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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории

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The Old Child & Other Stories

1441.00 руб.*

Jenny Erpenbeck

The Old Child & Other Stories

Book Description Sparse, engaging fiction by one of Germany's most original young writers. The Old Child & Other Stories introduces in English one of Germany's most original and brilliant young authors, Jenny Erpenbeck. Written in spare, highly concentrated language, "a sustained feat of verbal economy" ( Die Zeit ), the one novella and four stories in The Old Child go beyond the limits of the expected, the real. Dark, serious, often mystical, these marvelous fictions about women's lives provide glimpses into the minds of outcasts and eccentrics, at the same time bearing out Dostoevsky's comment that hope can be found so long as a man can see even a tiny view of the sky. The parable-like novella "The Old Child" describes agirl's mind as seemingly blank: picked up off the street with no discoverable past, she is taken to a children's home where she discovers she can "succeed by her silence." Another story, "In the Penumbra of My Skull," tells of a girl...
Brain Work

1418.00 руб.*

Michael Guista

Brain Work

Book DescriptionMichael Guista's emotionally adept, psychologically acute debut collection explores the vast mysteries of the human mind and the fascinating intricacies of the soul. Turning a keen fictional eye to the rich terrain explored by Kay Redfield Jamison and Steven Pinker, Guista confronts modern mind-body dilemmas with an extraordinary mix of compassion for his characters and awe at their situations. A disillusioned psychiatrist discovers too late the folly of his professional obsession with unusual brain injuries. A son confronts the legacy of his father's schizophrenia, with surprising conclusions. An endearing late-life romance blooms between two patients in a nursing facility, one of whom is discovering life anew as the other sinks into the confusion of Alzheimer's. Disquieting, funny, and deeply human, these stories offer wise comment on the ambiguities of life.
The Eloquent Short Story

1678.00 руб.*

The Eloquent Short Story

Book DescriptionA concise anthology of short fiction exemplifying today's rich diversity of narrative styles. This gathering of twenty-four short stories shows the richness and vitality of the form. Each engaging, accessible story represents one of the many modes of storytelling now in our literature. Here are short stories in the guise of memoir or confession; written as a letter, a fable, a report; or accomplishing what we usually expect of a novel, an essay, a character study, a poem. A uniquely contemporary collection, yet with an eye on tradition, it includes long-revered as well as more recently heralded masters. Among them are Margaret Atwood, Ann Beattie, Robert Olen Butler, Truman Capote, Raymond Carver, Junot Diaz, Louise Erdrich,Ian Frazier, Randall Kenan, Jhumpa Lahiri, Rick Moody, Lorrie Moore, Alice Munro, Tim O'Brien, ZZ Packer, Alice Walker, Eudora Welty, Joy Williams, and Richard Yates. An introduction provides historical background and elaborates on...
Lucky Girls : Stories

1349.00 руб.*

Nell Freudenberger

Lucky Girls : Stories

Amazon.comNell Freudenberger knows from lucky girls. She has had a lot of luck herself in her short writing career: Her debut story was featured in The New Yorker , with a glossy full-color author photo alongside; a quick book contract ensued, on the strength of that one published story; and now comes a debut collection full of stories that are actually good. The Lucky Girls collected here are far-flung Americans, young women trying to figure out where they belong in the world. In "The Tutor," teenage Julia and her businessman father are living in Bombay; her mother has returned to the United States. Julia crams for the SATs with her tutor Zubin, smokes cigarettes, and goes to nightclubs; her father hovers at home. Freudenberger gets just right the moments when Julia and her father find themselves alone together, trying to be a family: "It was just the two of them at the table then; even with the leaves taken out and stored against the wall in the coat closet, they had to...
Boxer Shorts Redux

1919.00 руб.*

Michael Matteson

Boxer Shorts Redux

Black Woman Blue : Stories of Black Love, Life and Laughter

1413.00 руб.*

Jacqueline L. Akins

Black Woman Blue : Stories of Black Love, Life and Laughter

Book Description Black Woman Blue is story telling at its southern best! Author Jacqueline Akins explores the joys of friendship while examining the painstaking truth behind deceit; When evil rears it?s ugly head, the reader is rescued and bosomed in a reward of self-discovery, patience and faithfulness. As I pulled into the driveway of the place I knew was ours, I tried to remember when things started to go wrong for us. I never wanted a big house, just a nice place to lay my head in peace. I just wanted to have a comfortable place to be, when I was tired of being everywhere else. I know this is the right place because the numbers on the house say one thousand two. Everybody say the truth suppose to set you free and I can use a taste of freedom right now. So hear me when I say to you, ?this is our house, but it?s a long way from being home!? How I wish I could step out of this car and go inside and leave Wesley out here in...
Baile En El Aire (Punto de Lectura)

885.00 руб.*

Nora Roberts

Baile En El Aire (Punto de Lectura)

Blind Trust

1667.00 руб.*

Leslie Esdaile Banks

Blind Trust

Who is Sean? : a collection

1275.00 руб.*

Michael Whitley

Who is Sean? : a collection

Book DescriptionAn anarchist wants to quit his secretarial job. A gay man remembers his first heartbreak, a woman. A parti-boi tempts the impossible, stability. Often disturbing, sometimes achingly funny, heartbreaking, but hopeful, Who is Sean is a collection of short stories and a must read for those seeking the human experience from the perspective of those voiceless and outside the conventional radar.
Bad News of the Heart (Canadian Literature Series)

1704.00 руб.*

Douglas H. Glover

Bad News of the Heart (Canadian Literature Series)

Book DescriptionIn BAD NEWS OF THE HEART, a seeing-eye dog leads a blind man into a frozen river, a southern Baptist loses his memory and finds true love in Bel Air, an obese dot.com executive has "anorgasmic" latex sex with her CEO, and a homeless man in New York creates an intellectual universe based on Stick ?em notes stuck to the inside of his cardboard box shelter. Douglas Glover?s stories are wildly inventive, deadpan comedies of our universal human catastrophe. They are sly, demanding and wise?stories about language, desire and love (in a very dark place). The humor veers from the wry and sardonic to salacious, mordant and playful. And always there are moments of such stark emotional intimacy that the reader slides, almost without noticing, from laughter to lament.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории



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