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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории

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Cigar-Box Faust and Other Miniatures

1715.00 руб.*

Michael Swanwick

Cigar-Box Faust and Other Miniatures

Book DescriptionThis collection of short-short fiction by Michael Swanwick contains more than 70 stories in fewer than 100 pages. Often humorous, sometimes chilling, always entertaining, these are prime examples of a recently resurrected literary form. The title piece is a five-minute condensation of a classic of Western literature, featuring a cigar-cutter as Mephistopheles, a box of matches in the roles of Helen of Troy, an Angel of the Lord, the Light of Ontology, and a cigar as Faust himself. Swanwick's bravura imagination has resulted in a separate story for every letter of the alphabet and another set of tales for every planet in the solar system. Additionally, there is a clutch of alternate autobiographies, a novella of decadence and corporate politics in a future Venice that has been boiled down to 416 words, Picasso and Philip K. Dick as existential heroes, and a rhyme for orange.
An Ambulance Is on the Way : Stories of Men in Trouble

2015.00 руб.*

Jonathan Wilson

An Ambulance Is on the Way : Stories of Men in Trouble

Book DescriptionOn the heels of his highly praised novel A Palestine Affair, Jonathan Wilson returns to his first love——the short story——to give us these sharp, bittersweet, often uproariously funny tales of middle-aged American men in hot water with women, with their sweet and savvy kids, with their own consciences. The slacker husband of the title story spends his day running household errands, chatting up the local soccer moms, and drinking most of the wine he was instructed tobuy for his wife’s women’s-group meeting that evening; another husband calls an old girlfriend while waiting in the cardiologist’s office for news about his heart; a good Jewish son is torn between the caustic wit of his powerful, very Jewish mother and the fertility urges of his very not-Jewish girlfriend; a divorced dad nearly loses his teenage boy on a Jamaican adventure. Each of these cases is touched by Wilson’s sympathy and affection for male...
Paul Is Dead : A Short Stories Collection

2002.00 руб.*

S.L. Cagnina

Paul Is Dead : A Short Stories Collection

Book Description Paul Is Dead is a collection of stories which begins with ?The Dirty Parade,? a tale about a pornographer who creates a utopian society, and ends with ?A Thousand Directions,? a dreaming prayer about confession tryingto beat death. The stories in between are a journey into the life-moments that create our worth and defeat, love and regret, hope and limits?the moments that always define us, no matter which way we fall .
The Birthday of the World : And Other Stories

1713.00 руб.*

Ursula K. Le Guin

The Birthday of the World : And Other Stories

Book Description The recipient of numerous literary prizes, including the National Book Award, the Kafka Award, five Hugo Awards and five Nebula Awards, the renowned writer Ursula K. Le Guin has, in each story and novel, created a provocative, ever-evolving universe filled with diverse worlds and rich characters reminiscent of our earthly selves. Now, in The Birthday of the World, this gifted artist returns to these worlds in eight brilliant short works, including a never-before-published novella, each of which probes the essence of humanity.
MOTA 3: Courage

1868.00 руб.*

MOTA 3: Courage

Book DescriptionIt is the intention of TripleTree Publishing to present an extraordinary annual anthology of fine fiction, devoted to the challenging issues of our times. In this volume, you will read tales of astonishing courage, revealed in all aspects of the human condition. The authors chose to bravely reveal themselves via characters interacting with extreme weather, Alzheimer's, bigotry, whiskey, schizophrenia, intersex children, architecture, polio, a blender, and other clever and profound essentials. Fiction by: Kristina Bak, Marietta Ball, Linda S. Clare, Chris Orcutt, James A. Gilmer, Kent Patterson, Tamara Kaye Sellman, Nancy Jane Moore, Terry Hayman, James McKinty, K.Z. Perry, G. Scott Huggins, Martha Fenton, Sue Burke, E. Catherine Tobler, John Everson, Kate Mason, Michael Canfield, Leslie What.
Playing House

1749.00 руб.*

Patricia Pearson

Playing House

Book Description Even in a tiny apartment, there were enough rooms for Frannie to get into trouble... First, there was the bedroom...where it all began in such a casually romantic way. Next, the bathroom...where things took a suspicious turn. Finally, the living room...where she picked up the phone and prepared to break the news to the boyfriend she barely knew... When Frannie Mackenzie got sick all over the sweater section of a major urban retailer, she couldn't quite believe that this was a reaction to gray being this year's black. So she went back to her postage-stamp-sized apartment and took inventory. Jeans tighter? Yes. Boobs bigger? Yes. And the absolute proof-positive...the stick had turned blue. Frannie decides to give up cocktails, late nights, and anything else fun that the big city has to offer. But one thing -- or rather person -- she's not sure she's going to get to keep is the surprised father in...
Baile En El Aire (Punto de Lectura)

885.00 руб.*

Nora Roberts

Baile En El Aire (Punto de Lectura)

Using What You Got : A Novel

2128.00 руб.*

Karen E. Quinones Miller

Using What You Got : A Novel

Book Description In Using What You Got, Karen E. Quinones Miller returns to her beloved Harlem to spin a dynamic tale that sparkles with the blush of first love and the hard-won lessons that endure. Eighteen-year-old college student Tiara Bynum is as pretty as a princess and just as spoiled. Her castle is the Harlem housing project where she lives with her younger sister, Jo-Jo, and her doting father, Reggie. Her fiefdom is the legion of men at her beck and call every time she snaps her perfectly manicured fingers. She has no qualms about flaunting her charms to get what she wants because she's "got it like that." Reggie -- a former professional gambler who was abandoned by his wife -- would do anything for his daughters, even if it means jeopardizing the family finances in favor of his girls' material happiness. Though Reggie's sister, Charlene -- a woman embittered by a disfiguring car accident -- pleads for restraint, her Thursday "family...
Sacred Intimacy

1057.00 руб.*

Brenton G. Yorgason

Sacred Intimacy

Book DescriptionIntimacy. What is it? Contrary to what the tabloids might have us believe, achieving true intimacy with another person is a multifaceted endeavor. Intimacy is the compelling desire and need to be linked to, or connected with, another person. And this linkage can occur in several ways. Authors Brenton and Margaret Yorgason suggest that intimacy goes beyond the physical closeness a man and a woman can share. Physical intimacy in marriage, as important as it is, is superficial until elevated to the status the Lord intended.
Beechwood Acres (Joy's Journal, No. 2)

1084.00 руб.*

Carrie Bender

Beechwood Acres (Joy's Journal, No. 2)

Book DescriptionAmish Kermit and Joy move to Beechwood Acres only to discover that someone is living in an old abandoned range shelter on their property. Then there is the visit from Joy's great-grandmother who brought an old journal written by her mother when she lived in the Conestoga Valley of Lancaster Co., Pa., in the 1700s. Tears of joy and sorrow!

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Короткие истории



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