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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Графика и дизайн

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Digital Content Creation

20716.00 руб.*

Rae Earnshaw, John Vince

Digital Content Creation

The virtual digital domain allows the capture, processing, transmission, storage, retrieval and display of text, images, audio and animation, without familiar materials such as paper, celluloid, magnetic tape and plastic. But moving from these media to the digital domain introduces all sorts of problems, such as the conversion of analogue archives, multimedia databases, content-based retrieval and the design of new content that exploits the benefits offered by digital systems. It is this issue of digitalcontent creation that is addressed in this book. Different aspects of digital content creation are discussed in this volume, contributed by authors from around the world. Although each chapter addresses an individual aspect of the digital domain, there are common threads that unite them into an exciting vision of the future.
CNET Do-It-Yourself Camera and Music Phone Projects (Cnet Do-It-Yourself)

2626.00 руб.*

Ari Hakkarainen

CNET Do-It-Yourself Camera and Music Phone Projects (Cnet Do-It-Yourself)

Dial up the entertainment on your mobile phone Here's your chance to take the sound and vision of your mobile phone to new heights-with 24 easy-to-execute projects you may have never dreamed possible. Ever think you could listen to music and podcasts on your cell phone? You can! Ever think you could take digital photographs of superior quality with your phone? Well, of course you can, and CNET Do-It-Yourself Camera and Music Phone Projects will show you how to do it all. Produced in conjunction with CNET.com, the place you go for the latest in tech and consumer electronics, and written by high-tech expert Ari Hakkarainen, this book leads you step by step through each project. If you've ever wanted to take photos with your mobile phone that would make professional shutterbugs jealous, or amp up the musical capabilities of...
AutoCAD 2000 Update : Skills Assessment

3229.00 руб.*

Rich Allen, Laura Martz, Richard Banthin

AutoCAD 2000 Update : Skills Assessment

This interactive CD-ROM will test the AutoCAD user's knowledge of the most recent changes and updates made to AutoCAD 2000. After taking the Skills Assessment Exam, the user is presented with a final score. Ideal for testing your own knowledge, assessinga student's ability, or evaluating the skills of a potential employee.
Exploring InDesign CS

6788.00 руб.*

Terry Rydberg

Exploring InDesign CS

Book Description In the real world, page layout projects don?t come with directions, and the ?recipe book? approach of most books does little to prepare designers for the demands of a highly competitive industry. Exploring InDesign® CS takes a different approach. With an emphasis on typography and critical thinking, the book transforms the novice into a professional typesetter ? one who is grounded in industry-standard design principles. In addition to gaining professional proficiency with Adobe® InDesign CS, users learn to begin a project while visualizing the end design, to identify the project pitfalls and challenges, and to independently strategize the best production sequence. Chapters and projects are carefully ordered to move readersfrom the tools palette to multiple master pages, with each chapter building upon the skills presented in the previous chapter. Supplemental projects require users to identify production steps and apply the necessary skills,...
Digital Photo Madness!: 50 Weird & Wacky Things to Do with Your Digital Camera

1320.00 руб.*

Thom Gaines

Digital Photo Madness!: 50 Weird & Wacky Things to Do with Your Digital Camera

Kids are crazy for digital photography: it's hip and it offers instant gratification. With this appealing, irreverent companion to The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography , children 10 years and up can go wild with the new technology. It explains everything a kid needs to know about digital photography, from using the camera to coordinating it with the computer, printer, and scanner to manipulating the images. Budding photographers can explore such fun topics as Cool Shots ; Simple Photo Manipulations ; Color Your World ; Combining Photos ; Majorly Manipulated ; and Funky Photos .A Then, armed with this knowledge, they can dive right into 50 cool, inventive activities and turn their friends into aliens, make a Warhol-esque pop art masterpiece, and create a “trapped-in-the-computer” screen saver!A
La Biblia de CorelDRAW 10

9668.00 руб.*

Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

La Biblia de CorelDRAW 10

fotolog.book: A Global Snapshot for the Digital Age

4730.00 руб.*

Nick Currie

fotolog.book: A Global Snapshot for the Digital Age

Over 1,000 of the best images selected from the online photo journals found on one of the fastest growing and liveliest digital communities: fotolog?. With digital cameras and camera phones, millions of people are obsessively documenting their daily lives. The fotolog? phenomenon transcends national borders, language barriers, and age gaps. From hotblooded (and sometimes hot-headed) teenagers in Brazil to cool silver surfers in Iceland, doctors, lawyers, dentists, mothers-to-be, and great-grandfathers, all these people have one thing in common: they communicate with images. Organized into themes with quotes and commentaries, this book guides us to the best of the millions of images and multitudes of words found in the fotolog? archives. fotolog?.book shows us how we see our world, rather than images that newspapers deem newsworthy, images that marketers hope will be money-making or galleries judge to be Art with a capital A. It...
Stationary Subdivision (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, 453)

5477.00 руб.*

Alfred S. Cavaretta, Wolfgang Dahmen, Charles A. Micchelli

Stationary Subdivision (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, 453)

Pro Engineer -Wildfire Instructor w/2.0 Update

6104.00 руб.*

David S Kelley

Pro Engineer -Wildfire Instructor w/2.0 Update

Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing: Updated Edition (A Lark Photography Book)

3082.00 руб.*

Rob Sheppard

Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing: Updated Edition (A Lark Photography Book)

With the development of the Epson STYLUS, digital photographers can finally get quality prints at home. This guide tells how to use the technology to its greatest potential. Epson is the company at the cutting edge of digital photo quality printing, and their STYLUS Photo Inkjet models make it possible for everyone to print sparkling photographs right at home. With the help of Rob Sheppard, editor of Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines, and this fully updated manual, amateurs can enter Epson’s brave new world with all the latest information on printers and papers. Two-page spreads with write-ups and pictures from acclaimed expert photographers George Lepp, John Shaw, Greg Gorman, Jack Reznicki, Joyce Tenneson, and others explain how Epson printers and digital photography have enhanced their art and expanded their business. There’s advice on choosing a printer, selecting standard and specialty papers, using image processing programs to refine...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Графика и дизайн



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