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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Классика

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Epistles 93-124

1728.00 руб.*


Epistles 93-124

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, born at Corduba (Cordova) ca. 4 BC, of a prominent and wealthy family, spent an ailing childhood and youth at Rome in an aunt's care. He became famous in rhetoric, philosophy, money-making, and imperial service. After some disgrace during Claudius' reign he became tutor and then, in AD 54, advising minister to Nero, some of whose worst misdeeds he did not prevent. Involved (innocently?) in a conspiracy, he killed himself by order in 65. Wealthy, he preached indifference to wealth; evader of pain and death, he preached scorn of both; and there were other contrasts between practice and principle. We have Seneca's philosophical or moral essays (ten of them traditionally called Dialogues)—on providence, steadfastness, the happy life, anger, leisure, tranquility, the brevity of life, gift-giving, forgiveness—and treatises on natural phenomena. Also extant are 124 epistles, in which he writes in a relaxed style about moral and ethical questions, relating them...
Psmith in the City

2315.00 руб.*


Psmith in the City

Book Description Psmith in the City finds the inimitable Psmith working at a bank and determined not to let honest toil depress him.Download DescriptionPhysically,' said Psmith, 'no. Spiritually much. Do you realize, Comrade Jackson, the thing thathas happened? I am riding in a tram. I, Psmith, have paid a penny for a ticket on a tram. If this should get about the clubs! I tell you, Comrade Jackson, no such crisis has ever occurred before in the course of my career.'
Plautus: Stichus. Trinummus (Three Bob Day). Truculentus. The Tale of a Travelling Bag. Fragments

2752.00 руб.*


Plautus: Stichus. Trinummus (Three Bob Day). Truculentus. The Tale of a Travelling Bag. Fragments

Twenty-one plays by Plautus have survived (one is incomplete). The basis of all is a free translation from comedies by such writers as Menander, Diphilus, and Philemon. So we have Greek manners of Athens about 300–250 BCE transferred to the Roman stage of about 225–185, with Greek places, people, and customs, for popular amusement in a Latin city whose own culture was not yet developed and whose manners were more severe. To make his plays live for his audience, Plautus included many Roman details, especially concerning slavery, military affairs, and law, with some invention of his own, notably in management of metres. The resulting mixture is lively, genial and humorous, with good dialogue and vivid style. There are plays of intrigue (Two Bacchises, The Haunted House, Pseudolus); of intrigue with a recognition theme (The Captives, The Carthaginian, Curculio); plays which develop character (The Pot of Gold, Miles Gloriosus); others which turn on mistaken identity (accidental as in the...
Citizenship Now (A Longman Topics Reader)

2798.00 руб.*

Jon Ford

Citizenship Now (A Longman Topics Reader)

Book Description Citizenship Now examines the meaning of citizenship in our changing society and encourages participation in revitalizing our communities. This brief collection of readings focuses on the crucial role of the citizen in the democratic process. Thought-provoking selections ask readers to think about timely and relevant issues: civil liberties vs. increased national security; consumerist values and environmental responsibility; immigration and the needfor educational reform. Divided into five chapters, each features six or seven essays of varying lengths. Brief apparatus helps individuals write more thoughtfully in response to the selections and think more critically about their roles as citizens. Individuals interested in reading selections designed to encourage active citizenship in today's changing society. Ford_Ford Citizenship_Now SMP.doc Page 1 of 1
A Love Episode (A Page of Love; Rougon-Macquart)

2675.00 руб.*

Emile Zola

A Love Episode (A Page of Love; Rougon-Macquart)

Download DescriptionEmile Zola was born in Paris, April 2, 1840. His father was Francois Zola, an Italian engineer, who constructed the Canal Zola in Provence. Zola passed his early youth in the south of France, continuing his studies at the Lycee St. Louis, in Paris, and at Marseilles. His sole patrimony was a lawsuit against the town of Aix. He became a clerk in the publishing house of Hachette, receiving at first the modest honorarium of twenty-five francs a week.
The Story Of The Malakand Field Force

3188.00 руб.*

Winston, Sir Churchill

The Story Of The Malakand Field Force

Book DescriptionUnabridged audiobook in MP3 format.Download DescriptionThe episode with which this chapter is concerned is one that has often occurred on the out-post line of civilisation, and which is peculiarly frequent in the history of a people whosewidespread Empire is fringed with savage tribes. A small band of soldiers or settlers, armed with the resources of science, and strengthened by the cohesion of mutual trust, are assailed in some isolated post, by thousands of warlike and merciless enemies. Usually the courage and equipment of the garrison enable them to hold out until a relieving force arrives, as at Rorke's Drift, Fort Chitral, Chakdara or Gulistan. But sometimes the defenders are overwhelmed, and, as at Saraghari or Khartoum, none are left to tell the tale.
El maestro y Margarita

548.00 руб.*

Mijail Bulgakov

El maestro y Margarita

Novela que ha suscitado el entusiasmo de millares de lectores desde su primera publicacion, El maestro y Margarita no solo es una satira genial de la sociedad sovietica, con su poblacion hambrienta, sus burocratas estupidos, sus aterrados funcionarios y sus corruptos artistas. Acompanado de una extravagante corte, el diablo llega a Moscu e irrumpe en sus mediocres vidas desencadenando toda una serie de peripecias trepidantes y disparatadas que radiografian las debilidades de la naturaleza humana. Como tantos otros creadores e intelectuales de la Union Sovietica, Mijail Bulgakov.
Henry V

139.00 руб.*

William Shakespeare

Henry V

The Wordsworth Classics' Shakespeare Series, with Henry V as its inaugural volume, presents a newly-edited sequence of William Shakespeare's works. The textual editing endeavours to take account of recent scholarship while giving the material a careful reappraisal. Henry V is the most famous and influential of Shakespeare's history plays. Its powerful patriotic rhetoric has resounded down the ages, gaining eloquent expression in Laurence Olivier's renowned film. Henry himself, astute and charismatic, who led his 'band of brothers' to victory in the Battle of Agincourt, could indeed seem to be 'this star of England'. In recent decades the play has attracted increasing critical attention and is now highly controversial. Kenneth Branagh's film-production reflected the changing valuation. Does this play have a sceptical sub-text which subverts its patriotism? Is Henry's achievement beset by irony? Has current scepticism distorted a predominantly and proudly nationalistic drama?...
Notes from the Underground

212.00 руб.*

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground
In 1864, just prior to the years in which he wrote his greatest novels - `Crime and Punishment`, `The Idiot`, `The Possessed` and `The Brothers Karamazov`, Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) penned the darkly fascinating `Notes from the Underground`. Its nameless hero is a profoundly alienated individual in whose brooding self-analysis there is a search for the true and the good in a world of relative values and few absolutes. Moreover, the novel introduces themes - moral, religious, political and social - that dominated Dostoyevsky`s later works. `Notes from the Underground`, then, aside from its own compelling qualities, offers readers an ideal introduction to the creative imagination, profundity and uncanny psychological penetration of one of the most influential novelists of the nineteenth century. Constance Garnett`s authoritative translation is reprinted here, with a new introduction.
Pride And Prejudice

3803.00 руб.*

Jane Austen

Pride And Prejudice

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Классика



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