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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Управление проектами

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Software Management, 6th Edition

8974.00 руб.*

Donald J. Reifer

Software Management, 6th Edition

This sixth edition of Donald Reifer's popular, bestselling tutorial summarizes what software project managers need to be successful. The text provides pointers to the current issues, challenges and experiences that shape their jobs. It explores recent advances in such dissimilar fields as management theory, distance education, knowledge management, motivation theory, process improvement, organization dynamics, and technology transfer. Software Management , Sixth Edition provides software executives and corporate officers with the knowledge they need to develop their software engineering management strategies for the future. It also gives the software project manager insight into the tools and techniques that they can use to improve their ability to deliver high quality software products on time and within budget obligations. The book also provides sufficient instructional material to serve as a text for a course on software management. Reifer's goal is to achieve a...
Advances in Network and Distributed Systems Security

10669.00 руб.*

Bart De Decker, Frank Piessens, Jan Smits, Els Van Herreweghen, Els Van Herreweghen

Advances in Network and Distributed Systems Security

The more our society relies on electronic forms of communication, the more the security of these communication networks is essential for its well-functioning. As a consequence, research on methods and techniques to improve network security is extremely important. Topics in this volume include the latest developments in: + Security protocols; + Secure software engineering; + Mobile agent security; + E-commerce security; + Security for distributed computing. Advances in Network and Distributed Systems Security contains the proceedings of the First International Working Conference on Network Security (I-NetSec 01), which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and held in Leuven, Belgium inNovember 2001. This volume will be essential for researchers and practitioners working in this fascinating and fast-evolving field.
Excellence By Design : Transforming Workplace and Work Practice

7087.00 руб.*

Turid H. Horgen, Michael L. Joroff, William L. Porter, Donald A. SchA¶n

Excellence By Design : Transforming Workplace and Work Practice

A Groundbreaking Look at One of the Most Important Issues Facing Businesses Today Often overlooked, yet vital to an organization?s overall operations and productivity, how work space is used is becoming an increasingly critical issue for businesses to address. Based on a four-year research project conducted by members of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning?s Space Planning and Organization Research Group (SPORG), Excellence by Design examines this important issue. The book explores how the workplace interacts with work practices, introducing proven strategies and providing a sound framework for creating the workplace of the future. Covering a wide range of essential topics, from the interpersonal and political dimensions of workplace making to the art of using tools for workplace and organizational transformation, Excellence by Design introduces the "process architecture" approach to creating workplaces.
Security+ Practice Questions Exam Cram 2 (Exam SYO-101) (Exam Cram 2)

2871.00 руб.*

Hans B. Sparbel, Ed Tittel

Security+ Practice Questions Exam Cram 2 (Exam SYO-101) (Exam Cram 2)

Applied Ergonomics

21892.00 руб.*

David C. Alexander, Randy Rabourn

Applied Ergonomics

This book is the latest in a series of volumes which gather together a series of papers across the board in applied ergonomics and human factors. It covers applications in engineering, medicine, safety and health and derives from the ground-breakingly successful conference of the same name.
Handbook of Formulas and Software for Plant Geneticists and Breeders

5252.00 руб.*

Manjit S. Kang

Handbook of Formulas and Software for Plant Geneticists and Breeders

Project Management the Agile Way: Making It Work in the Enterprise

6521.00 руб.*

John C. Goodpasture

Project Management the Agile Way: Making It Work in the Enterprise

Project Management the Agile Way is for experienced project managers, system engineers, architects, and business analysts who are comfortable in traditional methods of project management, but now need to understand how to make agile work effectively in the enterprise. This book presents practical, day-to-day tips and application advice for how to harmonize agile methods with mainstream project processes and how to integrate these practices with other methodologies used in the business. Key Features: --Details most of the popular agile and iterative methodologies for project management, such as Scrum, XP, Crystal and EVO --Explains how to scale agile methods for enterprise projects and provides guidance on how to build a business case and track post-project benefits --Describes how earned value can work with untraditional methods --Shows the means to contract and outsource with agile methods --WAV offers downloadable whitepapers that discuss the dynamic systems development...
Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs (Ecological Studies)

3600.00 руб.*

Finn V. Jensen

Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs (Ecological Studies)

Bayesian networks and decision graphs are formal graphical languages for representation and communication of decision scenarios requiring reasoning under uncertainty. Their strengths are two-sided. It is easy for humans to construct and to understand them, and when communicated to a computer, they can easily be compiled. Furthermore, handy algorithms are developed for analyses of the models and for providing responses to a wide range of requests such as belief updating, determining optimal strategies, conflict analyses of evidence, and most probable explanation. The book emphasizes both the human and the computer side. Part I gives a thorough introduction to Bayesian networks as well as decision trees and infulence diagrams, and through examples and exercises, the reader is instructed in building graphical models from domain knowledge. This part is self-contained and it does not require other background than standard secondary school mathematics. Part II is devoted to the presentation...
Software Configuration Management Handbook, Second Edition

6256.00 руб.*

Alexis Leon

Software Configuration Management Handbook, Second Edition

This completely revised edition of an Artech House bestseller goes far beyond other software configuration management (SCM) books as the only complete guide that integrates SCM principles, advanced topics, and implementation procedures inone accessible resource. The second edition has been greatly expanded with new chapters on documentation control, product data management, SCM standards and software process improvement models like CMM, CMMI, BOOTSTRAP, ISO SPICE, and Trillium. Software Configuration Management Handbook, Second Edition maps the integration of SCM activities within the software development life cycle. It explores the latest advances in SCM tools, SCM organization, operation and maintenance of the SCM system, and the level of automation needed. Moreover, you find detailed guidance on determining and implementing the SCM tools and standards that best fit their specific needs. This total SCM resource is supported by numerous illustrations and updated lists of SCM...
Computational Integration

8387.00 руб.*

Arnold R. Krommer, Christoph W. Ueberhuber

Computational Integration

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Управление проектами



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