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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Финансы

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Currency Risk Management: A Handbook for Financial Managers, Brokers, and Their Consultants

8357.00 руб.*

Gary Shoup

Currency Risk Management: A Handbook for Financial Managers, Brokers, and Their Consultants

With the advent of the World Trade Organization and NAFTA, foreign exchange now impacts the corporate world as never before. Hedging currency risk--usually through the Interbank network--is now a routine treasury function. However, mid-sized companies are often shut out of the Interbank market because of the cost and minimum size requirements. Currency Risk Management shows how to capture this business. The author writes in an easy-to-read style and demonstrates the finer points of foreign exchange and various exchange regimes recognized by the IMF. The reader will learn why exchange rates are a matter of government restrictions and controls as well as market price discovery.
Diy Portfolio Management: Do It Yourself! With a Little Independent Work, You Too Can Beat the Returns of Indexes and Mutual Fund Managers

2101.00 руб.*

Lyle Wilkinson

Diy Portfolio Management: Do It Yourself! With a Little Independent Work, You Too Can Beat the Returns of Indexes and Mutual Fund Managers

Book DescriptionDIY Portfolio Management describes the advantages of doing your own portfolio management, and gives you suggestions for matching and for beating the market. Individuals who manage their own portfolios have less overhead and the financial incentive to get market beating performance. That is not enough, knowledge and confidence are also important. The individual Do-It-Yourselfer? needs a knowledge based plan for success, and the book DIY Portfolio Management can feed that plan. The just released DIY Portfolio Management explores approaches to beating the market. Some ideas presented are refined, but this is not rocket science, and unlike brain surgery this is something you can do for yourself. DIY Portfolio Management stresses that successfully management of a stock portfolio requires strategy, discipline, and time to work. This is a book about managing your nest egg, where discipline and intellect are complementary ingredients. The individual...
Structured Products Volume 2: Equity; Commodity; Credit and New Markets

12048.00 руб.*

Satyajit Das

Structured Products Volume 2: Equity; Commodity; Credit and New Markets

Structured Products Volume 2 consists of 5 Parts and 21 Chapters covering equity derivatives (including equity swaps/options, convertible securities and equity linked notes) , commodity derivatives (including energy, metal and agricultural derivatives), credit derivatives (including credit linked notes/collateralised debt obligations ("CDOs")), new derivative markets (including inflation linked derivatives and notes, insurance derivatives, weather derivatives, property, bandwidth/telephone minutes, macro-economic index and emission/environmental derivatives ) and tax based applications of derivatives. It also covers the structure and evolution of derivative markets including electronic trading markets and the origins, evolution and prospects for derivative markets. EQUITY LINKED STRUCTURES 1 Equity Derivatives - Equity Futures; Equity Options/Warrants & Equity Swaps 2. Convertible Securities 3. Structured Convertible...
The Random Walk Guide to Investing: Ten Rules for Financial Success

1330.00 руб.*

Burton G. Malkiel

The Random Walk Guide to Investing: Ten Rules for Financial Success

Simply put, the essential first book for any investor. Based on the million-copy seller A Random Walk Down Wall Street, this concise new guide by influential and irreverent author Burton G. Malkiel takes the mystery out of personal finance by outlining Malkiel's own ten-point plan for success. Easy to read and easy to follow, this practical book aimed at the investment novice cuts through the jargon to give readers the confidence and knowledge to make wise investment decisions that will provide consistent returns. Beginning with the basics?"Fire your investment advisor" and "Start now"?Malkiel carefully and with good-humored authority lays out the rest of his "blessedly brief bare-bones guide to investing" ( Business Bookpage ).
The Psychology of Money : An Investment Manager's Guide to Beating the Market (Wiley Finance)

1434.00 руб.*

Jim Ware

The Psychology of Money : An Investment Manager's Guide to Beating the Market (Wiley Finance)

Discover the Ideal Investment Strategy for Yourself and Your Clients "To enhance investment results and boost creativity, Jim Ware replaces the maxim know your investments with know yourself. And he gives us specific testing tools to do the job."?Dean LeBaron, Founder, Batterymarch Financial Management, Chairman, Virtualquest.company, and investment author and commentator "Many investment firms fail, even though they are run by intelligent, qualified professionals, because they lack creativity. This book can rescue you. Jim Ware explains how to organize your business to encourage creative thinking. In five years, your customers will be working with an advisor who read this book, so make sure you are the one who did."?Ralph Wanger, President, Acorn Investment Trust, CFA and author of A Zebra in Lion Country: Ralph Wanger?s Guide to Investment Survival "Jim Ware has a great knack for understanding people and successful investing. This unusual combination...
Technical Analysis Simplified

2291.00 руб.*

Clif Droke

Technical Analysis Simplified

The author, Clif Droke, explains how the technical analysis of equity and commodity trends affords one of the greatest hopes of achieving the ultimate end of free enterprise profit. Without the use of this peerless tool, the author believes that most investors will find themselves at the mercy and whim of market forces beyond their comprehension. Tehnical analysis, in his opinion, is the best means possible for attaining financial profit and for understanding the underlying condition of the economy as well as general societal trends. He explains simplified technical analysis as a combination of various forms of technical chart pattern analysis that combines the simplest and most basic elements of this discipline with a useful admxture of proven, more modern methods of technical analysis.
The New Finance : Overreaction, Complexity and Uniqueness (3rd Edition)

4081.00 руб.*

Robert A. Haugen

The New Finance : Overreaction, Complexity and Uniqueness (3rd Edition)

It presents a comprehensive and organized collection of the evidence contradicting market efficiency. Sets forth and synthesizes a paradigm shift in financial economics, exploring rational finance, behavioral finance, and the new finance. This book provides revolutionary and controversial ideas lending to the acceptance of the notion that capital markets are inefficient. Portfolio Managers, Financial Analysts, and Security Analysts.
Hipaa Health: The Privacy Rule and Health Care Practice

2175.00 руб.*

Learnsomething com, Learnsomething

Hipaa Health: The Privacy Rule and Health Care Practice

Tourism : An Introduction

3511.00 руб.*

Adrian Franklin

Tourism : An Introduction

Book Description`Argued with a real verve, it makes a plea to rethink the role of tourism in modernity seeing it not as a fleeting and marginal element, but as something enduring, emblematic and constitutive of contemporary society. Tourism is seen as a key element of modern life, not an escape from it' - Mike Crang, Department of Geography, University of Durham Tourism is a rapidly growing area of student enrolment. Lecturers and students who have waited patiently for an up-to-date, lucid and indispensable teaching and research text, need wait no more. This book is a matchless guide to understanding the theory, practice, development and effects of tourism. Tourism: An Introduction : - equips students with a critical perspective of the central processes of tourism and the relationship between tourism and culture - places tourism at the heart of modern life rather...
Business Management for Profit

249.00 руб.*

Harvey C. Krentzman

Business Management for Profit

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Финансы



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