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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Кухня, питание и напитки / Разное

Книги этого раздела

Cocina rapida

333.00 руб.*

Cocina rapida

Revealing all the culinary tips and tricks for technique and preparation, this series fosters creativity and skill in the kitchen while preparing something simple, light, and fast or a more sophisticated, special-occasion dish. Instructions appear in a step-by-step format and a glossary of specific terminology is also included.
Colin Cowie Chic: The Guide to Life As It Should Be

1765.00 руб.*

Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie Chic: The Guide to Life As It Should Be

A handbook for living well in the twenty-first century. From legendary lifestyle expert Colin Cowie comes the last word in living a gracious, sensuous life on any budget. Colin draws back the curtain on his own chic, passionate, 120-miles-per-hour life, revealing how to create and entertain in an inviting home, garner respect in the workplace, and travel with ease and comfort. No matter how or where you live, or whatever your personal style may be, Colin Cowie Chic will place you on the fast track to experiencing life to the fullest. This immensely practical handbook offers step-by-step instructions on everything from workplace etiquette to the art of no-sweat, fuss-free travel. Colin also takes the guesswork out of navigating today's social situations with the kind of charm and confidence that will get you invited back anywhere you want! The invaluable details he shares include: Home: Essential comforts for every room Kitchen decorating...
Collins Gem Cholesterol Counter: Lower Cholesterol the Easy Way

619.00 руб.*

Kate Santon

Collins Gem Cholesterol Counter: Lower Cholesterol the Easy Way

With a clear introductory section on what cholesterol actually is and how you can lower it, followed by fat and cholesterol counts for all common foods, this indispensable pocket-sized guide is the easy way to monitor cholesterol. Interspersed with interesting factoids this book dispels myths and gives practical advice on how to sensibly lower cholesterol. Factual information is clearly laid out in table format, making it quick to compare similar food products and adopt simple dietary changes to help reduce the chance of heart attacks, strokes, and blood vessel problems. This is the perfect book for those following a diet plan who have previously had a high fat intake and are looking to lower their cholesterol.
Coloring the Seasons: A Cook's Guide

2739.00 руб.*

Allegra McEvedy

Coloring the Seasons: A Cook's Guide

Allegra explores the significance of the color of the food we eat and, interestingly, how it is connected to the season we eat it in. With mouth-watering recipes, this is an invaluable guide to seasonal eating.
Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl

1340.00 руб.*

Marusya Bociurkiw

Comfort Food for Breakups: The Memoir of a Hungry Girl

An elegiac memoir about food, family, and the thorns of personal history written by a Ukrainian Canadian lesbian, whose family recipes connect intimate vignettes in which food nourishes, comforts, and heals the wounds of the past, including those of a father haunted by memories of time spent in a concentration camp during World War II. The author, both at home and in her travels through North America and Europe, also reconciles her family life with her queer identity; food becomes her salvation and a way to engage with the world. Thoughtful, sensual, and passionate, Comfort Food for Breakups muses on the ways in which food intersects with a nexus of hungers: for intimacy, for family, for home.
Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch Cookbook: Food to Bring Family & Friends to the Table

2067.00 руб.*

Gooseberry Patch

Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch Cookbook: Food to Bring Family & Friends to the Table

Our brand new Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch Cookbook is filled with fresh, full-color photographs, more than 145 delicious recipes and inspiring ideas that bring family, friends & neighbors together. Enjoy chapters like Sunday Dinner that'll take readers back to Grandma's house, a Recipe Swap with friends and Gifts for Giving...homemade and from the heart. Other year 'round chapters include: It's Halloween, Giving Thanks, Christmas in the Cabin, Bake Sale, Picnic BBQ, Tag Sale, County Fair and Bonfire.
Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch

2318.00 руб.*

Michael Jackson

Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch

Michael Jackson is renowned for his pithy wisdom and a remarkable ability to evoke aromas and flavors. This fully revised and expanded edition of MICHAEL JACKSON'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO SINGLE MALT SCOTCH is the definitive guide to single malt whisky and its producers worldwide. The completely new introduction incorporates Jackson's most recent research on the origins and evolution of the water of life, the nature of aromas and flavors, and regional differences. The book's core is the comprehensive A-to-Z of single malts, arranged by distillery. Each entry offers a new introduction and key information, and features Jackson's evocative, highly regarded tasting notes and ratings. This edition features a refreshed design, specially commissioned photographs of distilleries, and more than 1,000 tasting notes.
Consider the Oyster: A Shucker's Field Guide

1721.00 руб.*

Patrick McMurray

Consider the Oyster: A Shucker's Field Guide

OYSTERS ARE SEXY. LET'S AGREE ON THAT RIGHT AWAY. But there's much more to the oyster than simply its legendary power as an aphrodisiac. And that's what you'll find inside this charming field guide to oysters by oyster purveyor and champion shucker Patrick McMurray. Rich in history and lore, CONSIDER THE OYSTER weaves together anecdotes from the author's experiences as a restaurateur and competitive shucker with practical information on everything from opening oysters with finesse (and a minimum of personal injury!) to planning an oyster party, finding the best oyster bars and ordering hard-to-get bivalves on the Internet. You'll also meet the people who grow and export oysters - from the coast of Ireland to the shores of Cape Cod and everywhere in between - and you'll find yourself longing to taste some of the more than fifty varieties that McMurray details with loving enthusiasm. Wellfleets, Malpeques, Irish Flats, Fines de Claires, Royal Courtesans......
Cook the Perfect...

2322.00 руб.*

Marcus Wareing

Cook the Perfect...

Want to master the perfect pancake? Need to learn just how to roast a chicken? Celebrity chef Marcus Wareing deconstructs classic recipes to show you just what works in the kitchen-and why. Filled with clear, step-by-step techniques, this is the ideal resource for both the kitchen apprentice and the cook looking to perfect their existing skills.
Cook's Cards: Semi-Homemade Cooking

1436.00 руб.*

Sandra Lee

Cook's Cards: Semi-Homemade Cooking

Food Network star Sandra Lee presents 70 favorite recipes from her bestselling cookbooks, including Dijon Chicken and Mushrooms, Pumpkin Ravioli in Brown Butter, French Apple-Raisin Sandwiches, and Gooey Mud Pie. Sandra's stress-free recipes combine both storebought and fresh ingredients to create gourmet-tasting meals in no time. The perfect gift for busy moms!
Cookie Craft: From Baking to Luster Dust, Designs and Techniques for Creative Cookie Occasions

1780.00 руб.*

Valerie Peterson, Janice Fryer

Cookie Craft: From Baking to Luster Dust, Designs and Techniques for Creative Cookie Occasions

Elaborately decorated cookies fill the shelves of high-end bakery cases, tempting shoppers with bright colors and whimsical shapes. The cookies are beautiful, but buying them in a bakery can be shockingly expensive, and their flavor often doesn't live up to their appearance. Now home bakers can have their pretty cookies and enjoy eating them too! Thanks to the clear instructions and practical methods developed by authors Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer, amateur cookie crafters can achieve bakery-quality design and homemade fresh taste. Cookie Craft gives readers access to the entire world of decorated cookies, beginning with an inspirational gallery of 150 colorful cookies guaranteed to start those creative juices flowing. The authors go on to discuss ingredients, supplies, equipment and technique. They include four delicious recipes for rolled cookie doughs (Traditional Sugar, Chocolate, Nutty, and Gingerbread) that provide perfect blank canvases for decorating, and,...
Cookie Sensations: Creative Designs for Every Occasion

1668.00 руб.*

Meaghan Mountford

Cookie Sensations: Creative Designs for Every Occasion

Cookie Sensations is a step-by-step guide to creating edible art. It features templates, detailed instructions, illustrations and information on resources. Everything you need to succeed is in this book, including recipes for cookies and icings, directions for coloring icings, instructions on master your decorating technique and even tips on fixing mistakes.
Cookies Year-Round: 50 Recipes for Every Season and Celebration

784.00 руб.*

Rosemary Black

Cookies Year-Round: 50 Recipes for Every Season and Celebration

Few kitchen projects are as pleasurable as baking cookies. On a stressful day, getting out the measuring cups and baking sheets and immersing yourself in the comforting rituals of sifting, mixing, rolling out and shaping the dough can be immensely therapeutic. What's more, cookie-baking is an activity in which the whole family-even young children-can participate. And the results of the process are, of course, especially gratifying, as the house fills with the cookies' enticing aroma and anticipation builds for that first delectable, sweetly satisfying crunch. In Cookies Year-Round-the follow-up volume to STC's Cupcakes Year-Round-New York Daily News food editor Rosemary Black first acquaints you with the basic cookie-making techniques (including icings for frosted cookies) and then sets out an array of cookie recipes with which to celebrate each season of the year. Summon spring with Lemon Madeleines and Double Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies. Relax into summer with Key Lime...
Cookies! Irresistible Recipes for Cookies, Bars, Squares and Slices

1675.00 руб.*

Pippa Cuthbert & Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Cookies! Irresistible Recipes for Cookies, Bars, Squares and Slices

The delectable begins here. Whether you like your cookies in bars or rounds, crispy or chewy, healthful or decadent, Cookies! offers more than 80 irresistible recipes for satisfying your sweet tooth's every whim. Chocolate-lovers get their own chapter, as do kids. you'll also find the perfect pairings with coffee or tea, and a selection of dessert-time cookies when you need to impress. Other chapters include "Bars and oat cookies," and "Celebration cookies," as well as detailed instructions on cookie-making methods, ingredients, and equipment. Choose from: White chocolate and macadamia cookies; Lemon and blueberry shortcake slices; Gingerbread men; Coconut date balls; Pink peppercorn meringues. A further chapter on "Icings and extras" provides the perfect finishing touches.
Cookies, Brownies & Bars

1409.00 руб.*

Elinor Klivans

Cookies, Brownies & Bars

Sweet, gooey chocolate chip cookies in lunch boxes; beautifully decorated holiday treats wrapped and mailed with care; and rich, moist brownies and bars overflowing from a picnic basket: these and many other recipes and ideas can be found in the pages of Cookies, Brownies & Bars. Each chapter introduces a new technique for making these delicious treats. Try everything from simple drop cookies and delicate hand-shaped treats to colorfully decorated cut outs, elegant cookie sandwiches, and baking pans full of decadent brownies and bars. Whether preparing classics such as Triple-Chocolate-Chunk Cookies and Toasted Hazelnut Biscotti or sophisticated favorites such as Cream-Filled Pecan Lace Cookies and French-Style Macaroons, you'll find the perfect cookies, brownies, and bars for every occasion.

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Books in English / Кухня, питание и напитки / Разное



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