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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...

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Girl, Illustrated: Japanese Manga, Anime and Video Game Characters

2533.00 руб.*

Girl, Illustrated: Japanese Manga, Anime and Video Game Characters

Nearly 500 sensational illustrations with the taste of manga and anime. Manga, anime, and video games are some of Japana??s modern cultural contributions to the world. Girl, Illustrated is a provocative collection by 100 professional illustrators who rise above the throng in this subculture. It features 500 high-quality works in the manga and anime stylesa??which have been getting more and more popular all around the worlda??showing female characters in various enticing poses. This book will be a must-have for manga and anime fans, as well as for professionals in the video gaming industry. It will also be a useful source of information and inspiration, highlighting hot trends for those in the advertising and publishing fields. Featured illustrators are all from Japan, such as mota, Akatsuki Kato, gorobots, redjuice, refeia, Nino, Masakichi and more.
The Splendor of the Word: medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts at the New York Public Library

3952.00 руб.*

J. J. G. Alexander

The Splendor of the Word: medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts at the New York Public Library

The New York Public Librarys collection of nearly three hundred Western European illuminated manuscripts is one of the largest in America but also one that is very little known. Dating from the turn of the tenth century unto well into the period of the Renaissance, these works give vivid testimony to the creative impulses of the often nameless craftsmen who discovered ever-new ways of animating the contents of hand-produced books through inventive and sometimes exuberant manipulations of all the elements of the book: form and format, layout, script, decoration, illustration, and binding. To introduce this magnificent collection and many of its most important works to scholars and the wider audience, The Splendor of the Word presents one hundred manuscripts of particular cultural, historical, and artistic significance, selected from the Librarys collection by three of the most distinguished scholars in the field Jonathan J. G. Alexander, Professor of Fine Arts at! the Institute of Fine...
Pavement Chalk Artist: The Three-Dimensional Drawings of Julian Beever

3647.00 руб.*

Julian Beever

Pavement Chalk Artist: The Three-Dimensional Drawings of Julian Beever

Fascinating pavement chalk art by a master of the craft. The pavement chalk artist is a master of art, perspective, creativity and performance. Julian Beever is one such extraordinary master. More than just traditional flat drawings, the works Beever creates are uniquely three-dimensional anamorphic drawings. They are drawn in perspective and distorted so the subject can be viewed properly only from one particular viewpoint. For those who are standing in the right place, his chalk drawings invite them to step right into the scene or, in the case of the artist's well-known Swimming Pool in the High Street, dive right into the water. Pavement Chalk Artist includes a fabulous selection of Beever's most intriguing anamorphic drawings. Each one is accompanied by a description of the techniques he used and the challenges he overcame. These photographs record the development of his unusual skill and understanding of perspective. Readers can see how his art progresses and matures as he...
Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930s : Art, Politics, and the Psyche

13357.00 руб.*

Steven Harris

Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930s : Art, Politics, and the Psyche

Book DescriptionThis volume examines the intersection of Hegelian aesthetics, experimental art and poetry, Marxism and psychoanalysis in the development of the theory and practice of the Surrealist movement. Steven Harris analyzes the consequences of the Surrealists' efforts to synthesize their diverse concerns through the invention, in 1931, of the "object" and the redefining of their activities as a type of revolutionary science. He also analyzes the debate on proletarian literature, the Surrealists' reaction to the Popular Front, and their eventual defense of an experimental modern art.
Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez

3102.00 руб.*

Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez

Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez

Book DescriptionOne of the most important Latin American artists of the last decade, Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez creates candid, poetic, and at times disturbing and irreverent multi-media installations inspired by the vernacular culture and traditions of his home country. Commenting upon the paradoxical effects of globalization, Hernandez-Diez has turned such tricks as writing the names of great Western thinkers using the logos of four expensive, trendy, and colourful sneakers. This publication accompanies the Venezuelan artist's first major exhibition in the United States, and is complemented by scholarly essays from New Museum curator Dan Cameron, adjunct curator Gerardo Mosquera, and Venezuelan critics Jesus Fuenmayor and Monica Amor. Essays by Gerardo Mosquera, Dan Cameron, Monica Amor and Jesus Fuenmayor. Foreword by Lisa Phillips.
Renaissance Florence (Reissue) (Trade) (Perspectives (Prentice Hall Art History))

2558.00 руб.*

Richard N. Turner

Renaissance Florence (Reissue) (Trade) (Perspectives (Prentice Hall Art History))

Italian Renaissance Drawings: Technical Examination and Analysis

7394.00 руб.*

Janet, ED Ambers

Italian Renaissance Drawings: Technical Examination and Analysis

The drawings discussed here were included in the exhibition, 'Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings', held at the British Museum, London and the Uffizi Gallery, Florence in 2010-2011.
Willem de Kooning: The Artist's Materials

4339.00 руб.*

Susan F. Lake

Willem de Kooning: The Artist's Materials

This in-depth study of the paintings of Willem de Kooning from the 1940s through the 1970s breaks new ground in its analysis of the artist's working methods and yields new information about previously unreported materials. De Kooning's idiosyncratic working methods have long engendered intense speculation and debate among conservators and art historians, primarily on the basis of visual inspection and anecdotal accounts rather than rigorous technical analysis. This is the first systematic study of de Kooning's creative process to use comprehensive scientific examinations of the artist's pigments, binders, and supports to inform art historical interpretations, thereby presenting a key to the complicated evolution of the artist's work. Written for conservation scientists, conservators, specialists in modern art history, museum curators, and practicing artists, this book offers insights into the way an artist can achieve radical changes in style. The technical discussions will...
Modern Means: Continuity and Change in Art, 1880 to present

5302.00 руб.*

Deborah Wye

Modern Means: Continuity and Change in Art, 1880 to present

Book DescriptionThis study of the modern and contemporary periods approaches art from intertwining historic and thematic perspectives. Four fundamental and pervasive themes, flowering during certain moments yet enduring throughout the years, are exploredthrough examples of work in every medium represented in the Museum's collection. The first section, "Primal," treats work from 1880-1920 that explores primal forces such as sexuality, dreams, illness, death, and regeneration. Artists include Odilon Redon, Edvard Munch, Gustav Klimt, Henri Rousseau, and German Expressionist artists of Die Brucke. The second section, "Reductive," considers the period 1920-1950, and examines the work by Piet Mondrian, Kasimir Malevich, and Wassily Kandinsky, exploring the impulse toward a visual language that expresses thought and emotion without representation or other associations to the world around us. Section three, "Everyday," looks at production from 1950-1970, when artists like Andy Warhol,...
The Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderers' Story

3395.00 руб.*

Jan Messent

The Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderers' Story

Blending historical facts and an absorbing account concentrating on the practical aspects of creating such a mammoth piece of art, this survey examines the mysteries behind a centuries-old artifact, the Bayeux Tapestry. Through vividly detailed illustrations impeccably true to the piece's intricately worked characters and elements, this volume offers a thoughtful envisioning of the stories of the women involved in embroidering the piece - their identities, materials, methods, organization, working conditions, and venues. Incorporating a sketchbook feel that evokes a sense of a work in process, the chronicle pieces together an extensively researched and colorful narrative that helps place the famous embroidery in a plausible context. The author's reconstruction of the final eight feet that are missing from the tapestry will be of particular interest to embroiderers.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...



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