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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants

1832.00 руб.*

John Frederick Walker

Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants

Long before gold and gemstones held allure, humans were drawn to the a??jewels of the elephanta??a??its great tusksa??for their beauty, rarity, and ability to be finely carved. In Ivorya??s Ghosts, John Frederick Walker tells the astonishing story of the human lust for ivory and its cataclysmic implications for elephants. Each age and each culture, from ancient Egypt to nineteenth-century America and modern Japan, found its own artistic, religious, and even industrial uses for the remarkable material that comes from the teeth of elephants and a handful of other mammals. Sensuous figurines, scientific instruments, pistol grips, and piano keys were all the resulta??as was human enslavement and the wholesale slaughter of elephants. By the 1980s, elephant poaching threatened the last great herds of the African continent and led to a worldwide ban on international trade. But the ban has failed to stop poaching, and debate continues over what to do with the legitimate and growing...
Fiji's Natural Heritage

2496.00 руб.*

Paddy Ryan

Fiji's Natural Heritage

Fiji’s Natural Heritage is the acclaimed introduction to the flora, fauna and ecology of the Fiji Islands. First published in 1988, this superb new edition has been completely revised, expanded and redesigned. Written for the general reader as well as for the natural history enthusiast, Fiji’s Natural Heritage is the only book that provides a comprehensive overview of Fiji’s rich biodiversity. The Fiji Islands have a large number of endemic species. These and the introduced species are illustrated and described with their common, scientific and Fijian names given. Paddy Ryan’s text is packed with fascinating biological facts and features, as well as many engaging anecdotes detailing encounters with his subjects including the grey reef shark, the crested and the banded iguana, the fiddler crab (which signals frantically to potential mates with its enlarged chela or claw), the frigate bird (an aerial pirate), and Fiji’s national flower, the tagimaucia.
A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization

2802.00 руб.*

John Perlin

A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization

A contemporary view of the effects of wood, as used for building and fuel, and of deforestation on the development of civilization. Until the ascendancy of fossil fuels, wood has been the principal fuel and building materialfrom the dawn of civilization. Its abundance or scarcity greatly shaped, as A Forest Journey ably relates, the culture, demographics, economy, internal and external politics, and technology of successive societies over the millennia. The book's comprehensive coverage of the major role forests have played in human life?told with grace, fluency, imagination, and humor?gained it recognition as a Harvard Classic in Science and World History and as one of Harvard's "One-Hundred Great Books." Others receiving the honor include such luminaries as Stephen Jay Gould and E. O. Wilson. This new paperback edition will add a prologue and an epilogue to reflect the current situation in which forests have become imperative for humanity's...
Zero Pollution for Industry

5429.00 руб.*

Nelson L. Nemerow

Zero Pollution for Industry

A visionary approach to eliminating industrial waste streams . . . Here is a revolutionary solution to problems of industrial waste management by creating a system of environmentally balanced "industrial complexes" in which groups of industrial plants consume each other?s waste—not only benefiting the environment, but also significantly reducing production costs. Providing a clear introduction to this novel approach, Zero Pollution for Industry goes right to the heart of what environmental scientists, engineers, and administrators grapple with these days. It takes pollution prevention to the next level, past current reduction and reuse methods, and anticipates government regulations and societal trends that would factor environmental damage into production costs. Also suitable as a companion volume for traditional industrial waste management texts at the graduate level, this thought–provoking book: Covers hot new material under consideration by professionals...
The Long-Term Economics of Climate Change: Beyond a Doubling of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

3063.00 руб.*

Darwin C Hall, Richard B. Howarth, R.B. Howarth

The Long-Term Economics of Climate Change: Beyond a Doubling of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

This volume will include scenarios of geophysical and economic impacts from global warming beyond a doubling of greenhouse gases. Analyses will examine geophysical, ecological, and economic impacts, physical and institutional lags, alternative scenarios with and without policy intervention, institutional change, political-economic barriers to effective policy, and prescriptions for change. Perspectives will include those from physical and biological sciences, as well as economics.
Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering

6400.00 руб.*

DR. John C. Reis, Ph.D.

Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering

Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering
Environment, Inc.: From Grassroots To Beltway (Studies in Government and Public Policy)

1738.00 руб.*

Christopher J. Bosso

Environment, Inc.: From Grassroots To Beltway (Studies in Government and Public Policy)

Book DescriptionWe expect Birkenstocks. We find wing-tips. Professional organizations that advocate on behalf of environmental issues have become a permanent part of the American political landscape. From the Sierra Club to the Rainforest Action Network, these groups represent more than eleven million members and claim more than $3.5 billion in assets. Sometimes lambasted for non-stop fund-raising, top-heavy bureaucracies, or agendas out of touch with local concerns, they remain staunch advocates forMother Nature in the marble halls of Washington. But what happens to a grassroots movement when it goes mainstream? In this insightful book, Christopher Bosso considers how organizations that once contested the Establishment have become an establishment of their own. Environment, Inc. is the only book to examine the evolution of a national advocacy community over the span of a century. Bosso describes the transformation of an inchoate 1960s movement into fixtures of...
Environmentally Conscious Fossil Energy Production (Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Myer Kutz Series)

13760.00 руб.*

Environmentally Conscious Fossil Energy Production (Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Myer Kutz Series)

Best practices for mitigating environmental damage from conventional power generation This volume of the Wiley Series in Environmentally Conscious Engineering, Environmentally Conscious Fossil Energy Production, seeks to provide new solutions to one of the grand challenges of this century: supplying energy to a growing population while reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The first five chapters cover extraction and transport of fossil fuels; the last four chapters cover power plants. An international roster of contributors, from the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, deals with the wide variety of challenges posed by converting oil, natural gas, and coal to energy. Chapters include: Environmentally Conscious Petroleum Engineering Carbon Management and Hydrogen Requirements in Oil Sands Environmentally Conscious Coal Mining Maritime Oil Transport and Pollution Prevention Accidental Oil Spills Behavior and...
What's Nature Worth

2599.00 руб.*

Scott Slovic

What's Nature Worth

Shared Earth Modeling

8698.00 руб.*

John R. Fanchi, PhD

Shared Earth Modeling

Shared Earth Modeling

Books in English / Все науки... / Экология



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