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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Путешествия. Туризм. Отдых / Европа

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Moscow Metro. Guide

329.00 руб.*

Moscow Metro. Guide

The guidebook offers five itineraries focussing on the art and architecture of Moscow's most interesting stations with a brief account of their history and special features. Extensive use is made of modern and archive photographic material, as well as designs and sketches, some of which were never used. Routes 2, 4 and 5 have been expanded to include stations of general interest. An index of all the stations on the Moscow Metro and a list of museums, theatres, sport centres, stadiums, railway stations, shopping facilities and parks in their vicinity make the guidebook invaluable for intrepid foreign tourists who prefer to explore for themselves. Издание на английском языке. Формат: 22 см х 29 см.
Milan & The Lakes

681.00 руб.*

Milan & The Lakes

A travel guide to Milan and the Lakes covering all the major sights including Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como with further information on restaurants, bars, art galleries, fashion, shopping, opera and churches. Формат: 13 см x 22 cм.

815.00 руб.*


Your holiday starts here! Whether you want to ride your bicycle along the canals picking tulips or visit the Van Gogh Museum, this city has something for everyone. Using the unique 3D models explore Anne Frank's house, and follow the street by street maps to find hidden coffee shops. Party hard or take the easy life with this essential travel guide.
The New Penguin Russian Course : A Complete Course for Beginners

962.00 руб.*

Nicholas J. Brown

The New Penguin Russian Course : A Complete Course for Beginners

The New Penguin Russian Course is designed to provide students with an excellent command of basic Russian. Ideal as a self-tutor or as a supplement for those attending language classes, it aims to take the reader to the equivalent of A-level standard. The emphasis is on acquiring vocabulary, experiencing conversational language and learning useful grammar. The New Penguin Russian Course contains: A key 10 all exercises; English translations of all the Russian texts; A vocabulary of over 1, 500 words; Common expressions and full explanations of essential grammar points; Revision exercises at five-lesson intervals; A glossary of grammatical terms. With thirty lessons to take you to proficiency, The New Penguin Russian Course is an accessible and indispensable companion to gaining a practical knowledge of Russian.

1391.00 руб.*


Respected cultural travel guides featuring Michelin stars and tours. This completely revised new edition features the best of France. From the mighty Pyrnes to the Chteaux of the Loire, Green Guide France uncovers gastronomic treats and hidden castles, explores rugged coastline, beaches and the city of love itself, Paris. Divided into 12 geographical regions, walking tours, driving tours, star-rated attractions, color photographs, maps and new regional introductions allow readers to plan their trip carefully or be spontaneous. Michelin's celebrated star-rating system and respected maps make sure you experience France's top highlights, including historic Mont-St-Michel, stunning Cheverny castle and the Pech Merle cave.
Wallpaper City Guide: London

173.00 руб.*

Wallpaper City Guide: London

"Wallpaper City Guides" not only suggest where to stay, eat, and drink, but what the tourist passionate about design might want to see, whether he or she has a week or just 24 hours in the city. The guides feature up-and-coming areas, landmark buildings in an 'Architour', design centers, and a selection of the best shops to buy items unique to the particular city. "Wallpaper City Guides" present travelers with a fast-track ticket to the chosen location. The edited guides offer the best, the most exciting, and the most beautiful of the featured city. In addition to looking beautiful, the guides are expertly designed with function as a priority. They have tabbed sections so the tourist can easily find what he or she is looking for. Also included are color-coded city maps, rate and currency cards, and an easy navigational tool. They are the ultimate combination of form and function. Compiled by the well-traveled editorial team of Wallpaper and by an extraordinary...

407.00 руб.*


This Eyewitness Travel Guide helps you get the most from your stay in Prague with the minimum of difficulty. The opening section, Introducing Prague, locates the city geographically, sets modern Prague in its historical context and describes events through the entire year. Prague at a Glance is an overview of the city's main attractions, including a feature on the River Vltava. Section two, Prague Area by Area, starts on page 58. This is the main sightseeing section, which covers all the important sights, with photographs, maps and drawings. It also includes day trips from Prague and four guided walks around the city. Carefully researched tips for hotels, restaurants, shops and markets, cafes and bars, enter- tainment and sports are found in Travellers' Needs. The last section, the Survival Guide, contains useful practical advice on all you need to know, from making a telephone call to using the public transport system.
Munich & the Bavarian Alps

890.00 руб.*

Munich & the Bavarian Alps

Packed with photographs, illustrations and maps. The Flavours of Bavaria- local produce and classic dishes. Cutaways and Floorplans of all the major sights. Huge selection of hotels and restaurants. Sights, markets and festivals listed town by town. Sports and activities, scenic routes and thematic tours. Формат: 13 см x 22 см.

1490.00 руб.*


Napoleon I, Emperor of France for almost a decade, once said that the history and politics of a country are strongly influenced by its geography. This certainly holds true for Germany. Since our country is located right in the heart of Europe, Germany has more neighbors than the nations on the edge of the continent: it rubs shoulders with no less than nine neighboring states. So Germany has always been a transit country for people, goods and ideas. The territory of the Federal Republic of Germany extends approximately 900 kilometers (560 miles) from north to south and more than 600 kilometers (370 miles) from east to west, traversing a variety of landscape zones. Starting from the North Sea Coast with the Wadden Sea and its islands and marshes, one crosses lowlands which can be hilly in places, particularly along the Baltic coast, and which extend right down to the mountainous areas in the south in extensive basins. Eventually one reaches the Alps via the lower ranges, which are...

1507.00 руб.*


Join the thunderous applause for the sublime ballet dancers in the Bolshoi Theatre. Perfect your banya etiquette before joining in this steamy Russian ritual. Surround yourself with majestic rugged scenery as you drive across the world's deepest lake. Feel St Petersburg's contemporary pulse by clubbing in converted stables and Soviet factories. Nine authors, more than seven months of research, countless shots of vodka. All new Activities chapter and tips on how to cut through red tape to secure your visa. Формат: 13 см х 19,5 см.

Books in English / Путешествия. Туризм. Отдых / Европа



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