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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Kingsgate: The Art of Keith Parkinson

2959.00 руб.*

Keith Parkinson

Kingsgate: The Art of Keith Parkinson

Keith Parkinson's work is immediately recognized as some of the finest in the field of fantasy art. A long-time collaborator to the work of author Terry Goodkind, Keith has been able to conjure images for such works as Elflord, Dark Island, Dragonring, Demon Hunter, and many more. Now a collected volume of Keith's works are available in a showcase worthy of his art. With a foreword and additional commentary by Terry Goodkind, Parkinson gives you a gloriously detailed view of his imagination, with superb reproduction and high-quality stock.
Christmas in New York: A Pop-Up Book

2594.00 руб.*

Chuck Fischer

Christmas in New York: A Pop-Up Book

This interactive pop-up book makes the perfect gift for those who love the holiday traditions that originated in New Yorkfrom lighting the tree in Rockefeller Center to watching the ball drop on New Years Eve. Christmas in New York is a spectacular gift book featuring the world-famous holiday traditions of New York City presented in the three-dimensional art of a pop-up book. Its unique construction combines original art by Chuck Fischer with photographs of famous New York City landmarks and past holiday celebrations. Each pop-up spread will include short histories, architectural legacies, anecdotes, and fun facts contained in mini-pop-ups, pull-outs, removable booklets, and other extras. Destined to become a treasured keepsake, Christmas in New York will be a perennial bestseller for years to come.
Axial Stones: An Art of Precarious Balance

3638.00 руб.*

George Quasha

Axial Stones: An Art of Precarious Balance

George Quasha’s extraordinary sculptures unite natural stones in a state of breathtakingly improbable balance. The stones are not altered physically or bonded in any way; rather, Quasha discovers an unknown axis that brings them into radical alignment. The stones “learn” this state of levity in contrast to their ordinary state of gravity, resulting in a new art form that feels alive with its own individual energy and personality. Here, 37 axial stones are displayed in dazzling full-page color photos. The accompanying text explains not only how the stones were found and eventually came together, but explores the aesthetic, philosophical, spiritual, and practical implications of an art of danger and impermanence. “Action pages” document the process — the repeated setting up, balancing, losing balance, and falling — until the full axial stone is born: a whole being greater and more real than the sum of its parts.

785.00 руб.*

Iris Lauterbach


Best known for his fetes galantes such as the famous Pelerinage a l'ile de Cythere, Antoine Watteau was a major proponent in the revival of the Baroque style and the formation of the Rococo movement. Watteau was inspired by the theater and in particular the commedia dell'arte, hence elaborately costumed actors, dancers, and musicians were recurrent subjects; he was also fond of bucolic scenes and portraiture. Infused with romance, drama, and joie de vivre, Watteau's paintings depict a idyllic world of pleasure and entertainment. Издание на английском языке. Формат: 18,5 см х 23 см.
Max Ernst: A Retrospective (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

6962.00 руб.*

Max Ernst: A Retrospective (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

Max Ernst (1891–1976) was a pivotal figure in the history of twentieth-century art. A leader of the Dada movement in Germany, he later joined the circle of writers and artists gathered in Paris around AndrA© Breton, the unofficial founder of the Surrealist movement. At the outset of World War II, Ernst fled Germany for the United States, first going to New York and eventually settling in Sedona, Arizona. Ernst returned to Europe in 1950 and continued to explore Surrealist imagery and methods throughout his life. This important book accompanies the first retrospective exhibition of Ernst’s work held in the United States in thirty years. It examines his pioneering accomplishments in painting, collage, and sculpture and considers his use of the techniques of frottage, grattage, and decalcomania. Also featured are Ernst’s unique collage novels--narratives comprising disparate images culled from nineteenth-century engravings and combined in surreal, unsettling...
Brakin. Brazzaville-Kinshasa. Visualizing the visible.

5363.00 руб.*

Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academie

Brakin. Brazzaville-Kinshasa. Visualizing the visible.

A group of scholars studied the various manifestations of public space by investigating the example of the booming central African capitals Brazzaville and Kinshasa. BRAzzaville-KINshasa, viewed as one metropolis in this study, became the ideal lens to understand the urban landscape. These visual indicators of urban identity are collected and recorded on maps of the city. BRAKIN is a research project of the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, initiated and directed by Wim Cuyvers, with Tina Clausmeyer, Dirk Pauwels, and Kristien Van den Brande as researchers.
Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects

5766.00 руб.*

Joan Simon, Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects

Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects is a major new publication of the work of one of today's most important and influential artists. Illustrated with more than 150 color plates, the volume details each of Hamilton's objects made since 1984. These include photographs, sculpture, video, audio and language pieces (both unique and editioned works), as well as multiples and prints. Many of the objects relate to the large-scale installations for which Hamilton is internationally known; others are occasioned by processes and materials discovered in her temporal works; and many are independent of her sit-responsive projects. All share their maker's distinct language of duration and the sensory gesture embodied.~The book, designed by the Swedish designer Hans Cogne in conversation with Ann Hamilton, is a beautiful object in its own right and evokes many of the conceptual qualities of Hamilton's art. Joan Simon contributes a significant new essay setting Hamilton! 's objects in critical...
A Complete Introduction To Airbrushing

1789.00 руб.*

John Gleneicki

A Complete Introduction To Airbrushing

If you're interested in getting started in the wonderful world of airbrushing, 'A Complete Introduction To Airbrushing' has been written to not only put you on the correct path to understanding what you'll need to get started, more importantly, the book will educate you on what to buy and what NOT to buy - at least, initially - and, in effect, you will not only save time, but money. Written by veteran airbrush artist and creator of the MUSCLEHEDZ(r) Cartoon Series, John Gleneicki, he confesses that when he first began airbrushing, many of his initial purchases were simply not good ones. This was as a result of him not knowing what he really needed. John does his best to educate you and to describe the different types of illustrative work and which airbrushes, compressors, and paints work with that style of work. Understanding what direction you want to go in is what'll lead you to making good purchases from the get-go, and saving you from wasting your hard-earned money. The...
Ned Smith's Game News Covers: The Complete Collection

2626.00 руб.*

Scott Weidensaul

Ned Smith's Game News Covers: The Complete Collection

The long association between Ned Smith and the Pennsylvania Game News, which spanned some 35 years, resulted in a treasure trove of beloved and breathtaking wildlife art. Collected here for the first time are full-size reproductions of every Game News cover Smith ever created--121 in all, including both the twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversary issues. Prized by collectors, remembered fondly by generations of sportsmen and -women, each cover captures the magic of being outdoors in Pennsylvania, winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Ludovico Carracci Louvre. Drawing Gallery

711.00 руб.*

Ludovico Carracci Louvre. Drawing Gallery


Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z



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