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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Дом и сад / Садоводство

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Design Your Garden: 10 Easy Steps to Transform Your Garden

1046.00 руб.*

Diarmuid Gavin

Design Your Garden: 10 Easy Steps to Transform Your Garden

Today's most innovative garden designer, Diarmuid Gavin, shares advice, inspiration and ideas on how to design your garden. Diarmuid's ten, easy to follow, practical steps cover everything from the basics of good design, to assessing your plot and using plants for style and affect. This practical guide will give you the confidence to create and express your own unique style, whatever your garden space.
Sunset Mid-Atlantic Top 10 Garden Guide (Top 10 Garden Guides)

1551.00 руб.*

Sunset Mid-Atlantic Top 10 Garden Guide (Top 10 Garden Guides)

Book DescriptionDevoted to the horticultural needs of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Mid-Atlantic Top 10 Garden Guide is lavishly illustrated with more than 400 photos of the top-ten choices for trees, annuals,vines, shrubs, ground covers, etc.?11 categories in all. All plants are readily available and naturally suited to the Mid-Atlantic region. Features: * Sixth volume in Sunset?s highly popular Top 10 series * Authored by leading gardening experts of the region, including Adrian Higgens, garden editor of the Washington Post * Seasonal gardening guides ensure year-round success for experienced and novice gardeners alike * Offers more than 400 detail and landscape plant photographs * Easy-to-understand plant selection and growing instructions * Recommended plants are readily available at local nurseries
Lawns for Canada: Natural And Organic

1980.00 руб.*

Don Williamson

Lawns for Canada: Natural And Organic

Awareness of the negative effects of chemical pesticides on our environment and our health has never been higher. In response, many Canadian municipalities have enacted or are considering bylaws that ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. In light of the growing public awareness of this issue, garden writer and turf expert Don Williamson has written a timely new book that provides comprehensive knowledge and information on how to grow and maintain a chemical-free lawn for Canadian conditions. Filled with photos and illustrations, the topics covered include: how to prepare the soil for seeding or sodding, how to check your soil for proper drainage and how to deal with problem areas, how to establish a proper grade for your lawn, planting strategies for seeding and sodding, the best turfgrass species and cultivars, lawn plants other than grass, instructions for proper mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing and aerating, identifying lawn problems, troubleshooting and strategies for repair,...
Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

4193.00 руб.*

Dick and James Strawbridge

Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

Taking its inspiration from John Seymour's bestselling classic, The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century brings the subject up to date by showing how to live a more sustainable life that everyone can access, whether living in the city, the suburbs, or the country. Sharing their experiences, tips, and techniques, father-and-son team Dick and James Strawbridge show how to make the practical changes that will have a big impact on your life-without having to transform your lifestyle. Covering eco projects, plant-by-plant and animal-by-animal identification, how to produce little or no waste and to remove our dependence upon fossil fuels, and so much more, Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century includes something for everyone-from urban apartment dwellers to suburbanites to those living in the countryside.
A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (комплект из 2 книг)

2375.00 руб.*

Editor Christopher Brickell

A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (комплект из 2 книг)

The definitive two-volume guide to ornamental garden plants. Contains over 6,000 superb photographs and more than 15,500 detailed plant profiles, each with full horticultural information. From new introductions to popular garden favourites, there are plants suitable for all levels of experience. Created and fully revised by a team of experts led by Christopher Brickell, CBE, renowned authority on plants of the world.
Spaced Out, First Edition : A Guide to Best Contemporary Urban Spaces in the UK

4552.00 руб.*

Rachel Tennant

Spaced Out, First Edition : A Guide to Best Contemporary Urban Spaces in the UK

Book DescriptionThis beautifully illustrated guide celebrates some of the most significant award winning public spaces in major cities in the UK and Ireland over the last ten years. Dealing with a range of contemporary and innovating designed landscapes from urban spaces to public parks, this book focuses on those that have been awarded the highest design accolade from the Royal Institute of British Architects, The Royal Town and Planning Institute, The Landscape Institute and The Civic Trust. Focusing on designs in ten major cities, and providing a snappy synopsis of each of the spaces in terms of its design statement, function, location, design team and award commentary, It illustrates to the reader what makes 'good design' in the public realm, providing both information and inspiration. * Beautifully illustrated guide to award winning contemporary urban spaces in the UK and Ireland * Covers a diverse selection of spaces from parks to water fronts to city...
Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens

4683.00 руб.*

Dan L. Perlman

Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens

Book Description Practical Ecology for Planners, Developers, and Citizens introduces and explains key ecological concepts for planners, landscape architects, developers, and others involved in planning and building human habitats. The book is tailoredto meet the needs of busy land use professionals and citizens seeking a concise yet thorough overview of ecology and its applications. It offers clear guidelines and a wealth of information on how we can protect species and ecosystems while at the same creating healthy, sustainable human communities. Throughout the book, the authors make ecological concepts accessible to readers with little or no scientific background. They present key ideas and information in simple and pragmatic terms, and provide numerous graphics to help explain important concepts. They also offer exercises for the reader to practice ecologically-based planning and design, along with a list of resources for practical information on ecology and conservation....
Outdoors: The Garden Design Book for the Twenty-First Century

8319.00 руб.*

Terence Conran & Diarmuid Gavin

Outdoors: The Garden Design Book for the Twenty-First Century

The ultimate garden design book: a visual delight covering all aspects of working and living in your garden - stunning photographs of gardens from around the world. The contemporary garden carries a profound connection both to the environment and to the range of activities - relaxing, entertaining, working - that characterize today's lifestyle. A collaboration between a distinguished style setter and a noted garden designer, Outdoors presents the principles of imaginative and innovative landscape design, providing readers with useful knowledge and also with inspiration from diverse sources: history, media, fashion, architecture. Thematic chapters present a wide variety of successful gardens developed for specific purposes. Formal urban gardens on rooftops are explored, as are free-form rural landscapes, backyards devised to encourage children's imaginations, and spaces planned primarily for al fresco entertaining. Extensively illustrated case studies demonstrate inventive...

543.00 руб.*

Allen Coombes


Compact, easy to use, and illustrated with stunning photographs, this innovative guide features detailed profiles of over 300 species of British and European trees. It is the essential companion for enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.
The Hidden Gardens of Kyoto

4134.00 руб.*

Masaaki Ono, Katsuhiko Mizuno

The Hidden Gardens of Kyoto

Book DescriptionOff the beaten track, not easily seen because in private or official hands, these are the "hidden gardens" of one of the world?s great historic cities. All the main types of Japanese garden are represented. First comes the pond garden, which on the grandest scale can be a match for the lake-wood-and-meadow parks of Western estates, and on a more modest scale still contains islands and bridges and pavilions. Then there is the dry landscape garden, whose gravel, rocks, and moss have an austerity remote from most Westerners? idea of a garden, yet whose purpose, once understood, leaves an impression of dignity and resonance. And finally the tea garden, whose scrupulous simplicity belies great sophistication in the arrangement ofits few components. To a much greater degree than Western gardens, their enjoyment depends on knowing how to interpret them: how to look for the auspicious tortoise stones?a wedge-shaped head poking out of the...

Books in English / Дом и сад / Садоводство



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