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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография

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Libera Me Book 1: Persona

4897.00 руб.*

Libera Me Book 1: Persona

On the Street

5154.00 руб.*

On the Street

Between 1980 and 1990, over five hundred of photographer Amy Arbus's impromptu and edgy portraits of New Yorkers appeared in the Village Voice's monthly fashion feature, "On the Street." The column's missive was to document the city's most adventurous trednsetters as they lived their lives. But Arbus's photographs tell much more than a style story. From the friendliest to the grittiest, every one of these images is a potent tribute to self-expression. Taken as a whole, they reflect an era of contradictions, a time in America when urban individualism and raw creativity were courageously fighting for breathing room and holding their own in a culture ruled by wealthy conservatism and Republican politics. For the first time since that hard-to-define decade, this time-capsule collection of images is being revisited. On the Street features seventy of the most revealing and expressive images taken by Arbus on the city’s fashion-fertile sidewalks. From the unknown to the...
Haiku Dreams: Voices From My Third Eye Vol. I

1721.00 руб.*

J. R. Salongo Lee III

Haiku Dreams: Voices From My Third Eye Vol. I

A collection of essays, Haiku and Tanka poetry and photographic images and paintings. Created over the span of 40 years they reflect the journey of an artist seeking his voice. Words and images from his third eye are use to express the hopes, fears, loves, joys and anger of a young black man searching for acceptance and a place in a ever changing world.

1468.00 руб.*

Bruce Curtis


Book DescriptionOur stunning 96-page gift book is an exquisite tribute to the most elegant and delicate of potted plants, a perennial favorite among the discriminating. Collected here are 46 resplendent images of cattleya, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, dendrobium, miltonia, and other popular varieties, accompanied by inspirational words from poets, scientists, philosophers, artists, and writers. Orchids delivers a positive message of renewal and strength through memorable words and images, focusing on such attributes as growth, strength, and beauty as embodied by the flowers themselves.
Sense of the City: An Alternate Approach to Urbanism

6841.00 руб.*

Edited by Mirko Zardini

Sense of the City: An Alternate Approach to Urbanism

Challenging the dominance of the visual in the urban environment, the exhibition catalogue "Sense of the City" proposes a re-thinking and re-presenting of the city, and offers a more complex analysis of the qualities, comforts, communication systems, and sensory dimensions of urban life. From darkness and night to urban soundscapes, to the urban air and climate, this book presents a new, "sensorial" approach to urbanism. In defense of public spaces in contemporary cities, writer Cedric Price has observed that "mental, physical, and sensory well-being is required." Included here is a rich collection of images on the different urban themes addressed in the exhibition, along with a series of insightful and critical essays. Формат издания: 17 см х 24,5 см.
Sitges (French Edition)

4376.00 руб.*

Carles Marques

Sitges (French Edition)

Sitges is light turned into white town, with the blue strip of the sea. It was founded by Iberians and Romans, and was the capital of Modernism. The Garraf massif protects it and almost makes it an island, half way between Cuba and Greece, but with a very singular personality. However, Sitges is a plural word, and that alone tells us everything. A small multiracial, multicultural and multi-everything town. A welcoming retreat of calm and civilisation, which knows how to turn to debauchery at Carnival time. The artistic and cultural trail, marked by great names, continues along its path with studios and art galleries. Sitges, moreover, is a city of congresses, quality hotels, sailing, open-air sports, popular and sophisticated gastronomy, cinema, with the film festival, and well-known personalities, who wander around unnoticed like any other citizen of Sitges.
Antonin Kratochvil

1912.00 руб.*

Michael Persson

Antonin Kratochvil

Book DescriptionAntonin Kratochvil was born in Czechoslovakia in 1947, the son of a local photographer, and the youngest of three children. On September 13, 1967, unable to endure the persecution in his homeland, he escaped under the barbed wire of the country's border with Austria. A four-year period of refugee camps, hostile foreign countries, and separation from family and friends ensued. In 1972, Kratochvil moved to the United States' West Coast to begin work as an editorial photographer and photojournalist. Practicing in the tradition of humanist photography, he has since captured countless pictures around the world of social unrest and war, documenting people in extreme situations and crisis conditions. The inhuman situation of children in economically weak parts of the globe is a topic returned to frequently. In the essay that accompanies this retrospective of his life's work, fellow photo- and print journalist Michael Persson notes that Kratochvil?s...
Ultimate Horse Barns

4581.00 руб.*

Randy Leffingwell

Ultimate Horse Barns

The love of horses often finds its expression in the horse barnin the grandeur of the architecture, the extravagance of the detail, and the extent of the comforts that owners lavish on their favorite creatures. The masterpieces of equine architecture featured in this book attest to that devotion. With luxuries such as mahogany stalls, Spanish-tiled floors, and the latest in horse technology and training, these are not your average barns; rather, they attest to the extremes of elegant simplicity and outrageous glamour that convey a horse owners devotion, ambition, and style.From prestigious and well-known horse barns such as Churchill Downs to private stables nestled in the Colorado mountains, Ultimate Horse Barns comprises a wide variety of barns certain to pique any horse owners fancy. Twenty North American barns in all, each one of a kind, they all have one thing in common: the love, appreciation, and awe of the horses they house.
Silver Cities: Photographing American Urbanization, 1839-1939

4372.00 руб.*

Peter Bacon Hales

Silver Cities: Photographing American Urbanization, 1839-1939

First published in 1984, Silver Cities rapidly became a classic in the history of photography and in the then-nascent field of visual culture studies. Now this vastly expanded edition presents a lively interdisciplinary history of the first centuryof urban photography in America. Silver Cities envisions the transformation of American civilization via mass-produced and mass-disseminated photography of cities made between 1839 and the onset of World War II. In the nineteenth and early wentieth centuries, urban photographers were visual explorers of the rapidly evolving urban sphere, but their understanding of that environment was defined by the prevailing cultural prejudices. To examine their visual products is to educate ourselves in he deepest concerns of American culture in the century of its transformation from agrarian youth to urbane maturity. Readers new to the book will find a richly illustrated cultural history of American photography, with familiar names and newly...
Wolterinck's World (комплект из 2 книг)

5544.00 руб.*

Marcel Wolterinck, Alexander Haje

Wolterinck's World (комплект из 2 книг)

De zeer luxe uitgevoerde cassette Wolterinck's World bevat twee boeken waarin de lezer wordt meegenomen op een reis door de creatieve wereld van Marcel Wolterinck. In het deel 'Essence' wordt aan de hand van vier thema's die als een rode draad door het werk van Wolterinck lopen, een beeld geschetst van het ontwerpproces en de weg van inspiratie tot gerealiseerd project. Het deel 'Elements' bevat adembenemende beelden van de meest recente projecten in binnen- en buitenland. De twee delen samen tonen Wolterinck's tijdloze en tegelijk vernieuwende kijk op lifestyle en design. Формат: 30,5 см x 27,5 см. Размер футляра: 24 см х 28,5 см.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Фотография



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