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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Burn, Baby, Burn! : Recording Audio CDs from any Source, LPs to MP3s (Little Book Series)

9892.00 руб.*

Josh McDaniel, Bob Starrett

Burn, Baby, Burn! : Recording Audio CDs from any Source, LPs to MP3s (Little Book Series)

Burn, Baby, Burn! is your ultimate guide to recording audio CDs. If you're mired in stacks of vinyl, boxes of old cassettes, or have a computer full of unorganized digital tunes, this book is what you need. Authors Josh McDaniel and Bob Starrett-the always-expert and sometimes-irreverent CD mavens-take you step by step through how to record your own audio CDs.Whether you're copying LPs, cassettes, or MP3s, Josh and Bob make it easy to copy, clean up, and record your favorite tunes. Along the way, they provide lots of tips, and they make sure you have as much fun learning as you do listening to your new compilation CDs. You'll learn how to find and use the best software for recording audio, set up your hardware for expert recording and copying, revive your worn-out albums and fuzzy cassette tapes with audio-restoration tools, capture and record audio streams, decode MP3s for use on audio CDs, and burn your favorite tunes to compilation CDs.
Dynamic Dreamweaver MX

3602.00 руб.*

Rachel Andrew, Rob Tumbull, Omar Elgaba, Alan Foley, Bob Regan, Rob Turnbull, Omar Elbaga

Dynamic Dreamweaver MX

This book gets you up to speed on using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, the new version of Macromedia's premier visual web site design tool, to produce dynamic, creative, visually stunning sites that comply with web standards and accessibility guidelines. It gets straight to the heart of the matter so you spend less time reading, and more time building your site. Dreamweaver MX boasts some fantastic new features, including greatly improved support for XHTML and CSS standards, and tools that allow easy creation of accessible sites and effective use of Dreamweaver MX by people with disabilities. However, it doesn't stop there - Dreamweaver MX also features support for a wide range of server-side scripting languages, allowing professional dynamic web applications to be created with ease, using built-in ready-to-use chunks of code called Server Behaviors. Book Info For the working Web professional who needs results now. Provides aggressively pragmatic coverage of the huge leap of functionality...
Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design

1992.00 руб.*

William R. Sherman, Alan B. Craig

Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design

"Understanding Virtual Reality" arrives at a time when the technologies behind virtual reality have advanced to the point that it is possible to develop and deploy meaningful, productive virtual reality applications. The aim of this thorough, accessible exploration is to help you take advantage of this moment, equipping you with the understanding needed to identify and prepare for ways VR can be used in your field, whatever your field may be. By approaching VR as a communications medium, the authors have created a resource that will remain relevant even as the underlying technologies evolve. You get a history of VR, along with a good look at systems currently in use. However, the focus remains squarely on the application of VR and the many issues that arise in the application design and implementation, including hardware requirements, system integration, interaction techniques, and usability. This book also counters both exaggerated claims for VR and the view that would reduce...
Photoshop CS for Nonlinear Editors (DV Expert Series)

9530.00 руб.*

Richard Harrington

Photoshop CS for Nonlinear Editors (DV Expert Series)

Nonlinear editors are increasingly expected to perform graphic design and production tasks that were traditionally assigned to specialists. Adobe Photoshop is the application of choice in this domain because of its diverse tool set and popularity with third-party developers. Photoshop, and its plethora of instructional books, is principally designed for use in print and on the Web. There are many technical nuances to master this application for moving images. Full-color presentations and hands-on tutorials demonstrate how to combine still and moving images. Fundamental concepts and techniques like transparency, pixel aspect ratio, and alpha channels are made precisely clear, and advanced techniques show how to use Photoshop as a character generator, color corrector, and animation tool. Interviews with notable guest editors and motion graphic artists, and a focus on time-efficient and automation techniques make this book a valuable resource for advanced users. The companion DVD...
wxPython in Action

5764.00 руб.*

Noel Rappin, Robin Dunn

wxPython in Action

Because they are often large and complex, GUI programming tool kits can be hard to use. wxPython is a combination of the Python programming language and the wxWidgets toolkit, which allows programmers to create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. wxPython combines the power of an exceptionally complete user interface toolkit with an exceptionally flexible programming language. The result is a toolkit that is unique in the ease with which complex applications can be built and maintained. wxPython in Action is a complete guide to the wxPython toolkit, containing a tutorial for getting started, a guide to best practices, and a reference to wxPython's extensive widget set. After an easy introduction to wxPython concepts and programming practices, the book takes an in-depth tour of when and how to use the bountiful collection of widgets offered by wxPython. All features are illustrated with useful code examples and reference tables...
Photoshop CS y 7: Superfacil

2520.00 руб.*

Enrique Cordoba, Carmen Gonzalez, Carmen Cordoba

Photoshop CS y 7: Superfacil

This quick and easy-to-use illustrated reference for graphic design is arranged by theme and contains examples and practice exercises to master Photoshop CS and 7. The accompanying CD-ROM has 27 instructional videos, 130 activities, and a PDF dedicated to color.
Illustrator 10 for Windows and Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)

3281.00 руб.*

Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas

Illustrator 10 for Windows and Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)

Untitled There's a good chance that anyone who's studied vector-based drawing during the last decade has read an Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide in oneof its many versions. Though this book has become the standard text in many design schools, it has evolved over the years along with the program itself. And with some of the radical changes in Illustrator 10 -- such as live distortion tools, dynamic data-driven graphics, and symbols to create repeating Web graphics and keep file sizes small -- the authors thoroughly revised this popular QuickStart Guide. Illustrator 10 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide includes information on all the latest features, a 24-page color section, and clearly marked locators to both new and improved features that can easily be found by simply flipping through the book. Best of all, it's delivered in a highly readable,...
Building Database Driven Flash Applications

3355.00 руб.*

Darin Beard, Noel Jerke

Building Database Driven Flash Applications

Want to combine Flash programming with Web back-end databases directly, skipping an intermediate layer of programming? This book will demonstrate how! The authors explain techniques for utilizing Flash presentation capabilities with the power of back-end databases, step by step. Authors Darin Beard and Noel Jerke also provide techniques and entire "out-of-the-box" solutions, that are ready for immediate utilization. Further, the included examples incorporate multiple technology platforms, including ASP, ASP .NET, SQL Server, and Access.
40 iPod Techniques (Go Digital)

2020.00 руб.*

40 iPod Techniques (Go Digital)

After spending $199 to $399 for an iPod, users will have no problem spending $16.99 for a gorgeous full-color book that shows them how to discover the iPod?s many capabilities beyond music Organized into 40 bite-sized, easy-to-follow segments In addition to showing how to optimize an iPod for playing music, the book also shows how to read e-books, use PDA functions (calendaring, notes, and alarms), play games, store data, troubleshoot, and accessorize
Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques

5843.00 руб.*

Mark Christiansen

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques

Ready to learn the visual effects techniques used at such leading-edge studios as Industrial Light + Magic and The Orphanage? Adobe After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques inspires you to take your work to the next level with real-world examples and insider techniques. With this under-the-hood, in-depth guide to Adobe's updated motion graphics and effects powerhouse, you'll get complete coverage of all the big features in After Effects 7.0: High dynamic range (HDR) 32 bit per channel color compositing, cinema preview and color management, a redesigned user interface, a new Graph Editor to animate using explicit translation curves, retiming effects using Timewarp, and dozens of other enhancements. Get blockbuster results without the big budget as you delve deep into the essence of visual effects. This book goes beyond conventional step-by-step instruction, teaching you bread-and-butter effects that you can adapt and combine for countless projects. Real solutions from real...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Цифровое аудио и видео



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