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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Мода

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Handbags (Schiffer Reference Book for Collectors)

3734.00 руб.*

Roseann Ettinger

Handbags (Schiffer Reference Book for Collectors)

Book DescriptionAn increasingly popular collector's item, the handbag has been considered a prominent component to fashion. Handbags presents diverse examples by the hundreds from pouches worn in the Dark Ages and early chatelaines and pockets of the Middle Ages to contemporary handbags. The trail follows the handbag's evolution as it has related to fashion and been influenced by history. Discussed by shape, style, material and designer, the hundreds of color photographs and factual text accompany periodadvertisements of handbags to pique a reader's curiosity as this segment of the fashion world is uncovered. This new third edition includes new photos and updated pricing information.
Image Matters For Men: How to Dress for Success!

2000.00 руб.*

Veronique Henderson, Pat Henshaw

Image Matters For Men: How to Dress for Success!

Let’s face it, most men need fashion advice, and few of them are going to receive a visit from the Queer Eye gang. That’s where Image Matters for Men comes in. In seven idea-packed chapters the average Joe will learn which clothes will flatter his coloring and his build, which tie goes with which shirt, and which haircut and style of eyeglasses suit the shape of his face. There are detailed charts for mixing and matching colors and hundreds of photos of handsomely dressed models to help every man develop his own personal sense of style. The final chapter completes the head-to-toe makeover with detailed advice on beards and mustaches, shaving products, and facial skin care.
South African Fashion: South African Fashion Designers, Hendrik Vermeulen, Kara Janx, Simon Rademan, Nkhensani Manganyi, Victor Stiebel

800.00 руб.*

South African Fashion: South African Fashion Designers, Hendrik Vermeulen, Kara Janx, Simon Rademan, Nkhensani Manganyi, Victor Stiebel

Chapters: South African Fashion Designers, Hendrik Vermeulen, Kara Janx, Simon Rademan, Nkhensani Manganyi, Victor Stiebel. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 20. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Hendrik Vermeulen (born Hendrik Mentz Vermeulen April 7, 1982) is a South African fashion designer (couturier), specialising in Haute Couture and Corsetry. Hendrik Vermeulen. Hendrik Vermeulen was born on April 7, 1982, in the small town of Fauresmith, Free State, South Africa. After losing his father to cancer at age 6, he spent most of his time with his mother, Gerbrecht Christina Naude, in her sewing room, learning the basics of dress making. At age of 15, Hendrik Vermeulen sold his first evening dress. He started to focus all his attention on the fashion industry by attending various related workshops and classes. In 2001 he enrolled in an...
Filippo Catarzi. Intrecci da capogiro: Cento anni di creativita e abilita / One hundred years of creativity and skill (TESTI E STUDI) (English and Italian Edition)

3337.00 руб.*

Filippo Catarzi. Intrecci da capogiro: Cento anni di creativita e abilita / One hundred years of creativity and skill (TESTI E STUDI) (English and Italian Edition)

English summary: The straw hats from Florence, known in Europe as chapeaux de paille d'Italie and in the rest of the world as Leghorn hats, are the remarkable production of the Signa (Florence) community. The firms working in this sector are numerous and many of them can boast a hundred-year-old activity. Among them is the Catarzi family company that this year celebrates its hundredth anniversary in the same place it was founded. It is a happy occasion and the Museo della Paglia e dell'Intreccio joins in the celebrations by welcoming in the Eventi section of the Testi e Studi series, this volume published by the Catarzi family which retraces the history of the family and of their enterprise by setting it in the more general background of the history of artistic handicrafts. In the hundred-year span of its activity, the company, which has its seat in Via dei Colli , has put its fortune on a sound basis, employing generations of workers, and still continues to attract a very large...
100 Years of Fashion Illustration

1290.00 руб.*

Cally Blackman

100 Years of Fashion Illustration

A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over the last century. The book also offers an overview of the development of fashion, as seen through the eyes of the greatest illustrators of the day. Early in the century fashion illustration reflected new, liberating currents in art and culture, such as the exoticism of the Ballets Russes, while the postwar period saw inspiration from the great Parisian couturiers. After the dominance of the celebrity fashion photographer in the '60s, a new generation of illustrators emerged, embracing the medium of the computer, while many returned to more traditional techniques. Формат: 19,5 см x 25 см.
Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design

5381.00 руб.*

Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, Marie O'Mahony

Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design

The incredible intersection of textiles, design,and technology and how it influences our twenty-first-century way of life. Following on the success of the first edition of Techno Textiles , the updated Techno Textiles 2 is completely revised and incorporates over 200 new illustrations, all in color. Textile technology has radically evolved in recent years, and many of the ideas mentioned in the first edition have now become reality, while countless new ones have been conceived. Techno Textiles 2 highlights advanced textiles in production and available to the designer, artist, architect, and consumer today. Here are textiles for a new world: fabrics that shrink or expand to the desired size; textiles developed from carbon, steel, glass, and ceramics; materials that protect the wearer from environmental extremes on earth and in space. The book is divided into three sections: "Innovations" (how the newest textiles are imagined and made);...
Roberto Cavalli

2871.00 руб.*

Javier Arroyuelo

Roberto Cavalli

Book DescriptionRoberto Cavalli creates with the eye of an artist and the touch of an expert craftsman. His designs are completely original. An audacious master of patterns, he specializes in startling juxtapositions of materials, textures and themes: patinas and metallurgy, zebra skins and Op Art, leopard spots and giant flowers, embellished leathers and embroidered jeans, all reproduced in a vibrant technicolor rainbow. An entire coterie of artists and celebrities, from Madonna to Lenny Kravitz, has adopted his doctrine of glamour, making Cavalli's name synonymous with pop baroque, young decadence and sensual allure.
Funky Fashion Designer

514.00 руб.*

Bang on the Door!

Funky Fashion Designer

Nothing to Wear?: A Five-Step Cure for the Common Closet

3122.00 руб.*

Joe Lupo, Jesse Garza

Nothing to Wear?: A Five-Step Cure for the Common Closet

At last, a revolutionary solution to the age-old quandary of too many clothes but "nothing to wear!" Whether dressing for a date or an important work presentation, every day millions of women throw open their closets, stare blankly into the abyss, and mutter, "I've got nothing to wear!" despite the countless dollars they spend on clothes and accessories. At once simple and unique, Nothing to Wear? reveals a stylish cure for the common closet, based on the five-step process that has made Visual Therapy(tm) a hit for more than ten years with fashion editors and clients alike. Walking the reader through the process of identifying her natural style (who she is and how her fashion "personality" aligns with the image she wants to portray), the book then helps her perform a thorough "love it or leave it" examination of her wardrobe, eliminating the old, out-of-date, too-tight, too-loose clutter and re-establishing an authentic sense of style-getting her into her...
Walking Dreams: Salvatore Ferragamo, 1898-1960

5699.00 руб.*

Stefania Ricci, Glanz Margo, Mercedes Iturbe

Walking Dreams: Salvatore Ferragamo, 1898-1960

Walking Dreams explores the life and work of the legendary Italian shoe designer, an artist who revolutionized footwear by introducing new styles and innovative materials that called up associations with furniture, domestic objects and radical architecture. Ferragamo's work was always experimental, from cork wedges made from Italian wine-stoppers to stiletto heels, both of which he invented, to towering platforms in pressed and rounded layers, sometimes sculpted or painted, sometimes decorated with gems or shockingly tiny mirror mosaics. Over the years, Ferragamo patented systems for making leather substitutes, systems for producing raffia or jersey uppers, heels made of transparent bakelite, and wooden soles held together with traditional joinery. Walking Dreams includes texts on the historical, artistic, social and erotic elements of Ferragamo's work, as well as 80 mind-boggling portraits of his most radical and influential pieces, all of which were selected from the archive of...

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Мода



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