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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Global Politics: A New Introduction

19030.00 руб.*

Jenny Edkins: M

Global Politics: A New Introduction

"Global Politics: A New Introduction" is an innovative new textbook that provides a completely original way of teaching and learning about world politics. The book engages directly with the issues in global politics that students are most interested in, helping them to understand the key questions and theories and also to develop a critical and inquiring perspective."Global Politics: A New Introduction" examines the most significant issues in global politics - from war, peace building, terrorism, security and authority to poverty, development, post colonialism, human rights, gender, inequality, ethnicity and what we can do to change the world. Each chapter is written to a common structure which is ideal for teaching and learning and features a key question, an illustrative example, general responses and larger issues.This book integrates theory and practice throughout the text, by presenting theoretical ideas and concepts in conjunction with a global range of historical and...
Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition

16874.00 руб.*

Arthur H. Lefebvre, Dilip R. Ballal

Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition

Reflecting the developments in gas turbine combustion technology that have occurred in the last decade, Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition provides an up-to-date design manual and research reference on the design, manufacture, and operation of gas turbine combustors in applications ranging from aeronautical to power generation. Essentially self-contained, the book only requires a moderate amount of prior knowledge of physics and chemistry. In response to the fluctuating cost and environmental effects of petroleum fuel, this third edition includes a new chapter on alternative fuels. This chapter presents the physical and chemical properties of conventional (petroleum-based) liquid and gaseous fuels for gas turbines; reviews the properties of alternative (synthetic) fuels and conventional-alternative fuel blends; and describes the influence of these different fuels and their blends on combustor performance, design, and emissions. It also discusses...
Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colombia

5906.00 руб.*

Jennifer S. Holmes, Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Pineres, Kevin M. Curtin

Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colombia

For decades, Colombia has contended with a variety of highly publicized conflicts, including the rise of paramilitary groups in response to rebel insurgencies of the 1960s, the expansion of an illegal drug industry that has permeated politics and society since the 1970s, and a faltering economy in the 1990s. An unprecedented analysis of these struggles, Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colombia brings together leading scholars from a variety of fields, blending previously unseen quantitative data with historical analysis for an impressively comprehensive assessment. Culminating in an inspiring plan for peace, based on Four Cornerstones of Pacification, this landmark work is sure to spur new calls for change in this corner of Latin America and beyond.
Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War

2409.00 руб.*

David Donald

Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War

The Puliter-Prize winning classic and national bestseller returns! In this brilliant biography?a Pulitzer Prize?winning national bestseller?David Herbert Donald, Harvard professor emeritus, traces Sumner's life as the nation careens toward civil war. In a period when senators often exercised more influence than presidents, Senator Charles Sumner was one of the most powerful forces in the American government and remains one of the most controversial figures in American history. His uncompromising moral standards made him a lightning rod in an era fraught with conflict. Sumner's fight to end slavery made him a hero in the North and stirred outrage in the South. In what has been called the first blow of the Civil War, he was physically attacked by a colleague on the Senate floor. Unwavering and arrogant, Sumner refused to abandon the moral high ground, even if doing so meant the onslaught of the nation's most destructive war. He used his office and influence to transform the United...
Theology, Creation, and Environmental Ethics: From Creatio Ex Nihilo to Terra Nullius (Routledge Studies in Religion)

13956.00 руб.*

Whitney Bauman

Theology, Creation, and Environmental Ethics: From Creatio Ex Nihilo to Terra Nullius (Routledge Studies in Religion)

Winner of the John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, 2009, this book argues that the Christian doctrine of creatio ex nihilo (creation out of nothing) sets up a support system for a 'logic of domination' toward human and earth over others. Conceptually inspired by the work of theologian Catherine Keller and feminist philosopher of the environment Val Plumwood, it follows a genealogical method in examining how the concept of creation out of nothing materializes in the world throughout different periods in the history of the Christian West.
East End Murders: From Jack the Ripper to Ronnie Kray (True Crime History)

3216.00 руб.*

Neil R. Storey

East End Murders: From Jack the Ripper to Ronnie Kray (True Crime History)

As well as the murders of Jack the Ripper—perhaps the most infamous in history—nine other cases are investigated in detail: the still mysterious Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811; Henry Wainwright, who dismembered his mistress and rolled up her remains in a carpet in 1874; Israel Lipski, whose name became a term of derision and abuse against Jews in East London for years following his conviction for the murder of a young woman in 1887; the unsolved murder of Frances Coles in 1891; the Whitechapel High Street Newspaper Shop Murder in 1904; the Houndsditch Murders and the Siege of Sydney Street in 1910, in which a robbery plotted by Russian anarchists went badly wrong; the throat-cutting William Cronin in 1925; the Bow Road Cinema Murder in 1934; and finally the shooting of George Cornell by Ronnie Kray at the Blind Beggar pub in 1966.
Inorganic Structural Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry: A Textbook Series)

3686.00 руб.*

Ulrich Muller

Inorganic Structural Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry: A Textbook Series)

An essential introduction to the understanding of the structure of inorganic solids and materials, this revised and updated 2nd Edition looks at new developments and research results within Structural Inorganic Chemistry in a number of ways. Special attention is paid to crystalline solids, elucidation and description of the spatial order of atoms within a chemical compound. Structural principles of inorganic molecules and solids are described through traditional concepts, modern bond theoretical theories, as well as taking symmetry as a leading principle.
Multifunktionale Barbiturate: Chromophore Barbitursaure-Derivate als schaltbare opto-chemische Sensoren fur Nukleinbasen und verwandte Verbindungen (German Edition)

12719.00 руб.*

Ina Bolz

Multifunktionale Barbiturate: Chromophore Barbitursaure-Derivate als schaltbare opto-chemische Sensoren fur Nukleinbasen und verwandte Verbindungen (German Edition)

Die Perfektion komplementarer Wasserstoffbruckenbindungssequenzen von DNA-Basenpaaren fasziniert viele Chemiker und inspiriert sie nach dem Vorbild der Natur ahnliche Bindungsmotive zur Konstruktion von supramolekularen Strukturen zu nutzen. Im vorliegenden Buch werden neuartige, chromophore Barbiturate beschrieben, welche als selektive Chemosensoren verwendet werden konnen. Neben den Schlusselverbindungen, den 5-(4-Nitrophenyl)-substituierten Barbitursaure- Derivaten, werden SCHIFFsche Basen, Pyridinium-Barbiturat-Betain-Farbstoffe sowie ein fluoreszenzaktives Naphthalimid vorgestellt, in welchen der Barbitursaure-Substituent jeweils elektronenschiebende Eigenschaften aufweist. Die individuelle Interaktion der Barbiturate mit der Solvensumgebung wurde mittels Lineare-Solvatations-Energie (LSE)-Beziehungen untersucht. Besonderes Augenmerk liegt auf dem Studium der molekularen Erkennung von ausgewahlten Chromophoren mit Nukleinbasen und strukturell verwandten Verbindungen. Die...
Nonstandard Methods in Functional Analysis: Lectures and Notes

10206.00 руб.*

Siu-Ah Ng

Nonstandard Methods in Functional Analysis: Lectures and Notes

In the early 1960s, by using techniques from the model theory of first-order logic, Robinson gave a rigorous formulation and extension of Leibniz' infinitesimal calculus. Since then, the methodology has found applications in a wide spectrum of areas in mathematics, with particular success in the probability theory and functional analysis. In the latter, fruitful results were produced with Luxemburg's invention of the nonstandard hull construction. However, there is still no publication of a coherent and self-contained treatment of functional analysis using methods from nonstandard analysis. This publication aims to fill this gap.
The Jewish Body (Jewish Encounters)

2558.00 руб.*

Melvin Konner

The Jewish Body (Jewish Encounters)

A history of the Jewish people from bris to burial, from “muscle Jews” to nose jobs.Melvin Konner, a renowned doctor and anthropologist, takes the measure of the “Jewish body,” considering sex, circumcision, menstruation, and even those most elusive and controversial of microscopic markers–Jewish genes. But this is not only a book that examines the human body through the prism of Jewish culture. Konner looks as well at the views of Jewish physiology held by non-Jews, and the way those views seeped into Jewish thought. He describes in detail the origins of the first nose job, and he writes about the Nazi ideology that categorized Jews as a public health menace on par with rats or germs. A work of grand historical and philosophical sweep, The Jewish Body discusses the subtle relationship between the Jewish conception of the physical body and the Jewish conception of a bodiless God. It is a book about the relationship between a land–Israel–and the bodily sense not merely of individuals...

Books in English / Все науки...



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