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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография

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Picture Perfect English Villages

1059.00 руб.*

James Bentley

Picture Perfect English Villages

Clustered around its parish church and green, or strung out along a curving road, the English village often seems the very embodiment of tranquillity. Winding lanes, thatched cottages, and red-brick Georgian houses bespeak a way of life that has developed peacefully over centuries, uninterrupted by war or invasion. Yet, the occasional castle or fortified manor house bears testimony to a more turbulent past, and it should not be forgotten that the style of many village churches - Romanesque or Norman - was originally borne across the English Channel on the wave of conquest. Each English village possesses its own distinct character, formed by history, location, and, indeed, local building materials. There is a world of difference between the dark-stone villages of the north and the Pennines and the thatched, half-timbered architecture of East Anglian and southern communities. Village forms and layout differ widely too. Eton, in Berkshire, is arranged along a high street and centered on...
New Orleans Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)

2715.00 руб.*

Sharon Keating

New Orleans Then and Now (Then & Now Thunder Bay)

Let the good times roll in New Orleans, home to Mardi Gras madness, the birthplace of jazz, and one of the most visited cities in America. Discover the extraordinary history and beauty of the Crescent City in New Orleans Then and Now in the exciting new second edition of the best-selling title. Explore the LaBranche buildings in the French Quarter and stroll among the splendorous Greek Revival homes in the Garden District. The tracks for horse-drawn streetcars may be gone, but these elegant structures remain largely unchanged. After more than a century, the French Market remains a hub for residents and visitors. Have a beignet and coffee at world-famous Cafe du Monde ? still open 24/7 after all these years. Come on down to the oldest surviving building on Canal Street. Originally built in 1821, this corner shop was home to the United Cigar Store, a barber shop and shoe repair; today it's a Wendy's.
The Architect's Handbook

1018.00 руб.*

Dimitris Kottas

The Architect's Handbook

Geometry and architectural drawing; Dimensions of the body; Design for the handicapped; Public buildings; Environmentally friendly architecture; Vehicles; Fire safety measures; Stairs and elevators; Pools and children's playgrounds; Structure; Materials; Insulation; Building inspection and detecting flaws; Installations; Unit conversion tables. Формат издания: 15 см х 21 см. Книга на английском языке.
The Cape Cod Cottage

2852.00 руб.*

William Morgan

The Cape Cod Cottage

The Cape Cod cottage has been one of America's most popular home styles for almost four hundred years. While a perennial domestic favorite, historians have long ignored the modest Cape Cod, relegating it to a vernacular footnote along with barns and mills. In The Cape Cod Cottage architectural historian and photographer William Morgan places this uniquely American house—a remarkable combination of necessity and tradition—in its historical context and makes a compelling argument for the reassessment of its place in the history of American architecture. The Cape Cod Cottage follows the uniquely American house type from its earliest beginnings in the colonial period, through its spread across New England, to its embrace as a suburban ideal in the twentieth century, and its reinterpretation by contemporary architects. Historical images of lost Capes augment beautiful new photographs taken speci?cally for the book. As a tribute to a special house, The Cape Cod Cottage...
How to Photograph Dogs

3327.00 руб.*

Nick Ridley

How to Photograph Dogs

Book Description Dog lovers and photographers alike will love this manual on how to take great shots of man’s best friend. Plenty of color images add extra appeal to the advice on equipment (including such things as squeakers and whistles, which get a pup’s attention); dog behavior; and handling puppies during a shoot. All the tricks of the trade are here, helping the amateur learn the all-important skill of “seeing” a good picture even as it’s happening. Almost any situation where Fido can be found is covered, with techniques for capturing it: dogs at work, resting, and at play. From photographing silhouettes to digital processes, every suggestion is easy to follow and fun to try.
Single-Camera Video Production, Fourth Edition (Media Manuals)

3778.00 руб.*

Robert B. Musburger

Single-Camera Video Production, Fourth Edition (Media Manuals)

Book DescriptionSingle-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition clearly explains the technology and the equipment of video production and details step-by-step the professional-level techniques that can be applied to any type of production or budget. In addition, this manual will train you to integrate technique, equipment, and creative concerns within the production processfrom preproduction planning through final editing. This new edition contains more in-depth information about the transition from analog to digital video production and includes the latest information on digital video and HD. It includes expanded coverage of nonlinear editing techniques and features a new organization that follows the actual shooting process more closely. Single-camera Video Production, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive yet succinct guide to single-camera video production. Written as part of the Focal Press Media Manual series, each page of this helpful guide covers a specific issue...

5415.00 руб.*

Petter Hegre


Photographer Peter Hegre and Luba were married in the Summer of 2003. In 250 color photos exuding sensuality and devoid of taboo, this volume is a declaration of unconditional love. Petter Hegre studied photography at the Brooks Institutein Santa Barbara and was an assistant to Richard Avedon. Text in English and German.

3198.00 руб.*

Lena Lencek


Book DescriptionThe authors of Beaches take a breathtaking photographic journey to places that have the ineffable power to revive and inspire the human spirit. We are transported to the severe beauty of Richard Misrach?s desert, the haunting moodiness of Joel Meyerowitz?s seascape, the twisted and searing reds of Eliot Porter?s sandstone caves. Gideon Bosker and Lena Lencek pair the images with poetry and reflections on the history and nature of pilgrimage. At the back of the book, they include a wish list of far-flung outposts from which to embark on a pilgrimage of one?s own. With 90 full-color photographs of the most evocative and soul-stirring spots on earth, Pilgrimage is both a celebration of the spiritual trek and a destinationof note in itself.
Guinea Pig Adventures 2 (Volume 1)

3267.00 руб.*

Karine Jans

Guinea Pig Adventures 2 (Volume 1)

A photo-storybook about guinea pigs.
Ghosthunter: A Journey through Haunted France

4259.00 руб.*

Simon Marsden

Ghosthunter: A Journey through Haunted France

Sir Simon Marsden is the kind of man you'd want around a campfire - his deep and resonant voice conveys the perfect combination of gallantry and intrigue that makes a good ghost story get under your skin. And what ghost stories he has! In pursuit of his lifelong passion, he has traversed the globe capturing images of the supernatural in his signature, atmosphere-charged photographs. His latest work documents fifty haunted sites in France, from the burial place of Paris's finest in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, to the Sun King's Ch?teau de Versailles, and from the eerie abbey of the Mont St. Michel to the ch?teaux that dot the harsh landscape of the Pyrenees. France is rich in lore surrounding the Knights Templar, and Marsden has featured their stories prominently in this collection of indelible images. Each mysterious site has a tale behind it that is brought to life not only by Marsden's spectacular photography but also by his narrative that is worthy of a suspense novel. The...

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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