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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Финансы

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The Smart Approach to Home Renovation (Smart Approach)

2210.00 руб.*

Susan Boyle Hillstrom

The Smart Approach to Home Renovation (Smart Approach)

The Smart Approach to Home Renovation is the latest title in the best-selling series of The Smart Approach To books. Author Susan Boyle Hillstrom counsels would-be remodelers about the process, from planning and budgeting through completion. She also tells the stories of real-life homeowners and their makeovers that include kitchens, baths, additions, exterior updates, and outdoor living spaces. These Case Studies are followed by picture-driven Design Workbooks that illustrate important design features within the projects. In all, the book contains hundreds of photographs that include both before and after shots of remodelings, plus plenty of inspirational shots.
Writing a Convincing Business Plan

1206.00 руб.*

Arthur R. DeThomas, Lin Grensing-Pophal

Writing a Convincing Business Plan

The authors discuss creating a financing proposal, describing the business's operations and goals, forecasting markets and sales, creating me operating plans, obtaining financing from primary and secondary sources, and much more. New in this edition are names and addresses of business and library resources, as Internet addresses useful to small business owners.
J.K. Lasser's Buy, Sell, or Hold: Manage Your Portfolio for Maximum Gain

1402.00 руб.*

Michael C. Thomsett

J.K. Lasser's Buy, Sell, or Hold: Manage Your Portfolio for Maximum Gain

SIMPLE MARKET GUIDANCE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR Today, investors are bogged down with information overload and market falsehoods, which stem from a variety of sources. To move beyond the mentality of popular, yet untrue, market assumptions and identify how the market actually works, you must carefully filter information to make the important buy, sell, or hold decisions that will maintain and grow your portfolio. J.K. Lasser?s Buy, Sell, or Hold seeks to clear the air for investors by providing honest, down-to-earth advice on how to cope with excessive information, and how to find good, basic facts that will improve your skills in personal portfolio management. Filled with sound methods and proven techniques, this accessible book provides you with the knowledge needed to study stocks and decide whether you should buy, sell, or hold. By exploring ten areas of study that every investor needs to master, J.K. Lasser?s Buy, Sell, or Hold shows you how to avoid the common...
The Rules of Risk: An Investor's Guide

7949.00 руб.*

Ron S. Dembo, Andrew Freeman, Andrew Freeman

The Rules of Risk: An Investor's Guide

A Dynamic Framework for Forward-Looking Risk Management Praise "A powerhouse in the understanding of risk. With their ingenious blend of psychology and rigorous quantitative analysis, the authors have created an authoritative and innovative handbook of risk management that is essential for both practitioners and theoreticians."??Peter L. Bernstein, Author, Against the Gods, Capital Ideas, and The Power of Gold "This excellent and readable book provides an innovative approach to choosing actions when the outcomes are uncertain. Anyone with an interest in improving their decision-making skills would benefit from reading this. Anyone with a professional interest in risk management must read it."??Stephen A. Ross, FisherBlack Visiting Professor of Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sloan School of Management, Sterling Professor of Economics and Finance, Yale University "Ron Dembo and Andrew Freeman have done an excellent job of...
Diy Portfolio Management: Do It Yourself! With a Little Independent Work, You Too Can Beat the Returns of Indexes and Mutual Fund Managers

2101.00 руб.*

Lyle Wilkinson

Diy Portfolio Management: Do It Yourself! With a Little Independent Work, You Too Can Beat the Returns of Indexes and Mutual Fund Managers

Book DescriptionDIY Portfolio Management describes the advantages of doing your own portfolio management, and gives you suggestions for matching and for beating the market. Individuals who manage their own portfolios have less overhead and the financial incentive to get market beating performance. That is not enough, knowledge and confidence are also important. The individual Do-It-Yourselfer? needs a knowledge based plan for success, and the book DIY Portfolio Management can feed that plan. The just released DIY Portfolio Management explores approaches to beating the market. Some ideas presented are refined, but this is not rocket science, and unlike brain surgery this is something you can do for yourself. DIY Portfolio Management stresses that successfully management of a stock portfolio requires strategy, discipline, and time to work. This is a book about managing your nest egg, where discipline and intellect are complementary ingredients. The individual...
The Larry & Barry Guide to Entrepreneurial Wisdom

1268.00 руб.*

Arthur Lipper

The Larry & Barry Guide to Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Book DescriptionIf you have a valuable idea and want make the leap from there to billionaire, let Larry and Barry guide you through this difficult process -- from business-building to profit-making. These two characters will keep you entertained while offering priceless advice on: -Clarifying your idea and determining value -Turning a vision into a business -Financing -Starting your business -Staffing - needs versus wants -Networking -Attracting partners -Maintaining cash flow PLUS: Special Bonus section on Venture Funding! Learn what to do and -- just as important -- what not to do from seasoned professionals that understand how to transform your abstract idea into a money-making enterprise. Having been there and done that, Larry and Barry offer the entrepreneurial nuts-and-bolts required in today's competitive environment to create a prosperous business venture.
Who Needs Credit?: Poverty and Finance in Bangladesh

11429.00 руб.*

Geoffrey D. Wood, Iffath A. Sharif

Who Needs Credit?: Poverty and Finance in Bangladesh

In recent years Micro-credit, the loan of small sums to people excluded from normal banking processes, has emerged as an important and growing issue in Development Policy. The result of disillusionment with the ability of either government agencies or international aid programmes to change the situation of the poor, Micro-credit has proved very successful. The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh alone lends to two million people. By reviewing the experience of Bangladesh, the country most closely associated with pioneering Micro-credit programmes, the book asks critical questions potentially overlooked in the rush to repeat the success of these ventures in other countries.
Who Stole My Sale?: 23 Ways to Close the Deal

1303.00 руб.*

Todd Duncan

Who Stole My Sale?: 23 Ways to Close the Deal

Catch the sale that others let get away! Todd Duncan--sales guru, bestselling author, storyteller. Through the detailed accounts of salespeople not just earning dollars, but trust and a good reputation as well, Who Stole My Sale? illustrates through light-hearted true stories, important lessons about making the sale, closing the deal, and keeping clients for the long term. With vulnerability and everyday authenticity, the stories span several industries, and teach and motivate salespeople at any stage of their careers. Who stole that sale? The wise person who followed the advice in this book!
The Technical Analysis Course

2455.00 руб.*

Thomas Meyers

The Technical Analysis Course

The Technical Analysis Course has gained a loyal following for its unique lesson-per chapter format and comprehensive coverage of the tools and strategies of technical analysis. This third edition provides revised and updated details on every key aspect of technical analysis. New sections answer questions on current topics including Bollinger Bands, curved trend lines, moving average convergence-divergence, the market's change to decimal pricing, and much more.
The Bottom Line: Business Finance: Your Questions Answered

1248.00 руб.*

Paul Barrow

The Bottom Line: Business Finance: Your Questions Answered

Book DescriptionBusiness finances: Your questions answered. Most people think accountants speak a foreign language. Financial statements, break-even analysis, profit improvement, securing funding and buying and selling a business are all clearly explained.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Финансы



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