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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...

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South India Under Vijayanagara: Art and Archaeology

14085.00 руб.*

Anila Verghese

South India Under Vijayanagara: Art and Archaeology

This volume brings together thirty years of research on both the Hampi-Vijayanagara site and the Vijayanagara Empire. It is divided into two equal parts. The first concentrating on Hampi-Vijayanagara, investigates Vijayanagara scholarship, archaeological work, issues related to the conservation and heritage, photography, sculptures, and sacred topography. The second links the city with the wider regions of the empire. The themes explored include Ramayana and Vijayanagara paintings, development of regional architecture, temple inscriptions, Shaivite ascetic sculptures, portrait-sculpture, and Vijayanagara coinage. This book will interest scholars and students of medieval Indian history, archaeology, architecture, and religion, particularly those concerned with Vijayanagara Empire and south India.
Piero Della Francesca: San Francesco, Arezzo

2627.00 руб.*

Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, Piero

Piero Della Francesca: San Francesco, Arezzo

Italian Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca combined deep humanism and passionate faith in his most famous fresco cycle, The Legend of the True Cross , completed around 1466 in the Church of San Francesco in Arezzo. His narrative scenes dealing with the death of Adam, the Annunciation, Sheba and Solomon, Emperor Constantine's vision on the eve of a battle and so forth transformed popular fables into "heroic myths" about the triumph of Christianity over paganism, as art historian Lavin notes in this erudite monograph which reproduces the entire fresco cycle. The author, who has taught at Yale and Princeton, deciphers the cycle's political overtones, for example, its allusions to Italian princes' concern about the ever-increasing danger posed by the Ottoman empire. Lavin also analyzes the qualities that make Piero's art so contemporary, observing that his preoccupied, silent figures "offer some assurance that there is a realm where human intelligence rules, where it is still worth...
The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii: The Decorations (The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii)

39816.00 руб.*

Roger Ling

The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii: The Decorations (The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii)

Book DescriptionThis volume is the second in a series of five on the Insula (city block) of the Menander at Pompeii. The first (on the structures) and the fourth (on the silver treasure) have already been published; the third (on the objects) and the fifth (on the graffiti) are in preparation. The Insula of the Menander, approximately 3500 sq. m. in area, derives its name from the House of the Menander, one of the best-known dwellings of the ancient city. This was evidently the property of one of Pompeii's leading citizens. Renowned for its architectural grandeur and for the hoard of 110 pieces of silver plate found in a cellar, it also yielded room upon room of splendid wall-paintings and mosaic pavements, ranging in date from the first century BC to the eve of the eruption of AD 79. In addition to this dominant house, the block contains several smaller houses--notably the House of the Lovers and the House of the Craftsman--most of which contain further paintings and pavements of...
Stephan von Huene: The Song of the Line

5101.00 руб.*

Marvin Altner, Petra Oelschlagel, Stephan von Huene

Stephan von Huene: The Song of the Line

Stephan von Huene (1932-2000) emerged as a pioneer in sound art in the 1960s alongside John Cage, Ed Kienholz and Allan Kaprow. His mechanical sound sculptures drew on the work of all these artists, combining chance sound with assemblage art and performative happening. Making his mark with visually seductive furniture-like acoustic objects such as the "Kaleidophonic Dog," that recall the assemblages of Ed Kienholz, von Heune eventually turned his mechanical marvels towards their performative possibilities, involving his listener-viewers in the production of sound. The Song of the Line examines the artist's works on paper--prints, collages, "mind maps" and sketches--and explicates their relation to his sculptures.
The Art of Ancient Greek Theater

6111.00 руб.*

The Art of Ancient Greek Theater

The Art of Ancient Greek Theater considers the vibrant imprint that ancient Greek tragedy and comedy left on the visual arts of classical Greece. Theatrical performance as we know it originated in the mid-sixth century B.C. with choral dances held in honor of Dionysos, the Greek god of wine and patron of the theater. The great tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, as well as the comedies of Aristophanes and Menander are preserved as some of the world’s most renowned literature and have formed the basis for theater performance as it is still practiced. Beyond being popular in their day, these plays inspired an array of lively paintings and sculpture, and those works represent, in some cases, the only evidence we have of some of the plays from ancient Greece. Over ninety of these objects—pottery vases, sculpture, reliefs, and masks—from museums across Europe and the United States are featured in this book. The nine insightful essays and over 130 illustrations reveal the...
Реализм ХХI века / 21st Century Realistic Art

1482.00 руб.*

Реализм ХХI века / 21st Century Realistic Art

Альбом "Реализм XXI века" является опытом обобщения различных творческих концепций и стилистических вариаций развития такого художественного явления, как реализм. Миллениум закрыл огромную главу истории мировой цивилизации, новые страницы которой только пишутся. Начало третьего тысячелетия от Рождества Христова становится временем радикальных перемен в социальной, научной и духовной сферах. Изменение политической карты мира, идеи глобализации, генная инженерия, появление нанотехнологий и другие открытия оказывают несомненное влияние и на художественную культуру. Существует немало различных точек зрения на историю искусства; отдельные теоретики и критики полагают, что великие традиции прошлого уже сыграли свою мессианскую роль, исчерпали себя, остались лишь в качестве наследия и не влияют на формирование актуальной культурной среды. Однако подобные утверждения опровергаются самой практикой искусства.
Contemporary Art and Philanthropy: Private Foundations, Asia-Pacific Focus

3325.00 руб.*

Edited by Nicholas Jose

Contemporary Art and Philanthropy: Private Foundations, Asia-Pacific Focus

The second Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation Forum explores the current and future role of private foundations in sustaining contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region during a time of rapid development, transition, and change. The participants address the nature and economics of giving while taking into account the regional and international context in which art is produced and circulates.Nicholas Jose is chair of Australian studies at Harvard University. Other contributors include Elaine W. Ng, Carrillo Gantner, Britta Erickson, and Gene Sherman.
Lustrous Images from the Enlightenment: The Medals of the Dassiers of Geneva

7033.00 руб.*

William Eisler

Lustrous Images from the Enlightenment: The Medals of the Dassiers of Geneva

The first monograph dedicated to the most renowned family of medalists of the eighteenth century. This book examines the works that established the reputation of the Dassiers and presents their entire oeuvre to the world of international collectors.

2936.00 руб.*


The "death of painting" and its subsequent resurrection in transformed conditions is a leitmotif of the modern era. Painting's postconceptual resurgence at the start of the 1980s began a dramatic expansion of its field. If painting remains important today, it is because its contradictions have been acknowledged as artists have radically diversified the components of its production and presentation. This first anthology to focus on painting's multiple discourses over the last three decades brings together key statements, dialogues, and debates that have moved the conversation beyond the modern / postmodern dialectic while redefining the conditions necessary for an artwork to be described as "painting". The diversity of contemporary painting's meanings and practices encompasses the randomness and eclecticism associated with Web-based creation. Although for many the presence of paint endures, others have argued for painting to be classed not as a material but as a philosophical...
Richard Jackson

3357.00 руб.*

Andrew Berardini

Richard Jackson

This original monograph on the work of the Los Angeles-based artist accompanies the first major North American exhibition in over twenty years and documents site-specific paintings and other works created especially for this occasion. Trained as an engineer, Jackson juxtaposes his considerations of labor with the legacy of painting producing an astonishing range of unconventional forms. Several of his iconic works are featured and discussed. Richard Jackson has exhibited at Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume (Paris), Hauser & Wirth (Zurich), David Zwirner Gallery (New York) and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...



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