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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Environmental Cost Accounting

2511.00 руб.*

Rupert Howes

Environmental Cost Accounting

Environmental Cost Accounting
Salt: A World History

1761.00 руб.*

Mark Kurlansky

Salt: A World History

Los Angeles Times Book Review Kurlansky continues to prove himself remarkably adept at taking a most unlikely candidate and telling its tale with epic grandeur.
Environmental Economics for Tree Huggers and Other Skeptics

2786.00 руб.*

William K. Jaeger

Environmental Economics for Tree Huggers and Other Skeptics

Book Description Though many students and environmentalists shudder at even the thought of economics, a working knowledge of the basics can be a powerful ally. Economic arguments carry a great deal of weight, and putting them to work for environmentalcauses can be a deciding factor, especially in policy debates. The reverse is true as well, and an understanding of the possibly flawed, misleading, or overstated economics behind an opponent's case can be crucially important. Environmental Economics for Tree Huggers and Other Skeptics carefully explains the tools of economic analysis and shows how they can be used to help reveal the root causes of and potential solutions for environmental and natural resource problems. Jaeger's proven techniques and wonderfully conversational tone assume no economics training, and his presentation of the material is designed to facilitate clarity. His step-by-step approach unearths surprisingly simple, easy-to-remember principles and shows how...
A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization

2802.00 руб.*

John Perlin

A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization

A contemporary view of the effects of wood, as used for building and fuel, and of deforestation on the development of civilization. Until the ascendancy of fossil fuels, wood has been the principal fuel and building materialfrom the dawn of civilization. Its abundance or scarcity greatly shaped, as A Forest Journey ably relates, the culture, demographics, economy, internal and external politics, and technology of successive societies over the millennia. The book's comprehensive coverage of the major role forests have played in human life?told with grace, fluency, imagination, and humor?gained it recognition as a Harvard Classic in Science and World History and as one of Harvard's "One-Hundred Great Books." Others receiving the honor include such luminaries as Stephen Jay Gould and E. O. Wilson. This new paperback edition will add a prologue and an epilogue to reflect the current situation in which forests have become imperative for humanity's...

6243.00 руб.*

Murray Gray


Since the UN Convention on Biodiversity was signed, attention has been focused on protecting and enhancing biological diversity. However, this does not include the rocks, landforms and processes that form the physical elements of our own environment. These elements have their own diversity – a geodiversity. Geodiversity: valuing and conserving abiotic nature is the first book to focus specifically on the geodiversity of the planet and the threats to this diversity, to explain the value of inanimate nature and to assess the approaches that should be taken to conserve it. This text is unique in several ways: Reviews different approaches taken around the world, including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia Reviews new ideas including Natural Areas, Landscape Character, georestoration, landform design, sustainable use of geomaterials, Environmental Impact Assessment and Geodiversity Action Plans Compares geo– and biodiversity, es tablishes the need for...
The State and the Global Ecological Crisis

1925.00 руб.*

The State and the Global Ecological Crisis

Book DescriptionCountering the current view of many environmental activists that sovereign nations cannot provide effective environmental governance, The State and the Global Ecological Crisis offers analyses and case studies that explore the prospects for "reinstating the state" as a facilitator of progressive environmental change rather than a contributor to environmental destruction. The authors recognize that, despite the new pressures of global economic competition and rapid technological change, the state remains the preeminent institution with the capacity and authority to secure environmental protection. The book explores the possibilities for the "greening" of the state, domestically and internationally, looking at states both as individual governments and in multilateral or regional regimes. It examines cases in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Philippines and analyzes the broader theoretical implications. The first part of the book focuses on domestic...
Advances in Mycorrhizal Science and Technology

9493.00 руб.*

Advances in Mycorrhizal Science and Technology

Mycorrhizal symbioses are widespread and fundamental components of terrestrial ecosystems and have shaped plant evolution. Research in this field is rapidly evolving and recent findings have done much to improve our understanding of how these complex plant/fungal associations function. Providing either in-depth reviews or the results of previously unpublished scientific studies, the topics covered are of global interest and include plant/fungal communication, the interaction of mycorrhizal fungi with other soil microorganisms, the use of mycorrhizal fungi in plant-production systems, and the commercial harvesting of edible mycorrhizal forest mushrooms.
Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don't Want You to Know

2056.00 руб.*

Patrick J. Michaels, Robert Balling

Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don't Want You to Know

Is the weather truly getting worse? When it comes to global warming, dire predictions seem to be all we see or hear. Climatologists Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling Jr. explain why the news and information we receive about global warming have become so apocalyptic. The science itself has become increasingly biased, with warnings of extreme consequences from global warming becoming the norm. That bias is then communicated through the media, who focus on only extreme predictions. The authors compellingly illuminate the other side of the story, the science we aren't being told. This body of work details how the impact of global warming is far less severe than is generally believed and far from catastrophic.
Scientific Data Ranking Methods, Volume 27: Theory and Applications (Data Handling in Science and Technology)

17107.00 руб.*

Scientific Data Ranking Methods, Volume 27: Theory and Applications (Data Handling in Science and Technology)

The aim of this volume is to present the basic mathematical aspects of the ranking methods using a didactical approach and to explain their use through examples of relevant applications in different scientific fields. Ranking methods can be applied in several different fileds, such as decision support, toxicology, EU priority lists of toxic chemicals, environmental problems, proteomics and genomics, analytical chemistry, food chemistry and QSAR. . Covers a wide range of applications, from the environment and toxicology to DNA sequencing. Incorporates contributions from renowned experts in the field. Meets the increasing demand for literature concerned with ranking methods and their applications
Caspian Tiger: Siberian tiger, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Extinction, Subspecies, Berlin Zoological Garden

4035.00 руб.*

Caspian Tiger: Siberian tiger, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Extinction, Subspecies, Berlin Zoological Garden

The Caspian tiger (formerly Panthera tigris virgata), also known as the Persian tiger, Turanian tiger, Mazandaran tiger or Hyrcanian tiger was the westernmost population of Siberian tiger, found in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Caucasus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan until it apparently became extinct in the late 1950s, though there have been several alleged sightings of the tiger. Though originally thought to have been a distinct subspecies, known as Panthera tigris virgata genetic research in 2009 proved that the animal was virtually identical to the Siberian tiger (P. t. altaica).

Books in English / Все науки... / Экология



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