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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Известные люди / Авторы

Книги этого раздела

Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford: The Biography

1570.00 руб.*

Laura Thompson

Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford: The Biography

Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe: Compiled from Her Letters and Journals

2002.00 руб.*

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe: Compiled from Her Letters and Journals

Life of Jane Austen

1071.00 руб.*

Goldwin Smith

Life of Jane Austen

Life of Jane Austen stands in literary history as one of a group of female novelists of manners, of which the other most prominent figures are Miss Burney, lfiss Edgeworth, and Miss Ferrier, while the whole group stands in contrast to the contemporary novelists of romance, such as the once famous Mrs. Radcliffe. I Of the novelists of manners the common parent, to a certain extent, was Richardson, while the novelists of romance had a precursor in the author of "The Castle of Otranto." But it is not in 1vIiss Austen's relations to other writers or schools of writers that her importance consists. On her was bestowed, though in a humble form, the gift which had been bestowed on Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Scott, and a few others-the gift of creative power. Short and simple are the annals of her life. Till near its close her genius was not recognized outside the circle I Jane Austen's chronological relation to the other English novelists.
Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews

2235.00 руб.*

Ray Bradbury, Sam Weller

Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews

A definitive collection of interviews with one of America's most famous writers, covering his life, faith, friends, politics, and visions of the future.Ray Bradbury, the poetic and visionary author of such classics as "Fahrenheit 451", "The Martian Chronicles" and "The Illustrated Man", is one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. From Mikhail Gorbachev to Alfred Hitchcock to David Bowie, Bradbury’s sway on contemporary culture is towering. Acclaimed biographer and Bradbury scholar Sam Weller has spent more than a decade interviewing the author; the fascinating conversations that emerge cast a high-definition portrait of a creative genius and a futurist who longs for yesterday. "Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews" is the definitive collection of interviews with an American icon.
Living a Year of Kaddish : A Memoir

2169.00 руб.*

Ari Goldman

Living a Year of Kaddish : A Memoir

Book DescriptionThe best-selling author of The Search for God at Harvard continues his spiritual quest in this heartfelt and poignant account of the year he spent saying kaddish for his father. The day after Ari Goldman celebrated his fiftieth birthday his father died of a heart attack, and Goldman began the ritual year of mourning required by Jewish law. There were the obligations (the daily recitation of kaddish in a synagogue quorum of ten), the prohibitions (no listening to music orbuying new clothes), and the self-examination that the death of a parent and the mourning rituals triggered. Death meant coming to terms with a father he loved but never fully understood, in part because of his parents’ divorce and its stormy aftermath. Goldman explores the emotional and spiritual aspects of spending a year in mourning, as he examines its effects on him as a husband, father, and member of his community. Left without parents (his mother died four years earlier),...
Longfellow : A Rediscovered Life

3013.00 руб.*

Charles C. Calhoun

Longfellow : A Rediscovered Life

Book DescriptionCharles C. Calhoun"s Longfellow gives life, at last, to the most popular American poet who ever lived, a nineteenth-century cultural institution of extraordinary influence and the "one poet average, nonbookish Americans still know by heart" (Dana Gioia). Calhoun"s Longfellow emerges as one of America"s first powerful cultural makers: a poet and teacher who helped define Victorian culture; a major conduit for European culture coming into America; a catalyst for the Colonial Revivalmovement in architecture and interior design; and a critic of both Puritanism and the American obsession with material success. Longfellow is also a portrait of a man in advance of his time in championing multiculturalism: He popularized Native American folklore; revived the Evangeline story (the foundational myth of modern Acadian and Cajun identity in the U.S. and Canada); wrote powerful poems against slavery; and introduced Americans to the languages and literatures of other lands....
Look Homeward : A Life of Thomas Wolfe

3516.00 руб.*

David Herbert Donald

Look Homeward : A Life of Thomas Wolfe

Amazon.comThomas Wolfe was a writer who famously spewed out words upon the page in endless streams, attempting to achieve The Great American Novel by putting his own life on paper. He wrote four massive novels, combining passages of over-the-top bad writing with some of the most beautiful prose ever committed to paper. His editors Maxwell Perkins and Edward Aswell became almost as famous as Wolfe for their Herculean efforts in getting his titanic manuscripts into publishable form. Look Homeward, Angel (1929), Of Time and the River (1935), and his two posthumously published works, The Web and the Rock (1939) and You Can't Go Home Again (1940) are classics of American literature, though today entirely unfashionable. Harvard historian David Herbert Donald won the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for this appreciative biography of the genius of purple prose.Book DescriptionThomas Wolfe, one of the giants of twentieth-century American fiction, is also one of the most misunderstood of our major...
Love by the Glass : Tasting Notes from a Marriage

1566.00 руб.*

Dorothy J. Gaiter

Love by the Glass : Tasting Notes from a Marriage

Amazon.comDorothy J. Gaiter and her husband John Brecher are best known for their Wall Street Journal wine column, "Tastings," a passionate yet practical guide to their favorite subject. Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage is their marriage-and-wine memoir, an account of the couple's life together in terms of the bottles they discovered, shared, and enjoyed (or didn't) over time. If readers learn less than they should about the pair when their glasses aren't raised, they are nonetheless treated to a fascinating (as well as useful) investigation of a growing education and the bottles that fueled it. Chapters are named for the couples' progressive wine discoveries, from the "rudimentary" (Andre Cold Duck, enjoyed on their first date) to the diversely more evolved (for example, a "magnificent" Gevrey-Chambertin Gerard Quivy provided in a basement shop in Burgundy). Other discoveries are delightfully serendipitous (like a "small" but delicious...
Love, Amy : The Selected Letters of Amy Clampitt (N/A)

9039.00 руб.*

Amy Clampitt

Love, Amy : The Selected Letters of Amy Clampitt (N/A)

Book Description Amy Clampitt lived in Manhattan for almost forty years before she found success at the age of sixty-three with the publication of The Kingfisher (1983). Her letters from 1950 until her death in 1994 are a testimony to her fiercely independent spirit and her quest for various kinds of truth-religious, spiritual, political, and artistic. The letters detail her life in Manhattan, a religious conversion (and then a gradual religious disillusionment), as well as her ongoing efforts to find a place for herself in the world of literature
Mad Mary Lamb: Lunacy and Murder in Literary London

2490.00 руб.*

Susan Tyler Hitchcock

Mad Mary Lamb: Lunacy and Murder in Literary London

Book Description After the style of The Professor and the Madman , a dramatic story set against a backdrop of literary history. Mary Lamb?a dutiful daughter, well liked by just about everyone?killed her own mother with a knife. She spent the rest of her life in and out of madhouses, yet the crime and its aftermath opened up a life that no woman of her time or class could have expected. Free to read extensively, Lamb discovered her talent for writing. She and her brother, the essayist Charles Lamb, embarked on a literary collaboration that resulted in the famous Tales from Shakespeare . Confidante to many of Britain's Romantics including Coleridge, Godwin, and Wordsworth, Mary Lamb stood at the vibrant center of a colorful literary circle. Through a deep reading of history, letters, and literature, Susan Tyler Hitchcock brings to life an intriguing portrait of Lamb and her world. This narrative of a nearly forgotten woman becomes a tapestry of insights...
Man of Letters: The Extraordinary Life and times of Literary Impresario Rupert Hart-Davis

2950.00 руб.*

Philip Ziegler

Man of Letters: The Extraordinary Life and times of Literary Impresario Rupert Hart-Davis

Book DescriptionRupert Hart-Davis was the quintessential man of letters, standing at the heart of twentieth-century Britain?s storied literary and cultural scenes. He is, perhaps, most famous for his best-selling six volume collection of correspondence with mentor George Lyttelton, though the Hart-Davis - Lyttelton letters only scratch the surface of a truly fascinating life. From Sir Laurence Olivier and ex-wife Countess Dame Peggy Ashcroft to T. S. Eliot, Paul Robeson, and Somerset Maugham; RupertHart-Davis not only knew everyone, but also edited or published nearly everyone in one of the livelier lives of the mind on record. Tracing the entirety of Hart-Davis?s life, which spanned almost all of the twentieth century, Philip Ziegler, acclaimed biographer of poet Osbert Sitwell, offers a delightfully entertaining biography intended for anyone interested in the goings-on of cultural and artistic circles. From literature to academia to the stage and screen, Rupert...

2286.00 руб.*

Mary Ann Caws


Book DescriptionThe Overlook Illustrated Lives series offers visual literary biographies, incisively and informatively written by leading experts, accompanied by photographs and illustrations that bring to life the author's world. Coinciding with the publication of the first all-new English translation of Proust's great work in more than seventy years, Marcel Proust vividly captures Proust's solitary genius and life of passionate observation, from his daily routines to the elite social circle thatfascinated his youth. The more than one hundred photos and illustrations, some previously unpublished, enable readers to share the celebrated author's sight-and how others saw him: Proust's favorite paintings, portraits of the people he was close to, sources for his fictional characterizations, copious illustrations of the theatrical events and exhibitions Proust attended with such enthusiasm, scores of the music he loved, his manuscripts, sketches, and the places dear to him...
Marching Home: To War and Back with the Men of One American Town

3252.00 руб.*

Kevin Coyne

Marching Home: To War and Back with the Men of One American Town

Book DescriptionThey left Freehold, New Jersey, for service in World War II as six young men-to the army, the navy, and the air corps, to the Pacific, and to Europe-and they returned home alive. But on their return, they faced a new mission as America took a new shape and their community faced new pressures-farms and factories thriving, then fading; creeping suburbs and withering Main Streets; civil rights struggles and race riots. Offering a gripping look at life in wartime, Marching Home follows each of six men overseas into battles where the enemy was clear and then back home where the lines of combat were more uncertain: the black soldier who endured the segregated army only to face race riots back home and the sailor who watched a kamikaze hurtle toward his ship and then tried to keep peace at home as a police officer. With the stories of these men, Kevin Coyne presents Freehold, with its mixture of village intimacy and city diversity, as a microcosm of the...
Maria Sabina: Selections

1062.00 руб.*

Maria Sabina

Maria Sabina: Selections

A shaman and visionary--not a poet in any ordinary sense--Maria Sabina lived out her life in the Oaxacan mountain village of Huautla de Jimenez, and yet her words, always sung or spoken, have carried far and wide, a principal instance anda powerful reminder of how poetry can arise in a context far removed from literature as such. Seeking cures through language--with the help of Psilocybe mushrooms, said to be the source of language itself--she was, as Henry Munn describes her, "a genius [who] emerges from the soil of the communal, religious-therapeutic folk poetry of a native Mexican campesino people." She may also have been, in the words of the Mexican poet Homero Aridjis, "the greatest visionary poet in twentieth-century Latin America." These selections include a generous presentation from Sabina's recorded chants and a complete English translation of her oral autobiography, her vida, as written and arranged in her native language by her fellow Mazatec Alvaro Estrada....
Married To Genius

1902.00 руб.*

Jeffrey Meyers

Married To Genius

Book DescriptionMarried to Genius considers the emotional and artistic commitment in the marriages of nine modern writers: Leo Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, D.H. Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. These writers believed that marriage provided their most profound relationships, and although their lives reveal the strains of modern marriage, their creativity was directly inspired by their emotional and intellectual conflicts. A fascinating study of how these celebrated figures attempted to integrate life and art.

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Books in English / Известные люди / Авторы



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