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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Литература США

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Contemporary Peruvian Narrative and Popular Culture ... (Monografias A)

9400.00 руб.*

Robert Ruz

Contemporary Peruvian Narrative and Popular Culture ... (Monografias A)

Book DescriptionThis book provides the first look at the dynamic resurgence of Peruvian narrative since the late 1990s. Talk-show host Jaime Bayly's seven novels have scandalized Lima's society with their treatment of homosexuality and have attracted record sales throughout the Spanish-speaking world with their exciting re-creation of Lima slang and focus on McOndo themes. University lecturer Ivan Thays has vigorously opposed this light narrative by providing a 'high' cultural alternative. His three novels have played an important role in the regeneration of Peruvian culture since the fall from power of President Alberto Fujimori. Madrid-based Jorge Eduardo Benavides' narrative has offered an aesthetically challenging and explicitly politicized alternative. His marrying of aesthetics and politics stands in importance alongside Mario Vargas Llosa and Jose Maria Arguedas in terms of the mediation between culture and politics in Peru since the 1930s.. ROBERT RUZ...
Starred Wire (National Poetry Series Books (Paperback))

1713.00 руб.*

Ange Mlinko

Starred Wire (National Poetry Series Books (Paperback))

Book Description "A fine-grained light like that of a nineteenth-century Danish landscape painting shimmers throughout these gorgeously tactile and tactful poems."-John Ashbery "A heady heady brew-O'Hara conversation, Ashbery sophistication, Koch hilarity, Schuyler shapeliness, Guest adventures, Notley grain, Mayer utopia, Padgett whimsy, Oulipo oofs."-Bob Holman, National Poetry Series judge Mlinko was hailed by Publishers Weekly as "one of the most exciting American poets under 40." Her Starred Wire reaches across continents of language where, as in Borges, dream logic dictates an interactive, delirious exploration of art and childhood, place and possibility. Author of Matinees, Ange Mlinko lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young son.
Brothers: A Novel

3152.00 руб.*

Da Chen

Brothers: A Novel

At the height of China’s Cultural Revolution a powerful general fathered two sons. Tan was born to the general’s wife and into a life of comfort and luxury. His half brother, Shento, was born to the general’s mistress, who threw herself off a cliff in the mountains of Balan only moments after delivering her child. Growing up, each remained ignorant of the other’s existence. In Beijing, Tan enjoyed the best schools, the finest clothes, and the prettiest girls. Shento was raised on the mountainside by an old healer and his wife until their deaths landed him in an orphanage, where he was always hungry, alone, and frightened. Though on divergent roads, each brother is driven by a passionate desire—one to glorify his father, the other to seek revenge against him. Separated by distance and opportunity, Tan and Shento follow the paths that lie before them, while unknowingly falling in love with the same woman and moving toward the explosive moment when...
Across the Bridge of Sighs: More Venetian Stories

1804.00 руб.*

Jane Turner Rylands

Across the Bridge of Sighs: More Venetian Stories

From the author of the acclaimed Venetian Stories , a captivating new collection about Venice from the perspective of its residents. A professor writes lectures on Venetian literature for American millionaires. A baroness falls in love with the architect restoring the ancient palazzo of her husband’s family. An ambitious gallery owner sells a young artist’s work faster than he can paint it. A salesman finds a way to trip up a narcissistic race car driver who seems to be able to get away with anything. As her characters negotiate the conflict between tradition and a rapidly changing city, Jane Turner Rylands draws us deep into a society all but unknown to outsiders.

489.00 руб.*

Stephen King


A year ago, he was an upstanding instructor of English at Harrison State College. Now Andy is on the run with his daughter. A pigtailed girl named Charlie. A girl with an unimaginably terrifying gift. It is a gift which could be useful to corrupt authorities. Soon Charlie will be caught up in the menace of a fateful drug experiment and a sinister government ploy ... Формат: 11 см x 18 см.

608.00 руб.*

Clive Barker


A book of revelations. A seamless tapestry of erotic passion, thwarted ambition and mythic horror. Clive Barker takes us on a voyage to worlds beyond our knowledge, but within our grasp. John Furie Zacharias, known as Gentle, a master forger whose life is a series of lies. Judith Odell, a beautiful woman desired by three powerful men, but belonging to none of them. Pie'oh'pah, a mysterious assassin who deals in love as well as death. These three are united in a desperate search for the heart of a universal mystery, and will find the truth that lies in a place as mysterious as the face of God, and as secret as the human soul. They discover the Imajica. Imajica is many things: an epic novel of vast panoramas and intimate, obsessive passions, embracing ghosts and reflections as well as the human and the divine.
Charon's Landing

939.00 руб.*

Jack Du Brul

Charon's Landing

Years ago, a secret Soviet plan was created to destroy the Alaskan oil pipeline. Now, those plans have been stolen by the brilliant and treacherous ex-KGB agent Ivan Kerikov. Joining forces with a powerful Arab oil minister, Charon's Landing is about to be unleashed at last. But they didn't count on the one man who possesses the determination and daring to stop them cold. They didn't count on Philip Mercer.
Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Issues of Our Time)

2355.00 руб.*

Amartya Sen

Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Issues of Our Time)

Smashing such stereotypes as "the monolithic Middle East" or "the Western Mind," Amartya Sen examines the much-misunderstood concept of identity. The world may be more riven by murderous violence than ever before; yet Amartya Sen, the galvanizing Nobel Laureate, proposes in this sweeping philosophical work that the brutalities are driven as much by confusion as by inescapable hatred. Conflict and violence are sustained by the illusion of a unique identity, overlooking the need for reason and choice in deciding on bonds of class, gender, profession, scientific interests, moral beliefs, and even our shared identity as human beings. Challenging the reductionist view that people of the world can be partitioned into little boxes in terms of civilizational categories, Sen draws on history, economics, science, literature, and his own memories of difficult as well as easy times on three continents to present an inspiring vision of a world that can be made to move toward peace as...
Henry Adams: Novels Mont Saint Michel The Education

4288.00 руб.*

Henry Adams

Henry Adams: Novels Mont Saint Michel The Education

"In these collected texts one sees the full range of Henry Adams: the dabbler in fiction who, like many a current Washington journalist, covered the national scene with stark, frightening accuracy; the philosophical thinker who reverted to medievalism and Mariolatry as means by which to speculate on his contemporary world as well as upon the mind of the past; the professor and introspectionist who, in spite of his private scruples, publicly asserted that his entire life had been an education in failure. The apparatus prepared by Ernest and Jayne Samuels is illuminating: their precise chronology of Adams's interesting and formidable life, the notes on the texts (especially useful for the novels where the editors identify those contemporary Washington politicians and other luminaries Adams studied as prototypes) are exhaustive, and the few Adams fugitive writings--his poems, in particular--help in delivering this total literary-historical picture." —Language and Literature, March...
Miss Julia's School of Beauty

1487.00 руб.*

Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia's School of Beauty

Everyone's favorite proper Southern lady is back and feistier than ever in her sixth hilarious adventure Imagine Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show with a lot more backbone and confidence," wrote Publishers Weekly about Miss Julia, Ann Ross's endearing Dixie doyenne of decorum. In her latest romp, Miss Julia?now Mrs. Sam Murdoch?returns from her whirlwind elopement, only to find herself roped into Hazel Marie's scheme to raise money by throwing a beauty pageant. Though it all seems a tad distasteful, it's nothing compared to the revelation that Pigeon Forge, the marriage mill across the state line that wedded Julia and Sam, might not be legitimate. And a flustered Julia can't help wondering whether she and Sam can keep up appearances before the town finds out they might be living in sin.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Литература США



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