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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории

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Enough Rope

2582.00 руб.*

Lawrence Block

Enough Rope

Amazon.comThis hefty collection of acclaimed mystery master Lawrence Block's short fiction is packed with delights for fans of his many popular series as well as first-time readers who haven't yet met the engrossing protagonists who people them, including Keller, the thoughtful hit man; private eye Matt Scudder; burglar and bookstore owner Bernie Rhodenbarr; and Martin Ehrengraf, the well-dressed lawyer who takes criminal cases on a contingency basis and has his own devious methods for making sure his clients are always acquitted. But it's the non-series stories that are the standouts here, particularly "Cleveland in My Dreams," in which a psychiatrist comes up with a novel way to rid a patient of a relentless nightmare, and the patient passes on the "cure" to an unsuspecting friend; "Collecting Ackermans" and "Death Wish," two standouts about jealousy and its discontents; and a handful of other little gems with central characters who may not merit their own series because...
Loving Delilah (Arabesque)

938.00 руб.*

Candice Poarch

Loving Delilah (Arabesque)

Perchance To Dream: And Other Stories

3100.00 руб.*

Michael A. Stackpole

Perchance To Dream: And Other Stories

This sixteen story collection runs the gamut of speculative fiction from fantasy to sci fi to horror and a few points in between. The tales with the title exception can be found in other publications dating back to 1991, but not in one place. The title, Perchance to Dream is a new story that takes place in the DragonCrown War universe; the superb tale is written from hints and other references in the books that make up that realm. The anthology also includes a 1992 rewrite of a 1983 Marek-Rais tale, "Wind Tiger". The tales show the range of skills that Michael A. Stackpole has as each contribution is well written and entertaining and would be a fine short story collection even without the DragonCrown War Alexia's Dream Raid tale. That new tale enhances a strong compilation that fans of the author will appreciate and newcomers will seek his novels.
The Romantic Friendship Reader: Love Stories Between Men in Victorian America

3028.00 руб.*

The Romantic Friendship Reader: Love Stories Between Men in Victorian America

Book DescriptionWhile the Victorian period is often considered one of the most repressive and homophobic in American history, a literature of love between men actually flourished in the middle to late nineteenth century. Published by some of the most famous and respected writers of the day and popular with a wide audience of contemporary readers, many of these largely forgotten texts are now rediscovered in this provocative anthology of male romantic friendship fiction. Comprising fifteen short stories, sketches, travel narratives, and novel extracts by such authors as Bayard Taylor, Bret Harte, Henry James, William Dean Howells, and Augusta Jane Evans Wilson, the volume casts new light on Victorian understandings of love, friendship, and eroticism. The collection both expands the canon of nineteenth-century American literature and offers a fresh context with which to view classic novels of the era, including Moby-Dick and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Preceded by richly...
Graphic Classics Volume 5: Jack London (Graphic Classics (Graphic Novels))

1297.00 руб.*

Jack London

Graphic Classics Volume 5: Jack London (Graphic Classics (Graphic Novels))

Book DescriptionGraphic Classics: Jack London is the fifth in a series of books which present great literature in comics and heavily-illustrated format by some of the best artists working today in the fields of comics, book illustration and fine arts. This volume contains the lesser-known short stories of Jack London, including "A Thousand Deaths", "The Shadow and the Flash", "To Kill a Man" and "Told in the Drooling Ward". Art is by Rick Geary, Milton Knight, Matt Howarth, Peter Kuper, Hunt Emerson and 15 others.
Dating Games : A Novel

2458.00 руб.*

RM Johnson

Dating Games : A Novel

Book Description RM Johnson, author of the #1 Essence bestseller The Harris Family, returns with a riveting story of love, family, and revenge. At age thirty-three, Livvy Rodgers is fed up with relying on men and working her dead-end job, so she decides to apply for a scholarship to become a registered nurse. In order to afford school, she needs to move to a smaller apartment -- leaving no room for her twin daughters, seventeen-year-old Hennesey and Alize. Though both gorgeous, the two sisters couldn't be more different. Hennesey, a brilliant straight-A student, is soon off to college on a full scholarship. She's in a strong relationship with Rafe, a recently released convict unjustly jailed for drug possession after taking the rap for his old friend, Smoke, who has since become the most ruthless drug dealer in Chicago. Now a free man, Rafe wants nothing to do with his old friends and street life -- especially when he falls for...
Collected Stories

3350.00 руб.*

W. Somerset Maugham

Collected Stories

From one of the twentieth century’s most enduringly popular fiction writers: the only hardcover edition of his short stories. Though W. Somerset Maugham was also famous for his novels and plays, it has been argued that in the short story he reached the pinnacle of his art. These expertly told tales, with their addictive plot twists and vividly drawn characters, are both galvanizing as literature and wonderfully entertaining. In the adventures of his alter ego Ashenden, a writer who (like Maugham himself) turned secret agent in World War I, as well as in stories set in such far-flung locales as South Pacific islands and colonial outposts in Southeast Asia, Maugham brings his characters vividly to life, and their humanity is more convincing for the author’s merciless exposure of their flaws and failures. Whether the chasms of misunderstanding he plumbs are those between colonizers and natives, between a missionary and a prostitute, or between a poetry-writing woman and her...
The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy, 1890-2000

2399.00 руб.*

The Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy, 1890-2000

The Stories of Richard Bausch

3878.00 руб.*

Richard Bausch

The Stories of Richard Bausch

Book Description Few writers of the past quarter-century have so consistently surprised, startled, and delighted their readers as has the masterful Richard Bausch, whom the Washington Post Book World calls "a virtuoso of language and literary grace." His nine critically acclaimed novels have established him as one of the most important fiction writers of his generation, a visionary stylist with an acute eye for the minute detail that illuminates the deepest wells of human experience. Yet it is for his award-winning short fiction that Bausch is perhaps most admired. The Stories of Richard Bausch celebrates the work of a great American artist, a writer the New York Times calls "a master of the short story." By turns tender, raw, heartbreaking, and riotously funny, the many voices of this definitive forty-two-story collection (seven of which appear here for the first time) defy expectation, attest to Bausch's remarkable range and versatility, and affirm his place alongside...
The Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales

2895.00 руб.*

Walter Benesch

The Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales

Book DescriptionClassic paradoxes of philosophy and theology are combined with cutting-edge humor in Walter Benesch?s collection of short stories, The Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales. The book is the lead title in the outstanding initial list of Nonetheless Press. Benesch, professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, has taught and written extensively on the subjects of comparative philosophy and religion. His subjects take unusual twists in his new book, including: · A debate between a doughnut and a doughnut hole on the differences between ?nothingness? and ?emptiness?, in the story Satori at the Doughnut Shop. · A queen?s rebellion againstthe religious tradition that when women die they are recycled again as women, whereas men and stallions go to paradise, in Queen Vashti Goes to Heaven. · A bed bug?s discussion of the consequences of drinking a single...

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории



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