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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Все науки... / Поступления 2009 г. Наука. Разное

Книги этого раздела

Defining Moments in Science: Over a Century of the Greatest Discoveries, Experiments, Inventions, People, publications and Events That Rocked the World

813.00 руб.*

Defining Moments in Science: Over a Century of the Greatest Discoveries, Experiments, Inventions, People, publications and Events That Rocked the World

We've come a long way from guesses at the Earth's shape (flat) and it's place in the Universe (dead centre). Thanks to ideas of pure genius and accidental realisations, we now see the world completely differently, able to do more and go further. Follow the "Little Black Book: Science" as it highlights the key moments in a century that has seen more progress than any other. Written with flair and insight, it covers widely familiar inventions, great scientific thinkers such as Einstein and Stephen Hawkings, ground-breaking discoveries and mind-boggling theorems that altered the way we see the world, and the less well-known moments that provided the foundations for later discoveries. With all the key moments placed in their social, historical and scientific contexts, the book brings the complexities and secrets of the Universe, the world and everything in them to within your grasp. Формат: 20 см x 18 см.
Desert Meteorology

12512.00 руб.*

Thomas T. Warner

Desert Meteorology

Aridity prevails over more than one-third of the land area of Earth, and over a significant fraction of the oceans. Yet to date there has been no comprehensive reference volume or textbook that deals with the weather processes of desert areas. Desert Meteorology fills this gap by treating all aspects of desert weather. It will satisfy all who need to know more about the weather and climate of arid lands, and will appeal especially to advanced students and researchers in environmental science, meteorology, physical geography, hydrology, and engineering.
Design: Harold Curwen & Oliver Simon: Curwen Press

2344.00 руб.*

Brian Webb

Design: Harold Curwen & Oliver Simon: Curwen Press

A new book in the Design series, following the career of Harold Curwen, a pioneering figure in the technical revolution, that transformed the printing industry.
Dissertation Writing for Engineers and Scientists

4343.00 руб.*

Mark Breach

Dissertation Writing for Engineers and Scientists

Dissertation Writing for Engineers and Scientists Mark Breach I think the writing style is excellent I recommend the book to my students - Colin Waring, Portsmouth Dissertation Writing for Engineers and Scientists is the must-have book for preparing students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the disseration writing process. Dissertation writing is a major task and there are many pitfalls that can be avoided with the proper preparation. This book enables students to navigate their way around these pitfalls and successfully complete their dissertations. This lively and student-friendly guide takes into account the specific needs of engineers and scientists by providing plenty of examples from their respective fields and approaching them in a friendly and informal manner. This book covers all aspects of the dissertation writing process, including: * What is a dissertation? * How to start your dissertation * Time management * Project proposals * Ethics * ...
Elements of Molecular Spectroscopy

6547.00 руб.*

P.S. Sindhu

Elements of Molecular Spectroscopy

KEY FEATURES:-Latest research on molecular spectroscopy-Solved problems included in every chapter-Author has 40 years teaching experience. ABOUT THE BOOK: Spectroscopy in this book has been made easier and attractive by adopting a non-mathematical pictorial path. The essential feature of this approach involves use of visual images at the molecular level. Further, to keep the reader involved, every chapter has a large number of solved problems. This approach brings molecular spectroscopy within the comprehension of the average reader. Application of molecular spectroscopy in determining molecular structure and the study of intermolecular interactions have also been discussed. A chapter on the applications of molecular spectroscopy has been prepared from the latest research work where molecular spectroscopy has been used as a tool to the research problems. This will give an idea as to how wide and divergent spectroscopy has its applications. Again, the approach intends to...

2481.00 руб.*

James Woudhuysen, Joe Kaplinsky


"Energise!" is a concise, provocative, authoritative guide to the issues surrounding global warming and the future of the world's energy supplies. The authors take no sides - their brief is to inform the citizen and thereby liberate the citizen. Written in clear, concise and often very witty language, this is the book which will empower consumers all over the world to make up their own minds about what needs to be done. Governments take note: the man and woman in the street is about to get wised up!
Flaubert's Tentation: Remapping Nineteenth-Century French Histories of Religion and Science

11587.00 руб.*

Mary Orr

Flaubert's Tentation: Remapping Nineteenth-Century French Histories of Religion and Science

This is the first comprehensive study in English of Flaubert's least well-known masterpiece, the final version of his Temptation of Saint Anthony (1874) which, thanks to Foucault, has the reputation of being an arcane and erudite "fantastic library" or, thanks to genetic criticism, is a "narrative" of Flaubert's personal aesthetic ("oeuvre de toute ma vie"). By presuming instead no prior knowledge of the text, its versions or its contexts, Mary Orr provides new readings of the seven tableaux which comprise Temptation, and new ways of interpreting the work as a whole, whether the reader is a newcomer to Flaubert or a specialist. Arguing that Flaubert was imagining his own epoch through the eyes of a visionary saint in the fourth century AD, Orr elucidates the dialogues between religion and science that are the dynamic of the work for the first time. She also insists on the meticulous accuracy and imaginative representations of the science of the work, proposing--in the "remapping"...
Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

10213.00 руб.*

R.C. Sachdeva

Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

KEY FEATURES:-First international edition of outstanding textbook-Cross disciplinary-Contains worked problems throughout and MCQs for greater understanding ABOUT THE BOOK: It is a comprehensive and authoritative book in the subject aimed at students of mechanical, chemical, aeronautical, production and metallurgical engineering. The book underlines the objective of the understanding of the physical phenomena involved and the ability to formulate and to solve typical problems. With a view to help in better understanding of the phenomena of mass transfer, an effort has also been made to identify the similarities in both qualitative and quantitative approach between heat and mass transfer. The subject matter has been developed from scratch to a sufficiently advanced stage in a logical and coherent manner with neat illustrations and solved examples. Problems and solutions appended to each chapter should further help for better comprehension of the subjects. Properly designed...
Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs: Soft Tissues and Hard Science

2059.00 руб.*

Phillip Manning

Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs: Soft Tissues and Hard Science

Drawing on new breakthroughs and cutting edge techniques to scan and analyze this rare and remarkable discovery, Dr. Manning takes us on a thrilling, globe-spanning tour of dinosaur mummy finds?from the first such excavation in 1908 to a baby dinosaur unearthed in 1980, from a dino with a heart in South Dakota to titanosaur embryos in Argentina. And he discusses his own groundbreaking analysis of Dakota that will intrigue dinosaur loving readers of all ages.
Heartstrings and Tail-Tuggers

2190.00 руб.*

Penny Porter

Heartstrings and Tail-Tuggers

On the barren stretches that separated our Arizona ranch from the historic gold-mining towns of Tombstone, Gleeson and Bisbee, teepee-like ant hills, eerie mirages, and devil-winds spinning up dry river beds created an alien dimension to life . . . add to that the dust filled air, cactuses, mesquite, and a world in shades of gray. Now, come walk with me, and listen to the voices and heartbeats of all God's creatures that lived and loved and brightened our world each day. Christopher Willcox, Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest reviews, "Penny Porter has made more people laugh and cry with her animal stories than any other author whose work has appeared in Reader's Digest. She is an original, and her book is warm, funny and wise."
Mathematical Physics for Engineers

6477.00 руб.*

R.K. Bera

Mathematical Physics for Engineers

KEY FEATURES:-Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in various branches of engineering/general and applied sciences.-Important topics interrelating mathematics & physics are briefly covered. ABOUT THE BOOK: The book provides a general background in matrix, determinant and vector calculus, followed by some very important aspects in mathematics such as Dirac Delta Function, Analyticity, Orthogonality, Singularity, etc., along with `complex functions and series analysis` are considered very useful in mathematical physics. Important 'special functions' such as Hermite, Legendre, Laguerre, Chebyshev are also discussed in terms of their applications in quantum mechanics. Important 'integral transforms', such as Fourier, Laplace and Hilbert are also described with an inclination towards 'applications' for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in various branches of engineering as well as for readers in postgraduate studies in general and applied...
Mathematics All Around (4th Edition)

17886.00 руб.*

Tom Pirnot

Mathematics All Around (4th Edition)

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Mathematics All Around, Fourth Edition, is the textbook for today’s liberal arts mathematics students. Tom Pirnot presents math in a way that is accessible, interesting, and relevant. Like having a teacher on call, its clear, conversational writing style is enjoyable to read and focuses on helping students understand the math, not just get the correct answers on the test. Useful features throughout the book enable students to become comfortable with thinking about numbers and interpreting the numerical world around them. Problem Solving: Strategies and Principles; Set Theory: Using Mathematics to Classify Objects; Logic: The Study of What's True or False or Somewhere in Between; Graph Theory (Networks): The Mathematics of Relationships; Numeration Systems: Does It Matter How We Name Numbers?; Number Theory and the Real Number System: Understanding the Numbers All Around Us; Algebraic Models: How Do We Approximate Reality?;...
Mathematics for Teachers: An Interactive Approach for Grades K-8

23175.00 руб.*

Thomas Sonnabend

Mathematics for Teachers: An Interactive Approach for Grades K-8

Mathematics for Teachers: An Interactive Approach for Grades K-8 actively involves students in developing and explaining mathematical concepts and how the topics relate to NCTM Standards and Curriculum focal points. The text includes coverage of reasoning, sets, arithmetic, geometry, measurement, algebra, statistics, and probability. The carefully organized, interactive lesson format promotes student involvement and gradually leads the student to a deeper understanding of mathematical ideas.
Mathematics in India

5617.00 руб.*

Kim Plofker

Mathematics in India

Based on extensive research in Sanskrit sources, Mathematics in India chronicles the development of mathematical techniques and texts in South Asia from antiquity to the early modern period. Kim Plofker reexamines the few facts about Indian mathematics that have become common knowledge--such as the Indian origin of Arabic numerals--and she sets them in a larger textual and cultural framework. The book details aspects of the subject that have been largely passed over in the past, including the relationships between Indian mathematics and astronomy, and their cross-fertilizations with Islamic scientific traditions. Plofker shows that Indian mathematics appears not as a disconnected set of discoveries, but as a lively, diverse, yet strongly unified discipline, intimately linked to other Indian forms of learning. Far more than in other areas of the history of mathematics, the literature on Indian mathematics reveals huge discrepancies between what researchers generally agree on and what...
Modernism and the Celtic Revival

3386.00 руб.*

Gregory Castle

Modernism and the Celtic Revival

In Modernism and the Celtic Revival, Gregory Castle examines the impact of anthropology on the work of Irish Revivalists such as W. B. Yeats, John M. Synge and James Joyce. Castle argues that anthropology enabled Irish Revivalists to confront and combat British imperialism. Castle shows how Irish Modernists employed textual and rhetorical strategies first developed in anthropology to translate, reassemble, and edit oral and folk-cultural material. Drawing on a wide range of postcolonial theory, this book should be of interest to scholars in Irish studies, postcolonial studies, and Modernism.

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Books in English / Все науки... / Поступления 2009 г. Наука. Разное



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