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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...

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Rob Kesseler: Up Close

5011.00 руб.*

Jenni Lomax

Rob Kesseler: Up Close

The exotic forms and luscious colors of the plant world and the way in which they infiltrate every aspect of our lives have been a source of inspiration for Rob Kesseler throughout his artistic career.
Italian Frescoes: The Early Renaissance

6200.00 руб.*

Steffi Roettgen

Italian Frescoes: The Early Renaissance

Certain Italian fresco cycles, notably the Brancacci Chapel in Florence by Masaccio, Masolino, and Filippino Lippi, are well known. Others, such as Piero della Francesca's work in Arezzo and Benozzo Gozzoli's Chapel of the Magi in Florence, have been reproduced countless times. Yet no publisher — until now — has attempted to gather together and document in extensive photographs the essential fresco cycles of the early Italian Renaissance. The list of works covers the regions of Italy, from the Alpine mountain areas to Puglia, with an emphasis on Tuscany and Florence, the artistic center that gave life to the Renaissance. Italian Frescoes: The Early Renaissance opens with a concise introductory text discussing various aspects of fifteenth-century fresco painting: artists, patronage, cultural and historical conditions, technical methods, and questions of local tradition. The central section of the book examines twenty-one fresco cycles, each...
Bologna Annual 2005 - Illustrators of Children's Books (Bologna Annual. Illustrators of Children's Books)

4741.00 руб.*

Bologna Annual 2005 - Illustrators of Children's Books (Bologna Annual. Illustrators of Children's Books)

Here is the official catalog of the 2005 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, showcasing recent work by some of the world's finest children's book illustrators. The exhibition is one of the largest and most prestigious international competitions for children's book artists, attracting nearly 3,000 artists from some sixty countries, narrowed down to the 85 artists presented in this catalog. The cover features the work of Max Velthuijs, winner of the 2004 Hans Christian Andersen Medal. Filled with a wide variety of paintings, drawings, and collages chosen for their originality and artistic quality, it's the ideal reference for all who delight in the magic of children's book art.
Miniatures in the Wallace Collection

6037.00 руб.*

Stephen Duffy, Christoph Vogtherr

Miniatures in the Wallace Collection

The 4th Marquess of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace were both passionate collectors of miniatures, exquisite small paintings in watercolor or enamel, generally made for private contemplation and one of the most popular mediums of portraiture in an age before the advent of photography. This book features over seventy of the finest miniatures in the Wallace Collection, all of them reproduced in color, most for the first time. The volume spans the period from the mid-16th to the late-19th centuries. The entries include much new information on the miniatures and are accompanied by images of related works in the Wallace Collection and elsewhere. There are introductory essays on the history of the collection and on French eighteenth-century miniatures, a particular highlight of the collection. Exceptional among English-language publications in its focus on French miniatures, this book offers a fascinating and tantalizing glimpse into the magical world of the miniature.

6979.00 руб.*

Miwon Kwon, Kayo Tokuda


Japanese publisher Tetsuhiko Fukutake has transformed the island of Naoshima into an art lover's paradise. Located off the west coast of Japan, the island is home to Ando-designed museums showcasing works by Walter De Maria, James Turrell, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Bruce Nauman and David Hockney, as well as public installations by Cai Guo-Qiang and Yayoi Kusama.
Proyectos / On Translation: La Alameda

4772.00 руб.*

Antoni Muntadas

Proyectos / On Translation: La Alameda

Book DescriptionSpanish vanguard artist Antoni Muntadas has long considered the process of language and translation as his base materials. In a 1995 manifesto, the artist proclaimed his concern with the way in which the transmission of information through different systems and its subsequent translation can transform, fragment, deform, and even obscure or censor any original meaning. Since then, Muntadas' work has continuously been fed by such concerns. This current catalogue is no exception. An extension of Muntadas' recent solo show at the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda in Mexico City, this publication offers a critical view of what the artist proposes in his deconstruction of language. Essays by Magalie Arriola, Nestor Garcia Canclini, and FranciscoReyes Palma. Paperback, 9.5 x 8.25 in. / 184 pgs / 108 color and 40 b&w.
Brunelleschi's Egg: Nature, Art, and Gender in Renaissance Italy

7503.00 руб.*

Mary D. Garrard

Brunelleschi's Egg: Nature, Art, and Gender in Renaissance Italy

Feminist historians of science and philosophy have shown that during the Italian Renaissance, the profound shift in the concept of nature - from an organic worldview to the scientific - was assisted by the gender metaphor that defined nature as female. In this provocative and groundbreaking book, Mary D.Garrard extends this analysis to the history of art and proposes that the larger shift was both anticipated and mediated by the visual arts. In case studies of such major figures as Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pontormo, Giorgione, and Titian, Garrard examines the changing relationship of art and nature in the Renaissance, and shows how they were cast by artists and theorists as gendered competitors in a steadily escalating rhetoric.
Mysteries of the Snake Goddess: Art, Desire, and the Forging of History

1826.00 руб.*

Kenneth Lapatin

Mysteries of the Snake Goddess: Art, Desire, and the Forging of History

Amazon.comIn Mysteries of the Snake Goddess , Kenneth Lapatin traces the murky origins (and seriously debunks the authenticity of) "the most refined and precious" surviving object of Minoan art. The gold-and-ivory figure, now residing in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, was discovered in the early 20th century by renowned archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. Other, related figures (of equally dubious origin) retain pride of place in several North American and European museums. They are almost certainly forgeries, according to Lapatin, or at best, "neither entirely genuine nor fully fake." This is not a crime story but rather a tale of well-meaning overextrapolation. Evans, and others, took kernels of evidence to bake a large loaf of an idealized, matriarchal Cretan civilization. In short, Evans's desire to believe clouded his scientific caution. As well, Lapatin gently points out that very often our re-creations of the past are influenced by the ideas, mores, and, even,...
Treasures of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings: Cultural Travel Guide

3226.00 руб.*

Kent Weeks

Treasures of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings: Cultural Travel Guide

Here is a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the vast and stunning collection of art and antiquities found in Egypt's archaeological paradise, the Valley of the Kings. The Tomb of Tutankhamun and its contents are featured prominently, as are the temples of Luxor and Karnak, the dromos, the Luxor Museum, the Chapel of Achoris, the Valley of Asasif, the Ramesseum, the Valley of the Queens, and the Colossi of Memnon. Dendera, Esna, Abydos Edfu, and Korn Ombo-all peripheral locations to the major sites-are included because their state of preservation makes them especially interesting for visitors and scholars. Weeks has spent his career documenting the regions and infuses this guide with a level of clarity and detail not previously achieved in a handbook.

1161.00 руб.*

F. Mason Perkins


This is an OCR edition without illustrations or index. It may have numerous typos or missing text. However, purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original rare book from GeneralBooksClub.com. You can also preview excerpts from the book there. Purchasers are also entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Original Published by: G. Bell and sons in 1902 in 254 pages; Subjects: Art / General; Art / History / General; Art / European; Art / History / Renaissance; Art / Individual Artist;

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Школы, периоды, стили...



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