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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Управление проектами

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Global Ergonomics

6430.00 руб.*

Ergonomics Conference, P. A. Scott, R. S. Bridger, J. Charteris

Global Ergonomics

Hardbound. Jointly hosted by the Ergonomics Society of South Africa (ESSA) and the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), this conference was attended by over 300 delegates and represented the largest and most prestigious gathering of eminent international ergonomists in the history of Africa. It also marked the beginning of a revival in concern for the well-being and productivity of people at work in South Africa. The conference aimed to juxtapose two great ergonomic themes – the under-developed ethos of the affluent societies and the technologically advanced ethos of the most affluent societies. The structure of the proceedings reflects this with the first section addressing the priorities of countries in transition and the last section addressing the priorities of the most industrially-developed countries, who have, by and large, long since solved the sorts of ergonomics problems currently of concern in the under-developed world. In betwe
Security Engineering with Patterns: Origins, Theoretical Models, and New Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

8301.00 руб.*

Markus Schumacher

Security Engineering with Patterns: Origins, Theoretical Models, and New Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

For quite some time, in systems and software design, security only came as a second thought or even as a nice-to-have add-on. However, since the breakthrough of the Internet as a virtual backbone for electronic commerce and similar applications, securityis now recognized as a fundamental requirement. This book presents a systematic security improvement approach based on the pattern paradigm. The author first clarifies the key concepts of security patterns, defines their semantics and syntax, demonstrates how they can be used, and then compares his model with other security approaches. Based on the author's model and best practic in security patterns, security novices are now in a position to understand how security experts solve problems and can basically act like them by using the patterns available as building blocks for their designs.
Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft .NET

3052.00 руб.*

Nick Symmonds

Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft .NET

Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft .NET is intended to be a comprehensive discussion of how to localize code using Visual Studio .NET. Author Nick Symmonds knows the advantages of preparing for localization in the design stage and the disadvantages of localizing a project after the fact, and he discusses both methods of localizing code in this book. All aspects of localization are examined, from handling date, time, and currency and text data, to developing multilingual userinterfaces and help files. He also covers Visual Studio's localization features and tools in depth and presents the pros and cons of each to the reader. Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft .NET is unique in that it covers both C# and VB .NET&emdash;all examples are presented in both languages. This language-independent approach is essential given that large systems may use both languages, and the principals discussed can be applied to other .NET languages as well....
Using SPSS for Windows: Data Analysis and Graphics

3024.00 руб.*

Susan B. Gerber, Kristin Voelkl Finn

Using SPSS for Windows: Data Analysis and Graphics

The second edition of this popular guide demonstrates the process of entering and analyzing data using the latest version of SPSS (12.0), and is also appropriate for those using earlier versions of SPSS. The book is easy to follow becauseall procedures are outlined in a step-by-step format designed for the novice user. Students are introduced to the rationale of statistical tests and detailed explanations of results are given through clearly annotated examples of SPSS output. Topics covered range from descriptive statistics through multiple regression analysis. In addition, this guide includes topics not typically covered in other books such as probability theory, interaction effects in analysis of variance, factor analysis, and scale reliability. This book can be used in two ways: as a stand-alone manual for students wishing to learn data analysis techniques using SPSS for Windows, or in research and statistics courses to be used with a basic statistics text. The book provides...
77 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill a Software Project: Destructive Tactics That Cause Budget Overruns, Late Deliveries, and Massive Personnel Turnover

3720.00 руб.*

Daniel D. Ferry, Noelle Frances Ferry

77 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill a Software Project: Destructive Tactics That Cause Budget Overruns, Late Deliveries, and Massive Personnel Turnover

Are you on a doomed project? Do you really believe that spiffy SEI rating or the latest software engineering fad will save you from working long nights, missing deadlines, or having a nervous breakdown? We’ve got news for you: your project didn’t get that way by accident. It took a lot of careful planning. Want to learn how it’s done? In this book we’ll teach you the basics of killing a project. Instead of forcing you to rummage through a bunch of dry software engineering texts to identify potentially damaging approaches, we’ll equip you with 77 tactics proven on countless projects.
Computer Security Handbook

7610.00 руб.*

Seymour Bosworth, Michel E. Kabay

Computer Security Handbook

The definitive formula for computer security, from power outages to theft and sabotage Whether you are in charge of many computers, or even one important one, there are immediate steps you can take to safeguard your company?s computer system and its contents. The Computer Security Handbook provides a readable and comprehensive resource for protecting computer mainframe systems and PC networks. This Fourth Edition continues a long tradition of maintaining highly regarded industry guidelines fordetecting virtually every possible threat to your system and prescribes specific actions you can take to eliminate them. The collected chapters are written by renowned industry professionals. Requiring minimal technical knowledge to understand, covered topics include: foundations of computer security, threats and vulnerabilities, prevention (technical defenses and human factors), detection, remediation, management?s role, and other considerations such as using encryption...
Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics

2306.00 руб.*

Joseph Migga Kizza

Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics

Computer crimes and the invasion of privacy by electronic means are major concerns for many people. They threaten the future of access to information by allied uses of electronic communication media. Chapter One provides information on the underlying infrastructure and communication protocols to help in understanding computer crimes and the dangers associated with them. Chapter Two categorizes cyber attacks by various motives-personal, pleasure-seeking, attention-seeking, revenge or even vendetta, financial escapades and raw hate. Likely targets and security issues in the day-to-day computer augmented settings are discussed in Chapter Three. Chapter Four addresses the costs of computer crimes to individuals, to the nation and to businesses and their clients. Crime prevention is the topic of Chapter Five, which describes the efforts being made by individuals, civic groups, institutions, nations and multinational bodies to eliminate computer crime. Chapter Six assesses the future of...
.NET Security

3027.00 руб.*

Jason Bock, Tom Fischer, Nathan Smith, Pete Stromquist

.NET Security

When you use .NET to create client-and server-side applications, you have to address a new and large set of security issues. .NET Security shows you what you need to know by covering different aspects of the .NET security model through detaileddiscussions about the key namespaces. The authors demonstrate how to write .NET code to create secure systems within the .NET Framework. They also discuss possible break-ins to the security model in .NET&emdash;and how .NET prevents such intrusions. This tutorial explains how to use the .NET security and cryptographic classes, and functions as a reference manual for developers seeking to understand security implementation in the .NET Framework. Additionally, the .NET Framework requires understanding in many new areas like managed code, permissions, and evidence&emdash;all of which this dynamic book covers.
The Design of Home Appliances for Young and Old Consumers (Ageing and Ergonomics 2)

6398.00 руб.*

Adinda Freudenthal

The Design of Home Appliances for Young and Old Consumers (Ageing and Ergonomics 2)

Is daily life equipment sufficiently adapted to use by the elderly, or are product developers biased towards young, healthy males with technical skills and insight? This book attempts to narrow this gap in gerontechnology, or product design for the elderly.
Arguing to Learn: Confronting Cognitions in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments (Computer-Supported Collaborative Leaning, V. 1)

18571.00 руб.*

Jerry Andriessen, Michael Baker, Dan Suthers

Arguing to Learn: Confronting Cognitions in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments (Computer-Supported Collaborative Leaning, V. 1)

Arguing to Learn: Confronting Cognitions in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments focuses on how new pedagogical scenarios, task environments and communication tools within Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) environments can favour collaborative and productive confrontations of ideas, evidence, arguments and explanations, or arguing to learn. This book is the first that has assembled the work of internationally renowned scholars on argumentation-related CSCL research. All chapters present in-depth analyses of the processes by which the interactive confrontation of cognitions can lead to collaborative learning, on the basis of a wide variety of theoretical models, empirical data and Internet-based tools. Given its depth and breadth of coverage, this collection will be of interest to a wide audience of researchers in the fields of education, psychology and computer science, as well as communication and linguistic studies.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Управление проектами



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