifestyle. But when did our domestic aspirations start to look skyward? Is the contemporary penthouse a purely elitist space, or are there mass-market solutions that might open up the roofscapes to everyone? Penthouses are aspirational, conjuring up a life with an undeniably sexual edge – Playboy magazine even developed its own penthouse concept for an early issue. They also imply a sense of mystery and power, these are the homes of industrialists, media moguls and film stars, elevated high above the rest of humanity. Penthouse Living presents a selection of architecturally adventurous and dramatic penthouse projects from around the world, including modernist icons, cinematic visions and futuristic concepts, as well as a history of the penthouse, recent projects and tomorrow's icons. Penthouse...
Windows of the World

2684.00 руб.*

Jean-Philippe Lenclos

Windows of the World

Book Description A trove of color photographs reveals the complex character and endless variety of a basic architectural element: the window. This stunning visual catalog explores the forms, styles, materials, and colors of window compositions in cultures around the world, from tiny decorative openings on adobe homes in Africa to the intricate wrought-iron-and-shutter compositions of Paris. 215 color illustrations.
April Cornell Decorating with Color

3241.00 руб.*

April Cornell

April Cornell Decorating with Color

Book Description Color made easy with design diva April Cornell. Designer April Cornell—owner of more than 100 boutiques throughout North America, as well as a successful wholesale company—walks home decorators through the mysteries of choosing and combing hues, of transforming a house from blah to dynamic, and of using color to create a mood. Every photo fairly pulsates with richness and texture, and the images provide ample instruction on drawing from nature’s own palette, bringing visual contrast into home decor, and defining personal colors. Throughout, Cornell offers specific paint suggestions and quick decorating ideas, including plans for adding bright details (vivid duvets, vibrant tablecloths) everywhere, decorating a child’s room in lively, happy tones, and even entertaining colorfully. April Cornell has beautifully translated her artful combinations of color and floral designs into exquisite collections of...
Thimbleberries Classic Country: Four Seasons of Quilting, Decorating, and Entertaining Inspirations (Thimbleberries Classic Country)

3205.00 руб.*

Lynette Jensen

Thimbleberries Classic Country: Four Seasons of Quilting, Decorating, and Entertaining Inspirations (Thimbleberries Classic Country)

Book DescriptionInspirations from Thimbleberries(r) in the new Thimbleberries(r) Classic Country Calendar. 12 Thimbleberries decorating vignettes by Lynette Jensen 12 quick & easy decorating project ideas Spaces to note our plans and events
Asian Style Hotels: Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

1967.00 руб.*

Kim Inglis

Asian Style Hotels: Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн интерьера



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