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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография

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Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography

3734.00 руб.*

Norman Phillips

Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography

This comprehensive resource provides insight into the strategies needed to devise and implement creative, flattering poses for children of all age groups, from newborns through preteens. Posing options are organized around the logical age groupings of babies, toddlers, children, and groups. An investigation of the impact of the color, texture, and shape of the posing prop on the image is included, as are ways to effectively use the parent as a prop for babies who are too young to support a pose. Strategies for working with on-the-go clients are detailed, such as having attention-getting playthings on hand that engage subjects, add dimension to the portrait, and ensure a better-posed image. Interactive games that capture and hold the attention of toddlers are described, and ideas for earning the trust of this subject group are also covered. Photographers will benefit from advice for working through tantrums, tears, and willful independence—skills that, while not in the realm...
Spring Portraits (Deluxe Notecards)

1734.00 руб.*

Spring Portraits (Deluxe Notecards)

Book DescriptionSlipcase with Velcro closure, 20 blank folded cards (5 images repeating 4 times), 20 envelopes
Japan: A Self-Portrait : Photographs 1945 - 1964

8969.00 руб.*

Osam Hiraki

Japan: A Self-Portrait : Photographs 1945 - 1964

Book Description The Japanese photographers in this volume are the undiscovered Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, or Doiseneau. From the 1945 bombing of Japan to the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, photography blossomed in the rapidly evolving country. Documentary photography that captured the horrors of war shifted to focus on the human strength for survival and solidarity. By the mid-1950s, Japan was at a crossroads between tradition and modernization, a contradiction immortalized by the most talented photographers of the time. Chosen for aesthetic merit and content, these 150 photographs are accompanied by essays from renowned Japanese experts, covering historical, social, and photographic perspectives. Three chapters reflect the different periods of this societal transformation and the evolution of Japanese photography from social realism to a subjective and increasingly personal style. Photographers: Ken Domon, Hiroshi Hamaya, Tadahiko Hayashi, Eikoh Hosoe, Yasuhiro Ishimoto,...
The Bridges Of New Jersey: Portraits Of Garden State Crossings

3310.00 руб.*

Steven M. Richman

The Bridges Of New Jersey: Portraits Of Garden State Crossings

Book Description"Steven Richman?s enthusiasm for New Jersey bridges is contagious. He helps us come to see the spans that he celebrates as structural gems and cultural treasures."?Henry Petroski, author of Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America New Jersey is sandwiched between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, with the Raritan, Passaic, and Navesink cutting swaths across it. In spite of the state?s relatively small size, over six thousand bridges span its varied landscape. They traverse rivers, streams, railroads, and roadways. Several dozen bridges cut across the Delaware River alone, carrying pedestrian, vehicular, and railroad traffic. Three connect the state to Staten Island. Some are steeped in history,dating back to the colonial era and the Revolutionary War. Others are recognized worldwide for their size or significance in the annals of engineering. In The Bridges of New Jersey, Steven M. Richman provides a rare photographic and...
San Francisco's Lost Landmarks (California/Old West)

1893.00 руб.*

James R. Smith

San Francisco's Lost Landmarks (California/Old West)

People who recall San Francisco's prior days bemoan that it just isn't the same... and they're right. San Francisco will always remain one of the world's great cities, but yesterday's San Francisco, with it's personalized style and charm, had no rival. With long-forgotten stories and evocative photographs, San Francisco's Lost Landmarks showcases the once-familiar sites that have faded into dim memories and hazy legends. Not just a list of places, facts, and dates, this pictorial history shows why San Francisco as been a legendary travel destination and one of the world's premier places to live and work for more than one hundred and fifty years. It not only tells of the lost landmarks, but also serves up the flavor of what it was like to experience these past treasures.

5622.00 руб.*


With the world as her canvas, and remote, esoteric sites as her subjects, Mary Heller has photographed in over 20 countries. The result is her stunning work Elsewhere, which presents 75 fine art images from her unique oeuvre. The subjects of these images are eclectic, yet each expresses Hellera??s unique and often mystical aesthetic approach. Her work has been called provocative, intriguing, and possessed of a mute eloquence, and now readers everywhere can see why, enjoying this fine photography in the comfort of their own homes.
My Nikon D300s

2235.00 руб.*

Grant Munroe

My Nikon D300s

The full-color, task-based, tip-filled guide to mastering the Nikon D300S - the DSLR that's changing the industry! Organized, formatted, and sized for easy, quick, on-the-go reference Step-by step instructions and hands-on exercises guide users to mastery of every important Nikon D300S feature, shooting mode, advanced setting, and technique Everything experienced photographers need to make the most of their new $1,700 investments! Nikon's eagerly-awaited D300S has arrived, and thousands of professional photographers and serious amateurs are investing $1,700 in this breakthrough DSLR. However, unlike its predecessors, the D300S doesn't provide preset modes. To make the most of your investment, you will need to thoroughly understand its settings and features. The solution is My Nikon D300S. Lightweight, friendly, thorough, and completely hands-on, it's the must-have companion for every Nikon D300S user. Long-time professional photographer Grant Munroe doesn't just describe...
Nature Reserves of Russia

667.00 руб.*

Nature Reserves of Russia

Quite a number of books have been published about the zapovedniks of Russia (which are strictly protected State nature reserves) but so far most of those books have been scientific. There are very few colourful popular publications, which can be readily understood by a broad readership. The creators of this book have worked hard to make their contribution to fill this gap. The easy, narrative text immerses readers into the world of preserved nature, giving the feeling that they are traveling within those beautiful areas. At the same time one can get to know the history of the zapovedniks, which was often difficult and dramatic. However, it is not enough to merely read about nature. It is also essential for understanding to see that nature. The wonderful photographs of landscape and wildlife, taken by our leading nature photographers, also form a significant and exciting part of this book. The authors and publishers of this book believe that when readers see and understand the beauty...
Georgina Masson: 1912-1980

3453.00 руб.*

Alessandra Capodiferro

Georgina Masson: 1912-1980

Book DescriptionGeorgina Masson is the literary pseudonym of Marion Johnson (1912-1980), "Babs" to her friends. An English citizen, Johnson was born in the Far East and lived and traveled in her youth throughout Africa, Europe and Asia. She settled in Rome in the early 1940s and remained in Italy until her return to England in 1978. A photographer and historian of architecture from ancient Rome to medieval Sicily, Masson was a profound and passionate connoisseur of Rome. Her celebrated Companion Guideto Rome , first published in 1965, and numerous photographic guides reveal her indefatigable curiosity and lively interests. The author of many studies and biographies, she devoted much effort to a study of Rome and Italian architecture, with particular attention to villas and gardens. As an expert on this subject matter, she published her own photographs in major publications such as Italian Villas and Palaces and Italian Villas and Gardens , published in 1959 and 1961...
Ostdeutschland/ East Germany

4006.00 руб.*

Michael Wesely

Ostdeutschland/ East Germany

Book DescriptionMention unusual pictorial worlds beyond time and space, or long exposure times, and photographer Michael Wesely comes to mind. Yet, here are his landscapes, which look more like color-field paintings than photographs. Those familiar with the artist's signature work may find themselves pleasantly surprised by this book, designed by Wesely himself. Essay by Philippe van Cauteren. Hardcover, 11.5 x 9.5 in./96 pgs / 90 color.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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