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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Дизайн и Декоративное искусство

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Great Escapes: South America

670.00 руб.*

Christiane Reiter

Great Escapes: South America

Continuing its quest to seek out the worlds most unique and inspiring hotels, Taschen takes on South America. This diverse selection of hotels, posadas, and haciendas highlights the most exceptional destinations on the continent. Among the breathtaking paradise spots are a hotel on a Patagonian natural reserve, a hacienda perched high in the Andesmountains, an adobe hotel in the Chilean desert, a converted monastery in Peru, a hotel built entirely of salt in Bolivia Uyuni salt desert, and an ecolodge on a natural reserve in the Amazon rain forest. For the love of nature, tango dancing, and caipirinhas, nothing beats these exotic escapes from the fast lane. Формат издания: 19 см х 24 см.
In Alphabetical Order: File Under: Graphic Design, Schools, or Werkplaats Typografie

2255.00 руб.*

In Alphabetical Order: File Under: Graphic Design, Schools, or Werkplaats Typografie

Book DescriptionThis is a schizophrenic book. Between its covers are: a book about typography and graphic design, arranged around recent work from a single source and incubator, the Werkplaats Typografie (Typography Workshop/WT) in Arnheim, the Netherlands; a book about a specific approach and pedagogy, the methods that the WT uses to study and practice graphic design, in which students integrate all aspects of the discipline and its forms in their own expressive vocabulary; a book that presents a broad selection of work from a "school-in-progress," the WT, along with texts that articulate their common foundations and ideas. Actually, perhaps it suffers not so much from schizophrenia as from multiple-personality disorder. In any case, the WT was founded five years ago as a postgraduate course in graphic design; it functions both as a training site and a studio where professional commissions are executed for a varied clientele. Published in conjunction with Werkplaats Typografie. ...
Neubau Welt

5553.00 руб.*

Stefan Gandl

Neubau Welt

My house, my pool, my horse, my Learjet, my Mercedes, my wife, my toys, my trees, my garden, my cockroach. Now it's really all yours. Neubau Welt is an extensive encyclopedia of well over a thousand pictograms of everyday objects and obsessions large and small. They were created by designer Stefan Gandl, whose book dsos1 was also published by dgv and has since become a collectors' item. All of the objects shown in the book can also be found as Adobe Illustrator files on an included CD. For the price of the book, readers also buy the right to use the exclusive graphics and Neubau typefaces in their own work. Reminiscent of a digital Letraset, Neubau Welt contains everything any designer could possibly need but couldn't find on Google. Unlike ClipArt, the smorgasbord of objects can be enlarged indefinitely. This also makes them extremely useful for architects and other creatives, who can integrate them into their presentations and visual models.
The Art and Making of Monster House

5681.00 руб.*

J.W. Rinzler

The Art and Making of Monster House

As much a testament to the art of the book as the art of animation, The Art and Making of Monster House is presented in lavish four-color throughout, with highlights of some of the film’s most astonishing features including 3-D art, gatefolds and die-cut overlays of the five stages of computer generated “motion capture” technology. It also includes envelopes, cards, and a movie poster. Monster House is the first film from director Gil Kenan, who is living every young director’s dream, hand-picked by the film’s executive producer, Steven Spielberg, to create this groundbreaking film. This latest release from Sony Pictures Imageworks and ImageMovers, features the innovative, cutting-edge technology of " performance capture” animation, first introduced in The Polar Express. Monster House tells the story of a trio of friends who discover the secret that a scary, creepy house in their neighborhood is actually a living, breathing monster and...
Sew Subversive: Down and Dirty DIY for the Fabulous Fashionista

1923.00 руб.*

Melissa Rannels, Melissa Alvarado, Hope Meng

Sew Subversive: Down and Dirty DIY for the Fabulous Fashionista

Sew Subversive is about making fashion your own, whether it's embellishing or customizing off-the-rack clothing or transforming clothes that have lost that loving feeling. The three twenty-something co-owners of Stitch Lounge, an urban sewing studio in San Francisco, teach you, in plain, fun language, how to do it, whether you're hand sewing, machine sewing, or, in a few cases, simply wielding a pair of scissors. The first three chapters lay the ground work: Hand Sewing Basics, You and Your Machine, and Gearing Up, which includes Fabric 101, how to set up a sewing space, and a run-through first project on the sewing machine. Then the fun begins with Embellishing and Customizing projects, including adorning your pant legs with ribboning, turning a computer-scanned image into an iron-on that you can apply to a t-shirt or skirt, taking in a skirt, or untapering a pair of pants (the authors believe tapered pants are the devil's work). Then move onto Refashioning: The Next Life of...
Ornate Letters and Initials CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)

1871.00 руб.*


Ornate Letters and Initials CD-ROM and Book (Dover Pictorial Archives)

Book Description The decorative initials in this vast and attractive collection cover an enormous range of sizes and styles. Ideal for immediate use in book and magazine illustrations, on posters, certificates, and in other print projects, the decorative letters are enclosed by floral and foliated motifs; by cherubs, mythical creatures, and other quaint figures; and enhanced with other ornamentation. Depicted with delicate grace, these decorative letters will add eye-catching appeal to any print project. Dover Original. 812 black-and-white designs. 64pp. printed one side only.
Crafter's Cornucopia CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)

933.00 руб.*


Crafter's Cornucopia CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)

Book Description Recalling pleasantries from a bygone era, this charming collection of vintage illustrations depicts beautiful women and handsome men, lush floral bouquets and bowls of fruit, rustic country scenes, and children playing together as well as with pets and toys. A handy source of images for graphic artists, the engaging motifs can also be used to decorate numerous craft projects. 371 full-color illustrations.
Objects of Desire : Victorian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago (Museum Studies (Art Institute of Chicago))

2117.00 руб.*

Judith Barter

Objects of Desire : Victorian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago (Museum Studies (Art Institute of Chicago))

Book Description This volume focuses on a wide range of Victorian-era objects from Britain and the United States in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. The following topics are explored: still-life painting in nineteenth-century America; the burgeoning Victorian print market; a fascinating sketchbook used by the English painter Edward Burne-Jones; a spectacular Gothic-style British wine cabinet; and a rare photographic album compiled by an aristocratic English family. Also featured, in a portfolio section, are other highlights from the museum’s Victorian collection, including furniture, paintings, photographs, textiles, and works on paper by such noted artists as Julia Margaret Cameron, William Morris, and John Everett Millais.
Blood on the Reik: A Journey Through the Old World

3450.00 руб.*

David Gallagher

Blood on the Reik: A Journey Through the Old World

An artbook packed with David Gallagher's concept sketches of the many denizens of the Warhammer Online RPG, demonstrating how they were used in the realization of the game. Warhammer Online is a new massively multiplayer online game set against the backdrop of Games Workshop's grim and gritty Warhammer fantasy world. Within the game, players take on the roles of desperate outlaws and mercenary adventurers, struggling to survive in a perilous world and against the ever-present corruption of Chaos. Alongside thousands of other players, immerse yourself in a massive world and explore, fight, trade and die, as you drag yourself from the gutter and build your reputation as a deadly warrior, dark magician or cunning and treacherous rogue. The web address is: http://www.warhammeronline.com/
Japanese Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book

448.00 руб.*

Connie Clough Eaton

Japanese Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book


Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Дизайн и Декоративное искусство



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