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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Copro/Nason Fine Art: Catalogue Raissone

5077.00 руб.*

Copro/Nason Fine Art: Catalogue Raissone

Italian Neorealist Cinema: An Aesthetic Approach

10069.00 руб.*

Christopher Wagstaff

Italian Neorealist Cinema: An Aesthetic Approach

The end of the Second World War saw the emergence in Italy of the neorealism movement, which produced a number of films characterized by stories set among the poor and working class, often shot on location using non-professional actors. In this study Christopher Wagstaff provides an in-depth analysis of neorealist film, focusing on three films that have had a major impact on filmmakers and audiences around the world: Roberto Rossellini's Roma citta aperta and Paisa and Vittorio De Sica's Ladri di biciclette. Indeed, these films are still, more than half a century after they were made, among the most highly regarded works in the history of cinema. In this insightful and carefully researched work, Wagstaff suggests that the importance of these films is largely due to the aesthetic and rhetorical qualities of their assembled sounds and images rather than, as commonly thought, their particular representations of historical reality. The author begins by situating neorealist cinema in...
Ska'd for Life: A Personal Journey with The Specials

4592.00 руб.*

Horace Panter

Ska'd for Life: A Personal Journey with The Specials

As bass player with The Specials and in his second-hand suit and pork pie hat, Horace was a member of one of the most innovative and exciting bands to come snarling out of the punk era. Founded by Jerry Dammers, their fusion of punk, reggae, and ska created a new musical fashion spearheaded by their own Two Tone record label that stood for unity and racial harmony in a polarized society. This musical odyssey with The Specials moves from their early days on Coventry's punk circuit, to their chart-storming success with singles like Too Much Too Young and the eerily prescient Ghost Town, released as the race riots of 1982 saw Toxteth and Brixton go up in flames. Written with wry humor, this affectionate look at a band whose sublime music remains influential today is a must for all fans of The Specials.
Scream of Stone

866.00 руб.*

Philip Athans

Scream of Stone

The finale of the acclaimed Watercourse Trilogy from The New York Times best-selling author Philip Athans! When the true mission of the Thayan Enclave is revealed, the richest man in Innarlith decides he wants to be the most powerful too, a once promising young man is transformed into a twisted undead assassin, and a quiet genius finally makes his stand, the explosive fury of decades of boiling rage explodes from the heart of a city at war with itself.
Visions of Aging: Images of the Elderly in Film

7113.00 руб.*

Amir Cohen-Shalev

Visions of Aging: Images of the Elderly in Film

The interface of old age and cinema provides a fascinating yet uncharted territory in the humanities and social sciences. Two central perspectives are explored: movies on old age by old filmmakers; and movies on old age by younger artists. The first perspective focuses on the cinematic representation of ageing from within, whereas the second examines the ways ageing is viewed from the outside. The distinction is based on the schism between the phenomenology of ageing and its social representation: The one hinges on intrinsic qualities of 'old age style' or 'late style'; the second addresses attitudes towards old age in general as well as towards ageing artists and the reception (or rejection) of their late films.The author combines these general perspectives as it shifts between text and context, beginning with ageing from the outside in order to introduce the semantics and pragmatics of the context (reception and filmmaking stylistic change, midlife images of old age), and continuing...
Vampire Bloodlines 3 The Chosen (Vampire Bloodlines)

3231.00 руб.*

Roger William Barnes, Ty Bjarnason, Adriano Bompani, Ray Fawkes, Brian David Gibson

Vampire Bloodlines 3 The Chosen (Vampire Bloodlines)

Sit, Ubu, Sit: How I went from Brooklyn to Hollywood with the Same Woman, the Same Dog, and a Lot Less Hair

2827.00 руб.*

Gary David Goldberg

Sit, Ubu, Sit: How I went from Brooklyn to Hollywood with the Same Woman, the Same Dog, and a Lot Less Hair

A sports-crazed kid from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Gary David Goldberg never imagined he’d end up in Hollywood, let alone make it big there. But as a twenty-five-year-old waiter in Greenwich Village he met Diana, the love of his life; followed her out to Northern California; then moved in and never moved out. He also, without realizing it, put himself on track to found UBU Productions (named after his beloved Labrador retriever) and become a successful creator of such family sitcoms as Family Ties, Brooklyn Bridge, and Spin City.* In Sit, Ubu, Sit, award-winning writer/producer Goldberg tells the mostly upbeat, sometimes difficult, and frequently hilarious tale of his improbable career and the people who have filled it. A love story and a rare behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment industry, Sit, Ubu, Sit proves that it is possible to be creative and successful while holding on to your integrity, your family, and your sense of humor.
Mel Bay presents Easiest Rock Guitar for Children

1698.00 руб.*

Larry McCabe

Mel Bay presents Easiest Rock Guitar for Children

This book is for all beginning and early intermediate rock guitarists. No prior playing experience or note reading ability is required. The solos are written in both standard notation and tablature. While writing the arrangements, the author considered the small hands of children. Many of the songs are played in the first position and there are no fingerings that would present inordinate technical difficulties to the average beginner. Only a few simplechords are used in the arrangements which consist mainly of single-string backup lines, basic riffs and solos. Every song in the book is included on the companion CD. Every tune is recorded at a moderate speed and includes count-off notes and bass and drum accompaniment.
Yahtzee Scratch & Play

1138.00 руб.*

Peter Gordon

Yahtzee Scratch & Play

The Milton Bradley game of Yahtzee, with its five dice and special score sheets, sold in the millions last year. Now experienced players and newcomers alike can enjoy the game anywhere (in a moving car, for instance), without worrying about losing any of the dice. It's an ingenious use of the scratch-off concept made familiar by lottery games, and which has made a big hit in books such as Scratch & Solve Hangman. The object of Yahtzee is to get high-ranking combinations of the dice, similar to poker hands. With this version, competitors "roll" by scratching. Using two copies of the book, readers can complete in exciting head-to-head competitions, where both players start each round with the same roll.
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #681

686.00 руб.*

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #681

When Donald Duck's nephews get lost in the Grand Canyon, Donald tries to rescue them - and ends up "Taming the Rapids" on the way to a lost village of cavemen! Then, in part two of Floyd Gottfredson's "The Gleam," Mickey struggles to outwit the jewel-robbing swami... but falls at the feet of his hypnotic power! In the feature-length "Quacked Quest," Donald sends up Tolkien by commanding the evil "Sourron" at a fantasy fair. And "Green Ice Cream and a Trampoline" shows us the perfect gifts for Goofy... in honor of his 75th anniversary in comics and cartoons!

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