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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография

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The Scots: A Photohistory

5068.00 руб.*

Murray Mackinnon, Richard D. Oram, Richard Oram

The Scots: A Photohistory

In the decade after 1839, when Louis Daguerre revealed his photographic process to the world, Scotland became enamored of the new art. Over the next century, Scottish photographers captured a stunning visual record of their land and its people, their mixed fortunes, hopes, and aspirations. Their achievements?never before collected together so tellingly?document a century of profound contrasts, of division, upheaval, and change that recast forever the character of Scotland. Here are the triumphs of self-confident Scotland?the completion of the Forth Bridge and the stream of vessels that slid down the slipways of the Clyde to bind together a far-flung empire?but also its injustices, the story of the urban and rural poor, and the evictions that drove people from the land to seek work in the cities or renewed hope in emigration to the New World. Scotland has always been the country of the "lad o' pairts," the youth from the unpromising, impoverished, often...
When in France, Do as the French Do

1349.00 руб.*

Ross Steele

When in France, Do as the French Do

When should you mention a person's family name in a greeting? Should you pay immediately when you are served in a cafe? Wearing what item of clothing will instantly reveal you as a tourist? All these answers and more can be found in When in France, Do As the French Do, a fun and intriguing book that teaches you about France's culture, language, and people. It features 120 intriguing multiple-choice questions that are cross-referenced to fascinating articles on pop culture, customs, behavior, history, consumer trends, literature, tourist sights, business, language, and more. Also included are key terms and useful expressions, informative charts, and websites for further reference.
Posters of Cold War

774.00 руб.*

David Crowley

Posters of Cold War

The Cold War was fought on many fronts. Rarely contested with "hot" weapons, it was, in many ways, a propaganda war in which images were used to produce both fear and loyalty, at home and abroad. The poster was a crucial medium in this war of images, employed not only by the superpowers to demonstrate their economic, technical, cultural, moral and, above all, ideological superiority, but also by protest groups. Radicals on both sides of the East-West divide seized the medium to broadcast their opposition to the Cold War order. Posters were pasted on the walls of Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Beijing at moments of electric political tension. Формат: 21 см x 28 см.
High-Speed Photography: It's not rocket science. (Volume 1)

2140.00 руб.*

Mr Rhys Sage

High-Speed Photography: It's not rocket science. (Volume 1)

First edition of the High-Speed manual for everybody with a camera. Take stunning high-speed images simply, cheaply and effectively. This book will help you develop as a photographer from taking ordinary, bland flash photos to taking stunning photos that amaze everybody.

2150.00 руб.*

Melanie Dunea


Book Description"What is the most precious part of your body?" What started as an idle thought between celebrity photographer couple Melanie Dunea and Nigel Parry quickly developed into a serious metaphysical investigation using today's most captivatingpersonalities. The resulting photographs, accompanied by a quote from each celebrity explaining their choice of body part, reveals the subject's personalities through their choice, their own words, and Dunea and Parry's eloquent images. Precious features: Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rosie O'Donnell, Johnny Depp, Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, John Leguizamo, Mary-Louise Parker, Gloria Estefan, Juliette Lewis, Rachael Leigh Cook, Tommy Hilfiger, Bruce Willis, Eric McCormack, EllenDeGeneres, Pierce Brosnan, Stanley Tucci, Meg Ryan, Chloe Sevigny, Jason Schwartzman, Tony Hawk, Kiefer Sutherland, Illeana Douglas, Alan Cumming, Mariska Hargitay, Mickey Rourke, Lukas Haas, Diane von Furstenberg, Gia Carides,...
Playboy: Blondes

686.00 руб.*

James R. Petersen

Playboy: Blondes

Do blondes have more fun? Back in the golden years of Playboy magazine, it seems like all the bunnies had more fun - building sandcastles in the buff, romping on tiger skin rugs or starting a mischievous pillow fight. From Playboy's classic archives comes a trilogy of pocket-sized volumes that celebrate hair color and the girls who know how to put it to such good use. Whether sun-kissed gold, bombshell brown or fire-engine red, every stripe of bunny is quintessentially captured in these timeless colour photographs from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. A spot-on introduction by former Playboy Advisor columnist Jim Petersen and wilty quotes sprinkled throughout complete each affordable title, And with 80 images by some of Playboy's most revered photographers packed into each book, this is the perfect holiday gift for the swinging single in us all.
Great Gardens of the World: In Search of Paradise

4174.00 руб.*

Penelope Hobhouse

Great Gardens of the World: In Search of Paradise

Great Gardens of the World is a survey of some of the greatest gardens of the world, presented through magnificent photographic images and the descriptions of legendary garden designer and writer Penelope Hobhouse. Here is shown the oases of the Middle East, the gardens of Chinese scholars, Japanese sages and Renaissance humanists
Time: Nature's Extremes: Inside the Great Natural Disasters That Shape Life on Earth

2230.00 руб.*

Editors Of Time Magazine

Time: Nature's Extremes: Inside the Great Natural Disasters That Shape Life on Earth

The killer tsunami of 2004 and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina remind us of the fragility of mans place on his home planet.Now Time explores the past, present and future of this unpredictable planet, tracing the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, exploring earths most extreme environments and flying with scientists into the wildest of weather systems. An attractive volume that combines Times world-famous writing with a collection of powerful photographs Time has been at the forefront of modern discoveries and is uniquely positioned to provide a fascinating look back at the discoveries that changed the world
Neil Leifer: Portraits

6406.00 руб.*

Neil Leifer

Neil Leifer: Portraits

Book DescriptionNeil Leifer has shot more covers for Sports Illustrated, Time and People --over 200--than any other photographer. One of the world's greatest sports photographers, he has photographed 15 Olympic Games, 4 soccer World Cups, 15 Kentucky Derbies, countless World Series games, the first 10 Super Bowls and every important heavyweight title fight since Floyd Patterson beat Ingemar Johansson to regain the title in 1960. But Neil Leifer has also shot some of the most exceptional portraits of celebrities and sport stars ever, from presidents to Hollywood actors to Olympic champions.~Leifer became a professional photographer while still in his teens. Using the skills he'd learned in the mid-50s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at theHenry Street Settlement's photo workshop, he quickly moved from being picture editor at his high-school paper to working as a freelancer for major national magazines, eventually working for nearly all of them, including The Saturday...
William Albert Allard: Five Decades

6331.00 руб.*

William Albert Allard

William Albert Allard: Five Decades

This gorgeous gift book reveals 50 years of photography by seasoned National Geographic photographer Bill Allard. Allard was a pioneer of color photography with a style that called for entering people's homes and hearts; by winning their confidence he was able to capture "off guard" moments, and reveal the depth of human nature as never before seen in the pages of National Geographic. Always in search of "what is happening at the edges," his work reveals beauty, mystery, and a sense of adventure. Part photography retrospective and part personal memoir, this book paints a full picture —through images and narrative —of the life of a globe-trekking photographer over the past half century.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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