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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Операционные системы

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Mastering Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger (Mastering)

5095.00 руб.*

Todd Stauffer

Mastering Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger (Mastering)

Book DescriptionThis Mac OS X Book is Reliable, Powerful, and Easy-to-Use--Just Like OS X 10.4, Tiger Whether you're a first-time Mac user, upgrading from a previous Mac OS version, or switching from Windows or Unix, the latest edition of this best-seller is your one-stop resource for information on Apple's powerhouse operating system. Filled with detailed explanations, step-by-step instructions, and useful examples, this book answers all your questions and shows you how to take advantage of every aspect of Mac OS X. Authors Stauffer and McElhearn divulge their Mac OS X troubleshooting know-how and get you up to speed on all that's new to Tiger. Over 900 pages of coverage includes these topics: * Personalizing Mac OS X: Dock, Desktop, and Finder * Using the latest features, including Spotlight, Automator, Dashboard, and Safari RSS * Encrypting data, storing passwords, and using built-in applications * Connecting to, troubleshooting, and...
Wireless Communications Design Handbook, Vol. 2: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference

5681.00 руб.*

Reinaldo Perez

Wireless Communications Design Handbook, Vol. 2: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference

Most books in wireless communications address technical subjects which are relevant to ground mobile systems. Volume 2: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference of the Wireless Communications Design Handbook addresses a topic frequently overlooked in ground mobile wireless system design: interference problems at the hardware level. This book employes a hardware-oriented approach, which is the most effective approach for addressing interference and noise problems in ground mobile wireless systems. The book is a practical reference for engineers who are particularly interested in practical case studies covering how to avoid undesired interference and noise problems in their designs. It covers some of the most common interference models usually addressed, and it describes material related to transmitter and receiver hardware design and how interference control plays a significant role in equipment performance. Each of the three Wireless Communications Design Handbook ...
PC MagazineA LinuxA Solutions (PC Magazine)

3112.00 руб.*

Joe Merlino, William von Hagen, Eric Foster-Johnson, Kenneth Hess, Jaldhar Vyas

PC MagazineA LinuxA Solutions (PC Magazine)

So you've decided to find out about Linux. Who better to fill you in than PC Magazine? If you can imagine something you'd like your computer to do, you can probably do it with versatile, economical, powerful Linux. Here's how to tap that power, from installation to Linux desktop environments to getting things done. The accompanying CD-ROM gives you everything you need to get started, and with the dual boot option, you don't even have to give up the familiar comfort of Windows in order to try it out. What are you waiting for? If Linux is free, why is it sold? What's open source? Is Linux the same as Unix? What do abbreviations like GNU, GNOME, and KDE mean? Why are there so many versions of one operating system? Isn't Linux just for hackers and geeks? Find the answers here! A few of the things you'll learn The differences in the various Linux distributions and which is right for you How to install...
Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac® Bible

3077.00 руб.*

Sherry Kinkoph Gunter

Microsoft® Office 2008 for Mac® Bible

Use all the best Office 2008 tools—without giving up your Mac! Mac users, now you can easily share documents, crunch numbers, and make dazzling presentations with Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and the expert instructions found in this authoritative resource. The book is crammed with everything from Office basics and calendar tips to building Web pages and compiling scripts. Get better at Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—and discover what you don?t know about Entourage, AppleScript, and more. It?s the Office book Mac lovers need to succeed. Install Microsoft Office 2008 and learn program basics Build Word docs, Excel® spreadsheets, and PowerPoint® presentations Start e–mailing with Entourage® and organize your calendar Import video clips, use Light Table, and create CDs with Expression® Media Turn Office files into Web pages and add hyperlinks Master AppleScript® tools and automate workflows ...
Home Advantage Microtype 4.0 Windows Individual User Guide: with SpeedSkin keyboarding cover

5257.00 руб.*

Home Advantage Microtype 4.0 Windows Individual User Guide: with SpeedSkin keyboarding cover

Linux Administration Handbook

6599.00 руб.*

Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein

Linux Administration Handbook

"As this book shows, Linux systems are just as functional, secure, and reliable as their proprietary counterparts. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of thousands of Linux developers, Linux is more ready than ever for deployment at the frontlines of the real world. The authors of this book know that terrain well, and I am happy to leave you in their most capable hands." -Linus Torvalds "The most successful sysadmin book of all time-because it works!" -Rik Farrow, editor of ;login: "This book clearly explains current technology with the perspective of decades of experience in large-scale system administration. Unique and highly recommended." -Jonathan Corbet, cofounder, LWN.net "Nemeth et al. is the overall winner for Linux administration: it's intelligent, full of insights, and looks at the implementation of concepts." -Peter Salus, editorial director, Matrix.net Since 2001, Linux Administration...
Pimping Your Mac Mini: Performing Amazing Tricks with the World's Smallest Mac

2708.00 руб.*

Brad Miser

Pimping Your Mac Mini: Performing Amazing Tricks with the World's Smallest Mac

The Mac Mini's low price-point and small size make it the most versatile Mac ever, easily allowing the user to enjoy the digital life in stylish simplicity. In a small package, the Mac Mini provides what users need to have more fun with music, photos, and movies, right out of the box. "Pimping your Mini: Performing Amazing Tricks with the World's Smallest Mac," helps intermediate to advanced Mac users take their Mini capabilities a step further. Containing 10 exciting hands-on projects, the book features a visually appealing layout with many illustrations as well as concise instructions on how to do each project. Starting with the basics, the reader learns how to safely open up the Mac Mini case and how to add memory or upgrade hardware. After that, everything from customizing the Mac Mini case, to using the Mac Mini on-the-go, to transforming the Mac Mini into a personal video recording system is covered. This fun, projects-based book will help Mac users take their Mini to the next...
SUSE Linux 10 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

2935.00 руб.*

Naba Barkakati

SUSE Linux 10 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Install SUSE Linux and take advantage of cool new tools Use OpenOffice.org, go online with FirefoxA®, set up a wireless LAN, and more SUSE Linux is gaining popularity everywhere, and you'll soon see why. This friendly guide will help you install and configure the newest version, then help you work with digital media, build a network, get acquainted with Firefox (the super-secure browser that has everybody excited),explore Skype and Linphone Internet phone services, and much more! Discover how to Set up an Ethernet LAN with wireless access Use the OpenOffice.org productivity suite Read newsgroups and use instant messaging Play music and burn CDs Secure your SUSE system
The Macintosh iLife '05 in the Classroom

4512.00 руб.*

Jim Heid, Nikos Theodosakis

The Macintosh iLife '05 in the Classroom

Updated teacher's edition of the best-selling book on Apple iLife--the ultimate interactive classroom learning guide to iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand! Music, movies, and photos come together before your eyes. Just imagine the creative possibilities in store for you and your students. The special edition of Jim Heid's best-selling interactive guide to Apple iLife '05 includes practical information especially for K-12 teachers. Digital media guru Jim Heid and Filmmaker and educational consultant Nikos Theodosakis shows how digital media can be an integral part of the classroom routine, enhancing the learning experience in many subject areas. Everything you need to master the iLife applications is at your fingertips. The nearly three-hour instructional DVD lets you see and hear the iLife programs in action, with menus that let you jump to any topic in an instant. Lesson plans and a teacher supplement at the end of the book provide sample...
The Apple TV Pocket Guide

1208.00 руб.*

Jeff Carlson

The Apple TV Pocket Guide

The new Apple TV is an easy to use and fun way to wirelessly play all your favorite iTunes content from your Mac or PC on your widescreen TV, including movies, TV shows, music, photos, and podcasts. Using Apple TV's stunning new interface, anyone can quickly browse and view their entire collection of digital media from across the room using the simple and intuitive Apple Remote. Apple TV features a 40GB hard drive for holding up to 50 hours of video. It easily connects to almost all modern widescreen televisions, and is slated to ship in February 2007 for $299. New Apple TV users will want to start using their devices as soon as they get their hands on them, and this guide shows them how. The Apple TV Pocket Guide reveals the secrets to using Apple's latest popular invention. This handy guide offers the quickest way to learn the Apple TV features, from syncing your iTunes movie and photo collection wirelessly to Apple TV to connecting Apple TV to your widescreen TV to...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Операционные системы



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