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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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The Impact of Local Government Modernisation Policies on Local Budgeting-CIMA Research Report

3952.00 руб.*

W. B. Seal

The Impact of Local Government Modernisation Policies on Local Budgeting-CIMA Research Report

The Impact of Local Government Modernisation Policies on Local Budgeting-CIMA Research Report
Annual Editions: Aging 09/10

2608.00 руб.*

Harold Cox

Annual Editions: Aging 09/10

Annual Editions is a series of over 65 volumes, each designed to provide convenient, inexpensive access to a wide range of current articles from some of the most respected magazines, newspapers, and journals published today. Annual Editions are updated on a regular basis through a continuous monitoring of over 300 periodical sources. The articles selected are authored by prominent scholars, researchers, and commentators writing for a general audience. The Annual Editions volumes have a number of common organizational features designed to make them particularly useful in the classroom: a general introduction; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; and a brief overview for each section. Each volume also offers an online Instructor's Resource Guide with testing materials. Using Annual Editions in the Classroom is the general instructor's guide for our popular Annual Editions series and is available in print (0073301906) or...
Diaspora Politics: At Home Abroad

2610.00 руб.*

Gabriel Sheffer

Diaspora Politics: At Home Abroad

This book is about an important cultural-political phenomenon: ethno-national diasporas. While these groups try to "feel at home" in their host countries, they maintain at the same time close contact with their homelands to promote their culture and intersts. The book analyzes their continuous struggle to maintain their identity, organize, and fight against all wishing to prevent permanent settlement and integration in the host countries. It discusses the complex questions of the groups' loyalties to thei homelands and host countries as well as their contributions to them.
Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace

665.00 руб.*

Lucy Vickers

Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace

The book considers the extent to which religious interests are protected in the workplace, with particular reference to the protection against religious discrimination provided by the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003. It establishes a principled basis for determining the proper scope of religious freedom at work, and considers the interaction of freedom of religion with the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of religion. Discrimination on grounds of religion and belief within the workplace raises many complex and contested issues, not least because of the multi-faceted nature of religious discrimination. Discrimination can occur where secular employers refuse to employ or accommodate religious employees, as well as where religious groups refuse to employ those of a different religion, or those of the same religion whose interpretation or practice of the faith differs. Adding to the complexity is the fact that freedom of religion is protected as...
The Politics of the New Centre

5487.00 руб.*

Bodo Hombach

The Politics of the New Centre

Europe is entering a new political epoch. The centre–left, now in government in many EU countries, has struggled to modernize itself and is now defining the shape of politics for the future. Bodo Hombach?s book is one of the most important early attempts to flesh out the Third Way – moving it from being a successful electoral project to become a governing philosophy. Hombach, one of Gerhard Schr"der?s closest advisers, who was Minister of State in the Chancellor?s office, is a colourful and controversial figure. He has been described as the ?German Peter Mandelson? because he was the architect of Schr"der?s election victory in 1997, which brought the Social Democrats to power after a decade and a half in opposition. His book, a bestseller in Germany, is the clearest definition of the popular ?Die Neue Mitte? project on which Schroder was elected, and on which the German voters will judge the government. It is striking in its bold rejection of many of the left?s traditional...
The New Agenda for International Relations

1949.00 руб.*

Stephanie Lawson

The New Agenda for International Relations

There have been significant political eras which have shaped not only the structure of world politics but the way in which it has been studied. The geopolitical and ideological contours of the Cold War period, for example, had an impact on almost every aspect of world politics and the study of international relations for around 45 years. This book argues that, just as the collapse of the Soviet Union in the period following the fall of the Berlin Wall signalled the end of strategic polarization, it also marked the apparent end of a particular form of polarized debate around political, social and economic ideas. The various new directions taken by scholars of international relations in the post–Cold War era constitute a large part of a ‘new agenda? for the discipline. This collection reflects the variety of issues and approaches that have become part and parcel of this agenda over the past ten years. Issues tackled in this volume include the power of culture and ideology,...
Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke (Humor Research 7)

8022.00 руб.*

Giselinde Kuipers

Good Humor, Bad Taste: A Sociology of the Joke (Humor Research 7)

Good Humor, Bad Taste is the first extensive sociological study of the relationship between humor and social background. Using a combination of interview materials, survey data, and historical materials, the book explores the relationship between humor and gender, age, regional background, and especially, humor and social class in the Netherlands. The final chapter focuses on national differences, exploring the differences between the American and the Dutch sense of humor, again using a combination of interview and survey materials. The starting point for this exploration of differences in sense of humor is one specific humorous genre: the joke. The joke is not a very prestigious genre; in the Netherlands even less so than in the US. It is precisely this lack of status that made it a good starting point for asking questions about humor and taste. Interviewees generally had very pronounced opinions about the genre, calling jokes "their favorite kind humor", but also "completely...
Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World (3rd Edition)

9779.00 руб.*

Lester Rowntree, Martin Lewis, Marie Price, William Wyckoff

Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World (3rd Edition)

This exciting, contemporary approach to World Regional Geography explicitly acknowledges the geographic changes that accompany today’s rapid rate of globalization. The book’s unique approach provides access to the latest ideas, concepts, and theories in geography while also developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals of world regions. It conveys a strong sense of place and an understanding of the connections within and between world regions. Globalization and Diversity is a briefer version of the popular Diversity Amid Globalization by the same authors. This distillation focuses on core materials needed for the World Regional Geography course. This condensed book is a useful tool for instructors interested in a briefer text, or for those who are concerned about the reading ability of their students. Globalization and Diversity; The Changing Global Environment; North America; Latin America; The Caribbean; Sub-Saharan Africa; Southwest Asia and North Africa; EuropeThe Russian...
In the North My Nest is Made: Studies in the History of the Murman Colonization 1860-1940

271.00 руб.*

In the North My Nest is Made: Studies in the History of the Murman Colonization 1860-1940

The colonization of the Murman coast was, in many respects, a unique phenomenon, as it involved the simultaneous engagement of completely different ethnic groups - Norwegians, Finns, Russians, Karelians, and Sami - who all lived side by side for more than 80 years, working hard to make a living in this un-welcoming region. For two of the countries involved in the colonization, Russia and Norway, Murman became a sort of "window" through which the neighbours could watch each other and shape their respective policies on the basis of their observations. Формат: 15 см х 22 см.
The New Western Way of War

5487.00 руб.*

Martin Shaw

The New Western Way of War

In this seminal new work, Martin Shaw, a leading expert on the sociology of war, argues that the new Western way of war is in crisis. He charts the development of a new warfare, after Vietnam, through the Falklands, the Gulf, Kosovo and Afghanistan. He argues that in the Iraq (mis)adventure (of which he provides a detailed analysis) and the War on Terror, the US has consistently flouted the key rules that enabled Western states to fight these earlier wars successfully. The results are not only political failure and a disaster in Iraq, but also a loss of credibility for the very idea of Western warfare. For Shaw, the new way of war focuses on containing risks to the lives of Western soldiers in order to minimise political and electoral risk to governments. Risk is transferred to innocent civilians, whose killing is explained away as ?accidental?. Yet the idea of managing risk is fundamentally at odds with the brutal, unpredictable nature of war. Ultimately, attempts to...

Books in English / Все науки... / Социология



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