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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Разное

Книги этого раздела

Little Altars Everywhere : A Novel

1465.00 руб.*

Rebecca Wells

Little Altars Everywhere : A Novel

Book Description The companion to the beloved bestseller Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood , here is the funny, heartbreaking, and powerfully insightful tale that first introduced Siddalee, Vivi, their spirited Walker clan, and the indomitable Ya-Yas.
Lives of the Twelve Caesars

280.00 руб.*


Lives of the Twelve Caesars

Suetonius, chronicler of the extraordinary personalities of the first dynasties to rule the Roman Empire, was the greatest Latin biographer. His colourful work, Lives of the Twelve Caesars, is, along with Tacitus, the major source for the period from Julius Caesar to Domitian. He sets out in vivid detail a great range of aspects illuminating the emperor's characters, their habits, from table to bedchamber - their intrigues, their loves and their deaths. Himself a court official, he quotes from a variety of sources, from the official and private documents as well as from old anecdotes, gossip, songs and jokes, giving an unparalleled oblique view of his subjects. Long familiar to students of classics, he found a new audience as the main source for Robert Graves' novels and the subsequent television series I, Claudius. Формат: 12,5 см х 19,5 см.
Living Water

2775.00 руб.*

Obery Hendricks

Living Water

Book Description Sprung from the pages of The New Testament, Living Water is a gripping and lyrical portrayal of a young women's search for identity set against the strict social confines of the time. This extraordinary first novel brings to life one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters in the Bible -- the woman at the well.

355.00 руб.*

Vladimir Nabokov


Witty, sensuous and profound, Nabokov's story of a middle-aged college professor's passion for a honey-skinned, pubescent girl is one of the most evocative depictions of unrequited love in the language. Формат: 19 см x 19,5 см.
London's Labour - London's Poor

294.00 руб.*

Mayhew, H.

London's Labour - London's Poor

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

304.00 руб.*

Diana Gabaldon

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

It's 1758 and Europe is in turmoil - the Seven Years War is taking hold and London is ripe with deceit. The enigmatic Lord John Grey, a nobleman and high-ranking officer in His Majesty's Army, pursues a clandestine love affair and a deadly family secret. Grey's father, the Duke of Pardloe, shot himself just days before he was to be accused of being a Jacobite traitor. Now, seventeen years on, the family name has been redeemed; but an impending marriage revives the scandal. Lord John knows that as Whitehall whispers, rumours all too often lead their victims to the wails of Newgate prison - and to the gallows. From barracks and parade-grounds to the bloody battlefields of Prussia, Grey faces danger and forbidden passions in his search for the truth. But it is in the stony fells of the Lake District that he finds the man who may hold the key to his quest: the enigmatic Jacobite prisoner Jamie Fraser. Eighteenth-century Europe is brought startlingly to life...
Los Miserables

1293.00 руб.*

Los Miserables

Book DescriptionAudiolibro dramatizado en espanol basado en la historia original de Victor Hugo. Catalogada como la primera novela social de su epoca, Los Miserables, es una de obras literarias las mas famosas de todos los tiempos. Esla historia de Jean Valjean, un convicto que estuvo injustamente encarcelado por 19 anos por haberse robado una rebanada de pan. Al ser liberado de su injusta condena, Valjean trata de escapar de su pasado, lleno de maldad y depravacion, para vivir una vida digna y honesta. Sin embargo, esto se ve truncado al ser reconocido por el inspector Javert, quien lo persigue obsesionadamente para enviarlo de nuevo a prision. Esta persecucion consume la vida de ambos hombres, terminando en un inesperado desenlace. FonoLibro les presenta esta excelente dramatizacion de la obra maestra de Victor Hugo, con un elenco completo, musica original, y excelentes efectos de sonido, la cual le estremecera, y le...
Lost Light

2414.00 руб.*

Michael Connelly

Lost Light

Book DescriptionFed up with the hypocrisy and bureaucracy of the LAPD, Harry Bosch has retired. But the life of a retiree doesn't suit him. He has devoted himself to law enforcement out of a deep drive to see justice done equally for all. On his own, he is still drawn toward the abyss. And when he rediscovers a startling, unsolved murder among the old case files he's been poring over, he knows he can't rest until he finds the killer, with or without a badge. Moving ever further inside the remarkable character of Harry Bosch, whom the New York Post calls "the quintessential mystery book hero," Michael Connelly takes another step closer to the classic novels of Raymond Chandler in this breakneck, relentless, and potent new novel. Download DescriptionSpecial eBook feature: Includes an author article and excerpts from A Darkness More Than Night, City of Bones, and Chasing the Dime. Fed up with the hypocrisy and bureaucracy of the LAPD, Harry Bosch has resigned and is forced to find a...
Love, Again

434.00 руб.*

Doris May Lessing

Love, Again

Sarah Durham, a 60-year-old playwright and founder of a leading fringe theatre, writes a play based on the journals of Julie Vairon, a beautiful 19th-century mulatto woman. The play captivates all who come into contact with it, dramatically changing everyone's lives.
Lust for Life

546.00 руб.*

Irving Stone

Lust for Life

The classic fictional biography of Vincent Van Gogh. No artist was ever more ruthlessly driven by his creative urge, nor more isolated by it from most ordinary sources of human happiness, than Van Gogh. A painter of genius, his life was an incessant struggle against poverty, discouragement, madness and despair. Формат: 11 см х 17,5 см.
Madam Crowl's Ghost & Other Stories

164.00 руб.*

Sheridan Le Fanu

Madam Crowl's Ghost & Other Stories

In 1888 Henry James wrote "There was the customary novel by Mr. Le Fanu for the bedside; the ideal reading in a country house for the hours after midnight". Madam Crowl's Ghost & Other Stories are tales selected from Le Fanu's stories which mostly appeared in The Dublin University Magazine and other periodicals, and their haunting, sinister qualities still have an enormous appeal for the modern reader. The great M.R.James, who collected and introduces the stories in this book, considered that Le Fanu "stands absolutely in the first rank as a writer of ghost stories".
Madame Bovary (подарочное издание)

553.00 руб.*

Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary (подарочное издание)

Великолепное подарочное издание. Книга в суперобложке с трехсторонним золотым обрезом и ляссе. Emma Bovary is beautiful and bored, trapped in a marriage to a mediocre doctor and stifled by the banality of provincial life. An ardent reader of sentimental novels, she longs for passion and seeks escape in fantasies of high romance, voracious spending and eventually, adultery. Формат: 10 см x 15,5 см.
Maggie Darling: A Modern Romance

2628.00 руб.*

James Howard Kunstler

Maggie Darling: A Modern Romance

A modern woman has it all, loses it all, and learns how to live and love in a mad world of wealth and worship She?s the goddess of hearth and home, America?s millionaire media maven of domesticity, Connecticut?s most dazzling hostess, and everything in her world must be perfect?except that Maggie Darling?s enviable life has suddenly gone off the rails. Amid the extravagant buffets of a Yuletide bash for two hundred, she spies her scoundrel investment banker husband Kenneth slipping out of a powder room behind creamy young Laura Wilkie. He is, shall we say, not forgiven. Matrimonial meltdown launches Maggie on a year of romance and misadventure, including a Venetian fling with British rock star Frederick Swann, entanglement with the gangsta rap group Chill Az Def, and a fiendish seduction by?of all people?her dashing book editor, Harold Hamish, amid the trappings of a Vermont country weekend complete with fly rods and really good chardonnay....
Magic Seeds

2561.00 руб.*

V.S. Naipaul

Magic Seeds

Book DescriptionFrom the Nobel laureate–a spare, searing new novel about identity and idealism, and their ability to shape or destroy us. Willie Chandran–whom we first met in Half a Life–is a man in his early forties who has allowed one identity after another to be thrust upon him, as if he could truly know himself by becoming what others imagine him to be. His life has taken him from his native India to England, Africa in its last colonial moment, and Berlin, until finally it returns him to his homeland. Succumbing to the demanding encouragement of his sister–and his own listlessness–Willie joins an underground movement in India ostensibly devoted to unfettering the lower castes. But seven years of revolutionary campaigns and several years in jail convince him that the revolution “had nothing to do with the village people we said we were fighting for…[that] our ideas and words were more important than their lives and their ambitions...
Man Walks Into a Room

1500.00 руб.*

Nicole Krauss

Man Walks Into a Room

Amazon.comNicole Krauss's elegant, haunting debut, Man Walks into a Room , is a what-if novel. What if, asks Krauss, a man woke up one day and he'd forgotten everything he knows? Samson Greene is found lost in the desert near Las Vegas, memory-less thanks to a tumor "applying its arbitrary, pernicious pressure to his brain." Once the tumor is removed, he can remember his childhood up until his 12th year, but then all is blank. He returns to New York, to his wife Anna, to his life as a Columbia University English professor, but none of these things makes sense to him anymore: "Samson could dredge up no feeling for his own life but that of vague admiration." When he receives a call from a mysterious scientist inviting him back to the desert for a sinister-sounding memory experiment, Samson heads West with a kind of despondent fatalism. Krauss's novel moves gracefully from exploration of a lost soul to science fiction to a meditation on memory. If the book unravels a bit at the...

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Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Разное



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