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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Поступления 2006-2007гг

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Bond's Franchise Guide 2006 (Bond's Franchise Guide)

4037.00 руб.*

Robert E. Bond

Bond's Franchise Guide 2006 (Bond's Franchise Guide)

Bond's Franchise Guide is the most exhaustive and comprehensive directory on franchise opportunities available. Newly updated, this invaluable guide offers prospective franchisees a detailed profile of over 1,000 franchises, as well as supplemental profiles on franchise attorneys and consultants. The companies are divided into 46 distinct business categories for easy comparison. All profile data is updated with each annual edition and represents the most current and extensive information about the myriad of options available to the potential investor.
Kyle Wears A Smile (Rhyme Time)

2310.00 руб.*

Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Kyle Wears A Smile (Rhyme Time)

Complex Engineered Systems: Science Meets Technology (Understanding Complex Systems)

15621.00 руб.*

Complex Engineered Systems: Science Meets Technology (Understanding Complex Systems)

Recent advances in science and technology have led to a rapid increasein the complexity of most engineered systems. In many notable cases,this change has been a qualitative one rather than merely one of magnitude.A new class of Complex Engineered Systems (CES) has emerged as a resultof technologies such as the Internet, GPS, wireless networking, micro-robotics, MEMS, fiber-optics and nanotechnology. These complex engineered systems are composed of many heterogeneous subsystems and are characterized by observable complex behaviors that emerge as a result of nonlinear spatio-temporal interactions among the subsystems at several levels of organization and abstraction. Examples of such systems include the World-Wide Web, air and ground traffic networks, distributed manufacturing environments, and globally distributed supply networks, as well as new paradigms such as self-organizing sensor networks, self-configuring robots, swarms of autonomous aircraft, smart materials and structures, and...
Architecture Description Languages: IFIP TC-2 Workshop on Architecture Description Languages (WADL), World Computer Congress, Aug. 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, ... Federation for Informa

15074.00 руб.*

Architecture Description Languages: IFIP TC-2 Workshop on Architecture Description Languages (WADL), World Computer Congress, Aug. 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, ... Federation for Informa

Architecture Description Languages is an essential reference for both academic and professional researchers inA‚A the field of system engineering and design.A‚A The papers presented in this volumeA‚A were selected from the workshop of the same name that was held as part of the World Computer Congress 2004 Conference, held in Toulouse, France in August 2004.A‚A This collection presents significant research and innovative developments and applications from both academic researchers and industry practitioners on topics ranging from Semantics to Tool and Development Environments. The aim of an ADL is to formally describeA‚A software and hardware architectures.A‚A Usually, an ADL describes components, their interfaces, their structures, their interactions (structure of data flow and control flow) and the mappings to hardware systems.A‚A A major goal of such description is to allow analysis with respect to several aspects like timing, safety, reliability. The papers in this...

2607.00 руб.*

Sofia Cheviakoff


Book DescriptionMinimalism is perhaps the most popular design approach of our time. It is often misunderstood, because it appears so simple ? and yet it requires a great deal of competence to get by with just a few stylistic devices and still createan impressive outcome. The variety of minimalist realization makes use of the possibilities that art and design offer as well as the means of architecture. Only the symbiosis of all three elements creates the perfect outcome that is a space with a highlyeffective atmosphere and a very visual character. This book fully explores the variety of minimalist projects in art, design, and architecture.
Financial and Business Statements (Barron's Business Library Series)

1852.00 руб.*

Franklin J. Plewa Jr. Ph.D., George T. Friedlob Ph.D.

Financial and Business Statements (Barron's Business Library Series)

?Business Library? titles are written especially for men and women starting a company or managing a small-to-medium-size business. Emphasis is on practical problem solving, with examples based on realistic business situations. This updated volupresents examples and discussion of the basic financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash flows, as well as other commonly used business documents. Beginning with fundamentals of financial reporting this editiorings the financial statements and their related jargon into focus with clear explanations that allow users to assess the financial health of a business.
The Best Wedding Classics

1872.00 руб.*

Jim Brickman

The Best Wedding Classics

Book DescriptionA collection of piano/vocal and piano solo arrangements by Jim Brickman. Perfect for the fans of Brickman's love songs. Ideal for brides to be who want beautiful original songs to make their day even more special. Titles include: LoveNever Fails, Valentine, By Heart, Your Love, The Gift,Destiny, Love of My Life, Devotion, The Promise, One and Only, In a Lover's Eyes, Angel Eyes, Largo/Ode to Joy
How to Start, Run, and Stay in Business: The Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Turning Your Business Dream Into a Reality (How to Start, Run, and Stay in Business)

1729.00 руб.*

Gregory F. Kishel, Patricia Gunter Kishel

How to Start, Run, and Stay in Business: The Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Turning Your Business Dream Into a Reality (How to Start, Run, and Stay in Business)

A new 25th anniversary update of the entrepreneur's bible For twenty-five years, entrepreneurs have relied on this friendly, comprehensive guide to the basics of successfully operating a small business. Now, this new Fourth Edition of How to Start, Run & Stay in Business completely updates the bestselling classic for today's entrepreneur. It features all the reliable, straightforward advice readers expect and also includes entirely new information on online business and marketing as well as new Internet resources. Material on legal and financial issues, international business, customer service, and state and federal tax regulations has been fully revised. Plus, new charts, illustrations, questionnaires, and checklists make the book more practical and useful than ever. Inside, you'll find world-class guidance on every vital aspect of small business success, including: Preparing a business plan Finding the right location ...
Ethics in Public Relations: Responsible Advocacy

12396.00 руб.*

Ethics in Public Relations: Responsible Advocacy

“ This is an intelligent book about serious issues in public relations: accountability, responsibility, transparency, loyalty, truthtelling, and fairness. It should be required reading in boardrooms, in PR classrooms, and at the Pentagon.” - Jay Black, Editor, Journal of Mass Media EthicsA‚A A‚A "Ethics in Public Relations fills an important need at a time when the credibility of public relations (and some public relations practitioners and public relations firms) is under attack. In a manner that is never preachy or dogmatic, Fitzpatrick and Bronstein have put together a series of essaysA‚A that have application across the public relations spectrum. They are sure to be informative and instructive both to long-time professionals and candidates for entry-level positions." - Harold Burson,A‚A Founding Chairman, Burson Marstellar A‚A A‚A “This...
Java Precisely: Second Edition

2684.00 руб.*

Peter Sestoft

Java Precisely: Second Edition

This concise guide to the Java programming language, version 5.0, offers a quick reference for the reader who wants to know the language in greater detail than that provided by the standard text or language reference book. It presents the entire Java programming language and essential parts of the class libraries -- the collection classes and the input-output classes. The second edition adds material on autoboxing of primitive types, string formatting, variable-arity methods, the enhanced for statement, enum types, generic types and methods, reflection, and meta-data annotations. It has been updated throughout to reflect the changes from Java 1.4 to Java 5.0. The final section summarizes and illustrates the new features of Java 5.0 and compares them to the C# programming language. General rules are shown on left-hand pages and corresponding examples on right-hand pages. All examples are fragments of legal Java programs and the complete ready-to-run example programs can be...

Books in English / Поступления 2006-2007гг



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