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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Twilight and History

1143.00 руб.*

Nancy Reagin

Twilight and History

The first look at the history behind Stephenie Meyer's bestselling Twilight series, timed to release with the third movie, Eclipse The characters of the Twilight Saga carry a rich history that shapes their identities and actions over the course of the series. Edward, for instance, may look like a seventeen-year-old teen heartthrob, but was actually born in 1901 and died during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. His adopted sister, Alice, was imprisoned in an insane asylum in 1920 and treated so badly there that even becoming a vampire was a welcome escape. This book is the first to explore the history behind the Twilight Saga's characters and their stories. You’ll learn about what life might have been like for Jasper Whitlock Hale, the Confederate vampire who fought during the Civil War, Carlisle Cullen, the Puritan witch hunter-turned-vampire who participated in the witchcraft persecutions in Early Modern England, and the history of the Quileute culture that shaped Jacob and his people...
St. Petersburg: A History

1247.00 руб.*

Arthur George with Elena George

St. Petersburg: A History

St.Petersburg was commanded into existence by Peter the Great, and its inherent artifice has made it one of the world's most famous cities, the stage for political and artistic dreamers. This comprehensive, award-winning narrative history chronicles what is perhaps the greatest story of any modern city anywhere, from its foundation in a swampy war zone in 1703 to its leading role in overthrowing Soviet power and bringing Russia into the twenty-first century. As the author notes, "No modern city has experienced such excruciating upheavals, violence, losses of its people, and suffering as Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad experienced in the first half of its 20th century". Extensively researched and documented yet entertaining and accessible for general readers, the book covers Petersburg's political, social, economic, architectural, cultural and intellectual history, recounting events of world importance, and the extraordinary and often tragic lives of the city's many great citizens such...
Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History (Approaching the Ancient World)

3796.00 руб.*

Marc Va Mieroop

Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History (Approaching the Ancient World)

To understand the history of Mesopotamia, historians have had to rely on cuneiform texts which represent the oldest tradition of human history. The number and variety of texts written in cuneiform script are enormous, and present a unique source for the study of this ancient culture. Clear and accessible, Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History explores the possibilities and challenges these sources offer. Marc Van De Mieroop considers the political, social, and economic conditions that these texts illuminate as well as the way historians have used these sources to validate their readings of particular historical events. Filled with examples taken from the entirety of Mesopotamian history, Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History offers readers insight into how we have come to learn about this fascinating chapter of the human past.
Bodleian Lending to Special Persons in University Institutions: An Argument Addressed to Members of

1898.00 руб.*

Falconer Madan

Bodleian Lending to Special Persons in University Institutions: An Argument Addressed to Members of

Ritual and Cult at Ugarit (Writings from the Ancient World)

3439.00 руб.*

Dennis Pardee

Ritual and Cult at Ugarit (Writings from the Ancient World)

The Ugaritic ritual texts provide the only extensive documentary data for Late Bronze cultic practice in the greater Syro-Palestinian region. These texts, in a West-Semitic language that belongs to the same family as Hebrew and Aramaic, reflect the actual practice of a sacrificial cult in the city of Ugarit in the late twelfth-early eleventh centuries B.C.E. Based on new collations of the tablets, these texts and translations provide ready access to this direct witness to the form taken by one of the predecessors of the biblical sacrificial cult. In addition to the narrowly ritual texts, which were composed in prose and in a very laconic form of expression, a number of poetic texts are presented that reveal the ideological link that existed between cultic practice and the concept of royalty. While the prose ritual texts document a regular system of offerings to the great deities of the pantheon, related directly to the lunar cycle and less directly to the solar year, some of the...
Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet: In Search of a Legendary Armada

4409.00 руб.*

James P. Delgado

Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet: In Search of a Legendary Armada

In 1279, near what is now Hong Kong, Mongol ruler Khubilai Khan fulfilled the dream of his grandfather, Genghis Khan, by conquering China. The Grand Khan now ruled the largest empire the world has ever seen--one that stretched from the China Sea to the plains of Hungary. He also inherited the world's largest navy--more than seven hundred ships. Yet within fifteen years, Khubilai Khan's massive fleet was gone. What actually happened to the Mongol navy, considered for seven centuries to be little more than legend, has finally been revealed. Renowned archaeologist and historian James P. Delgado has gone diving with a Japanese team currently studying the remains of the Khan's lost fleet. Drawing from diverse sources-sunken ships, hand-painted scrolls, drowned bodies, and historical and literary records - in this gripping account that moves deftly between the present and the past, Delgado pieces together the fascinating tale of Khubilai Khan's maritime forays and unravels one of history's...
Ancient Scepticism (Ancient Philosophies)

2996.00 руб.*

Harald Thorsrud

Ancient Scepticism (Ancient Philosophies)

Scepticism, a philosophical tradition that casts doubt on our ability to gain knowledge of the world and suggests suspending judgment in the face of uncertainty, has been influential since its beginnings in ancient Greece. Harald Thorsrud provides an engaging, rigorous introduction to the central themes, arguments, and general concerns of ancient Scepticism, from its beginnings with Pyrrho of Elis (ca. 360 B.C. -ca. 270 B.C.) to the writings of Sextus Empiricus in the second century A.D. Thorsrud explores the differences among Sceptics and examines in particular the separation of the Scepticism of Pyrrho from its later form--Academic Scepticism--the result of its ideas being introduced into Plato's Academy in the third century B.C. Steering an even course through the many differences of scholarly opinion surrounding Scepticism, the book also provides a balanced appraisal of the philosophy's enduring significance by showing why it remains so interesting and how ancient interpretations...
History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages (Volume 6)

2155.00 руб.*

Ferdinand Gregorovius

History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages (Volume 6)

Volume: 6 Publisher: London, Bell Subjects: Rome -- History 476-1500 Medieval Notes: This is an OCR reprint. There may be numerous typos or missing text. There are no illustrations or indexes. When you buy the General Books edition of this book you get free trial access to Million-Books.com where you can select from more than a million books for free. You can also preview the book there.
World History Atlas

1017.00 руб.*

World History Atlas

From the rise and fall of empires to the birth of nations, culture and conflict, explore the history of our world, from early man to the 21st century. Key era overviews build up a story of the changing world through the centuries using maps and charts, looking at empires, trade and migrations, while historical developments are examined continent-by-continent and region by region, complemented by revealing timelines. A continental overview introduces each regional history, concentrating on the development of national boundaries, languages, religion, culture and the infrastructure of each continent. Covers key world issues including the AIDS epidemic in Africa, human trafficking, al-Queda and the "War on Terror".
The Campaign of Trafalgar

658.00 руб.*

Sir Julian Corbett

The Campaign of Trafalgar

In 1910, the revered maritime strategist Sir Julian Stafford Corbett published "The Campaign of Trafalgar", with the intent of providing the first "staff account" of the celebrated battle. Beautifully written, and possessed of the historian's classical precision, Corbett examines the underlying reasoning, both diplomatic and military, that wrought the framework of these famous endeavours. Corbett examines the various relations of the events of the campaign, from Nelson's remarkable chase of Admiral de Villeneuve, to Bonaparte's seemingly reckless unreadiness, and accords them their true place in an overarching strategy. The intricacies of Pitt's negotiations are evaluated in the context of England's most real fears and ambitions, while Corbett considers the delicate balance of England and her allies' territorial arrangements in the clear light of their colonial concerns. Crucially, and controversially, "The Campaign of Trafalgar" puts forward the theory that the...

Books in English / Все науки... / История



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