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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Поступления 2008г. Разное

Книги этого раздела

Balloon Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals

1176.00 руб.*

Balloon Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Animals

Bring back the dinosaurs! This kit has all you need to get started on your own prehistoric zoo. Learn how to twist, tie and transform basic balloons into wild beasts. Create a saber-toothed tiger, an ankle-biting Anklosaurus, a mighty T-rex, and much more! Includes a 64-page book with full-color photos and easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through each project. Includes a balloon pump, googly eyes, and 34 multi-colored modeling balloons. Packaged in a plastic case.
Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah: The Ceremony, the Party, and How the Day Came to Be

498.00 руб.*

Bert Metter

Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah: The Ceremony, the Party, and How the Day Came to Be

In some places, bar and bat mitzvahs are rivaled only by proms as the most important social event in many teens’ lives. Parties celebrating the occasion can range from humble cookies-and-punch receptions to lavish catered affairs with elaborate themes and celebrity guests. But more important, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs are serious religious ceremonies, with rich histories and deep significance to the participants. Here is a warmly written discussion of these important Jewish coming-of-age rituals, their historical backgrounds and evolution. A special chapter features the reminiscences of well-known actors, television personalities, and sports figures about their own bar and bat mitzvahs. Joan Reilly’s lively black-and-white drawings perfectly illustrate the details of the event and the celebrations. This concise, informative book will help children preparing for their bar and bat mitzvahs—as well as their families and friends—understand and appreciate this rich,...
Barbie As The Island Princess

374.00 руб.*

Judy Katschke

Barbie As The Island Princess

In this original musical, Barbie is a shipwrecked princess who talks and sings with a family of lovable animals! Raised by a red panda, a peacock, and a baby elephant, Barbie knows nothing of other humans, or her real identity. But all that changes when an adventurous prince discovers her tropical island. Now budding romance and a desire to uncover her past tempt Barbie to sail with the prince to his coastal castle. As Barbie learns to adjust to civilized life, she uncovers an evil queen’s plot to marry her daughter to the prince and take over the kingdom! Can Barbie stop this plan and marry her true love?
Barron's AP Computer Science, Levels A and AB

2575.00 руб.*

Roselyn Teukolsky

Barron's AP Computer Science, Levels A and AB

The new fourth edition of "Barron’s Advanced Placement Computer Science" test preparation manual has been updated with a new case study. This new GridWorld Case Study will be tested on the AP exam starting in May 2008. The manual presents four full-length AP practice exams, two each for Levels A and AB. Two of these exams are presented as diagnostic tests, with charts detailing the topics for each question. All four model tests have questions answered and explained. Prospective test takers will also find an extensive subject review, starting with a review of Java 5.0 and going on to cover all topics questioned in both the Level A and Level AB exams. There are new sections on storage of numbers and random numbers.
Barron's SAT Subject Test in Physics

1511.00 руб.*

Herman Gewirtz, Jonathan S. Wolf

Barron's SAT Subject Test in Physics

One diagnostic test and three full-length model SAT Subject Tests in Physics reflect recent actual tests in length, subject matter, and degree of difficulty. All questions are answered and explained. An extensive subject review covers mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and all other test topics. Also explained is the methodology used in solving physics problems, a basic math review, additional practice questions with answers, and test-taking tips.
Basics Photography: Capturing Colour

2230.00 руб.*

Phil Malpas

Basics Photography: Capturing Colour

From color theory to the color temperature of light to using color to build impact, "Basics Photography: Capturing Colour" offers a comprehensive introduction to color in photography. Beginning photographers can learn to predict how film will react under different conditions and how to use filters to correct and improve lighting situations. Each section of this comprehensive reference is packed with hints, tips, and technical information, plus more advanced techniques such as tightening the color palette, using false color infrared, and exploiting the relationships between colors are explored. Each point is illustrated with work by some of the world’s most famous photographers, each one analyzed to reveal how these artists used color to create a powerful image.
Bass Ackwards and Belly Up

798.00 руб.*

Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain

Bass Ackwards and Belly Up

After high-school senior Harper is rejected from NYU, the only school to which she applied, she is too ashamed to tell her friends and family. Instead, she announces that she rejected NYU, choosing instead to stay at home in Boulder, Colorado, to pursue her dream of writing. Her decision sparks an unexpected, explosive reaction in her three best friends, who decide to join the "Dream Train", too: Sophie heads to Hollywood to act; Becca flies to Middlebury College, where she will ski for a top coach; and Kate defers her Harvard admission (and the expectations of her high-achieving parents) to travel through Europe and discover herself. Alternating chapters follow the girls throughout their first months of independence, heartbreaks, upsetting setbacks, romance, sex, and thrilling self-discovery.
Bathtime Fun! With Peter Rabbit and Friends

417.00 руб.*

Beatrix Potter

Bathtime Fun! With Peter Rabbit and Friends

Even the most hesitant toddlers will look forward to bath time with this new Peter Rabbit bath book. Featuring full-color illustrations of Peter Rabbit and his friends doing all their favorite things, children can read and play with the book in and out of the bathtub. Every page includes original Beatrix Potter illustrations in an eye-catching new style alongside simple text.
Batman Fifth Grade

1505.00 руб.*

Batman Fifth Grade

Illustrated with kids' favorite characters from Marvel and DC Comics, each new Math Made Easy workbook is filled with exercises for home learning that feature problems and practice questions. Math has never been as exciting as it is with Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Wolverine!
Batter Up Wombat

3467.00 руб.*

Helen Lester

Batter Up Wombat

The new kid in town is a wombat from Down Under. He’s having a tough time fitting in, so he tries to join the baseball team. They’re excited to see a “Wham-bat” hit, but baseball seems to him like a strange game indeed as his literal interpretations of the lingo, such as “stealing third base,” lead to hilarious, and ultimately victorious, results.
Battle of the Dum Diddys (Rotten School #12)

1140.00 руб.*

R. L. Stine

Battle of the Dum Diddys (Rotten School #12)

Hey! Where Is Everyone? That's what Bernie Bridges wants to know when he can't find any of his friends. Everyone has disappeared! And when he finally does find them, they're acting really weird. For instance, his shy friend Chipmunk thinks he is a fearless warrior, and football star Jennifer Ecch thinks she is a princess. What is going on? Soon Bernie realizes that everyone at Rotten School is acting! They are all playing parts in a big battle. A battle between the Dum Diddys and the Knighty Knight Knights. But it's not a real fight. It's a video game called Wungo Warriors - and everyone has to pay that spoiled rich kid Sherman Oaks to play. Bernie can't let Sherman get away with this. He has a plan to outsmart Sherman - by bringing the Wungo Warriors to life! What Bernie doesn't know, though, is that a real-life battle between the Dum Diddys and the Knighty Knight Knights could shut down Rotten School forever.
Bayesian Computation with R

3421.00 руб.*

Jim Albert

Bayesian Computation with R

There has been a dramatic growth in the development and application of Bayesian inferential methods. Some of this growth is due to the availability of powerful simulation-based algorithms to summarize posterior distributions. There has been also a growing interest in the use of the system R for statistical analyses. R's open source nature, free availability, and large number of contributor packages have made R the software of choice for many statisticians in education and industry. Bayesian Computation with R introduces Bayesian modeling by the use of computation using the R language. The early chapters present the basic tenets of Bayesian thinking by use of familiar one and two-parameter inferential problems. Bayesian computational methods such as Laplace's method, rejection sampling, and the SIR algorithm are illustrated in the context of a random effects model. The construction and implementation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods is introduced. These...
Be a Crime Scene Investigator

943.00 руб.*

Lorraine Jean Hopping

Be a Crime Scene Investigator

Be Mine

357.00 руб.*

Sophia Kelly

Be Mine

The Littlest Pet Shop pets love spending time with their favorite friends! This activity book is a celebration of love and friendship that's full of puzzles, crafts, recipes, fill-ins, and other fun things you can do with your very best friends. And best of all, there are stickers of your favorite pets inside! Формат: 20 см x 20 см.

1201.00 руб.*

Gene Fehler


It's the last inning of a high school baseball game between arch-rivals Oak Grove and Compton. Center fielder Luke "Wizard" Wallace steps up to the plate--and is hit by a beanball, a wild pitch that shatters his skull, destroys the vision in his left eye, and changes his life forever. In this riveting novel, the events surrounding this pivotal moment are recounted through free-verse monologues by 28 different voices, including those of Luke and his Oak Grove teammates; the pitcher, Kyle Dawkins, and other Compton players; the two coaches; Luke's family members and teachers; and Sarah Edgerton, a new classmate who seems more affected by Luke's injury than his girlfriend is. With its unusual format, gripping subject matter, and economy of language, Beanball is a thought-provoking, fast-paced read.

Показано: 15 книг из 2284 (с 181 по 195), всего страниц 153

Books in English / Поступления 2008г. Разное



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