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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Все науки... / Экология

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Climate Change and Philosophy: Transformational Possibilities (Continuum Studies in Philosophy)

12575.00 руб.*

Climate Change and Philosophy: Transformational Possibilities (Continuum Studies in Philosophy)

This is a hugely important collection of essays that examines the significance of philosophical inquiry in relation to the issue of climate change. "Climate Change and Philosophy" presents ten original essays by an international team of expert contributors, exploring the important contribution philosophical inquiry can make to contemporary debates to do with climate change and the global environment. Examining this hugely topical issue through the lens of environmental philosophy, political theory, philosophy of technology, philosophy of education and feminist theory, these essays interrogate some of the presumptions that inform modernity and our interaction with natural processes. The book asks fundamental questions about human nature and, more importantly, the concept of 'nature' itself. The conceptual frameworks presented here contribute to an understanding of the processes of change, of social transformation, and the means of adapting to the constraints that problems such as...
Wild Rangelands: Conserving Wildlife While Maintaining Livestock in Semi-Arid Ecosystems

16944.00 руб.*

Wild Rangelands: Conserving Wildlife While Maintaining Livestock in Semi-Arid Ecosystems

Rangeland ecosystems support half of the worlda??s livestock while also providing habitats for some of the most charismatic of wildlife species. This book examines the pressures on rangeland ecosystems worldwide from human land use, over-hunting, and subsistence and commercial farming of livestock and crops. Leading experts have pooled their experiences from all continents to cover the ecological, sociological, political, veterinary, and economic aspects of rangeland management today. The first book to examine rangelands from a conservation perspective Emphasizes the balance between the needs of people and livestock, and wildlife Written by an international team of experts covering all geographical regions Examines ecological, sociological, political, veterinary, and economic aspects of rangeland management and wildland conservation, providing a diversity of perspectives not seen before in a single volume
Introduction to Population Ecology

3848.00 руб.*

Larry L. Rockwood

Introduction to Population Ecology

Introduction to Population Ecology is an accessible and up–to–date textbook covering all aspects of population ecology. Using botanical and zoological examples from the tropics to the tundra, this text discusses field and laboratory data to illustrate the fundamental laws of population ecology. Each chapter provides an overview of how population theory has developed, exploring single–species population growth and self–limitation, metapopulations, and a broad range of interspecific interactions including parasite–host, predator–prey, and plant–herbivore. Throughout, the mathematics is kept as simple as possible, using a careful step–by–step approach, and including graphs and other visual aids to help understanding. Sample simulations can be found at www.blackwellpublishing.com/rockwood This text is an essential introduction to population ecology for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in population ecology, including those with little mathematical...
White's Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants

17173.00 руб.*

Black & Veatch

White's Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants

New edition covers the latest practices, regulations, and alternative disinfectants Since the publication of the Fourth Edition of White's Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants more than ten years ago, the water industry has made substantial advances in their understanding and application of chlorine, hypochlorite, and alternative disinfectants for water and wastewater treatment. This Fifth Edition, with its extensive updates and revisions, reflects the current state of the science as well as the latest practices. Balancing theory with practice, the Fifth Edition covers such important topics as: Advances in the use of UV and ozone as disinfectants Alternative disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, iodine, and bromine-related products Advanced oxidation processes for drinking water and wastewater treatment New developments and information for the production and handling of chlorine Latest regulations governing the use of...
Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet and the Wealth of Nations

1971.00 руб.*

Andrew Simms

Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet and the Wealth of Nations

Book Description'A new phrase has entered the language.' Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop 'Creative and compelling.' Guardian 'Essential reading.' Head of the International Panel on Climate Change If the whole world wanted to live like people in the United States we would need the resources of five planets like Earth. Simms shows how millions of us in the West are running up huge ecological debts: from the amount of oil and coal that we burn to heat our houses and run our cars, to what we consume and the waste that we create, the impact of our lifestyles is felt worldwide. Whilst these debts go unpaid, millions more living in poverty in the majority world suffer the burden of paying dubious foreign financial debts. The book explores agreat paradox of our age: how the global wealth gap was built on ecological debts, which the world's poorest are now having to pay for. Highlighting how and why this has happened, he also shows what can be done differently in the...
Essential Atlas of Ecology

1494.00 руб.*

Essential Atlas of Ecology

Book Description One of two brand-new titles in Barron?s Essential Atlas series for Spring 2005, this book combines text with full-color photos and art on every page to examine the planet Earth as the habitat for all known life forms. Following a general introduction, the Essential Atlas of Ecology presents a series of generously illustrated two-page spreads, each focusing on a separate ecological topic. Among them are: The biosphere: water, light, and energy; the atmosphere and the Earth?s climates; the ecological pyramid; the oceans and coastal regions; rivers and lakes; contamination of our ecosystems; organic methods in agriculture; smog and other urban contamination problems; deforestation; the shrinking ozone layer; recycling products for ecological stability; and many other topics related to ecological problems and their solutions.
Greenhouse Earth

5429.00 руб.*

Annika Nilsson

Greenhouse Earth

Greenhouse Earth Annika Nilsson Climate change has become one of the major issues on the international environmental agenda. Predictions of a rising sea and devastating droughts have alerted politicians worldwide to the risks of continued increases in the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. But to change the direction of development is not an easy process. A myriad of political decisions has to be made on a national as well as international level. Those decisions need to be based on facts. The questions are: How big a problem is climate change really? How much do the scientists know about what is in store? Since the greenhouse effect and global warming were first brought up on the international agenda of environmental problems, many efforts have been made to evaluate critically the scientific base for any predictions about climate change. This book is an attempt to capture the messages in those reports to give the non–scientific reader a picture of the different...
Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences

3948.00 руб.*

George Heritage

Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences

3D surface representation has long been a source of information describing surface character and facilitating an understanding of system dynamics from micro–scale (e.g. sand transport) to macro–scale (e.g. drainage channel network evolution). Data collection has been achieved through field mapping techniques and the use of remotely sensed data. Advances in this latter field have been considerable in recent years with new rapid–acquisition methods being developed centered around laser based technology. The advent of airborne and field based laser scanning instruments has allowed researchers to collect high density accurate data sets and these are revealing a wealth of new information and generating important new ideas concerning terrain characterisation and landform dynamics. The proposed book collates a series of invited peer revieved papers presented at the a conference on geoinformatics and LIDAR to be held at the National Centre for Geocomputation based in the National...
Understanding Civil War: Evidence and Analysis, Vol. 2--Europe, Central Asia, and Other Regions

4151.00 руб.*

Understanding Civil War: Evidence and Analysis, Vol. 2--Europe, Central Asia, and Other Regions

Book DescriptionVOLUME I: Africa VOLUME II: Europe, Central Asia, and Other Regions (volumes sold separately) "This is a superb manuscript, and one that will become a standard reference in the field for students of conflict and civil war." ?XRobert Bates, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government, Harvard University The two volumes of Understanding Civil War build upon the World Bank's prior research on conflict and violence, particularly on the work of Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler, whose model of civil war onset has sparked much discussion on the relationship between conflict and development in what came to be known as the "greed" versus "grievance" debate. The authors systematically apply the Collier-Hoeffler model to 15 countries in 6 different regions of the world, using a comparative case study methodology to revise and expand upon economic models of civil war. The book concludes that the "greed" versus "grievance" debate should be abandoned for a more...
Aesthetics of Ecology: Art in Environmental Design: Theory and Practice

6220.00 руб.*

Vera David

Aesthetics of Ecology: Art in Environmental Design: Theory and Practice

Book DescriptionNumerous tendencies in landscape architecture, science and theory have driven research and landscape transformation for over thirty years. Approaches as different as Ecological Aesthetics, Art in Nature, Ecoart and Reclamation Art are united by a search for dialogue with natural processes. This book describes the diverse aspects of ecological aesthetics from the point of view of artists, landscape architects, scientists, philosophers and politicians. A special place among the work presented, by over fifty international artists and landscape architects, takes the landscape art of Herman Prigann, who also initiated this survey. Amongst the 17 authors are Jacques Leenhardt (F), Massimo Venturi Ferriolo (I), Udo Weilacher (D), Malcom Miles (GB), Tim Collins (USA). The book is co-produced with MD Berlin and sponsored by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.

Books in English / Все науки... / Экология



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