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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Here, Bullet

1861.00 руб.*

Brian Turner

Here, Bullet

Adding his voice to the current debate about the US occupation of Iraq, in poems written in the tradition of such poets as Wilfred Owen, Yusef Komunyakaa ( Dien Cai Dau ), Bruce Weigl ( Song of Napalm ) and Alice James' own Doug Anderson ( The Moon Reflected Fire ), Iraqi war veteran Brian Turner writes power-fully affecting poetry of witness, exceptional for its beauty, honesty, and skill. Based on Turner's yearlong tour in Iraq as an infantry team leader, the poems offer gracefully rendered, unflinching description but, remarkably, leave the reader to draw conclusions or moral lessons. Here, Bullet is a must-read for anyone who cares about the war, regardless of political affiliation. Here, Bullet If a body is what you want, then here is bone and gristle and flesh. Here is the clavicle-snapped wish, the aorta's opened valves, that leap thought makes at the synaptic gap. Here is the adrenaline rush you...
Surfacing Sadness: A Centennial of Korean-American Literature 1903-2003

2958.00 руб.*

Surfacing Sadness: A Centennial of Korean-American Literature 1903-2003

Book DescriptionThis book is published to commemorate the centennial of the first landing of Korean immigrants in America in 1903. An anthology of poems, essays and short stories by thirty-seven Korean-American writers, Surfacing Sadness is the firstserious effort to bring together the Korean-American literary experiences to join mainstream American literature. The book primarily contains translations of Korean-American literary works, although some poems and short stories were originally published in English. In the book, readers will find the Korean-American literary voice that has many nuances--sorrow, nostalgia, pathos, anger, frustration, and, of course, hope and desire. Writers whose works are included in this anthology cannot distancethemselves from their mother tongue or the culture that has shaped their craft. Despite the fact that language barrier has by and large hampered the majority of Korean-American immigrant authors to write their works in...
Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred\\Irish Rose

1609.00 руб.*

Nora Roberts

Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred\Irish Rose

Irish Thoroughbred It was a dream come true for Irish lass Adelia Cunnane--to work with her uncle, a horse trainer at Royal Meadows, one of the most renowned stables in the world. But there was a catch, and his name was Travis Grant. He was the stable's owner, and a man as proud, as passionate, as opinionated as herself. Irish Rose When Adelia's feisty cousin Erin McKinnon first meets Burke Logan, she's not impressed. He's a womanizing, cigar-smoking gambler who won the farm beside Royal Meadows in a game of poker. He has money--too much for Erin's liking--and a bad reputation. But Burke keeps staring at her--and Erin keeps finding herself staring back. And she's beginning to think she may have finally met her match .
The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends

6246.00 руб.*

David H. Richter

The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends

This bestseller balances a comprehensive and up-to-date anthology of major documents in literary criticism and theory — from Plato to the present — with the most thorough editorial support for understanding these challenging readings.
Hawthorne's Shyness : Ethics, Politics, and the Question of Engagement

5436.00 руб.*

Clark Davis

Hawthorne's Shyness : Ethics, Politics, and the Question of Engagement

Book Description In Hawthorne's Shyness , Clark Davis offers both a challenge to current trends in American literary studies and a striking new perspective on the writing of Nathaniel Hawthorne. He proposes an alternative to recent, ideologically driven criticism, including the range of approaches under the banner of New Historicism which continue to dominate the study of American literature. Drawing on ethical theorists including Heidegger, Levinas, Davidson, and Cavell, he finds new models forthe relationship between critic and author in their philosophies of engagement with the Other. While these ideas have been increasingly influential in the criticism of European literature, they have so far made fewer inroads into American letters. Davis shows how a "hermeneutics of respect" can transform our relationship to American writers and provide a new, complex understanding of authorial intention. What makes Davis's work particularly effective, however, is the close...

3192.00 руб.*

John Ringo


Problems, problems, problems! All Mike Harmon ever wanted to be was a SEAL. But after problems in the teams, college student was a decent second best. However, trouble seemed to follow him where he went. Now, after having angered every terrorist n Earth and at least five governments, buying a farm in a third world country was looking pretty good. Of course, nothing was ever simple. With Chechen terrorists knocking on the door and tenant farmers with a truly Byzantine culture, the question was wheher he could drag the keldara into the 21st century before the Chechen put them back in the 6th. Kildar answers the question: Where would an international security specialist and former SEAL choose to retire - if he's going to buy the farm, it should be onewith beautiful women and the best beer in the world. Valhalla on Earth complete with Vikings.
The Woman In the Fifth

386.00 руб.*

Douglas Kennedy

The Woman In the Fifth

A romantic mistake at the small American college where he used to teach has cost him his job, his marriage and his relationship with his only child. When the ensuing scandal threatens to completely destroy him, he flees to Paris. Harry arrives in the French capital in the bleak midwinter and finds himself in a grubby room in a grubby quarter, with a job as a nightwatchman for a sinister operation. Just when he thinks that he has hit rock bottom, he meets Margit - an elegant, cultivated Hungarian emigre - widowed and, like Harry, alone. But though Harry is soon smitten, Margit keeps her distance. She will only see him at her apartment in the fifth arrondissement, and is guarded about her work, her past, her life. While Margit remains reticent, Harry's concerns shift as he begins to feel that a dark force is at work in his life. When a man is found dead and the police look to Harry, he finds himself waking up in a nightmare from which there is no easy escape.
Upside Down: Seasons Among the Nunamiut

2774.00 руб.*

Margaret B. Blackman

Upside Down: Seasons Among the Nunamiut

Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture

3302.00 руб.*

Joan T. Mims, Elizabeth M. Nollen

Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture

Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Jihad (Deep Black)

657.00 руб.*

Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice

Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Jihad (Deep Black)

The word’s most effective anti-terrorist force has the tools to monitor every move the enemy makes. They’ve planted a listening device inside a terrorist’s skull, and activated a video spy drone disguised as a bird. But knowing is only half the battle… Multi-lingual, nerves-of-steel agents Charlie Dean, Lia DeFrancesca, and Tommy Karr prowl the winding streets of Istanbul to the crowded airports of America to stop terrorists in their tracks. Hooked into a real-time, high-tech system, this army of three goes head-to-head with the most dangerous people in the world. Al Qaeda is launching a series of devastating attacks against the West—and the ultimate strike is aimed at the heart of the USA! In a war where both sides operate in deep disguise, Deep Black must fight a world where betrayal, trust, faith, and doubt collide….

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Литература США



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