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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография

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Forgotten Faces: A Window Into Our Immigrant Past (Forgotten Faces - America's Lost History)

4624.00 руб.*

Ronald William Horne

Forgotten Faces: A Window Into Our Immigrant Past (Forgotten Faces - America's Lost History)

Book DescriptionForgotten Faces - A Window Into Our Immigrant Past reveals, for the first time, lost American history encapsulated in a beautiful but neglected art form. Forgotten Faces is the first book to explore memorial portraiture as a distinctive art form and acknowledge its contribution to our country?s valued history. In doing so, it reveals a never-before-published photo-panorama of American immigration at the turn of the twentieth century. Forgotten Faces presents a first-ever collection of over 350 well-preserved photo-ceramic memorial portraits. The beginning of a series titled, Forgotten Faces ? America?s Lost History, it demonstrates how a similarly beautiful collection of memorial portraits awaits discovery and exhibition from every major city in the United States. Photo-Ceramic memorial portraits are photographs of the deceased mounted directly on their tombstones. They are made of ceramics the quality of the finest china but made to last...
Great Monasteries of Europe

14167.00 руб.*

Bernhard Schutz, Henri Gaud

Great Monasteries of Europe

This remarkable volume is the most comprehensive examination to date of the art and architecture of European monasteries, featuring an authoritative text and more than five hundred stunning, full-color photographs. European cultural history is inextricably linked to the presence of monasteries, especially during the Middle Ages. In addition to serving as religious refuges, monasteries provided sanctuary for the pursuits of art, education, science, and book production. This lavishly illustrated book traces the development of the art and architecture of these important buildings, from early Carolingian examples in the eighth century to a modern structure by Le Corbusier in 1960. This unsurpassed survey offers a fresh chronicle of a largely overlooked subject and hundreds of marvelous images, many of them newly photographed, of more than 150 of the most interesting and best preserved monasteries in Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland,...
State-by-state Guide

333.00 руб.*

Millie Miller, Cyndi Nelson

State-by-state Guide

This book exhibits all of the diversity of the American states even as it ties the country into one awesome entity. The authors' inclusion of endangered species, biographical sketches on the famous Americans from each state, inventions, resources, records, and so much more make this a unique and multi-dimensional work. But it is the art and the treatment of the information that makes this book so special. With a light-handed, fresh approach, and tremendous respect for their subject, the author-artists succeed in painting a truly beautiful portrait of America.
Contemporary Photography from Eastern Europe: History Memory Identity

5014.00 руб.*

Contemporary Photography from Eastern Europe: History Memory Identity

A wide-ranging and detailed survey dedicated to the protagonists of the contemporary art scene in Eastern Europe. As the title suggests, history, memory and identity are the principle "open questions" for many countries in Eastern Europe that have over the past twenty years seen their course in history change radically in the wake of the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9th, 1989. The catalogue includes twenty-nine artists from eighteen countries, including the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Croatia, many of which are presented here for the first time in a survey comprising more than 150 photographs, films and video-installations. History Memory Identity marks a continuation of Asian Dub Photography (Skira, 2009) dedicated to Far Eastern art.
Extreme(ly Dumb) Sports (Duckboy Guides)

1253.00 руб.*


Extreme(ly Dumb) Sports (Duckboy Guides)

Book Description ANY SPORT WORTH DOING TO THE EXTREME IS WORTH DOING EXTREMELY DUMB! This book will show you how! From the popular Duckboy® line of postcards and other products comes this hilarious photographic journey through the world of sport, real and fanciful. Laugh about Horizontal Bungee Jumping, Aerobic Snowmobiling, Body Bowling, Snowshoe Ballet, and much more. While dumb sports have been with us forever, in recent years the movement has been towards Extremely Dumb sports. Why do something difficult and dangerous, and come off looking merely silly, when with a little extra effort you can demonstrate transcendent stupidity?
Mastering Digital Color: A Photographer's and Artist's Guide to Controlling Color (Digital Process and Print)

4556.00 руб.*

David Saffir

Mastering Digital Color: A Photographer's and Artist's Guide to Controlling Color (Digital Process and Print)

The digital age of art has made it easier than ever for an artist to change what his work will look like when complete. Subtle changes in color composition can be made many times to achieve an ideal image. However, masterful color management is about more than knowing how to use the tools offered by your image editor. It?s about understanding how to visualize your final image before you begin editing it?seeing your image as you want others to see it. Mastering Digital Color is designed to help you master the skills needed to realize your vision, using color management tools available in the digital world. It presents techniques of practicality and results. By focusing on the practical aspects of color management, this fullcolor book enables you to more clearly visualize the connections between concept and result, bringing the art that you have envisioned to life.

8883.00 руб.*

Susan Derges


British artist Susan Derges engages with themes of alchemy, testing the inter-relation between the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Her beautifully crafted images reflect a holistic system that encompasses the human psyche and finds its metaphors through the natural world.From 1980-86 Derges lived and worked in Japan, introducing the influence of Japanese minimalism which she combined with her discovery of 'camera-less' photography techniques. Her first major series, Chladni Figures, was created by sprinkling powder onto photographic paper made to vibrate with sound, making visible the shapes of invisible sound waves. Subsequent series continued to explore hidden forces and cycles of nature and her most frequently recurring subject is water. She captures the interference patterns in flowing rivers, the energy of waterfalls and breaking waves and the states of water from ice to cloud, from the solid to the intangible. Derges often uses the landscape at night as her darkroom. She...
Kiss of Fire

4711.00 руб.*

Barbara Nitke

Kiss of Fire

A rare view of the romantic side of sadomasochism, Barbara Nitke's photographs explore the intimacy, trust, and great joy found in these relationships. The work is presented here in a beautiful edition of about 70 duotones, with text by A.D. Coleman. Barbara Nitke is also a co-plaintiff in an important challenge to the Communications Decency Act, a law limiting free expression on the Internet. The case is expected to go to the Supreme Court and is already garnering considerable national press. A.D. Coleman is one of the most important photography critics of our time. He has published numerous books and collections of essays; his internationally syndicated columns and essays have appeared in publications such as ARTnews and the New York Times .
David Hilliard

5636.00 руб.*

David Hilliard

David Hilliard’s vibrant color photographs, usually triptychs or larger compositions, present elaborate narratives exploring a range of themes and situations, from the awkwardness of adolescence to masculinity disarmed. Formally, these staged photographs share the style of contemporary photographers like Gregory Crewdson and Anna Gaskell, among others. Yet Hilliard draws less from the realm of the fantastic and instead looks to his immediate surroundings to draw inspiration, as he deftly fuses autobiography with fiction to engage a host of complex ideas. This lush monograph is the first major publication of Hilliard’s work. Included are works from the artist’s ongoing series of his father that demonstrate Hilliard’s ability to tangle fact with fiction as the resulting images, underscored by the artist’s wry outlook on the world, convey a distinct poignancy. Other works engage issues of intimacy, homoeroticism, and identity. The resulting...
Foro Italico

5500.00 руб.*

George Mott

Foro Italico

Book DescriptionIntroduction by Giorgio Armani. Essays by Michelangelo Sabatino and Luigi Ballarini. Boasting to everyone that his forum would be grander than the Coliseum, Mussolini created the Stadio dei Marmi, or Stadium of Statues, an arena built outside Rome for the 1944 Olympic Games that were postponed by World War II. Believing a fascist state required the top level of physical fitness, II Duce provided inspiration for his nation in the form of monumental art, commissioning sculptors from all over the country to creat sixty Herculean statues of white marble to be put atop six-foot pedestals surrounding the stadium. The statues, based on figures from Italian war memorials, embodied the glorification of the athlete and the mannered heroism of the soldier. Startingly erotic and poetic, each statue stands twelve feet tall, nude but for the occasional headband or sandals. So blatant was their sexual presence that the statues later provoked furtive attempts at "decency"...

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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