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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results

3867.00 руб.*

Mike Rother

Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results

This game-changing book puts you behind the curtain at Toyota, providing new insight into the legendary automaker's management practices and offering practical guidance for leading and developing people in a way that makes the best use of their brainpower. Drawing on six years of research into Toyota's employee-management routines, Toyota Kata examines and elucidates, for the first time, the company's organizational routines-called kata-that power its success with continuous improvement and adaptation. The book also reaches beyond Toyota to explain issues of human behavior in organizations and provide specific answers to questions such as: - How can we make improvement and adaptation part of everyday work throughout the organization? - How can we develop and utilize the capability of everyone in the organization to repeatedly work toward and achieve new levels of performance? - How can we give an organization the power to handle dynamic, unpredictable...
Sixties Design

926.00 руб.*

Philippe Garner

Sixties Design

Sixties Design provides a richly illustrated survey of a remarkable decade. The text reviews the period through certain all-important themes-the Modernist continuum, pop culture, space age styles, utopian ambitions and 'anti-design', identifying the impact of new thinking on every area of design. Embracing a wide variety of media, and making connections between domestic and industrial design, graphics, film, fashion, architecture and city planning, the illustrations highlight the best design examples of the decade. Формат: 23 см х 31 см.
Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days

4706.00 руб.*

Robert Sidorsky

Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days

An invitation to the ultimate golfing journey, this new addition to Abrams' highly successful 365 Days series takes the reader around the globe to visit 365 of the most sensational courses ever created. Stunning photographs by the world's leading golf photographers capture the spectacular scenery and signature views of each course, while informative texts discuss their history, natural setting, design, notable holes, and native vegetation. The vast array of distinctive layouts shows golf's enduring ability to adapt to every type of terrain or ecosystem, and Golf Courses of the World: 365 Days covers them all. The book includes renowned courses in golf strongholds such as Pebble Beach in the U.S., Royal Melbourne in Australia, and St. Andrews in Scotland, as well as hidden gems in exotic locales like Indonesia, Nepal, Dubai, Kenya, and Brazil. For everyone from armchair golfers to serious players who want to add a little variety to their game, this sumptuous...
Season of the Western Witch

2290.00 руб.*

Georganne Deen

Season of the Western Witch

Book DescriptionSeason of the Western Witch marks the debut of Los Angeles artist Georganne Deen's poetry. Deen began compiling her poetry from her early childhood in Fort Worth, Texas and has since developed an intensely personal style by mixing nurseryrhymes with perfume ads, new age ideas, beat poetry, and rock-n roll-madness. A peep show into a fierce and fragile comedy most would be loathe to lay open, the book features a foreword by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and a CD packed with material by Deen, Moore, and Mortensen.
New Architecture and Technology

2620.00 руб.*

Gyula Sebestyen

New Architecture and Technology

New Architecture and Technology traces the interrelationship between technological development and building design. Understand the influence of technology through examples of contemporary buildings. Learn from the practical evaluation of successes and failures in modern architecture. Take inspiration from the explanation of current design trends. The book explains how buildings and cities have evolved to meet the needs of people who use the latest technology. Not only do architects plan and design using newly - developed computer software, but their structures are built with modern construction techniques and continually - improving materials. Covering the full range of technologies from material science to telecommunications, this book explains the face of the contemporary city and points the way to future developments in architectural design.
The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette

2036.00 руб.*

Marie-France Boyer

The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette

"Evocative photography and a wealth of detail make the book a visual treat."? Interior Design Marie Antoinette, whose marriage at fifteen made her queen of France before she was twenty, died under the blade of the guillotine in 1793. She has been romanticized as the martyred queen, admired as the personification of eighteenth-century French royal style, and vilified as the Austrian whose frivolous extravagance and foreign sympathies fired the French Revolution. This book turns aside from the official portraits and great historical events to rediscover the private places and objects that reflect Marie Antoinette's personality and reveal her more directly to our modern gaze. Beautifully photographed by FranA§ois Halard, the rooms and buildings she inhabited are shown here in fascinating detail, from the distinctive fabrics and furnishings to the queen's favorite objects?an amber curiosity, a Chinese lacquer gift from her mother, a porcelain bowl. 123...
Mega Malls

2440.00 руб.*

Julio Fajardo

Mega Malls

One single word best sums up human behaviour overthe past 150 years: consumption. And the unbridled frenzy with which humankind has come to need newer things at a quicker pace has found its ultimate expression in the mall. The mall concept was invented in Europe in the late 19th century - in the form of shopping arcades - and has evolved to become the huge complexes that we see today. In "Mega Malls", we see that the mall has become a place where we can satisfy even the most insignificant of our needs, and for many years now this has involved much more than simply supplying ourselves with food or any other item imaginable. As shown in the variety of projects selected in this compilation - chosen from among the most impressive shopping centres in the world - the mall has become a place offering shopping and entertainment in equal doses. Through the full-coloured images and illustrations in "Mega Malls", it is not hard to see how malls have become an all-encompassing feature in our...
How To Draw Manga Volume 35: Costume Encyclopedia Volume 3: Sexy Sports Wear (How to Draw Manga)

2170.00 руб.*

Hikaru Hayashi, Kimiko Morimoto, Go Office

How To Draw Manga Volume 35: Costume Encyclopedia Volume 3: Sexy Sports Wear (How to Draw Manga)

This collection of sports-related uniforms - applicable to all fields of art including manga, book illustration, and animation - is full of sexy offshoot costumes such as race-queen and cheerleader uniforms. Featuring more than 3,000 images, this volume presents sports uniforms from a wide range of angles. To boot, the end of the book also includes a discussion of basic uniform structure and design.
Scandinavian Modern Home

2139.00 руб.*

Elizabeth Wilhide

Scandinavian Modern Home

"Scandinavian Modern Home" traces the development of the most influential and enduring design movement of the twentieth century. From the late 1920s onwards, architects and designers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland were responsible for a range of contemporary homes, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glassware and other products that defined an approach to modern living. What characterises Scandinavian modern is its approachability; the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines and attention to basic practicality and comfort. These are all key design trademarks that are detailed within this book to give a clear understanding of what constitutes the Scandinavian modern style. This book combines a collector's guide to the classic products of Scandinavian modern design, with advice on how to put the look together using the design trademarks of the movement. It then goes on to explore some of the most unique and interesting homes across the...
100 New Fashion Designers

1729.00 руб.*

Hywel Davies

100 New Fashion Designers

The fashion industry has always celebrated innovative design, and young, talented fashion designers can make a huge impact as they explore new ideas and push boundaries. This book showcases the diverse and unique work of the best 100 new creatives in fashion design from around the world. These designers are characterized by their single-minded interpretation of clothing and their ambition to present alternative solutions in dressing for their customers. The book focuses on designers still in the first decade of their career, either working alone on their own label or brand or teamed up into small companies, showcasing collections. As well as pinpointing the best new talent worldwide, this visually stunning survey provides a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge imagery, including original design work, drawings, and photography. The ultimate reference guide to the world's movers and shakers in fashion today, this is a book all fashionistas will want to own....

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Дизайн и Декоративное искусство



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