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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Buildings of Rhode Island (Buildings of the United States)

6340.00 руб.*

William H. Jordy

Buildings of Rhode Island (Buildings of the United States)

Munich: Architecture & Design

760.00 руб.*

Joachim Fischer

Munich: Architecture & Design

Book DescriptionMunich is a city that enjoys contradicting itself. Full of old-world charm, it is also one of the most modern and prosperous cities in Germany, one that combines natural splendor with bustling modern efficiency. It is also a beautiful city whose blend of ancient and modern architecture coexists with a lively contemporary cultural scene. Munich?s cultural and economic importance has created an environment that fosters innovation. The evidence can be found in the many new post-modern architectural landmarks profiled in this authoritative little guide. Several of the city?s newest and most interesting governmental, residential, and commercial buildings are covered. Color photographs and a site map are included for easy use by tourists and professionals alike.
Vitruvius on Architecture HC

7024.00 руб.*

Thomas Gordon Smith

Vitruvius on Architecture HC

Book DescriptionApproximately 2,025 years ago, an aged Roman architect named Vitruvius wrote down on ten scrolls everything he knew about architecture. He presented this work, known today as "Ten Books on Architecture," to Emperor Augustus in the hope ofchanging what he perceived as a rampant lack of professionalism and educational rigor in the practice of architecture. The "Ten Books," the most comprehensive architectural book written in antiquity and the only such work to survive, is a seminal volume in Western culture and continues to be an important resource. "Viturvius on Architecture" presents not only a new translation of the five books most relevant to contemporary architecture but also new drawings and watercolors that illustrate, for the first time since ancient days, Vitruvis's methods of proportion and composition. Architect and educator Thomas Gordon Smith re-created these finely detailed illustrations directly from the text. Also included are many photographs of...
Ideals In Concrete: Exploring Central And Eastern Europe

4924.00 руб.*

Ideals In Concrete: Exploring Central And Eastern Europe

Book DescriptionCan there still be talk of a shared culture in the 'Family of Europe,' or are the East and West estranged? This question is the main theme of this beautifully designed book that provides, through images and text, a critical examination ofEastern and Western European cities in light of the 2004 unification. In planning euphoria and the building of a completely new society based on rational and scientific principles, we can glimpse a mirroring of the ideas and views of Communist politicians, architects, and urban planners. The city is used here as a vehicle for the exploration of these key issues. Edited by Mieke Dings. Essays by Jorn Duwel, Wolfgang Kil, Gyorgy Konrad, Bohadan Tscherkes and Anna Tilroe. Paperback, 6.5 x9.5 in./184 pgs / 75 color and 50 b&w.
General Structures

10699.00 руб.*

David M. Berg

General Structures

Book DescriptionThis practical approach to general structures helps you identify and incorporate structural principles in the design and construction of buildings. Also covers both structural theory and practice and pertinent environmental issues.
Halfway to Everywhere: A Portrait of America's First-Tier Suburbs

1135.00 руб.*

Bruce Katz, William H., III Hudnut, William H. Hudnutt

Halfway to Everywhere: A Portrait of America's First-Tier Suburbs

Painting a picture of America's first-tier suburbs-those surrounding large central cities-that were left behind during the extraordinary revitalization of downtowns in the 1990s, this book highlights the places where many of the nation's most critical issues such as education reform, immigration and diversity, economic restructuring, neighborhood planning, and social exclusion are played out on a daily basis. Focusing on the unique and substantial assets these places offer and highlighting the enthusiasmand commitment of the people who live and work there, this book's portrayal of these metropolitan pivot points offers reasons for hope, strategies for rejuvenation, and solutions for local officials, policy makers, developers, and citizens who are looking for ways to revive stressed communities. Woven into the narrative are examples from many communities, including poverty and scandal-afflicted Camden, New Jersey, and East St. Louis, Illinois; a string of tired industrial towns on...
Pre-Design 1

6319.00 руб.*

Paul Speiregen

Pre-Design 1

Book Description You don't have to read 50 books to prepare for this test. Paul Spreiregen, FAIA, has written a comprehensive Pre-Design course that will simplify your preparation. Pre-Design 1 is an extensive review of environmental planning and considers the functional, physical and technical aspects of: * Urban and architectural design * Site and land analysis * Circulation systems * Social behavior and its design influence * Environmental factors * Regulations affecting development The course includes numerous illustrations, and extensive glossary, bilbliography, index, review quizzes, and a major examination.
Le Corbusier: Maison Blanche

2588.00 руб.*

Le Corbusier: Maison Blanche

Architecture Design Notebook, Second Edition

3088.00 руб.*

A Peter Fawcett

Architecture Design Notebook, Second Edition

Book Description Architecture Design Notebook focuses on the process of design as pragmatic and non-theoretical. Dealing systematically with the core design curriculum, it clearly demonstrates the skills required for designing at undergraduate level. Providing students with fundamental maxims of design, and a framework within which they can approach their work, this book supports undergraduates as they learn to produce solutions to design challenges. This vital design companion underpins the cornerstone of an architectural undergraduates' studies - studio design projects. With over 100 sketches included, the book inspires student's design ideas. This updated edition includes new sections on green architecture, urban space typology, and the virtual building. A. Peter Fawcett is an architect and critic who combines teaching with sporadic practice; he is currently Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Nottingham and visiting...
Roof Construction Manual

6667.00 руб.*

Eberhard Schunck, Hans Jochen Oster, Rainer Barthel, Kurt Kiessl

Roof Construction Manual

The "Roof Construction Manual" with over 1800 plans and 220 photographs is a vital reference work on the construction of pitched roofs. It offers extensive and fundamental information on all common types of roofing, and provides practical details for their construction. The volume is divided according to the type of roof elements and the jointing techniques. thirteen kinds of roofs and the relevant materials including thatch, wood, slate, tile, concrete, fibrous cement, bitumen, glass, metal, membranes, and synthetic materials are documented. Also described in detail are essential topics such as ventilation, the vapour and wind seals, insulation and water drainage, and the topics of renovation and energy conservation are examined. As with all the Construction Manuals, built examples illustrate the theoretical details. Some 38 examples which include 11 classic buildings and 27 buildings from the last 5 years show the construction of roofs paying particular attention to...

Books in English / Все науки... / Архитектура



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