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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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The Danteum

1150.00 руб.*

Thomas L. Schumacher

The Danteum

Book DescriptionIn 1938, Mussolini's Fascist government commissioned the team of Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri to design the Danteum, a "temple to the greatest of Italian poets." In this acclaimed book, Thomas Shumacher traces Terragni's fanatical, often mystical, pursuit of the poet and explains how this unbuilt project succeeds as an architectural translation of the Divine Comedy -- one that mirrors the poem in structure, theme, and rhythm. Original sketches and renderings complement Schumacher's analysis and provide a complete record of the Danteum. "The Danteum [is a] beautifully presented book [that] invites us to study the Danteum in its entirety....The book demonstrates that architecture can transcend the realm of the physical; Schumacher's Danteum brings together different moments of history into one timeless and universal whole." -Progressive Architecture "The most penetrating study of Terragni's architecture to appear in English to date....The fact that the Danteum...
Beautiful Bungalows of the Twenties

1642.00 руб.*

Building Age Pub.

Beautiful Bungalows of the Twenties

Book Description Practical, convenient and attractive, the American bungalow has long been popular among families looking for affordable residences. This handy reference, originally published by a New York firm, displays a variety of handsome bungalows built in the early 1920s from Maine to California. Included are illustrations of charming bungalows for a small family, a farm bungalow with a novel siding treatment, a stucco bungalow design, a chalet in Los Angeles, and other models. Interior photographs display such cozy elements as a massive stone fireplace, hardwood beamed ceilings and trim, and other enticing features. Unabridged republication of Beautiful Bungalows, originally published by Building Age and The Builders' Journal, New York, 1923. 43 double-page spreads of halftones and line illustrations.
Game Zone

1845.00 руб.*

Alberto Iacovoni

Game Zone

Book DescriptionThe architectural awareness and experience of space, and the creative use can profit greatly from certain aspects of "games" and the related technology. Here the author investigates a fascinating contribution of avant-garde art to the construction of space in the field of electronic games and arcades, beginning with New Babylon, moving through the radical suggestions of the 1960s and 1970s to the commercial and experimental examples of contemporary amusement arcades. Also considered are the virtual worlds of video games which are growing increasingly complex. The book reveals in a critical yet impressive way how important the element of "play" has become in today's digital architectonic designs. The Italian architect Alberto Iacovoni is one of the founding members of the Studio maO which specializes on architecture and media. He is also a member of the office for urban planning, Stalker.
Mediterranean Villages: An Architectural Journey

8734.00 руб.*

Steven House

Mediterranean Villages: An Architectural Journey

Tower and Office : From Modernist Theory to Contemporary Practice

3779.00 руб.*

Inaki Abalos

Tower and Office : From Modernist Theory to Contemporary Practice

Book DescriptionIn Tower and Office , Spanish architects Inaki Abalos and Juan Herreros look at the role and impact of advanced building technologies in American architecture since World War II. The war, they claim, marked the end of the first cycle of modernism, challenging the belief that technological progress alone could produce a perpetually better future. At the same time, the war was the source of powerful new structural models and construction methods. The authors examine the ways these technologies have been inflected over the last half century by more subjective and integrated processes of spatial organization. In the first part of the book, Abalos and Herreros focus on the work of Le Corbusier, revealing the degree of complexity achieved in his interpretation of the modern skyscraper. In the second part, they look at the intersection of technical and cultural determinants in the design of high-rise structures since World War II. Among the issues they...
Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets, First Edition

6830.00 руб.*

Clara Greed

Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets, First Edition

Book DescriptionThis is a unique text providing both design guidance and policy direction for the provision and design of public toilets covering city-wide, district-level and site-specific principles. It highlights the role of urban design in reversing the trend of inadequate toilet provision, and sets out guidelines for design which meets both user need and provider requirements. Greed presents the fundamental principle that toilets should not be dealt with in isolation from mainstream urbanpolicy, but that they should be seen as a serious core component in both strategic urban policy and local area design. She argues toilets are valuable townscape features in their own right as manifestation civic pride and good urban design - essential architectural components which add to the quality and viability of an area. Although a range of design guidance on toilets exists there is still considerable dissatisfaction with the end product in terms of building design,...
Architecture in Detail: Volume 2

2590.00 руб.*

Graham Bizley

Architecture in Detail: Volume 2

Following on from Graham Bizley's successful Architecture in Detail, Architecture in Detail: Volume 2 presents 40 case studies of detailing on recent construction projects. Over 150 full colour drawings and photos provide a reference compendium for the professional architect seeking detailing inspiration. Originally featured in Building Design's In Detail magazine, the included projects represent some of the most interesting and innovative techniques in recent architecture. Graham Bizley's beautifully presented detail drawings allow the architect to easily see how ideas and techniques can be applied to other projects. The book is organised by building type for quick and easy reference. Accessible and diverse range of 40 detailing case studies from the UK, on big and small architectural projects; Presents Graham Bizley's concise and easy to understand drawings of detail in total clarity to consider for design solutions; Up to date UK projects from 2008 and...
Bayamon City Hall

3616.00 руб.*

Bayamon City Hall

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Bayamon City Hall is a building in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. As the name suggests, it serves as city hall to that city.Bayamon City Hall was inaugurated in 1980 by Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera. Rivera stepped down as mayor in 2000, giving way for his son Ramon Luis Rivera, Jr., to become mayor. Because of this, the hall has always served as the home office of PNP mayors only.The building, which is located next to El Parque del tren, is also considered a touristic attraction: this is because the building goes over an avenue. Visitors must park next to the building, walk to the avenue where it is located at, and board an elevator, in a process that is a little similar to visiting the Eiffel tower. In the second floor, there is a glass-window bridge from where the visitors can cross from one side to the other, while looking at cars pass by.
Skyscraper : Vertical Now (Universe Architecture Series)

3162.00 руб.*

Eric Howeler

Skyscraper : Vertical Now (Universe Architecture Series)

Book Description No building type has the power to capture the imagination like the skyscraper, yet following 9/11, the future of the skyscraper has been called into question. The author presents convincing evidence that the future of tall buildings is as secure today as it was over 100 years ago. Described and accompanied by striking full-color photography are over fifty new skyscrapers that punctuate the skyline of major cities around the world. Essays delve into cutting-edge skyscraper design and construction, a brief history of the skyscraper's origins, the evolution of the "green" or sustainable skyscraper, symbolism and skyscraper design, and the rise of the skyscraper in Asia. A special section is devoted to the designs for Ground Zero. Far from being a dying breed, skyscrapers are increasingly vital, and continued reinvention of the form awaits us as the next decade unfolds.
Linear Algebra

6351.00 руб.*

Linear Algebra

Books in English / Все науки... / Архитектура



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