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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Зарубежная литература

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Modern Arabic Literature

6492.00 руб.*

Modern Arabic Literature

This volume of the Cambridge History of Arabic Literature provides the first authoritative, comprehensive, critical survey of creative writing in Arabic from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. The rise of secular education, printing and journalism created a new reading public, and Western ideas and literary forms, notably the novel, the short story, and drama, became influential. This book examines the attempts made by Arab men and women to adapt the imported forms as well as the indigenous literary tradition to meet the requirements of the modern world. Quoted material is given in English translation and there is an extensive bibliography.
Get a Life

2002.00 руб.*

Nadine Gordimer

Get a Life

Paul Bannerman, an ecologist in South Africa, believes he understands the trajectory of his life, with the usual markers of vocation and marriage. But when he's diagnosed with thyroid cancer and, after surgery, prescribed treatment that will leave him radioactive, for a period a danger to others, he begins to question, as Auden wrote, "what Authority gives / existence its surprise". In the garden of his childhood home, where his businessman father, Adrian, and prominent civil rights lawyer mother, Lyndsay, take him in to protect his wife and child from radiation, he enters an unthinkable existence and another kind of illumination: the contradiction between the values of his work and those of his wife, Benni, an ad agency executive. His mother is transformed by the strange state of her son's existence to face her own past. Meanwhile, projects to build a nuclear reactor and drain vital wetlands preoccupy Paul as if he were at work. By the time he is cured, both families have...
Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words

1130.00 руб.*

Jay Rubin

Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words

Jay Rubin explains how Murakami developed a distinctive new style in Japanese writing. In tracing the reclusive writer’s career, he draws on his own interviews with him, and observations gathered from ten years of collaborating with Murakami on translations of his works.
The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa

2852.00 руб.*

Yasunari Kawabata

The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa

In the 1920s, Asakusa was to Tokyo what Montmartre had been to 1890s Paris and Times Square was to be to 1940s New York. Available in English for the first time, The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa, by Nobel Prize winner Yasunari Kawabata, captures the decadent allure of this entertainment district, where beggars and teenage prostitutes mixed with revue dancers and famous authors. Originally serialized in a Tokyo daily newspaper in 1929 and 1930, this vibrant novel uses unorthodox, kinetic literary techniques to reflect the raw energy of Asakusa, seen through the eyes of a wandering narrator and the cast of mostly female juvenile delinquents who show him their way of life. Markedly different from Kawabata's later work, The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa shows this important writer in a new light. The annotated edition of this little-known literary gem includes the original illustrations by Ota Saburo. The annotations illuminate Tokyo society and Japanese literature, bringing this...
Sharon Pollock: Collected Works: Volume One

3680.00 руб.*

Sharon Pollock

Sharon Pollock: Collected Works: Volume One

"Sharon Pollock is Canada's best-known woman playwright. Produced nationally and internationally, author of a large and varied canon, she has had a long and illustrious career in the theatre."-from the introduction by Cynthia Zimmerman Includes among others Walsh ; The Komagata Maru Incident ; The Wreck of the National Line ; Sweet Land of Liberty ; Doc ; Prairie Dragons ; and Getting it Straight .
Reading China: Fiction, History and the Dynamics of Discourse: Essays in Honour of Professor Glen Dudbridge (China Studies)

16388.00 руб.*

Reading China: Fiction, History and the Dynamics of Discourse: Essays in Honour of Professor Glen Dudbridge (China Studies)

This groundbreaking volume opens a new window on both modern and traditional Chinese literature, history and popular culture, demonstrating how a new style of reading brings us--the modern reader--closer to understanding how Chinese citizens perceived their world and what their writings reveal about the culture that produced them. Following the pioneering work of Professor Glen Dudbridge, this book brings together eight studies that develop a new style of reading Chinese sources by exploring the dynamics of discourse across open boundaries: those of fiction and history, literary and non-literary sources, official and vernacular culture, prose and poetry, records past and present, lost and extant, vernacular and classical, traditional and modern. Each chapter discusses how authors, editors and publishers use representation, editing and selection as means of self-fashioning and political propaganda.
Telemundo Presenta: El deseo ajeno (Telemundo Presents: Possessed By Desire): Novela (A Novel)

1783.00 руб.*

Erick Hernandez Mora

Telemundo Presenta: El deseo ajeno (Telemundo Presents: Possessed By Desire): Novela (A Novel)

Para todos los que anhelan conocer el destino de Salvador Cerinza luego del capitulo final de El cuerpo del deseo , Telemundo presenta: El deseo ajeno , una vibrante novela que contiene, ademas, una galeria de fotografias para el recuerdo. ?Que ocurre cuando una mujer entrada en anos, y a punto de morir, recibe otra oportunidad terrenal, en el cuerpo de una muchacha joven? Salvador Cerinza, un campesino pobre y padre de familia, regresa a su rancho, despues de un magico viaje lleno de misterios, y compra una hacienda. Alli conoce a Julieta Villalba, una joven hermosa que despierta la pasion escondida en el nuevo hacendado. Lejos de La Alameda, el espiritu de Rebeca se posesiona del cuerpo de la joven Valeria. Con su nueva imagen, bella, perfecta, Rebeca decide vengarse de todos los que la condujeron al suicidio, principalmente de Salvador, quien le partio el corazon durante su estancia en la mansion de los Donoso. Su meta es quimerica....

1941.00 руб.*

Inger Christensen


Inger Christensen's masterpiece it , translated brilliantly by Susanna Nied, and with an illuminating introduction by Anne Carson. it is the masterwork by Danish poet Inger Christensen ("a true singer of the syllables," said C. D. Wright), often cited as a Nobel contender and one of Europe's most revered poets. On its publication in 1969, it took Denmark by storm, winning critical praise and becoming a huge popular favorite. Translated into many languages, it won international acclaim and is now a classic of modern Scandinavian poetry. it is both a collection of poems and a single poetic epic, forming a philosophical statement on the nature of language, perception, and reality. The subject matter, though, is down to earth: amoebas, stones, and factories; fear, sea urchins, and mental institutions; sand, sexuality, and song. The words and images of it recur in ways reminiscent of Christensen's other works, but here is a younger...
The Prophet of Zongo Street: Stories

1508.00 руб.*

Mohammed Naseehu Ali

The Prophet of Zongo Street: Stories

A dazzling collection of stories, The Prophet of Zongo Street takes readers to a world that seamlessly blends African folklore and myths with modernity. Set primarily on Zongo Street, a fictitious community in West Africa, the stories -- which are reminiscent of the works of Ben Okri and Amos Tutuola -- introduce us to wonderfully quirky characters and the most uproarious, poignant, and rawest moments of life. There's Kumi, the enigmatic title character who teaches a young boy to finally ask questions of his traditions. And as Ali moves his characters to America we meet Felix, who struggles with America's love of the exotic in "Rachmaninov." The Prophet of Zongo Street heralds a new voice and showcases Mohammed Naseehu Ali's extraordinary ability to craft stories that are both allegorical and unforgettable.
Art And Science of Stanislaw Lem

9929.00 руб.*

Art And Science of Stanislaw Lem

The Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, whose works include Return from the Stars, The Cyberiad, A Perfect Vacuum, and Solaris, has been hailed as a "literary Einstein" and a science-fiction Bach. The Art and Science of Stanislaw Lem offers an inter-disciplinary analysis of his influence on Western culture and the creative partnering of art and science in his fiction and futorology by American and European scholars who have defined Lem scholarship. Rather than analyzing Lem solely as a science fiction writer, the contributors examine the larger themes in his work, such as social engineering and human violence, agency and consciousness, Freudianism and the creative process, evolution and the philosophy of the future, virtual reality and epistemological illusion, and science fiction and socio-cultural policy. This unique collection also includes "Smart Robots," a previously unpublished essay by Lem. Contributors include Peter Butko (Southern Mississippi), Istvan...

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Зарубежная литература



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