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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Театр

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The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama (Weatherhead Books on Asia)

10812.00 руб.*

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama (Weatherhead Books on Asia)

The first of its kind in English, this anthology translates twenty-two popular Chinese plays published between 1919 and 2000, accompanied by a critical introduction to the historical, cultural, and aesthetic evolution of twentieth-century Chinese spoken drama. Primarily comprising works from the People's Republic of China, though including representative plays from Hong Kong and Taiwan, this collection not only showcases the revolutionary rethinking of Chinese theater and performance that began in the late Qing dynasty. It also highlights the formation of Chinese national and gender identities during a period of tremendous social and political change, along with the genesis of contemporary attitudes toward the West.Early twentieth-century Chinese drama embodies the uncertainty and anxiety brought on by modernism, socialism, political conflict, and war. After 1949, PRC theater painted a complex portrait of the rise of communism in China, with the ideals of Chinese socialism juxtaposed...
The People Next Door

2052.00 руб.*

Henry Adam

The People Next Door

Public Speaking : Strategies for Success (4th Edition)

8322.00 руб.*

David Zarefsky

Public Speaking : Strategies for Success (4th Edition)

Book Description Public Speaking: Strategies for Success proposes that at all stages of the public speaking process, students learn how to develop and apply strategies to speaking situations they encounter throughout their lives. Critical listening, audience analysis, choosing a speech topic, researching a speech topic, reasoning, arrangement and organization of a speech, style and delivery of a speech, informing, persuading, and special occasion speaking. Introductory public speaking.
Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audience, Content, and Producers

9445.00 руб.*

Rebecca Ann Lind

Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audience, Content, and Producers

Bodies in Dissent: Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom, 1850-1910

2938.00 руб.*

Daphne A. Brooks

Bodies in Dissent: Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom, 1850-1910

In Bodies in Dissent Daphne A. Brooks argues that from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth, black transatlantic activists, actors, singers, and other entertainers frequently transformed the alienating conditions of social and political marginalization into modes of self-actualization through performance. Brooks considers the work of African American, Anglo, and racially ambiguous performers in a range of popular entertainment, including racial melodrama, spectacular theatre, moving panorama exhibitions, Pan-Africanist musicals, Victorian magic shows, religious and secular song, spiritualism, and dance. She describes how these entertainers experimented with different ways of presenting their bodies in publicA?A€A”through dress, movement, and theatrical technologiesA?A€A”to defamiliarize the spectacle of A?A€A?blacknessA?A€A? in the transatlantic imaginary. Brooks pieces together reviews, letters, playbills, fiction, and biography in order to reconstruct not...
Read the High Country: A Guide to Western Books and Films (Genreflecting Advisory Series)

6940.00 руб.*

John Mort

Read the High Country: A Guide to Western Books and Films (Genreflecting Advisory Series)

Often overlooked or written off as a dying genre, the Western, in fact, holds great appeal for many readers today. While traditional Westerns have managed to retain a loyal cadre of fans, new followers have been drawn in by recent iterations of and new directions in the genre written by such authors as Larry McMurtry, Annie Proulx, Louise Erdrich, and Tabor Evans; as well as contemporary authors writing in the traditional vein, such as Elmer Kelton. Westerns are also thriving within the flourishing Christian fiction genre. This guide, intended to help you assist readers in their book (and film) selections, covers the entire spectrum of the Western, describing and mapping the genre--from classics that are still enjoyed by dedicated readers to more contemporary and literary "novels of the West" that feature the alluring themes of freedom, individualism, and moral regeneration set against the magnificent backdrop of the Western landscape. By grouping titles by subgenre and theme, and...
Hell Hostage:: The Play

1131.00 руб.*

Tonshea Carroll

Hell Hostage:: The Play

Shakespeare's History Plays

4376.00 руб.*

R.J.C. Watt

Shakespeare's History Plays

Book Description This book offers a new wave of critical interpretation sweeping away conservative views of Shakespeare's history plays, reclaims them for feminism, and gives insights into the invention of Britain itself. The history plays have receivedmuch new critical, theoretically informed attention in recent years ranging from cultural materialism, feminist and gender studies through to postcolonial theory. Rob Watt provides an up-to-date critical anthology of the most important studies by those critics who have influenced textual studies. For those interested in Shakespeare.
Making Your Living as a String Player

1307.00 руб.*

Greg Cahill

Making Your Living as a String Player

Book DescriptionYou've dedicated years of hard work to learning the skills needed to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass. Now what? The talented contributors to Making Your Living as a String Player come from all walks of life, from symphony members to street musicians, educators to impresarios. But all share one thing in common: Each has crafted a successful career as a string player, learning to pay the bills by doing what they love the most. And you can learn to do the same. Inside this volume, culled from the pages of the award-winning Strings magazine, you will find practical tips on writing a resume, starting a freelance career, getting an edge in the workplace, creating your own chamber music series, setting up a successful teaching studio in your home, and much, much more.
The Best Plays of 1998-1999 (Best Plays)

4796.00 руб.*

Otis L. Jr. Guernsey

The Best Plays of 1998-1999 (Best Plays)

Book Description"An incredible source of information about everything you ever wanted to know about Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway shows..." - Back Stage. This 80th edition features the New York season review by David Lefkowitz and Mel Gussow, programs and statistics, photographs of the year's highlights, a season of Al Hirschfeld drawings, and scenes from the prizewinning plays: Wit * Fosse * Closer * Side Man * Parade * Not About Nightingales. 556 pages, hardcover.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Театр



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