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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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American Adonis: Tony Sansone, The First Male Physique Icon

4574.00 руб.*

John Massey

American Adonis: Tony Sansone, The First Male Physique Icon

Nowadays nearly everyone is a member of a gym, and perfecting the body beautiful is taken to the point of obsession. This phenomenon can be traced back to one man: Anthony Sansone (1905-1987), the first male physique icon and the most admired bodybuilder of his time. Like his contemporary Rudolph Valentino, Sansone was one of the first to make male beauty a desirable commodity. Images of Sansone's body spurred the physical culture movement that would sweep the country. Through innumerable reproductions of his photographs, his fitness program publications, and the three gyms he founded, Sansone set and shaped the physical ideal that a whole generation of men would follow. A charismatic figure, Sansone moved within a number of worlds and interacted with some illustrious characters: art (Gertrude Whitney), bodybuilding (Charles Atlas), dance (Alexandre Gavrilov), Hollywood (Johnny Weissmuller), theater (David Belasco), and photography (Nickolas Muray). American Adonis...
Camera Phone Obsession

2399.00 руб.*

Peter G. Aitken

Camera Phone Obsession

Book DescriptionImagine your family getting to see your baby's first picture-in real time from the delivery room! Or imagine capturing a cool shot of a street vendor in Venice while you are on vacation and uploading the image to instantly share with yourfriends back home. Camera phones are quickly taking over the world, and users are in need of a guide that shows them not only how to take great pictures but how to share them in different ways. Camera Phone Obsession is a unique guide that marriesthe technology of camera phones with the emerging culture. Author Peter Aitken shows you how to purchase the best camera phones, how to best shoot and print photos, what the best services are for sharing photos, and how to use your camera phones with your PCs. This book shows how camera phones are a breed apart from digital or film cameras. The book discusses the dos and don'ts of camera phone etiquette and privacy and legal concerns for camera phone users. The author expertly guides you...
Photosynthesis: Molecular Biology of Energy Capture,297

13530.00 руб.*

John N. Abelson

Photosynthesis: Molecular Biology of Energy Capture,297

Photosynthesis: Molecular Biology of Energy Capture,297
The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design

1754.00 руб.*

Teal Triggs

The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design

Digital tools may have allowed designers new power and flexibility, but typography remains the bedrock of good graphics - and one of the most exciting areas of experimentation. Taking an informed look at the remarkable creations of thirty-seven internationally recognized figures this is the first thematic and critical overview of the most influential designers and the often unpublished original works that lead to their typefaces. This is the essential book for professionals, students and anyone interested in typography, graphic design, visual culture and design history. Формат издания: 22,5 см х 26 см.
Patio: Garden Design & Inspiration

3284.00 руб.*

Jamie Durie

Patio: Garden Design & Inspiration

Packed with design instruction and horticulture tips, this paperback version of Jamie Durie's bestselling gardening-design book provides all the necessary information and inspiration to create glamorous garden and patio spaces. Stunning photographs highlight stylish, award-winning landscape designs created in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Each photograph is accompanied by a complete discussion of the design and its elements, including watering requirements, featured plants, and optimal lighting. Tips and instructions help inspire gardeners to create their own original designs.
Fantastic Tales: The Photography of Nan Goldin

2848.00 руб.*

Jonathan Weinberg, Joyce Henri Robinson

Fantastic Tales: The Photography of Nan Goldin

This book accompanies an exhibition of Nan Goldin's photographs, drawn from the private collection of Gerry and David Pincus and jointly organized by the Palmer Museum of Art at The Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Over the last thirty years, Goldin has attained international fame as a photographer who, building on the tradition of Robert Frank and Diane Arbus, has documented the lives of outsiders. But in Goldin's case, the outsiders are her bohemian friends, whom she depicts with poignant and sometimes brutal honesty. Jonathan Weinberg's essay for this catalogue considers a number of Goldin's now-classic photographs as well as her more recent, almost Baroque forays into landscape. In contrast to most earlier writers on Goldin's work, who have emphasized its documentary character, Weinberg addresses the ways in which Goldin's photographs might be said to constitute "fantastic tales." Weinberg considers the narrative construction of...
Timber: A Photographic History of Mississippi Forestry

4795.00 руб.*

James E. Fickle

Timber: A Photographic History of Mississippi Forestry

Book DescriptionThis collection of black-and-white images conveys the story of human impact on Mississippi's forests from the pioneer era to the present. Photographs gleaned from public and private archives, tell a visual tale of the development of Mississippi's forest industries. Historic locomotives course through the woods, oxen drag big timber over rutted terrain, and lookouts perch atop Forest Service towers eyeing the horizon for telltale signs of fire. Photos of life in a portable logging camp reveal early hospitals, lumber company stores, mobile homes, and the advancing technology of logging machinery. The hatchet and torch give way to the cross-cut saw, the steam-driven loaders, the gas chain saws, and eventually the bulldozer and the Buschcombine. Portraits of the major players in the industry's investment and development provide a human face to the powerful history of Mississippi forestry. The soft pulp lumber used to crate ammunition and to build many hastily...
Antoni Gaudi

1865.00 руб.*

Ignasi de Sola-Morales

Antoni Gaudi

There is little dispute today that Antoni Gaudi - a member of the transitional generation between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - was one of the finest architects of his day and age, particularly if, as well as considering the objective quality of his work, we also take into account his originality, his creative invention of new formal elements and his bold structural proposals. Nevertheless, at the time when Ignasi de Sola-Morales produced this in-depth study of Gaudi's work, Gaudi was still the subject of suspicion and doubt, despite the deep crisis within the Modern Movement. With this new edition of Sola-Morales' essay, Ediciones Poligrafa is reviving a remarkable text that was to a large extent responsible for the critical appreciation and acclaim of this visionary architect. A new series of photos taken by Rafael Vargas for this publication reveals Gaudi as he has never been seen before.
Looking at Atget

2046.00 руб.*

Peter Barberie

Looking at Atget

Renowned for his alluring and provocative photographs of the monuments, interiors, streets, and people of Paris, Eugene Atget was fascinated with the myriad materials, textures, surfaces, and details of his subjects. Although not well known in his own lifetime, his influential work now appears in almost all the world's major museums. This book, replete with exquisite reproductions of more than one hundred of Atget's photographs, features selections from the Philadelphia Museum of Art's highly prized collection, including at least ten previously unpublished images and two albums in which the photographer stored his own work. Peter Barberie explores the earliest and most compelling accounts of Atget's photography and recounts the efforts undertaken by photographer Berenice Abbott and art dealer Julien Levy - each with a different perspective on Atget's work - to bring his photographs to the United States and to promote his legacy. By analyzing how Atget assembled and organized his...
Tennessee Simply Beautiful

3979.00 руб.*

Bob Schatz

Tennessee Simply Beautiful

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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