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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Nonlinear Phenomena in Power Electronics

5700.00 руб.*

Soumitro Banerjee

Nonlinear Phenomena in Power Electronics

Brings the knowledge of 24 experts in this maturing field out from the narrow confines of academic circles, and makes it accessible to graduate students and power electronics professionals alike. ? Provides practicing engineers with the knowledge to predict power requirement behavior.
Offshore Pipelines ebook Collection

31223.00 руб.*

Yong Bai

Offshore Pipelines ebook Collection

Offshore Pipelines ebook Collection
Preparing for OSHAs Voluntary Protection Programs: A Guide to Success

6285.00 руб.*

Brian T. Bennett, Norman Deitch

Preparing for OSHAs Voluntary Protection Programs: A Guide to Success

A step-by step guide to successfully achieving VPP recognition Participating in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) offers businesses a number of advantages including enhanced safety performance, lower injury and lost workday rates, positive public recognition, and direct impact on the bottom line. Preparing for OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs: A Guide to Success is a comprehensive guide for companies and their managers and employees on how to achieve VPP recognition. The authors, who have more than forty years of collective experience in working with the VPP, provide the reader with a thorough understanding of what the VPP is, how it developed, and the business case for pursuing VPP recognition, explaining: How to develop an effective safety and health process that meets the VPP application requirements Key steps for preparing for an on-site VPP evaluation to ensure success, with an included application that you can customize and use as the...
Art and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Europe

5002.00 руб.*

Nigel Aston

Art and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Eighteenth-century Europe witnessed monumental upheavals in both the Catholic and Protestant faiths and the repercussions rippled down to the churches’ religious art forms. Nigel Aston now chronicles here the intertwining of cultural and institutional turmoil during this pivotal century. The sustained popularity of religious art in the face of competition from increasingly prevalent secular artworks lies at the heart of this study. Religious art staked out new spaces of display in state institutions, palaces, and private collections, the book shows, as well as taking advantage of patronage from monarchs such as Louis XIV and George III, who funded religious art in an effort to enhance their monarchial prestige. Aston also explores the motivations and exhibition practices of private collectors and analyzes changing Catholic and Protestant attitudes toward art. The book also examines purchases made by corporate patrons such as charity hospitals and religious confraternities...
The Curriculum Studies Reader

5449.00 руб.*

David Flinders

The Curriculum Studies Reader

In this much-anticipated third edition of the best-selling anthology, David J. Flinders and Stephen J. Thornton once again bring together the best scholarship in curriculum studies. From John Dewey's nineteenth-century creed to Nel Noddings' twenty-first century aims, this thoughtful combination of new and timely essays provides a complete survey of the discipline coupled with concrete examples of innovative curriculum and an examination of contemporary topics. New to this edition are additional historical and contextual pieces from Maria Montessori and Jerome Bruner, and a thoroughly updated collection of contemporary selections, reflecting issues such as standardization, high-stakes testing, and globalization. Carefully balanced to engage with the history of curriculum studies while simultaneously looking ahead to its future, "The Curriculum Studies Reader" continues to be the most authoritative collection in the field.
Key Concepts in Urban Geography (Key Concepts in Human Geography)

5727.00 руб.*

Alan Latham, Derek McCormack, Kim McNamara, Donald McNeill

Key Concepts in Urban Geography (Key Concepts in Human Geography)

“The city is an obvious but confounding object of geographical analysis; urban structure and life are shaped by an astounding array of social, economic, and political dynamics. This volume embraces these complexities of city form in a wide-ranging, readable, well-informed, and highly interdisciplinary analysis of key topics in urban studies. With its fresh approach, this book provides an accessible entry point for the newcomer to urban geography, yet also delivers creative insights for those with greater familiarity.” -Steven K. Herbert, University of Washington “This extraordinary collage of sophisticated essays on key terms in urban geography both provides a conventional basis to and recasts innovatively a burgeoning field in the discipline.”-Roger Keil, co-Editor, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Key Concepts in Urban Geography is a new kind of textbook that forms part of an innovative set of companion texts for the human geography sub-disciplines. Organized...
The Woodbook

2876.00 руб.*

Klaus Ulrich Leistikow, Holger Thus

The Woodbook

Culled and assembled by Romeyn Beck Hough between 1888 and 1913 in what still remains a stunning and unparalleled achievement, American Woods -originally published in 14 volumes, with actual specimens mounted on card stock-is a work of breathtaking beauty that has set the standard for the study of trees and wood. Taschen`s Wood Book reproduces, in painstaking facsimile, all of the specimen pages from the original volumes; for this purpose we have obtained the use of an extremely rare original set of volumes in very good condition, with minimal damage to the wood cuts. For all trees, now arranged in alphabetical order, three different cross-section cuts of wood are represented (radial, horizontal, and vertical), demonstrating the particular characteristics of the grain and the wealth of colors and textures to be found among the many different wood types. Also included in this special edition are lithographs by Charles Sprague Sargent of the leaves and nuts of most trees, as...
Global Financial Meltdown: How We Can Avoid The Next Economic Crisis

5808.00 руб.*

Colin Read

Global Financial Meltdown: How We Can Avoid The Next Economic Crisis

In easy to understand terms and journalistic style, Colin Read describes the reasons for global financial unrest arising from the sub-prime mortgage crisis and economic meltdowns. He walks the reader through a number of topics in economics and connects these topics to real world financial problems concluding with recommendations for the future.
Leading Change Training

5275.00 руб.*

Jeffrey Russell

Leading Change Training

Leading Change Training
Tournament Management: A Superintendent's Guide to Preparing a Golf Course for Competition

7445.00 руб.*

John Miller

Tournament Management: A Superintendent's Guide to Preparing a Golf Course for Competition

Every year thousands of golf tournaments are held across the globe, from high profile majors like the PGA Championship and British Open to smaller regional, amateur, and member-guest events. Superintendents are responsible for preparing the course in anticipation of a tournament and maintaining the course during the event. This all-in-one book/CD package offers superintendents and allied professionals all the tools they need to prepare and maintain golf courses for tournaments. It offers practical guidelines for a successful tournament, from how to prepare greens, tees, fairways, bunkers and rough through cup-cutting, pest management, and fertilization prior to and during the tournament to tips on managing professional events. With digital versions of forms and plans on the accompanying CD-ROM, this handy reference will be a lifesaver for the busy superintendent getting ready for a big event.

Books in English / Все науки... / Технология



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