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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Technical Issues (Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Web and Convergent Media, Third Edition, Book 2)

1055.00 руб.*

Elaine England, Andy Finney

Technical Issues (Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Web and Convergent Media, Third Edition, Book 2)

Are you an interactive media designer, producer or programmer struggling with the pressures of project management? If so, this new edition of Managing Multimedia will relieve the pressure, providing more practical advice and insider tips to help you deliver a high quality project on time and within budget. This updated and expanded third edition retains the strength of previous editions while adding new material relevant for the changing work environment. The book has been divided into two complementary volumes. This one focuses on the technical context and background of the various media involved in multimedia production and distribution, covering the Internet to Interactive TV. Aimed at the non-specialist, it provides an overview of all the techniques and technical processes in convergent media demonstrating the principle that managers of interactive media projects communicate and function more effectively when they understand the background technical issues involved.
SOFTIMAGE | XSI 5: The Official Guide (Revealed)

4542.00 руб.*

Anthony Rossano

SOFTIMAGE | XSI 5: The Official Guide (Revealed)

Softimage | XSI Revealed provides a thorough introduction to XSI for the serious 3D animation student. Softimage|XSI offers an awesome rendering system. This book shows readers how they can take advantage of it. It teaches beginning students everything they need to know to render out exceptional frames. It also provides comprehensive information about textures--how they are projected onto models, and how to use them to modulate bump, transparency, reflectivity and other surface properties. Readers will explore lighting and will use caustics, global illumination, and final gathering to add realism and subtle beauty to scenes. They will also learn how the pros use motion blur and field rendering to put the finished touches on animation for TV and film. From using the RenderTree to create a believable metal material, to complex effects using output shaders, this book is a must for all students serious about understanding the formidable rendering power of Softimage|XSI.
Computers & Typesetting, Volumes A-E Boxed Set

4580.00 руб.*

Donald Ervin Knuth

Computers & Typesetting, Volumes A-E Boxed Set

(Pearson Education) A collection of Volumes A-E of Donald Knuth's documented program code for the TEX and METAFONT system for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. The collection shows not only how to create fonts using Knuth's methods, but also how Knuth created this method. Originally published in 1986, this text has undergone a number of improvements. In display case.
Mac OS X Panther Hacks (Hacks)

1764.00 руб.*

Rael Dornfest, James Duncan Davidson

Mac OS X Panther Hacks (Hacks)

Like the animal it's named for, Mac OS X Panther is beautiful, sleek, superbly efficient, dangerously alluring, and all muscle under the surface. Beneath its appealing interface, it's a hard-working machine. Those coming to Mac OS X from previous incarnations of the operating system recognize much of the friendly face of the Macintosh they're used to, but they're also plunged into a whole new world. Unix converts to Mac OS X find a familiar FreeBSD-like operating system at the core and many of the command-line applications that they're familiar with: it's like an open invitation to roll up their sleeves and hack. Mac OS X Panther Hacks brings together the perfect combination of tips, tricks, and tools to help serious Mac users--regardless of their background--get the most from their machines. This newly revised collection reflects the real-world know how of those well-steeped in Unix history and expertise, sharing their no-nonsense, sometimes quick-and-dirty solutions to...
Special Edition Using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

5909.00 руб.*

Molly E. Holzschlag, Jennifer Ackerman Kettell

Special Edition Using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

This book is primarily intended to assist growing professionals in gaining a fantastic working knowledge of Dreamweaver and the issues in design and markup that are affecting the changing way in which they work. This book addresses issues in Web design and development from an extremely contemporary standpoint. While the information contained within is suitable for beginners, the real emphasis is to assist the intermediate designer interested in learning how to work with Dreamweaver to achieve best practices within the design and development industry. The book provides plenty of tips and real-world advice from people working in the trenches, and lays a solid groundwork so that readers have a firm grasp of the basics before moving to more advanced functionality.
Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies

1650.00 руб.*

Andy Harris

Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies

Book DescriptionYou can start game programming in a flash Here's how to create five different cool games - no experience necessary! Ever think you could come up with a better computer game? Then this book is for you! No boring programming theory here, just the stuff you need to know to actually make something happen, and all in plain English. Build a brain-teasing math game, go classic with Pong, create monsters and mayhem, and much more. Discover how to * Build and control basic movie clips * Make text appear and change * Generate random numbers * Add sound effects * Create cars and space vehicles that move realistically * Blow up stuff onscreen
Guide to Graphics Software Tools

6508.00 руб.*

Jim X. Chen

Guide to Graphics Software Tools

Current graphics software and hardware combine to allow multiple-level functionality and open up new application areas for scientists of all disciplines, and for computer scientists and engineers in particular. This integrated guide explains and lists readily available and widely used graphics software tools and their applications, while also serving as a shortcut to graphics theory and programming. It grounds readers in fundamental concepts and helps them use visualization, modeling, simulation, and virtual reality to complement and improve their work. Features: * Comprehensive and practical coverage of software graphics tools * Provides a uniquely categorized compendium of 265 3-D graphics software tools * Concise listings of platforms and pricing, applications, examples, functions, and related Web resources * Shortcut to practical graphics principles and methods * Includes a CD-ROM with extensive collection of source code and executables * Extensive...
Reality Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX: Strategic Solutions for Online Interaction

6657.00 руб.*

William B. Sanders, Bill Sanders

Reality Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX: Strategic Solutions for Online Interaction

If you're a cutting-edge Web developer who wants to create interactive, user-friendly sites that will transform the way people work with the Web, you've probably heard about Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. By incorporating streaming media, real-time collaboration, and multi-way video, audio, and text messaging into one server solution, Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX enables you to easily add features like shared live white boards, multi-way chat screens, and video conferencing to your sites. The best part? It's all delivered through the Macromedia Flash Player so viewers don't have to open multiple applications. Reality Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX: Strategic Solutions for Online Interaction is the only book to give you a behind-the-scenes look at developing real-world FlashCom projects that are practical, cost-effective solutions. As part of the development team you're privy to the memos, notes, work-flow, planning, and process charts...
Object-Oriented Macromedia Flash MX

5270.00 руб.*

William Drol

Object-Oriented Macromedia Flash MX

Teaches Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) from the ground up A step-by-step guide addressed to all programming skill levels Readers will learn to create dynamic, reusable services with Flash ActionScript More information and additional chapters can be found on the author's Web site, www.billdrol.com Please click here to read a review about this title Object-Oriented Macromedia Flash MX teaches object-oriented programming skills using Flash MX ActionScript. It assumes no previous programming experience and encourages Flash users who normally avoid ActionScript. Author William Drol develops a series of related applications using numerous step-by-step instructions and demonstrates the importance of good planning, documentation, and clean coding. Flash MX is the most powerful and widely used client software for the Web, and it's the only one that runs on virtually every browser on every platform. As such, it is the ideal platform for...
Final Cut Pro 4 Complete Course

4301.00 руб.*

Ian David Aronson

Final Cut Pro 4 Complete Course

Book Description Provides a complete, authoritative, curriculum-based course that teaches the full range of Final Cut Pro's groundbreaking tools and techniques quickly and easily Understandable, visual training for video professionals, students, and hobbyists, with full-color screen shots or photographs on each page Organized by progressive, timed tutorials, the book takes students through each stage of project development to create a professional-quality video CD-ROM contains all files and materials needed to complete the project, plus raw video clips, artwork, and more

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Цифровое аудио и видео



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