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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z

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Joseph Southall: 1861-1944

3238.00 руб.*

Peyton Skipwith

Joseph Southall: 1861-1944

Book DescriptionJoseph Southall is perhaps the most important ?Arts and Crafts? painter. Born in Nottingham in 1861, Southall spent most of his life in Birmingham, where he originally trained to be an architect, before falling under the spell of John Ruskin and switching his interests to painting. He played a key role in the revival of the medieval techniques of tempera and fresco painting. This revival became a defining element in the identity of the Birmingham Group, of which he was a leadingmember. This book is illustrated throughout with works by Southall formerly in the Fortunoff Collection. They show a wide variety of work produced by Southall during his lifetime. As well as superb watercolours of England, there are also scenes from the Italian lakes and Tuscany; several images of sailing barques in the harbour at Fowey in Cornwall and a number of works done at Southwold in Suffolk, where the Southalls spent every July. These range from tempera paintings of local...
Canaletto in England: A Venetian Artist Abroad, 1746-1765

6459.00 руб.*


Canaletto in England: A Venetian Artist Abroad, 1746-1765

The fame of Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto, rests mainly on his vivid paintings of Venice, his native city. Only rarely was he tempted to travel, but the popularity of his works with British tourists and patrons led him to England in 1746, and his visit became a productive, nine-year stay. This beautiful book focuses on the fruits of Canaletto’s English sojourn, reproducing the views of London he painted while there, as well as the Italian and imaginary views he painted in response to the vigorous demands of his patrons. The book offers a full study of Canaletto’s English period along with detailed catalogue entries for about fifty paintings and twenty drawings. The works depict such landmarks as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Somerset House, and Westminster Bridge as well as views of Venice and Rome and caprices in which the artist playfully organizes Renaissance palaces and Classical ruins in fanciful juxtapositions.
Realistic Watercolor Portraits: How to Paint a Variety of Ages and Ethnicities

3506.00 руб.*

Suzanna Winton

Realistic Watercolor Portraits: How to Paint a Variety of Ages and Ethnicities

Learn to paint a variety of likenesses. Realistic Watercolor Portraits contains the information on how to address and overcome the many variables to consider when painting people. This book covers many key topics such as; capturing a likeness, adding character to your portraits, painting skin tones, placing the image properly, editing visual information and how to paint clothing and backgrounds. Includes 10 full step-by-step painting demonstrations show, step-by-step, a variety of ages, sexes, complexions and hair colors, along with how to paint the details that make each person unique: eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hair, clothing and accessories.
James Havard

8352.00 руб.*

Julie Sasse

James Havard

James Havard is a contemporary artist who is considered a pioneer of abstract illusionist paintings whose varied technique includes collage and mixed media.
Zink: The Language of Enchantment (New Mexico Magazine Artist)

3730.00 руб.*

Hollis Walker

Zink: The Language of Enchantment (New Mexico Magazine Artist)

Another volume in the New Mexico Magazine Artist Series traces the extraordinary career of nationally renowned Taos artist Melissa Zink. Her magical and mysterious works range from figurative clay dioramas and bronze sculptures to mixed media pieces that combine sculpture, painting, collage, and assemblage. Zink's love of language and books infuses many of her creations, which often incorporate words, individual letters, phrases, illustrations, fragments of books or paper, and references to literary figures. Her technical expertise matches her intellectual prowess and wit, making her work popular with artists and non-artists alike. Zink's personal story--she started over in her 40s--is an inspiration to anyone hoping for a second chance to realize a dream. Author Hollis Walker takes the reader on a fascinating journey that reveals the exquisite artistry and unique vision of Melissa Zink. A superb selection of eighty full-color reproductions tells the visual story of the acclaimed...
John James Audubon and The Birds of America : A Visionary Achievement in Ornithology Illustration

2588.00 руб.*

Lee Vedder

John James Audubon and The Birds of America : A Visionary Achievement in Ornithology Illustration

John James Audubon's sumptuous four-volume edition of Birds of America, published between 1827 and 1838, contains 435 hand-colored life-size prints of 1,065 individual American birds. A glorious union of science and art, it remains an unequaled achievement in ornithology illustration. In tracing Audubon's quest to produce this groundbreaking work, Vedder draws on the artist and naturalist's own writings and the latest scholarship on his life and on Birds of America. Plates from the Huntington Library's double-elephant folio are reproduced in color, including the wild turkey, Baltimore oriole, bald eagle, and (once presumed extinct) ivory-billed woodpecker. Vedder provides with each plate a commentary on the unique characteristics of the species depicted, based on Audubon's own observations in the field.
Robert Fawcett: The Illustrator's Illustrator

3146.00 руб.*

Robert Fawcett: The Illustrator's Illustrator

Robert Fawcett who was known by his peers as 'The illustrator's illustrator', is recently chronicled in a book by Auad publishing, a well known publisher for quality books on artists from the turn of the century to the 'Golden Age of Illustration'. Walt Reed who is a legend in his own time as an artist and a purveyor of famous artists for almost a century was a personal friend of Robert Fawcett wrote the introduction for the book. The book will contain more than a hundred color illustrations and numerous black and white drawings. These are images which have long been out of circulation and are largely unavailable today. Many of the images from the book were made from the originals which have been hidden away for decades by private collectors so the quality will be superior to the images published in magazines decades ago. The book will measure 9X12?, Hardcover with a dust jacket, 182 pages plus a fold-out. Best of all, the 12 Fawcett Sherlock Holmes illustrations will be...
Seurat and La Grande Jatte: Connecting the Dots

2013.00 руб.*

Robert Burleigh

Seurat and La Grande Jatte: Connecting the Dots

Published in association with The Art Institute of Chicago The story behind one of the best- known paintings of all time A Sunday on la Grande Jatte-1884 continues to fascinate art lovers over a century since Georges Seurat painted and first displayed it-so much so that it alone will form the basis of an entire exhibit at the world-famous Art Institute of Chicago. Award-winning author Robert Burleigh uses this extraordinary painting to give young children a compelling look at Seurat's life and introduce them to the post-impressionist art technique Seurat invented-pointillism, in which a picture is constructed from dots of pure color that blend at a distance into recognizable shapes and various color tones. Part biography, part art appreciation, Seurat and La Grande Jatte tells the story behind the story depicted on the canvas of a busy park on a Sunday afternoon in 1884, and encourages children to discover their own methods of self-expression.
Creative Thought

556.00 руб.*

Святослав Рерих

Creative Thought

Svetoslav Roerich , Founder and Honorable President of the Museum by name of N.K.Roerich in Moscow, is known not only as a distinguished Artist, educator and public figure but also as a profound and original thinker, the author of a number of remarkable essays, and a brilliant lecturer. Search for Beauty - in Art, in the World, in a Man - that was the golden thread of his life and creativity, as well as his faith in triumph of the spirit and creative thought were reflected in the articles constituted this book. In order to present unique philosophical, artistic heritage of the Roerichs to our readers more comprehensively, the edition is supplemented with colour reproductions of the Nicholas and Svetoslav Roerichs' paintings illustrating the text, and the Svetoslav Roerich Chronology.
Amy Sillman: Works on Paper

6116.00 руб.*

Wayne Koestenbaum

Amy Sillman: Works on Paper

Description: Works on Paper marks the first major publication of the work of noted New York painter Amy Sillman, whose rapidly growing reputation and increasingly recognized influence on other artists make its timing ideal. Her paintings and drawings are at once narrative and decorative, filled with quirky figures and diminutive, patterned elements. Her works on paper, which she considers particularly central to her art-making practice and her wider portfolio, are often made up of multiple components. They create the feeling of an extended and meandering sequence of events, and have been described as reminiscent of both film loops and long letters to her viewers. Works on Paper consists of four major series of SillmanA­s drawings, all recent and documented by brilliant full-color photographs. It also includes an essay by acclaimed writer Wayne Koestenbaum, who has long been celebrated for both his poetry and prose, and who has become one of our most innovative and influential writers...

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z



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