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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Мистика, триллеры, ужасы

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Break No Bones

359.00 руб.*

Kathy Reichs

Break No Bones

A decomposing body is uncovered in a shallow grave off a lonely beach... The skeleton is articulated, the bone fresh and the vertebrae still connected by soft-tissue - it's a recent burial, and a case forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan must take. Dental remains and skeletal gender and race indicators suggest that the deceased is a middle-aged white male - but who was he? Why was he buried in a clandestine grave? And what does the unusual fracture of the sixth cervical vertebra signify? But just as Brennan is trying to piece together the evidence, another body is discovered - and before long Tempe finds herself drawn deeper into a shocking and chilling investigation, set to challenge her entire view of humanity... Формат: 11 см х 17,5 см.
Testamento, El (Spanish Edition)

1310.00 руб.*

Grisham, John

Testamento, El (Spanish Edition)

Un hombre ya moribundo, que vive enemistado con su familia, se enfrenta a las avidas intenciones de sus tres ex esposas y sus seis hijos ahora que ha llegado el momento de heredar una gran fortuna. Sin embargo, el ha tramado un plan y esta impaciente por ponerlo en marcha. Otra novela de lectura imparable del rey del thriller legal.

1071.00 руб.*



THE DEADLINE MURDERS by Ron Morgans HENRIETTA FOX is a paparazzo. A wild, flame-haired girl in biker's boots and leathers, with an Irish temper. She rides a Yamaha on the streets of London stalking celebrities for the tabloid gossip pages. When a Chinese military plane explodes in a fireball before her camera, life for Henrietta Fox gets dangerous! Five reporters across Europe have been murdered, each with their exotic, lop-eared Sumxu cats. Animals considered extinct for 300 years. Only Henrietta Fox knows why - and that knowledge could kill her. To survive she must pursue a madman across China with partner CASS FARRADAY, a six foot three, ex-Repton public schoolboy turned tabloid reporter. Only they can prevent an Armageddon assault on Britain's Air Traffic Control. Fail and half a million lives will be lost.
Getting Up With Fleas

1584.00 руб.*

Warren Murphy

Getting Up With Fleas

Trace Series Book 7 It was your typical movie set. There was producer Biff Birnbaum, buried under a mountain of bills and sky-high on snow. Leading lady Tami Fluff, whose talent for rising in the film world was developed on her back. Writer Arden Harden, a perversely twisted and poison-tongued pro. Ramona Dedley, a female shrink cum X-rated sex therapist. Jack Scott, TV-land's geriatric boy-next-door, and director Roddy Quine, so veddy-veddy British. Above all, there was superstar Tony McCue, living proof that too much drugs, drink, and sex can't kill you. It was, in fact, Devlin Tracy's job to make sure that nothing killed the heavily insured and accident-prone Tony McCue---at least until the film was completed. But when one member of this cast of coke-heads was found mysteriously tied up and dead in a dumbwaiter, Trace suspected he had graduated from being McCue's babysitter to being his watchdog against murder..."
The Forgotten 3

2589.00 руб.*

Elizabeth Harms

The Forgotten 3

The Roar of the Butterflies

247.00 руб.*

Reginald Hill

The Roar of the Butterflies

A sweltering summer is always bad news for the private detective business. Thieves, fraudsters and philanderers take the month off and the only swingers in town are the ones on the 19th hole of the Royal Hoo Golf Course. The civilized reputation of the "Hoo" is in trouble, however. Shocking allegations have been directed at one of its leading members, Chris Porphyry. When Chris turns to Joe Sixsmith, PI, he's more than willing to help (well, he hasn't got any other clients). Before long, though, Joe's on the trail of a conspiracy that starts with missing balls, and ends with murder... Формат: 13 см х 19,5 см.
Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)

695.00 руб.*


Rubber Woman (Quick Reads)

Part of the UK Quick-Reads initiative
Balance of Power

416.00 руб.*

Richard North Patterson

Balance of Power

Five months into his term, President Kilcannon and his fiancee, television journalist Lara Costello, have decided to marry. But the occasion is followed by a terrible tragedy: a massacre of innocents in a lethal burst of gunfire. It is a shattering event that consumes Kilcannon and his wife, challenging both their marriage, and his Presidency in such a personal way that Kilcannon vows to eradicate gun violence throughout the US. In a high-stakes game of politics and legal manoeuvring, where ideals collide in the Senate, the courtroom and across the country, President Kilcannon is determined to win at any cost. But in the clash over gun rights and violence, the cost to both Kilcannons may be even higher than the President imagined. In this masterful portrayal of law and politics at the apex of power, Richard North Patterson confirms his place as one of our most important writers of popular fiction. Формат: 11 см х 17,5 см.
Runner (Jane Whitefield)

2541.00 руб.*

Thomas Perry

Runner (Jane Whitefield)

Jane Whitefielda??New York Times best-selling writerThomas Perry's most popular charactera??returns fromretirement to the world of the runner, guiding fugitivesout of danger.After a nine-year absence, the fiercely resourceful NativeAmerican guide JaneWhitefield is back, in the latestsuperb thriller by award-winning author Thomas Perry.For more than a decade, Jane pursued her unusualprofession: "I'm a guide . . . I show people how to go fromplaces where somebody is trying to kill them to other placeswhere nobody is."Then she promised her husband shewould never work again, and settled in to live a happy, quietlife as Jane McKinnon, the wife of a surgeon in Amherst,New York. But when a bomb goes off in the middle of ahospital fundraiser, Jane finds herself face to face with thecause of the explosion: a young pregnant girl who has beentracked across the country by a team of hired hunters.Thatnight, regardless of what she wants or the vow she's made toher husband, Jane must come back to...
Invisible, La (Spanish Edition)

2278.00 руб.*

Rimington, Stella

Invisible, La (Spanish Edition)

La agente Liz Carlyle, protagonista de las tres novelas de Stella Rimington, es oficial de inteligencia en el servicio de antiterrorismo del MI5, la agencia de espionaje britanica. Tiene poco mas de treinta anos y le apasiona su trabajo. En esta primera novela, Carlyle, a raiz de una serie de avisos y pistas aparentemente inconexos, empieza a sospechar que se esta preparando un atentado terrorista en territorio britanico. Parece que el Islamic Terror Syndicate (nombre que se le da en la agencia al conjunto global de terroristas) va a introducir a un invisible (un nativo del pais objetivo) en Gran Bretana. El superior de Liz, Charles Wetherby, confia totalmente en ella y la apoya en sus sospechas. Poco a poco, el equipo de Liz va atando cabos a partir de sucesos aislados (el asesinato de un pescador en un pueblo de la costa con un arma poco comun, las informaciones de los agentes en Afganistan sobre movimientos poco usuales de algun sospechosos), y la amenaza cobra verosimilitud.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Мистика, триллеры, ужасы



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