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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Overcoming Postnatal Depression A Five Areas Approach

4608.00 руб.*

Dr. Christopher Williams, Dr. Roch Cantwell, Ms. Karen Robertson

Overcoming Postnatal Depression A Five Areas Approach

Overcoming Postnatal Depression uses the trusted Five Areas model of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), helping people experiencing postnatal depression to change how they feel. The Five Areas model helps the reader make key changes using a clear, pragmatic and accessible style, by examining five important aspects of our lives: Life situation, relationships, resources and problems Altered thinking Altered feelings or moods Altered physical symptoms or sensations Altered behaviour or activity levels By bringing together specialists in postnatal depression, and with the use of self-help resources, this course addresses all the common challenges faced by women during times of low mood after having a baby. It provides access to the proven CBT approach, helping the reader make positive changes in their life in a planned and achievable way. An additional workbook aimed at friends and relatives describes how they can offer support. The workbooks also provide an invaluable resource for...
Environmental Engineering: Volume 2: Prevention and Response to Water-, Food-, Soil-, and Air-borne Disease and Illness

14184.00 руб.*

Nelson L. Nemerow, Franklin J. Agardy, Joseph A. Salvato

Environmental Engineering: Volume 2: Prevention and Response to Water-, Food-, Soil-, and Air-borne Disease and Illness

First published in 1958, Salvato's Environmental Engineering has long been the definitive text/reference for generations of sanitation and environmental engineers. Having developed through each edition with the growth of the profession, the current book covers topics as disparate as landfills, water treatment, recreational facilities, and food handling in restaurants. Approaching its 50th year of continual publication in a rapidly changing field, the Sixth Edition has been fully reworked and reorganized into three separate and succinct volumes to adapt to a more complex and scientifically demanding field with dozens of specializations. Completely rewritten by leading experts in the field, this new edition offers succinct new case studies, new process and plant design examples, and added coverage of such subjects as urban and rural systems. Volume 2 covers water-, food-, soil-, and air-borne disease and illness.
Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice

6367.00 руб.*

Justin Chamblee CPA MAcc, Max Reiboldt CPA

Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice

Are you new to the practice management side of veterinary medicine, or have you recently been challenged to take your practice to the next level financially? Are you looking to maximize the value of your practice so you can sell it in the near future? We know practice finances aren t the most enjoyable part of your day, but the reality is they re one of the most important aspects of it. Easy to understand and full of examples, Financial Management of the Veterinary Practice is an all-in-one resource that provides foundational information to veterinary professionals. Learn how to establish sound operational processes, make informed decisions, and obtain financial stability with features like:? Financial statement explanations and examples Key indicators to watch Measures of productivity Ratios and benchmarking tools Cash management and internal control tools Budgeting and financial planning resources Supplemental financial reports Tables and charts to illustrate the...
Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds

9956.00 руб.*

Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds

Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds provides thorough coverage of major parasite groups affecting wild bird species. Broken into four sections covering protozoa, helminths, leeches, and arthropod parasites, this volume provides reviews of the history, disease, epizootiology, pathology, and population impacts caused by parasitic disease. Taking a unique approach that focuses on the effects of the parasites on the host, Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds fills a unique niche in animal health literature.
The Informed Practice Nurse

3232.00 руб.*

Marilyn Edwards

The Informed Practice Nurse

Nurses have to be informed in order to deliver sensitive and holistic care. The new edition of The Informed Practice Nurse is fully updated to offer both the new and experienced practice nurse the opportunity to reflect on their current practice, develop their knowledge and question their role. This text explores the nurse’s role in health promotion, issues of infection control and wound management. Management and ethical issues in general practice are discussed and placed in context to government directives and the dynamic ethos of nursing. The health of women, men and young people are explored in individual chapters, concentrating on health issues often neglected in other nursing texts. The Informed Practice Nurse is invaluable for all practice nurses, and students, enabling them to improve their knowledge and understanding to improve patient care and safety. Special features: Evidence–based throughout Looks at the new GMS...
Venous Thromboembolism in Advanced Disease: A clinical guide

6304.00 руб.*

Venous Thromboembolism in Advanced Disease: A clinical guide

There is increasing recognition of the burden of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients with advanced incurable disease and the clinical, ethical, and philosophical challenges they may pose. With a growing elderly population and oncological therapies helping patients live longer with malignant disease, VTE is likely to be an ongoing problem. Whilst presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of VTE in general medicine is well established, its management within the palliative care setting is less clear-cut. Clinical presentation is often masked by other palliative symptoms, and symptoms can be consistent with those of other conditions; diagnosis is therefore underappreciated, and the condition can be difficult to manage. Bringing together contributions from international experts in the field of VTE and palliative care, this book explores the increasing challenges faced by healthcare professionals when managing VTE in advanced disease. Topics such as the epidemiology and pathogenesis of...
Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text

22180.00 руб.*

Elliott Jacobson

Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles: Color Atlas and Text

Far from the line drawings and black-and-white photos of the past, Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles features high-quality, color photos of normal anatomy and histology, as well as gross, light, and electron microscopic images of pathogens and diseases. Many of these images have never before been published, and come directly from the esteemed editors collection documenting more than 30 years in the research of infectious diseases and veterinary care of reptiles. A comprehensive reference, the book includes definitive information on every aspect of the anatomy, pathophysiology, and differential diagnosis of infectious diseases affecting reptiles. Beginning with a thorough review of the biology, anatomy, and histology of reptiles, the introductory chapters cover all major systems and provide the most complete single source for color images of reptile histology. It addresses the mechanism of reptile immunology and the response to pathogens, and explains how...
Primary Structure: Biochemistry, Stereochemistry, Biopolymer, Molecule, DNA, RNA, Monomer, DNA Sequence, Peptide Sequence, Kaj Ulrik Linderstrom-Lang, Disulfide Bond, Amino Acid

4688.00 руб.*

Primary Structure: Biochemistry, Stereochemistry, Biopolymer, Molecule, DNA, RNA, Monomer, DNA Sequence, Peptide Sequence, Kaj Ulrik Linderstrom-Lang, Disulfide Bond, Amino Acid

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In biochemistry, the primary structure of a biological molecule is the exact specification of its atomic composition and the chemical bonds connecting those atoms (including stereochemistry). For a typical unbranched, un-crosslinked biopolymer (such as a molecule of DNA, RNA or typical intracellular protein), the primary structure is equivalent to specifying the sequence of its monomeric subunits, e.g., the nucleotide or peptide sequence. The term "primary structure" was first coined by Linderstrom-Lang in his 1951 Lane Medical Lectures.

4211.00 руб.*

Karel Pacak


Pheochromocytomas are rare but treacherous catecholamine–producing tumors, which if missed or not properly treated, will almost invariably prove fatal. Prompt diagnosis is, therefore, essential for effective treatment, usually by surgical resection. The manifestations are diverse and the tumor can mimic a variety of conditions, often resulting in either erroneous diagnoses or a delayed diagnosis. Reflecting the recent leaps in understanding this condition, Pheochromocytoma: Diagnosis, Localization, and Treatment provides a comprehensive update on the improvements in the diagnosis, localization, management and treatment of pheochromocytomas – providing you with the latest cutting edge science alongside best clinical practice. Written by the leading names in the field, the text details the significant developments in understanding the genetics and biology of the tumors, coupled with technological advances in the fields of analytical chemistry, genomics, molecular biology and...
The Art of Giving Birth: With Chanting, Breathing, and Movement (Book & CD)

1886.00 руб.*

Frederick Leboyer

The Art of Giving Birth: With Chanting, Breathing, and Movement (Book & CD)

A guide to help women find the joy and confidence needed for successful childbirth • Provides breathing and vocalizing exercises for use during pregnancy and labor • Contains inspiring stories from women who successfully applied these techniques • Includes a 26-minute CD of tambura music to accompany the singing exercises Giving birth is a veritable “explosion” of joy. The baby arrives when the life force surges up so strongly in the woman that it breaks all limitations in order to spring forth. But in our modern culture, women often do not feel empowered to give birth by themselves. They want the “experts” to handle the birth for them, out of fear of the pain or the possible safety risks to them or the baby. Dr. Frederick Leboyer, author of the groundbreaking book Birth without Violence, which looks at birth from the baby’s point of view, now explores the birth process from the mother’s perspective. Through the heartfelt letters of women sharing their experiences, which are...

Books in English / Все науки... / Медицина



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