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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Поступления 2008г. Разное

Книги этого раздела

Camtasia Studio 5: The Definitive Guide (+ CD-ROM)

4524.00 руб.*

Daniel Park

Camtasia Studio 5: The Definitive Guide (+ CD-ROM)

"Camtasia Studio 5: The Definitive Guide" introduces readers to the latest features of Camtasia Studio, including the revamped Recorder application, automated zooming and panning with SmartFocus, and upload via FTP. Readers learn the entire process of creating top-notch software tutorials, marketing spots, and demonstrations, beginning with developing goals and determining the audience to scripting, recording, editing, producing, and sharing the video. Appropriate for users at all levels, this book provides a practical guide to getting the most out of Camtasia Studio. Learn how to: Record audio and video streams and add special effects with Camtasia Recorder. Extend and split media clips, add callouts and Flash hotspots, and create quizzes and surveys. Enhance your videos with a picture-in-picture track. Convert your PowerPoint presentations to Camtasia Studio recordings. Produce your videos for distribution via CD, DVD, the...
Can You See What I See? Nature Read-and-seek

341.00 руб.*

Walter Wick

Can You See What I See? Nature Read-and-seek

From the photographer of the bestselling I Spy books and creator of the Can You See What I See? series is a new rhyming, search-and-find reader series--especially for the newest reader! Readers can use the picture clues to search for dozens of hidden trinkets and toys! This book builds confidence in new readers and provides hours of fun as well!
Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital Photography

3789.00 руб.*

David D. Busch

Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital Photography

As the new owner of Canon's most advanced intermediate digital SLR, you want to get started taking professional-looking photographs using all of the exciting features at your fingertips. "Canon EOS 40D Guide to Digital SLR Photography" is a concise introduction and guide to your camera's essential controls and functions, such as Live View, built-in dust reduction, and the blistering 6.5-frames-per-second continuous shooting mode that is an action photographer’s dream. The book provides detailed instructions showing you how, when, and why to make optimized settings with the Canon EOS 40D’s enhanced menus, which include a half-dozen versatile new custom functions. You'll learn about the camera's improved automatic focus, flash synchronization tricks, how to choose lenses that will provide the perspective and effects you want, and which exposure modes are ideal for each picture-taking opportunity. Packed with full-color images and examples that illustrate the recommended techniques and...
Canon PowerShot Digital Field G

1671.00 руб.*

Michael Guncheon

Canon PowerShot Digital Field G

With this book and your Canon PowerShot, taking pictures becomes a lot more fun! The Quick Tour gets you familiar with all the settings and menus on your G, S, TX, A, or SD-series camera, so you can start shooting. Then spend some time exploring tips for getting super shots in dozens of situations, using manual settings for greater control, and telling a story with your photos. Finally, learn the best ways to download, edit, and print your pictures.
Capitalism (Political & Economical History)

1854.00 руб.*

Capitalism (Political & Economical History)

Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth

417.00 руб.*

J. V. Hart

Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth

With his long black curls, a shadowy family tree, and an affinity for pet spiders, James Matthew bears little resemblance to his starched-collar, blue-blooded peers at Eton. Dubbed King Jas., he stops at nothing to become the most notorious underclassman in the prestigious school's history. For James, sword fighting, falling in love with an Ottoman Sultana, and challenging the Queen of England are all in a day's skullduggery. But when he sets sail on a ship with a mysterious mission, King Jas.'s dream of discovering a magical island quickly turns into an unthinkable nightmare.
Case Histories

5670.00 руб.*

John Hannavy

Case Histories

The cased photographic portrait was fashionable from the early 1840s until the end of the 1860s. Around it grew a considerable industry supplying everything from simple leather covered cases, to sophisticated creations in moulded thermoplastic. This book looks at the photographic portrait from daguerrotype to carte de visite, and at the range of cases in which it was marketed. The cased Victorian photographic portrait was a sophisticated product, with the delicate hand colouring of the image echoed in the colours of the protective velvet pad and trim with which the case was finished. Hitherto, the relationship between the portrait and its packaging and presentation has not been explored in book form. Case Histories also highlights British manufacturers of cases and trims, and identifies the only British manufacturer yet found who made moulded thermoplastic cases. Such was the importance of the cased photographic portrait, that moulded picture cases were one of the world's first uses...
CaseGrader: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Casebook with Autograding Technology

4458.00 руб.*

Thad Crews & Chip Murphy

CaseGrader: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Casebook with Autograding Technology

CaseGrader 2007 is a web-based technology plus printed workbook that contains 12 hands-on, live in the application projects for Microsoft Excel 2007. Students complete the projects, then post them online through a secure portal to be automatically graded within seconds. It promises to save you time, allowing you to focus on one-on-one instruction.

1539.00 руб.*

Richard Platt, David Nicolle


Full-color photos. Take a look behind the walls of these fascinating fortresses and learn how they were built to house hundreds of people and animals; how a young boy rose from lowly page to noble knight; and what life was like for the castle residents.
Castle: A Fold out Kingdom

2226.00 руб.*

Castle: A Fold out Kingdom

Comes with a fold out castle and characters ready for imaginative play.
Cat Jumped In!

1306.00 руб.*

Tess Weaver

Cat Jumped In!

When someone leaves the kitchen window open, Cat jumps in! So begins the tale of an outdoor cat who finds his way into a tidy house, wreaking havoc at every turn. That is, until he finds his way in once more--this time into someone's heart. Beautiful, bright watercolors from Caldecott-winning illustrator Emily Arnold McCully nearly spring off the page, buoyed by a playful text that highlights simple prepositions. Preschoolers will delight in Cat's unintended disasters and mess, and the heartwarming story, the product of a pairing of exceptional author and illustrator talents, will charm cat people of any age.
Catch a Ride to the Moon: Whimsical Rhymes to Read and Sing

1394.00 руб.*

Lizzie Mack

Catch a Ride to the Moon: Whimsical Rhymes to Read and Sing

Mole Bear and friends invite you to sing and play along to all of your favorite nursery rhymes with a whimsical twist that's perfect for the Land of Milk & Honey! With gentle, gorgeous illustrations and energetic music, mothers and children alike will enjoy and treasure Catch a Ride to the Moon.
CATIA V5 Workbook Release 17

6949.00 руб.*

Richard Cozzens

CATIA V5 Workbook Release 17

This workbook is an introduction to the main Workbench functions CATIA V5 has to offer. The objective of this book is to instruct anyone wanting to learn CATIA V5 through organized, graphically rich, step-by-step instructions on the software's basic processes and tools. This book is not intended to be a reference guide.

1520.00 руб.*

Cassie Mayer


Acorn is the new Heinemann Library brand for 2006. There are 32 titles in total for the Science and Geography curriculum. Each title is levelled for 4-6 year olds to build their confidence. Simple, patterned text and predictable page design helps to develop understanding of key issues and text is closely matched to the pictures. This title introduces young children to the concept of landforms for the first time.
CCENT Exam Cram

4045.00 руб.*

Michael Valentine, Andrew Whitaker

CCENT Exam Cram

In this book, you learn how to: Develop perfect fluency in subnetting Understand the OSI model and the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model Connect Cisco equipment, make initial configurations, and connect to other devices to build a network Configure Cisco routers and back up and restore your Cisco IOS Software configurations Implement, verify, and troubleshoot a small, switched network Configure and verify a basic WAN serial connection Understand and apply wireless LAN (WLAN) concepts Mitigate network security threats and secure network devices Configure static routes and RIPv2 Connect a small office to the Internet

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Books in English / Поступления 2008г. Разное



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