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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн дома и строительство

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155th Street (Manhattan)

3546.00 руб.*

155th Street (Manhattan)

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! 155th Street is a major crosstown street in the Harlem neighborhood, in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is the northernmost of the 155 crosstown streets mapped out in the Commissioner's Plan of 1811 that established the numbered street grid in Manhattan. 155th Street starts on the West Side at Riverside Drive, crossing Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue and Saint Nicholas Avenue. At Saint Nicholas Place, the terrain drops off steeply, and 155th Street is carried on a 1,600-foot (490 m) long viaduct, constructed in 1893, that slopes down towards the Harlem River, continuing onto the Macombs Dam Bridge, crossing over (but not intersecting with) the Harlem River Drive.
Keystone Corridor

2975.00 руб.*

Keystone Corridor

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Keystone Corridor is a Federal Railroad Administration "designated high speed corridor" with a 349-mile railroad line between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a top speed of 110 miles per hour. As of November 1, 2006, the track from Lancaster to Parkesburg was upgraded to 110 mile per hour operation, with the section between Paoli and Philadelphia going through a similar upgrade as part of a USD $145 million project. Amtrak currently runs two intercity rail services along the Keystone Corridor: the Harrisburg to New York City Keystone Service and the Pittsburgh to New York City Pennsylvanian. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority operates daily R5 commuter rail service between Philadelphia and Thorndale, serving the communities along the eastern part of line known as the "Main Line."
Montague Street Tunnel

4614.00 руб.*

Montague Street Tunnel

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Montague Street Tunnel carries the M N R trains of the New York City Subway under the East River between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It opened to revenue service on Sunday, August 1, 1920 at 2 am with a holiday schedule, the same day as the 60th Street Tunnel. Regular service began Monday, August 2, 1920. The two new tunnels allowed passengers to make an 18-mile (29 km) trip from Coney Island, through Manhattan on the BMT Broadway Line, to Queens for a 5 cent fare. The original construction cost was $9,867,906.52, almost twice that of the 60th Street Tunnel.
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

4032.00 руб.*

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The in- construction Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is a series of bridges and tunnels that will connect the west side of Hong Kong to Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai, which are situated on the west side of the Pearl River Delta. The proposed 50 kilometres (31.1 mi) link is expected to cost US $10.7 billion. With its length, it would become one of the landmarks within the area. Though overall length exceeds the Second Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the United States, which is 38.4 kilometres (23.9 mi) long according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest bridge section (between the artificial islands containing the Macau exit of the tunnel and the Macau border facilities), which will include three cable-stayed spans with spans between 280 and 460 m, will be 22.8 kilometres (14.2 mi) long. Construction formally began on 15 December 2009. It is due to be completed in 2016.
Black & Decker Trim & Finish Carpentry, with DVD, 2nd Edition: Tips & Techniques from the Pros

2615.00 руб.*

Editors of Creative Publishing

Black & Decker Trim & Finish Carpentry, with DVD, 2nd Edition: Tips & Techniques from the Pros

This volume shows DIY homeowners the tips and techniques pros use to get beautiful precision when installing crown moldings, chair rails, paneling, and window & door millwork. It’s a book for the serious DIYer looking to elevate his or her handiwork from the realm of basic competence to fine craftwork. The accompanying DVD video includes six key trimwork projects, including the tricky process of measuring, cutting and fitting mitered sprung-cove moldings around a ceiling, as well as the entire print edition of the book in electronic form.
Handbook of Rigging: For Construction and Industrial Operations

10972.00 руб.*

Joseph MacDonald, W. Rossnagel, Lindley Higgins

Handbook of Rigging: For Construction and Industrial Operations

The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Operating Safe, Efficient Rigging Systems. Recent years have seen an abundance of changes in the rigging industry. This popular, hands-on reference brings you completely up to date on equipment, materials, systems, and regulations that affect your profession. Whether you are a maintenance technician, hoist operator, worksite foreman, or any other specialist requiring the use of rigging equipment, this comprehensive guide will help ensure that your projects are completed in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing safety and efficiency. Inside this fully updated guide to rigging: A broader-than-ever look at lifting, hoisting, and scaffolding operations; Brand-new section covering the safe operation of equipment and rigging systems; Up-to-date information on EPA and OSHA regulations governing the use of rigging equipment; Directory of associations...
Energy Performance of Residential Buildings : A Practical Guide for Energy Rating and Efficiency

15302.00 руб.*

Mat Santamouris

Energy Performance of Residential Buildings : A Practical Guide for Energy Rating and Efficiency

Mat Santamouris a recognized expert in building physics and the application of solar and energy-efficiency technologies, is Associate Professor in the Physics Department, University of Athens, Greece, and Visiting Professor at the University of North London. He has had many books published in this field and is on the editorial board for four journals.
Thermal Imaging Cameras: Principles and Practice

7747.00 руб.*

Don Flanagan

Thermal Imaging Cameras: Principles and Practice

Managing the Construction Process : Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Control (3rd Edition)

14044.00 руб.*

Frederick E. Gould

Managing the Construction Process : Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Control (3rd Edition)

Book Description Comprehensive and unique in its perspective, this reliable, easy-to-read book covers all areas of the Construction Management industry—with a balanced focus on both theory and practicality. It helps users gain a working knowledge of the whole Building Industry, as well as the technical skills required to manage a construction project from conception through occupancy. It emphasizes current industry practices, making it a useful reference for the construction professional. All topic areas are clearly marked for easy reference; these include: construction project management, contracts and delivery methods, detailed estimating, scheduling, network construction, project control, and project updating. For construction professionals, including engineers, technicians, schedulers, and planners.
Cascade Tunnel

3453.00 руб.*

Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, John McBrewster

Cascade Tunnel

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The first Cascade Tunnel was a 2.6-mile (4.2 km) long single track railroad tunnel at Stevens Pass through the Cascade Mountains approximately 65 miles (105 km) to the east of Everett, Washington. It was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1900 to avoid problems caused by heavy winter snowfalls on the original line that had eight Zig Zags (switchbacks). The second tunnel, a 7.8-mile (12.5 km) replacement of the earlier tunnel, was put in service on January 12, 1929 and is still in operation, connecting Chelan County on its east with King County on its west.

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн дома и строительство



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