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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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The Fireplace Design Sourcebook

3176.00 руб.*

Melissa Cardona

The Fireplace Design Sourcebook

Book DescriptionFeast your eyes on some of the hottest fireplace designs and hearth products available today. This book is a must for people who already own a fireplace and seek design inspiration, people who want to retrofit an existing fireplace, and people who are installing a new fireplace in their home. An inspiring guide to today's vast assortment of hearth products, it features over 225 gorgeous color photographs of dressed-up fireplaces and stoves, and helpful tips to help you design a fireplace environment. These wonderful gas and woodburning fireplaces are attractively adorned to spark your imagination. Whether your style is classic, traditional, or contemporary, you'll be sure to find designs that suit you. This is an invaluable resource that no current or future fireplace owner or designer should be without.
Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom

9687.00 руб.*

MaryBeth Mudrick

Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 with CD-Rom

Book DescriptionThe detailed, clearly illustrated guide to federal patterns Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 is a single-source book of pattern drawings illustrating the form, character, scale, and proportion of Federal Style ornament and detail built in New England primarily from 1780 to 1820. Conveniently organized in sections for cornices, door and window casings, chair rails, baseboards, mantels, and fences, Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 features 300 detailed linedrawings that are useful to architects, interior designers, and preservationists. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the drawings in the following formats: vector PDF, Postscript, DXF for PC, and PowerCadd for Mac. Federal Style Patterns 1780-1820 offers architects and interior designers a fresh look at this uniquely American style to provide a springboard for design inspiration and new ideas.
Kelly Hoppen Style : The Golden Rules of Design

3194.00 руб.*

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen Style : The Golden Rules of Design

Flowers in Love II

5093.00 руб.*

Moniek Vanden Berghe

Flowers in Love II

After having finished training in painting, ceramics and sculpture, Moniek Vanden Berghe focused on floral art. Her style is contemporary-modern. One of her main specialities is bridal work. With an eye for stunning detail, she designs, with great accuracy, bridal bouquets, floral purses, corsages, hair claps and tiaras... She also decorates the bridal table, the cars, the church and the bridesmaids in an elegant and harmonious way. This book offers 'bridal ideas' to florists and is an inspiration for anyone who's soon to be married and wants to have a flourishing party. This is an excellent addition to Moniek's first bestseller on the theme of love and marriage. Text in English, French and Dutch.
Feng Shui With What You Have: Maximum Harmony, Minimum Effort

1619.00 руб.*

Connie Spruill

Feng Shui With What You Have: Maximum Harmony, Minimum Effort

Book DescriptionFeng Shui with What You Have is the first feng shui book that gets it right: Bringing harmony into the home shouldn?t cause extra stress, demand a lot of unnecessary effort, or unbalance the budget. The authors, certified feng shui practitioners Connie Spruill and Sylvia Watson, know that true feng shui is right for today?s schedules and today?s budgets, and that true feng shui can be achieved with simple, meaningful elements already found in the home. Feng Shui with What You Have is packed with creative tips and insights such as: ·The highest wattage bulbs make the basement bright and cheery. ·Fabric hanging from plant hooks will clarify the distinctions between functions in a room. ·Spice racks can serve as quick-and-easy aromatherapy. ·The fierce tiger picture that intimidates guests in the foyer can be motivating and inspiring behind a desk. ·De-cluttering can solve many problems?and...
Adirondack Home

7641.00 руб.*

Ralph Kylloe

Adirondack Home

The design and decor of the Adirondacks are forever linked to our modern idea of vacation living and outdoor relaxation. But they are also home to a rich interior design style focused on handcrafted furniture and rustic accessories.
Material ConneXion : The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers

9265.00 руб.*

Material ConneXion : The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers

Book DescriptionFrom the largest global resource of new materials comes this innovative new book that connects materials to designers' needs. In each of the seven main sections, this highly illustrated book identifies key trends, looks to the future, andhelps design professionals select materials with the most potential for their specific projects. By defining a material based on its base composition rather than current use, Material ConneXion allows a designer to fully understand the potential and limitations for a material while conceiving of its new application. Organized to follow the model of the Material ConneXion library, the book's chapters are organized on seven base compositions including: Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Polymers, Natural and naturally derived materials,Carbon-based materials, Cement-based materials. The book includes quotes from 54 leading designers, architects, artists and thinkers worldwide, including Wolfgang Joop, Karim Rashid, Peter Marino, Greg Lynn,...
Office Solutions 2004/2005

5804.00 руб.*

Office Solutions 2004/2005

Book DescriptionDie Arbeitswelt befindet sich im Wandel. So gelten Buro-Interieurs zunehmend auch als Visitenkarte des Unternehmens. Diese Funktion ubernimmt die Buroausstattung nicht nur gegenuber Kunden und Besuchern, sondern auch innerhalb eines Unternehmens als Motivationsfaktor fur die Mitarbeiter. Office Solutions mochte Gestaltern, Entscheidern und Objekteinrichtern innovative Losungen an die Hand geben, die ihnen als Inspirationsquelle fur eigene Projekte dienen soll. Herausragende Beispiele geben Einblicke in die spezifischen Gestaltungsmoglichkeiten unterschiedlicher Burokonzepte. Anspruchsvolle redaktionelle Beitrage sowie zahlreiche hochwertige Fotografien und Planskizzen unterstutzen dies. Die Publikation richtet sich an Entscheider aus dem Management, Beratungsfirmen, Objekteinrichter und -planer, Innenarchitekten sowie Designer und Design.
Nothing Less than Literal : Architecture after Minimalism

4145.00 руб.*

Mark Linder

Nothing Less than Literal : Architecture after Minimalism

Book DescriptionIn Nothing Less than Literal , Mark Linder shows how minimalist art of the 1960s was infiltrated by architecture, resulting in a reconfiguration of the disciplines of both art and architecture. Linder traces the exchange of conceptsand techniques between architecture and art through a reading of the work of critics Clement Greenberg, Colin Rowe, Michael Fried, and the artist-writer Robert Smithson, and then locates a recuperation of "the architecture of minimalism" in the contemporary work of John Hejduk and Frank Gehry. "Literal" was not only a term used by Fried to attack minimalism; it was a key term for Greenberg as well, and in both cases their use of that term coincides with discussions of the architectural qualities of art. Linder gives us the first thorough examination of the role that architectural concepts, techniques of representation, and practices played in the emergence of minimalism. Beginning with a comparison of the "postcubist"...
Pleasures Of The Porch: Ideas for Gracious Outdoor Living

2113.00 руб.*

Maureen Lamarca, Daria Price Bowman

Pleasures Of The Porch: Ideas for Gracious Outdoor Living

For every type of house and for every family's style, there is a perfect porch. Whether you want a quiet outdoor niche where family members can lounge with a good summer read, or a casual front porch that encourages passing neighborsto stop and chat, over the years porch styles have developed that foster these very activities. This beautifully photographed volume details the porch's illustrious past, from its origins as the portico, or covered entryway, of ancient Greece to its glory days as the elaborate outdoor sitting room of Victorian times. A discussion of different types of porches follows, with notes on the particular character of each. Suggestions for creating an area for solitude and respite as well as ideas for converting the space into an elegant room for a party include tips on planning for alfresco meals, decorating for festive occasions, and providing the essentials for relaxation. Pleasures of the Porch also introduces you to the...

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн интерьера



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