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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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The Phantom of the Opera - piano vocal Selections

2151.00 руб.*

Andrew Lloyd Webber

The Phantom of the Opera - piano vocal Selections

12 selections from the movie adaptation of this Broadway classic: Think of Me * Angel of Music * The Phantom of the Opera * The Music of the Night * Prima Donna * All I Ask of You * Masquerade * The Fairground * Journey to the Cemetery * Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again * The Point of No Return * Learn to Be Lonely. Includes biography and 8 pages of color photos from the film.
Aristophanes: Acharnians, Lysistrata, Clouds

860.00 руб.*

Aristophanes: Acharnians, Lysistrata, Clouds

Three of Aristophanes' greatest comedies available in one volume with notes and introductions by one of the most important scholars and translators of Greek comedy. The "Focus Classical Library" is dedicated to providing modern students with the best of Classical literature in contemporary translations with notes and introductions to provide access to the culture and context at the roots of contemporary thought. Формат: 14 см x 21,5 см.
You Talkin To Me? : Thoughts & Observations on Marketing & Promotions

1475.00 руб.*

Marc Apple

You Talkin To Me? : Thoughts & Observations on Marketing & Promotions

Book Description You Talkin To Me? Thoughts & Observations on Marketing & Promotions is author Marc Apple's first book showcasing his true-life experiences as a marketing and promotions executive; from running a magazine, to working in the radio and record industries. Told through a lighthearted approach, Apple reveals tricks of the trade and explanations on how an unknown product can become an overnight sensation, literally overnight. The stories that make up You Talkin To Me? Thoughts &Observations on Marketing & Promotions are filled with valuable insight and a healthy dose of humor covering these topics and much more: What makes a product stand out on crowded retail shelves? Is it a fad or trend? How to ride the wave out? What can you do to make sure customer service is job #1? How to give the people what they want and sometimes what they don't want. Is human interaction real anymore? ...
The Business of Getting More Gigs as a Professional Musician

1566.00 руб.*

Bob Popyk

The Business of Getting More Gigs as a Professional Musician

Book DescriptionGetting more gigs doesn't just happen. Musicians have to make it happen. Despite a myriad of convenient excuses to choose from - the economy is off, money is tight, unemployment is high, not as many clubs are hiring, budget cuts mean fewer corporate gigs - there are always some musicians who do exceptionally well and work constantly, regardless of the month, year, season, economy or their location.A collection of Bob Popyk's most talked-about columns from International Musician magazine, The Business of Getting More Gigs as a Professional Musician will clue you in to what the musicians mentioned above already know and do. Covering in detail topics such as attitude, gig etiquette, business basics, money and diversifying, Popyk gives practical pointers to help you have a plan, network effectively, promote your assets, and market yourself constantly. He points out the need to treat gig-seeking like a business, and take it just as seriously. Musicians who take his advice...
Corelli. Sonata per violino e basso continuo. Op. 5 No. 7

53.00 руб.*

Arcangelo Corelli

Corelli. Sonata per violino e basso continuo. Op. 5 No. 7

Корелли. Соната для скрипки и фортепиано. Сочинение 5. №7.
Keeping Mozart in Mind, Second Edition

6707.00 руб.*

Gordon L. Shaw

Keeping Mozart in Mind, Second Edition

Book DescriptionThe demand for math and science skills in our technology-driven world is at a premium, and yet U.S. students continue to lag behind many other industrialized countries in these areas. This book, based on studies conducted on 8000 elementary school-aged children, proposes that not only is there a relationship between music and math comprehension, but that music can be utilized to heighten higher brain function and improve math skills. The enclosed CD-Rom includes (1) a recording of Allegrocon spirito from Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major (K. 448) , by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, performed by Murray Perahia and Radu Lupu, courtesy of Sony ClassicalTM, and (2) a descriptive interactive version of S.T.A.R.TM (Spatial-Temporal Animation Reasoning) software program. While this book's discussion of the breakthroughs in understanding of spatial-temporal reasoning abilities will be of particular interest to neuroscientists and cognitive researchers, the book is also...
Bob Dylan, Performing Artist: The Early Years, 1960-1973

2200.00 руб.*

Paul Williams

Bob Dylan, Performing Artist: The Early Years, 1960-1973

Book DescriptionThe first volume of Paul Williams' widely acclaimed writings on the music and performances of Bob Dylan. A thought-provoking, in-depth analysis of Dylan's work on the stage and in the studio, much of which has been ground-breaking and controversial. Williams regards Dylan as one of the century's great artists, comparable to Joyce, Chaplin, and Picasso.
Adobe Audition Ignite! (Ignite! (Muska & Lipman Publishing))

2564.00 руб.*

Eric D. Grebler

Adobe Audition Ignite! (Ignite! (Muska & Lipman Publishing))

Book Description Adobe Audition offers musicians tremendous flexibility for mixing audio, editing, and processing effects. Now you can take advantage of Audition?s many tools! With "Adobe Audition Ignite!" ,beginners can master the basic features of thispowerful digital music editing application. Start with the basics as you focus on the individual tools?where they are and how to access them. Cover the many recording features of Audition as you learn how to record, play, and edit scripts and create punch-in or timed recordings. You?ll even learn how to use Audition to add audio to or extract audio from video. Get ready to ignite your music with the power of Audition!
Red Hot Chili Peppers : Inside the Veins of the Velvet Groove. The Unauthorised Biography

1688.00 руб.*

Martin Roach

Red Hot Chili Peppers : Inside the Veins of the Velvet Groove. The Unauthorised Biography

Book Description This look at the hard-rocking, funky Red Hot Chili Peppers examines their continued vitality after more than 20 years as a band. Interviews with ex–band members and musicians who have played and toured with them tell a classic rock and roll story of music, drugs, and death and provide insights into the longevity and ongoing relevance of the Chili Peppers. The band is set in the context of the Los Angeles punk rock scene of the 1980s and 1990s from which they emerged, and how they managed to withstand and ride many other trends in American music, including grunge, hip-hop, and nu metal, is investigated. Many previously unpublished photographs of the band from the private collections of friends and associates are included, as is a complete discography.
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (Selected Themes from the Motion Picture)

1605.00 руб.*

John Williams

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (Selected Themes from the Motion Picture)

Arranged for viola featuring a piano accompaniment and carefully crafted instrumental parts, complete with bowings, articulations, and keys well suited for the young player. A fully orchestrated accompaniment CD is also included. Each song on the CD includes a complete demonstration track, which contains a live performance, followwed by a play-along accompaniment track. Songs include Harry's Wonderous World, Hedwig's Theme, Numbus 2000, Family Portrait, Fawkes The Phoenix, Chamber Of Secrets, Gidleroy Lockhart, Dobby The House Elf, Moaning Myrtle

Books in English / Развлечения / Музыка



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