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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Кухня, питание и напитки / Алкогольные и безалкогольные напитки

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Whisky: A Brief History

865.00 руб.*

Gavin Smith

Whisky: A Brief History

Whisky is undoubtedly one of the world's most fascinating drinks, with an incredibly colorful heritage that has been widely celebrated in story, song, and cinema. Get the facts on this most versatile spirit from one of Scotland's leading whisky writers and commentators. Gavin Smith shares his immense knowledge and enthusiasm, revealing everything from the mysteries of distillation to the secret of how illicit Scotch whisky was transported in mock funeral corteges to deceive officers of the law. There's background on whiskies of the world, whisky tales and cocktails, whisky festivals and awards, visitors' centers, and useful statistics of the trade.
Tea: The Drink That Changed the World

1799.00 руб.*

Laura Martin

Tea: The Drink That Changed the World

Camellia sinensis, commonly known as tea, is grown in tea gardens and estates around the world. A simple beverage, served either hot or iced, tea has fascinated and driven us, calmed and awoken us, for well over two thousand years. Tea: The Drink that Changed the World tells of the rich legends and history surrounding the spread of tea throughout Asia and the West, as well as its rise to the status of necessity in kitchens around the world. From the tea houses of China's Tang Dynasty (618-907), to fourteenth century tea ceremonies in Korea's Buddhist temples' to the tea plantations in Sri Lanka today, this book explores and illuminates tea and its intricate, compelling history.
Shooter Cocktail Book: Stimulating Shots With a Kick

1073.00 руб.*

Shooter Cocktail Book: Stimulating Shots With a Kick

Calypso Coolers: Recipes for 50 Caribbean Cocktails and 20 Tropical Treats

1117.00 руб.*

Arlen Gargagliano

Calypso Coolers: Recipes for 50 Caribbean Cocktails and 20 Tropical Treats

The sun caresses your skin as you gaze upon the sparkling turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Soft white sand cushions your toes, and willowy palms dance in the warm breezes. As you lift your drink, you inhale the sweet aromas of coconut and lime juice. No matter where you are, no matter what the season, Calypso Coolers conjures up the magic of tropical seaside ecstasy. Like its predecessor, Mambo Mixers, this colorful collection of 50 cocktails and 20 appetizers inspired by the Caribbean is an invitation to party paradise. All the classic island libations are here-daiquiris, tropical punches, fruit martinis-along with equally tantalizing concoctions like the Dominican Hurricane, made with rum, passion fruit nectar, and pineapple juice; the Dark and Stormy, a mixture of rum and ginger beer; and the Brown Cow, a silky combination of milk and coffee liqueur. The accompanying snacks-from Juanita's Yuca Fritters to Puerto Rican Corn Sticks and Jamaican Jerk Chicken-feature local...
Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World

1929.00 руб.*

Mark Pendergrast

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World

Uncommon Grounds tells the story of coffee from its discovery on a hill in Abyssinia to its role in intrigue in the American colonies to its rise as a national consumer product in the twentieth century and its rediscovery with the advent of Starbucks at the end of the century. A panoramic epic, Uncommon Grounds uses coffee production, trade, and consumption as a window through which to view broad historical themes: the clash and blending of cultures, the rise of marketing and the “national brand,” assembly line mass production, and urbanization. Coffeehouses have provided places to plan revolutions, write poetry, do business, and meet friends. The coffee industry has dominated and molded the economy, politics, and social structure of entire countries.Mark Pendergrast introduces the reader to an eccentric cast of characters, all of them with a passion for the golden bean. Uncommon Grounds is nothing less than a coffee-flavored history of the world.
Secrets Revealed of America's Greatest Cocktails

3162.00 руб.*

Robert Plotkin

Secrets Revealed of America's Greatest Cocktails

Tea in the City: Paris

2081.00 руб.*

Jane Pettigrew, Bruce Richardson

Tea in the City: Paris

This handy guide will allow you to see Paris with tea on your mind. Contains 100 listings of tea rooms, tea shops, museum teas, tea salons, hotel teas and cafe teas. The venues are arranged by arrondisement with maps and Metro stops included. You will find your way through the city like a pro. 150 photographs allow you to visit at home before you visit in person. Other volumes in this series include New York and Paris.
The Hawaii Beer Book

2199.00 руб.*

Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi

The Hawaii Beer Book

In "The Hawai`i Beer Book: Bars, Breweries & Beer Cuisine," a guide to Hawai`i's vibrant beer scene, Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi shares the history of beer in the Islands, takes the reader to local craft breweries and explains the basics of home brewing. This 192-page book also includes more than two-dozen delicious recipes incorporating beer, suggestions for food-and-beer pairings, listings and reviews of local bars and restaurants to aid in seeking out the perfect pint, and fun beer trivia. The comprehensive resource section lists everything from beer books and events to breweriana clubs and podcasts. An essential for both long-time beer lovers and those just developing an appreciation for it, "The Hawai`i Beer Book" will help the reader to discover, enjoy and learn more about beer in the Aloha State.
The Martini Book: 201 Ways to Mix the Perfect American Cocktail

1886.00 руб.*

Sally Ann Berk

The Martini Book: 201 Ways to Mix the Perfect American Cocktail

The Martini Book includes dozens of delicious new recipes and even more useful information on creating flawless versions of our most popular and enduring cocktail. It's classic, sublime, and America's favorite indulgence- the martini. As the symbol for sophistication and "cool," it stands alone. The traditional "dry martini," made with gin and a hint of vermouth, may be the starting point but The Martini Book takes it to the next level, offering hundreds of modern twists in addition to the tried and true original. Make no mistake, the classic versions of the drink are here, complete with tips for making them perfectly every time. But for those who are more adventurous or looking to expand their drink repertoire, new recipes include the Flirtini, the GreenTeani, the Frosty Mango Martini, the Ginger Snap Martini, and many, many more. There is also practical information on stirring and shaking, a list of essential bar tools (including glassware), and a list of must-have...
Classic Cocktails From Around the World

1133.00 руб.*

Allan Gage

Classic Cocktails From Around the World

Cocktails are back! That's the word in every fashionable watering place on the planet, from the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden (home of the Absolut Wonder), to the Indigo Bar in Mumbai, India (where they serve a Bailey's Infused Strawberry and Hazelnut Lassi). Here, for today's new cocktail fans, as well as the sophisticates who never stopped drinking them, is the ultimate guide to cocktails and the far-flung places where they were invented. The 80 authentic recipes are introduced by a colorful history of cocktails and interspersed with fascinating anecdotes about their origins, their creators, and the legendary bars where they're served. And there's even a thirst-quenching selection of non-alcoholic "mocktails".

Books in English / Кухня, питание и напитки / Алкогольные и безалкогольные напитки



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